5 Ideas for a Girls Night In

It's a Thursday night and once upon a time I would have been out with the girls having a tipple in Wetherspoons. We wouldn't have a care in the world and we would be gossiping, having a laugh and dancing the night away. 

Fast forward three years and I'm currently sat on my laptop with a hot chocolate wrapped in my fluffy dressing gown. I'm a Mummy now and those spontaneous nights out with the girls are certainly a thing of the past.

A catch up with them is long overdue but I'm afraid to say my party days are long gone but that doesn't mean I don't want to let my hair down with the girls. I've recently been planning a get together with my besties and thought I would share my 5 ideas for the perfect girls night in.

1. Watch a chick flick
A girls night in wouldn't be a girls night in without a good chick flick. There are half a dozen on Netflix which I haven't watched yet so it will the perfect opportunity to indulge in some "rom com's" when the girls are around.

2. Order a cheeky takeaway

I've been on Slimming World for the past three months and have lost quite a lot of weight. So far so good but I do allow myself the naughty treat here and there. I've been dreaming of a chinese takeaway for the past few weeks and I could totally blame the girls for ordering! 

3. Have a browse online

Lets be honest here, we all like to check our phones every now and again and facebook updates make great talking points. We also like to dabble on online games such as no deposit bingo and a little bit of candy crush.

4. A bit of TLC
A girls night in is also the perfect excuse to go all out on the girl front. I can't remember the last time I painted my nails or had my hair done. Thankfully one of my friends is a trained beautician and I'm sure she would offer to give a manicure and attempt to tame my mane. 

5. Make cocktails 

Every girl I know likes to pretend she's Carrie Bradshaw once in a while so I think cocktails will definitely be on the cards! Cosmopolitans, Sex on The Beach, Pina Colada's, the works! I'm getting excited just thinking about it!  

What's your idea for the perfect girls night in?


  1. Thanks for this i'm gonna have a girls night in soon x

  2. Don't even remember when I had a girls night. I like the sound it.

  3. Don't even remember when I had a girls night. I like the sound it.

  4. A homemade combo meal to share, individual tubs of Ben and Jerrys and a chick flick with a large glass of wine or 2

  5. Sounds great ideas! I love a girly night!


  6. This is my perfect night in doesn't happen too often but great when it does

  7. Girlie nights are great fun, always get one of them to paint my nails as I do struggle. x