Expanding a home for an Expanding Family

If you know me at all, follow me on social media or read my blog regularly you will have already heard the news that we are expanding our family, from three of us to four. We are currently expecting baby number two and we couldn't be any happier!

I recently wrote all about our big news by blogging about our announcement, about our 12 week scan and so far throughout the first trimester. It's flying by this time around, maybe because this time I have a two year old keeping me busy, who knows. I'm already almost sixteen weeks pregnant and the baby will be here before we know it! 

As well as my pregnancy news you may already know that two years ago we were fortunate enough to be in the position to buy our first home. After years and years of wasting money on over priced rent we were so happy and so relieved to be able to make the leap from renting to buying. We viewed only a handful of properties until we found the house that was right for us. We didn't like the new builds and fell head over heels in love with an old rickety house that needed a lot of TLC. This was no surprise to us though as we never do things by half. Although we were pretty inexperienced when it came to DIY, we were so excited at the prospect of being able to have everything exactly how we wanted it. We were literally bursting with ideas and designs for all the rooms in the house and simply could not wait to get started.  

The day we signed all the paperwork I had my six month old son in my arms and I couldn't help but feel proud that we were able to do this. After all we didn't just buy the house for us as a family but to invest in our sons future too. It meant the world that we were able to do that.  

Once we finally got the keys to the house we literally when straight there and immediately began the daunting task of stripping every room of every inch of wallpaper. Carpets were ripped up and thrown, old furniture was smashed up and removed and the avocado green bathroom was completely gutted. This didn't matter too much to us because all I could think about was the beautiful solid wood flooring I was thinking of replacing it with.

This was just the start! There was no central heating, the windows didn't close and the kitchen had been the way it was since 1973! We ended up spending a good six months renovating the house and by renovating I mean completely stripping each room back to brick. At one point I remember walking through the house and being absolutely gobsmacked at the sheer amount of work that needed to be done, it felt like an endless and impossible task.

We enlisted the help of as many family members as we could. We are lucky in that we have electricians, plumbers and kitchen fitters in the family. They all helped out and finally, once the work had been finished, we had every room exactly how we wanted them to be. From the colour of the grout between the kitchen tiles through to the type of light fixtures in the bedroom, everything was hand picked.  It was hard work, stressful and very expensive but once we came out of the other side we didn't have a house anymore, we had our home.  

For the past year or so we've been able to enjoy our completed home but we knew that the work would have to continue when we decided to expand our family and of course that time is now. 

Over the next few months we are going to begin phase two of our renovation plans. We are converting the attic into one big bedroom with engineered flooring. We want it to have two dormer windows and have lots of storage space too. We want this room to be a room for both children as I love the idea of both of them sharing the same space and growing up side by side. I can imagine the mischief they will get up to together, the games they will play when they should be sleeping and most importantly sitting between their two beds and reading them both a bedtime story.

I know it's going to be a lot of hard work and i'm under no illusion as how to much it's going to cost, but to finally have our completed family home, with our completed little family means the world to both me and my partner. I can't wait to get started!

Do you have any renovation stories you'd like to share with me?


  1. I remember reading your renovation posts ages ago - exciting news about loft conversion!

  2. we have lived in our home 16 years and its an old double front 1890 home,we built our own extension on our own,it took us 3 years to do an extra bedroom and new kitchen but we did it on our own and the older 2 children helped move rubble and i was 7 months pregant knocking down walls,we loved it and own a huge 4 bedroom home and in 9 years we will have no mortgagae xx