My Gaming Essentials

I make no secret that I am a bit of a geek. 

I spend many hours behind a screen, whether it be in front a laptop screen working on my blog or behind the screen of my DS taking a trip down memory lane on Pokemon! 

I always tend to have a gadget in my hand and I am embarrassed to admit I would probably be lost without technology!

Today I thought I would put together a list of my gaming essentials, both past and present. Items that have gotten me through long gaming sessions (long gone are those days now I am a Mummy) and items that help me power on through my posts when I have a bit of a blogging back log. 

1. Coffee, lots of coffee. For both gaming and blogging I regularly have a cup of coffee on the go. I have a Dolce Gusto machine and I probably use it miles more than I should, there's nothing like a quick coffee fix. 

2. Gameboy is my main console when it comes to gaming. I had one of the originals gameboy's back when I was a child and it was literally the best thing ever, tetris all day long! I think I have had every edition since and I am currently using the DSi XL, the console has come a long way. 

3. I love a good hoody, especially for lounging around the house in. I am often borrowing my partners and he always tells me off. I have been looking online and came across some fab ranges over at Lush T Shirts, in particular their geek and gaming themed tee's and hoodies! Perfect for gaming or blogging in! 

4. The most underrated website ever, Wikipedia. I probably use this site every single day. Whether it's searching for random trivia or using their gaming walk throughs, that site has saved my bacon many times.

5. A decent headset, a gaming and blogging basic. I'm actually on the market for a new set, so if you have any recommendations send them my way.

What are your gaming essentials? 


  1. I absolutely love Wiki, I think I use it as much as Google! x

  2. I loved my gameboy! It was clear and you could see all the bits inside. My fave game for it was my Star Wars game x