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With the big move, renovations and decorating just around the corner I have begun trying to visualise how I want our home to look. Every single room needs an overhaul but the one room we can get started on straight away is the master bedroom as all it only needs a little redecorating. 

In our previous rental properties I have gone for bold colours such as purple in our bedrooms and the one we have now doesn't have a colour scheme or theme at all. This time I want to go for neutral tones, beige, cream, browns, mauve, mushroom. I think if we get this combination right then the room will look calming, relaxing whilst being stylish and chic too. I have been trawling through the internet to find some inspiration as I do struggle visualising things without an image in front of me. Here are some of the design idea's that I have come across so far - 

I mainly like these images for the colour scheme's rather than the decor. These images give me an idea of what I want. Once we beginning buying and decorating the bedroom I will know what colours to go for and which to avoid. I'm so excited to get started! 

I want to start a fresh with all our bedroom furniture too, especially the bed. The bed is the focal point of every bedroom so you need your bed to be special. Whilst researching different interior designs and decor idea's I have also been having a sneak peak at tv beds. I enjoy a spot of TV and we are really missing one in our bedroom. I like the idea of having a gorgeous bed that has a hidden TV right at it's base. I can just imagine snuggling up in bed with Nick and Noah at the weekend watching cartoons with a cup of tea and some toast. Sounds like heaven to me. 

I cannot wait to get started on our new house even if the to do list is as long as my arm. I will leave all the joinery and DIY to the men but the paintbrush and decor is my forte! 

Images courtesy of house to home

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