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When you are a Mum finding time to relax and unwind is difficult, especially with a young baby. My days fly by because Noah is so hands on at the minute and is attached at the hip. I find my Mummy time is at night time when the little one is finally in bed. My favourite thing to do when I find this elusive "Mummy time" is to throw myself on the sofa, switch on the tv and light a couple of candles. I just want to sit, relax and take a breather. 

I have always had a slight addiction to candles as they are just fabulous. They come in different sizes, shapes, scents, shades. You can have a candle for every mood and every room for that matter. There is nothing more relaxing than dimming the lights and lighting a few candles. 

When I was contacted asking if I would like to review a couple of candles from Scented Candle Shop it couldn't of come at a better time. I had a long browse through the website and was well and truly spoilt for choice. There are so many brands and varieties to choose from, all at excellent prices. 

I went straight to the Yankee Candle section first as they are one of my favourite candle brands. There was a wide variety to select from and I was surprised when I spotted the Yankee Candle "Celebrations" range. They have candles to say Thank You, for Someone Special and even for Mum. I think this is a lovely personal touch.

I chose this candle as I am a new Mum and I will be celebrating my very first Mothers Day at the end of the month. I thought it would be perfect to go for this candle, it will be lovely to light it on the special day. It's a lovely pink colour and has the most pleasant scent. The scent is fresh cut roses and it's a very light floral aroma. Perfect for Spring! 

Another candle from the Yankee Candle Celebration range. I picked this one as I thought it would be ideal for Spring as it smells glorious, of lush gardens in bloom. The scent is called Sheer Gardenia and it couldn't of been named anything more apt. Another light scent that isn't too overpowering. Both Yankee Candles are regular tumblers and have a burn time of 45 hours. The tumblers are sleek and chic and can be washed and reused too. 

I would of happily picked another Yankee Candle but I decided for my third candle to pick a brand I hadn't heard of before, Woodwick. The Woodwick Gallerie range have a very distinctive rustic look and perhaps something I wouldn't usually go for but I did want to try something new. 

This candle is limited edition and many of the range had sold out which I am not surprised about as I was very impressed when it arrived. It's a very strudy, well made candle with a very strong scent. It's a combination of patchouli, amber and vanilla which creates the most warming and welcoming scent. It reminds me of Autumn if that makes sense. It's a scent I wouldn't usually go for as I normally go for light, floral scents but I like the change. It was also a bit hit with my other half as it was more of a masculine scent. Once lit the candle makes a noise like a crackling fire which is very homely and a lovely effect. This tin candle has an amazing 80 hour burn time which is excellent value for money. Woodwick are now another favourite of mine and I can't wait to try more from their range. 

Do you like candles? What type of scents do you like? 

I was sent these candles for the purpose of the review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. OOo that last crackle one sounds lovely, I love Patchouli (old hippie!) x @msedollyp