Planning a trip to The Baby Show

Being a Mum and a blogger one event that I've always wanted to attend is The Baby Show. For the past few years I've not been able to make it and I have been so envious of those who have. They manage to shop and pick up countless bargains all while having a ball. I need to go! This year I am making it my mission to attend and with my planning comes a blog post.

1. Prepare the night before.

To avoid a last minute rush or panic I'm going to make sure that I have everything ready the night before. I like to have the changing back packed, our clothes laid out, our lunches ready, the car keys on the table. I know that I will rest easier knowing I am organised and prepared.

2. Set off early.

I'm not always late but I do tend to struggle to make it to places in good time. With events like this you want to make the most it and I know that I will be getting up bright and early to make sure I'm one of the first there. 

3. Book accommodation. 
With The Baby Show being in London there is no doubt that we will be looking to book a room in a hotel. The Holiday Inn - Kensington Forum is looking promising as it's not just excellent value for money but is walking distance from the event too.

4. Be social.
As a blogger I'm in contact with a lot of brands through social media. I will be checking to see if any will be at the show so I can go say hello and see what's new! I would also be tweeting lots of photo's across my social media channels and joining in with all the hashtags.

5. Wear something comfortable.
Of course I want to dress nicely but it makes sense to dress sensibly too as it will be a long day. There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable shoes or a tight pair of jeans when you are on your feet all day. Don't dress to impress, dress for comfort.

Will you be attending The Baby Show this year? What brands will you be looking out for? 

- Written in collaboration with IHG.

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