Simple ways to save water

Water shortages are a frequent occurrence here in the UK especially in the Summer. We are amongst the highest consumers of water in Europe but there are simple changes you an make to save water and money. We use a ridiculous amount of water in our household. Not only do we waste a lot of water but we don't consciously try to save any either. At the end of the month our water bill is always extortionate. With our mortgage and all the house renovations we need to pay for it's time we start trying to save water and money. With that in mind I was happy to research into saving water and found this water saving calculator a lot of help as I didn't know where to begin! I also found this infographic is not only very informative but very funny too! 

Water saving ideas

Look around the house for leaks as you could be wasting lots of water without realising it. 

Turn off tap whilst brushing your teeth or washing your face. You can save up to 8 litres per minute by simply turning that tap off. 

Choose a shower over a bath and make it a quick shower at that. Doing so could save you upto 400 liters of water a week.

Make sure no taps are dripping. You can save 90 litres a week. 

Don’t overfill your kettle when making a brew. Only boil what you need, this will save

you money on your energy costs too.

Only use your dishwaster or washing machine when you have a full load. 

Don't pre rinse your plates before putting them in the dishwasher, put them straight in. 

Keep a jug of water in the fridge so then you don't need to waste money and energy by running the tap to get cold water. 

Put containers in your garden to collect rain to water your plants. Not much rain? Then use your bath water. 

These simple changes can save you a fortune in water, energy and money. You would be daft to not give them a go! Do you have any water saving tips you want to share? 

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  1. Water shortage might come relatively scarce, but it does happen. Even though most of the world's population are lucky enough to enjoy a seemingly unlimited supply of water, it shouldn't be ignored and conservation of the resource must be followed. Thank you for sharing those ideas and tips, Jenna! They are much appreciated. All the best to you! :)

    Lorenza Coon @ Central Basin Municipal Water District