5 Simple Ways to Save Money

Being an adult is expensive! You don't fully understand how much everything costs until you have flown the nest and jumped head first into the deep end. It's safe to say it was one huge wake up call when Nick and I started renting properties six years ago, we couldn't believe how many bills we had to pay. Throw in a mortgage and a child, take away one of our pay checks and we still feel that way but we have learnt how to manage and save money here and there.

Sell your stuff.
This is a no brainer but one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn and save money. If we don't use it, need it or want to save it I usually get rid. If I don't donate it to charity I usually sell on eBay or local selling pages.

Use cashback websites.
I am relatively new to cashback websites but after hearing so many people rave about them I knew I had to give it a try. I signed up with Top Cashback a few months ago and have already cashed in £60 and this is just by making my regular purchases online! If you would like to sign up too, simply click here

Set up a standing order.
We have three different bank accounts between us and have a standing order that is paid out every week which goes directly into an account that we do not have a card for. Even if it's just as little as £10 a week it all adds up and only being able to access it online helps prevent little splurges when out shopping.

Use Banking Software. 
If you are easily confused like I am when it comes to banking, savings, incomings and outgoings then perhaps financial software is for you. We have had to seek outside help before when it came to our mortgage and savings and it was a big help to us. 

Visit Comparison websites.
Another easy way of saving money is by checking comparison websites before committing to any insurance, energy, internet or tv provider contracts. You can simply source out the best deals and usually buy through your cashback website too. By doing this you are not just saving money but earning a little cashback too, it's a win win situation. 

Do you have any tips when it comes to saving money? 


  1. Oh this is giving me the kick in the bottom I need to get sensible with money again! We did so well when we were saving to get our mortgage and lived very frugally but now I feel like I fritter money away when we have so many big house projects we need to save for. So definitely cutting back on those silly small expenditures (hot drinks, buying lunch when I could take a packed lunch) and yes, must get back on Ebay! X

  2. I use cashback sites, have a standing order for a separate savings account, and use eBay now and again xxx