Investing in our future

No one said growing up was easy but I don't think you truly understand how difficult it is until you are there in the thick of it. When you live with your parents they pay your way. You are aware of "bills" but at the same time you don't really. Well this was the case for me anyway.

Moving out into our first rental property six years ago was a huge wake up call for both Nick and I. There seemed to be an endless amount of bills and money to pay out, almost too many. So much so we were both working full time and didn't have much money left over each week. Although we weren't lavish with our money we weren't smart with it either and we knew we had to make a change.

When I became pregnant that sentiment meant so much more as we had to start planning for our future as a family. It was time to work hard and buckle down. We began saving what money we could each month and it was hard but we soon amassed enough cash to secure a deposit on our first house. 

We felt totally bewildered when it came to applying for our mortgage as everything was so long winded. As part of our mortgage application we needed to take out not only home insurance but life insurance too. Of course we really struggled knowing how to go about it but thankfully there are a lot of places out there where you can go to seek quality advice.  


There were times when I really thought that we would be stuck in the renting rut forever but sometimes you just need to go for it. It feels great that we have finally gotten onto the property ladder and can start investing in our future. If we can do it then you certainly can too. 

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