It’s not just mum who needs to stay in shape

When a couple starts a family, the focus is often on how the mum needs to get back in shape after the baby has arrived, but what about the dad?

It’s true that a baby changes your life in so many ways, and just as a mum has to adapt to having a new baby in the house, it’s the same for the dad. There is far less leisure time and that includes having fewer times in the week when he can go to the gym, go for a run, or meet up with his mates for a game of five-a-side when parenthood strikes.

For a while, after the arrival of a new baby in the house, any routine tends to go out of the window. Parents, and older siblings (if there are any), have to get used to the new resident and any free time gets eaten up. Gradually, though, things settle down and the baby gets into a routine, so parents can get a bit of free time for themselves again. But the free time which used to be in ample supply outside of work hours is much reduced once you’re a parent, so you have to be strategic about how you make the most of it.

The trouble is once you’ve given up a regular exercise routine, it’s difficult to get started again. If your partner’s only connection with sport has become monitoring his football betting online, then it could be time to encourage him to get off the sofa and back on course to being match-fit! The following are some handy tips to help prevent a new dad becoming a fat dad, even if it seems that he only has minutes at a time to spare.

The key is that while it might be nice to go down to the gym for a full hour’s session, you don’t need to do that in order to keep fit. Instead, use the minutes you have available to squeeze in sit-ups, body squats, and press-ups. Of course, these tips are just as applicable for a mum as a dad.

You can work out at home anytime

* Running a bath for the baby takes a few minutes at least. Lay the baby down on the mat and let them enjoy some tummy time (where they get to do some exercise of their own), while you do a quick set of sit-ups or leg lifts until the bath is ready.

* If it’s your job to warm the bottle in the morning, take advantage of those minutes that the milk takes to warm through to do some burpees in the kitchen. You can then burp the baby after their feed!

* At work, you may feel rushed off your feet, but there are always times when you’re waiting around. For instance, how long does your PC take to get started? Usually, it’s two or three minutes, which gives you time for as many press-ups as you’re capable of doing in a blast. You may feel a bit foolish if someone walks in on you, but you can always make a joke of it.

* At home, if you’re cooking dinner, there are lots of five minute periods where nothing much is happening but you have to stay in the kitchen. For instance, when you’ve put the pasta in and it takes five minutes to cook, you can use those minutes to do a set of body squats and some press-ups.

Of course, these are just some examples of how to fit fitness around the daily routine of life post-baby. So many activities around the house can help you keep in shape, you just need to think about how to use your valuable free time most effectively. And at the other end of the equation, make it easier to keep trim by watching what you eat, of course!

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  1. I'm a fan of doing squats while brushing teeth. Interesting to see how many you can do in the time it takes to brush teeth! Or while the kettle boils. And interesting to see if you can do it without a toddler running through your legs!