15 Snacks to Boost Energy & Productivity

Healthy snacks are important whether you are a toddler, child or adult. Snacks are a great way to boost your energy, keep your blood sugars level, fit in extra nutrients and calories and it also helps prevent over eating at mealtimes. Of course that all depends on what snacks you are consuming and that you sticking to the healthy variety. I was recently emailed this infographic which I found was so informative and gave me some great pointers when it comes to choosing the healthier and more nutritious and energy boosting snacks.  

Crackers, hummus and fruit are a favourite of ours and we do snack on that quite a lot. What healthy snacks do you enjoy eating? 

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  1. A good selection, but I think a very important one missed off is A GLASS OF WATER! It's amazing how that can give you a boost, especially working in an office!

  2. Do eat most of these
    Not tried edamame -
    Thanks for the fab list

  3. I would love to try the kale chips they sound good, as I love to eat Kale it is so good for you.

  4. This is a great post, I have a long term illness so often feel low on energy so this is a big help

  5. Great ideas / suggestions.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Time to try the kale chips out
    Never had these before

  7. Kale chips sound urgh but I love chickpeas so that would be my health food. Good ideas.