Rebuilding our savings

Saying 2014 was an expensive year for us is the understatement of the year. It was our most costly year to date and as a result our savings now stand at zero but thankfully this was for all the right reasons. 

Last year we managed to save up enough money to secure a deposit on our very first home and were able to renovate the house too. I won't lie to you, saving the money was hard. It's difficult to put any money aside each month when as soon as the money comes in, it's flying straight back out on never ending bills.

There are still so many projects we want to undertake on the house and we also want to go abroad this year too. With no extra money to fall back onto it's time to start rebuilding our savings and I have been looking into many different ways on how to do this.

Pretty obvious but one of the easiest and quickest ways to start saving up a little money is to sell little bits and pieces here and there. Ever think what you are going to do with all those handbags or think do I really need 20 pairs of shoes? I do and I normally sell such items on eBay or local selling pages.

Cashback websites.
I am relatively new when it comes to using cashback websites but after hearing so many people rave about them I knew I had to give it a try. I signed up with Top Cashback a few months ago and have already cashed in £47 and this is just by making my regular purchases online! I haven't bought anything extravagant just online shopping and the occasional take away. If you would like to sign up too, simply click here.

I'm not one of those people that puts their lottery on each week but my partner does on occasion. I would like to start joining in myself and what is great these days is there's is need to have to walk to the shops anymore as you can easily play lottery online. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Set up a standing order.
We have three different bank accounts between us and have a standing order that is paid out every week which goes directly into an account that we do not have a card for. Even if it's just as little as £10 a week it all adds up and only being able to access it online helps prevent little splurges when out shopping.

I have always been interested in investing and know a lot of people who do and they have tried to encourage me to take that leap. I hadn't because I had no idea where to start and would need some support. I recently came across an company called Nutmeg who offer help and support every step of the way with your investment and help manage your finances online. They do all this and more with no hidden costs or commission. It's a great website to turn to if you are like me and need the help.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?