Video Party Invitations By Mini-Epic

It’s Noah’s 5th birthday in two weeks time, and I can’t quite get my head around it. It doesn’t feel that long ago since he was born, just a tiny baby in my arms, and now he’s almost 5? We’ve already booked his birthday party at a local trampoline park, which cost me a small fortune, but there’s still a lot that needs to be done! I've left a few things till the last minute, the party invites in particular, and this is where have come to the rescue.

Long gone are the days of needing to write out 30 odd different invites by hand, Mini-Epic have brought party invitations to the digital age! Their website allows you to create and send the ultimate kids party invitation in a way that I’ve never seen before. Their invites are a short animated video featuring a photo of your choice and all the relevant party information.

Creating a Mini-Epic invitation is as simple as uploading a photo and entering your party details. It's such an easy, fast and straightforward process that I imagine everyone could do. You can also preview the finished video in less than 60 seconds. Each invitation has been animated by professionals and looks so cool, they really add to the excitement of the party. Noah has rewatched his video over and over again, and keeps showing everyone in the family!

What I also love about these digital invites is that they are discreet. This year Noah had full control over who he wanted to invite to his party and some children didn't make the list. I didn't want to send him into school with paper invitations because I didn't want the uninvited children feeling upset or left out. Mini-Epic lets you send out your invitation privately (via social media, email, or WhatsApp) without others having to know about it. Parents then can RSVP or decline through it, a great way to keep track of who's attending.

I'm really impressed with our digital invite from Mini-Epic and will be creating another for Ava's birthday in March. This service costs just £9.99 and is a quick, fun and stress-free way to send our children's party invitations.

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  1. This is a lovely idea but not one I’m keen on ,my children love bringing the paper ones home but this would be sent to mum/dads phone etc.

  2. this looks a fantastic way to invite,never seen it before