Get Winter Ready with Emma Willis

As the harsh winter weather sets in our beauty and style regime needs a little TLC. Venus takes you behind the scenes with TV presenter and model Emma Willis, as she spills the beans on the expert beauty and styling tips which help her to get glam in the cold winter months. It’s time to look and feel great – whatever the weather! 
With winter’s grey skies and short days it’s little wonder that at this time of year women dial up the shine, sparkle and glamour. Bold lips, smoky eyes and seasonal party dresses are top of the feel-good agenda, but thanks to dull, dry skin they can be time consuming and challenging to get right.
Drawing on the experience of the team that she affectionately calls her ‘glam squad’, in the video, Emma reveals how women can ensure they feel confident to embrace endless outfit choices throughout the party season, despite the colder weather.

“ The biggest change I notice in the winter months is with my skin. I find all the cold weather and central heating leaves it feeling more dull, dry and easily irritated. So for me, finding little ways to make my skincare routine work harder is my winter beauty priority,” says Emma, “My bathroom beauty secret is the Venus Embrace Sensitive. I used to be wary about shaving in the winter when my skin feels more sensitive, but then Venus gave me this Embrace Sensitive razor to try, and it’s really made a difference. There are so many beautiful dresses this time of year, and with my skin looking and feeling great I am confident go for a flattering mid-thigh length – perfect for dancing in! 
Emma’s product of choice, the Venus Embrace Sensitive, is especially designed to deliver a close shave with less feel of irritation1 thanks to its five curve-hugging, spring-mounted blades and protective ribbon of moisture with a touch of aloe, but don’t take our word for it: it’s dermatologically tested and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance2 too.
Venus celebrity beautician, Nathalie Eleni says, “Beautiful, touchably smooth skin is always on trend, whether it’s peeking out from under a party dress or wrapped up under woolly tights. As the seasons change so do your skin’s needs, it’s important to choose beauty products tailored to its requirements: theVenus Embrace Sensitive is perfect for the winter months when the harsh weather and central heating can cause dry, irritated skin, that needs some extra TLC.
 Emma’s top tips and style hacks to help other women who find that winter leaves their skin feeling irritated and their style windswept include:
·     Turning down the central heating and showering in warm (not hot) water to help keep skin from becoming dehydrated because hot water can strip skin of its natural oils – and if you can, use a humidifier too
·         Find a moisturiser that has Vitamin C in it to help brighten skin
·         Shave regularly with the Venus Embrace Sensitive as shaving exfoliates skin so can prevent it looking dull.

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  1. I turnt down the central heating this winter,and i noticed a change in my skin and hair x