Tips on How to Manage Your Studies and Your Family Life

Having a young family should not stop you from studying. However, it does complicate things and you need to find time to study and still be able to look after your child or children properly. With some careful planning, you can balance your studies with your family life by taking on board the tips below.

Study Online Instead of at a College or University
Enrolling in a course in a college or university means you need to attend classes or lectures on a regular basis. This takes up a huge amount of your time because you need to prepare for these lectures, travel to the college or university, sit through your lectures and then travel home.

However, if you take an online course like the MSN to DNP online program which is provided by colleges and universities like Bradley University, you avoid all of this hassle and get to spend much more time with your family. Every part of these online doctoral nursing programs can be completed from home and the time you save over the course of a year can be substantial.

There are certain times of the day when you definitely won't be able to study effectively. You need to identify times when it will be possible to get some peace and quiet, so that you can focus on your studies. For instance, when your child or children are asleep, this is the perfect time to learn and do your coursework.

Don't Bring Your Work Home 
If you attend a local college or university, they usually have the perfect facilities for studying. It may be a good time to do your work in the library or other study area and focus entirely on your family life once you are at home. However, to manage this balancing act, you need a babysitter or family member who will take care of things at home while you’re at the local college or university.

Become More Efficient
You need to find ways to cut down on the time you spend doing certain tasks in your home. This will free up more of your time for you to study and also take care of your family members. This is particularly important in the run-up to exams or other special occasions. For example, if you cook a dinner every day it probably takes up a lot of your time. You could cut down on the time you spend cooking by cooking in bulk for a couple of days and just reheating this prepared food as you need it.

Use Your Spare Time Wisely
Despite all of the time and effort it takes to raise a family, there are times when you may be at a loose end. This is time you could put to better use. For example, if you can access your coursework on your smartphone, there are many situations where you can spend some time studying or learning something new.

If you intend to study and look after your family at the same time, you need to prepare properly so that neither one of these responsibilities gets neglected. Following the tips above will make this task a lot easier.

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  1. It can be very challenging managing to keep all the ball in the air at the same time! I found it really helped carrying a pen and paper around with me all of the time (yes, I'm old fashioned, I know!) when I was writing my dissertation, because I always came up with the best ideas when I was out and about!

  2. Great tips, thank you. It's so important to figure out what works for you as an individual, which might be totally different to what works for the next person, and advice tailored to people in similar situations to your own can help enormously with exploring that.

  3. I am studying online to become a makeup artist - it's hard because although my 4 year old son is at school during the week, my 3 year old daughter is home for 2 days of the week and my 17 month daughter is at home with me all the time so I find it hard to study as she's napping less and less!