The Funny Things That Toddlers Say And Do

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You may have seen my previous posts in which I tell you all about the series of videos that Aptamil Growing Up milks have created. 'The Science of Play' videos are fantastic and they are all about toddlers and how they interact, learn, play and explore with one another. 

I was recently invited to create a series of blog posts in collaboration with Aptamil Growing Up milks and their Science of Play videos and have been working hard on them these past couple of weeks. These posts are all about Noah and a recent playdate that we held at our home and outside with a few of his toddler friends. 

My first post was about the first part of our playdate and my second post was all about part second which can be found here. Our playdate was a success for both parent and toddler as not only did we all thoroughly enjoy ourselves but it was wonderful to watch the children interact with one another. Playdates are so important as toddlers learn so much from their friends and through play and that was really evident on our playdate with a difference.

Today I bring to you my third and final post which is a little different to the two before. This post is all about the funny and entertaining things that toddlers do and say on a daily basis. When we hosted our playdate I took note of some of the amusing things that the children did and also wrote down a list of some of the comical phrases that Noah has come out with lately.  I thought this would be a good topic to cover as there's not a day that goes by that Noah doesn't have me in fits of laughter. 

The baby name suggestion
I'm currently pregnant with baby number two and we often discuss the pregnancy and the baby with Noah. He's so excited to be a big brother and loves that we are including him in so many aspects of our plans. One of the areas we always include him in is when we are discussing baby names and his name suggestion was "Yoda!" He wants to name his baby sister after an old green alien and he doesn't seem to want to budge on the idea either! This is certainly a story I will be sharing with them both when they are older! 

The pearls of wisdom
"Bogies are baddies and butterflies are goodies!" This is a little piece of information that Noah decided to enlighten me with recently. I have no idea where the thought came from, it just came out of nowhere but I couldn't help but laugh. What must he have been thinking to come up with that? Why butterflies and why bogies!? 

The life of the party
On Halloween we attended a family party and they had set up a few games for the children to play, apple bobbing being one of them. After all the older children had bobbed for apples it was Noah's turn.  He's not three yet so we knew he wouldn't be able to manage it so after a couple of tries we held an apple still so he could grab it with his teeth. We gave him such a big round of applause and he was so happy! So much so that he decided to turn around and sit in the bucket of water fully dressed in his superhero costume! Everyone couldn't stop laughing, he really was the life of the party.

The comical genius
Taking a toddler out shopping is always an experience and a half, no matter how they behave. Noah has never been one for tantrums and is quite a laid back toddler, but he does like to be silly when we go shopping. We recently stopped at a supermarket to grab a few household items that we needed. I was selecting a few things off the shelf whilst Noah was stood behind me and when I looked back he a pack of toilet roll held up against his ear like he was on the telephone. Humourous quirks like these are actions which are learnt and discovered through play and why play is such an important part of toddlerhood.

Toddlers are marvellous little creatures and although they can sometimes be a handful I know I wouldn't want Noah any other way. His imagination, curiosity and happiness is immeasurable, it's truly a magical age. I think I could sit, listen and watch him all day long!

If you'd like to find more information about toddlerhood and learning through play head over to the 'Discover Toddlers' section at The Huffington Post to view all of the Science of Play videos. 


  1. Shopping is always a funny time x

  2. Ah yes they do come out with some of the most funniest things and they way they can think things through can be quite amusing. My 5 year old is currently trying to get her head round the fact that earth is round like a ball and why aren't we falling off.

  3. Yes it always amazes me what they come out with. Then you spend hours wondering where they got it from!!

  4. And whats wrong with Yoda! I agree with Noah its a great name and associated with wisdom! Stick to your guns Noah! bless him !

  5. Ha, this is brilliant! I also like the name Yoda ;)

  6. He looks so wicked in the top photo, the star wars names must be a boy thing as Connor wanted to name Megan r2d2, they are so funny, I was talking about having Mollie to a friend walking home from school before they broke up, Megan must have been listening as we left her friend and carried on walking she said mum my baby is due soon do you think my waters will break today?? Then asked me for name suggestions, she also has an imaginary boyfriend who is naughty, I'm always telling him off xxx

  7. Kids are very funny especially toddlers - this made me laugh!