5 Interior Design Trends for Spring

I love the spring time. As the mornings become lighter, you wake up feeling fresher and raring to go. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while is to spruce up our home a little, so I’ve been scouring the internet in search of spring trends. I’m bursting with ideas for our place, so I thought I’d take the time to share my top five favourites with you.

Natural colours and textures
This season it’s all about bold and bright colours. It’s time for sunshine yellows, tropical pinks and vivid greens, but I also love the idea of blending them with cool colours on the walls. Another trend is using a lot of natural textures, so I think the use of wooden floors and furnishings would mean I could have my own little tropical paradise at home! 

Sophisticated Up-cycling
You’ve probably heard of up-cycling, but what about sophisticated up-cycling? According to top designers, this is the year where up-cycling gets a new look. Whereas traditionally it means taking something old and giving it a new lease of life, this spring it means taking something from a shop and giving it a personal twist, or finding a professional to make the item unique through arts and crafts. This is definitely something that appeals to me! If you’d like more ideas for spring furnishings, click here.

The power of words
I love the use of typography in wall art, and it’s particularly good when you have kids. I can’t wait to get Noah involved too; while I might want something classic for the living room, it would be fun to get creative with his bedroom, and add some of his favourite book characters to the walls.

Indoors, Outdoors
Spring is a season that’s very nature-focused, given that it’s the season for birth. I’d really like to add some touches from outdoors into our living space, as well as give our garden area a bit of a makeover. I’m thinking elegant wooden dining tables and wicker lamps inside, with a luxurious seating area and heated lamp outside, for those lighter evenings.

Don’t forget the exterior
Most people don’t think about giving the front of their house a new look, but it’s the first thing people see. Why not look at stripping and repainting your windows? If you have sash windows on your front like we do, make sure you go to a specialist for the right product. Mighton Products Limited have a great selection, from primers and sealers to wood restoration.

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  1. Love the sheep pouffe in the first picture. Is it personalised? My son would love this as he loves Shaun the Sheep.

  2. love the fire place and the shelving x great ideas for spring decorating,thanks for sharing x

  3. Great ideas thanks
    Always love new ideas for refreshing my home -yours looks fabulous

  4. Great ideas thanks
    Always love new ideas for refreshing my home -yours looks fabulous

  5. I do love natural and nature themed decor.... great post!

  6. Love the idea of Sophisticated Up-cycling


  7. Sophisticated Up-cycling sounds good.

  8. Really love that floral print very pretty & gorgeous centre point

  9. Rachel Faye Bell8 April 2016 at 06:41

    I love the natural colours and textures idea, I think this will be what I go for for my bedroom xx