Making Your Home Safe for Children

For families who are expecting a baby or already have toddlers or children, ensuring that the home environment is a safe place for them to grow up in is probably the most important consideration and one that touches all the aspects of home living. This is true both for couples who are planning to have babies and, to this end, are looking for a new house with adequate safety measures and appropriate living conditions, as well as for those who want to redesign their already-existing home d├ęcor and transform it into the perfect place to raise their children. In either case, extensive planning is involved in the set-up and redecoration process, and many factors must be taken into account when selecting the right interior home design to keep children safe from danger while still being able to enjoy the space and freedom to play, be active and rest- both in their room and around the house. To help parents make the right decision, there are many interior home design brands in the market that are designed exclusively for children. Among the most popular ones, parents are encouraged to check out the whole collection for children chosen by Mohd, which offers a wide selection adequate for all tastes and with the required focus on child safety.

Among the many factors one needs to pay attention to are stairways and staircases (especially in houses with two or more stories), which pose a potential hazard, as well as the location of windows and balconies. Knowing the curiosity of toddlers- who tend to climb over objects, chairs and sofas and sometimes try to reach dangerous places such as windows or the balcony to look outside- in order to resolve these issues and prevent accidental falls, consider the choice of appropriate safety measures such as fully protective railings for the stairs, and sturdy window guards or panes with emergency safety latches to ensure they are closed when the child is alone in the room or exploring the house while mum is in the kitchen or doing errands around the house. Sharp corners are also to be avoided, and padded edges are always a good strategy to minimize any danger. To maximize safety for kids, electric cables and wires should be kept out of reach and positioned inside cabinets and away from furniture to avoid fire hazards.

For this purpose, the design collection at Shop Mohd includes a variety of essentials that will liven the live-and-play experience for kids and ensure they are safe and comfortable in their room and the other spots in the home. Designed by the best international brands, all of these selections are crafted with uniquely creative designs. They include kid chairs, toys and accessories, rocking horses, Lego storage kits, ping pong mini-tables; kid’s tents, rugs and pillows with picturesque designs and iconic motifs from comics; as well as cradles and cribs built with safeguards to prevent the child from falling out, and beds with specially designed ergonomic mattresses to ensure maximum comfort and avoid dangers that may result in SIDS. (Check here 10 Steps to help prevent SIDS.)

Also a wallpaper collection with its fun motifs is also sure to please the eyes of infants and children of all ages and render the atmosphere more playful and enjoyable throughout the day and in their sleep.

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