The KidsFlush Kickstarter Campaign

The KidsFlush Kickstarter campaign has now launched! The simple innovation that makes flushing the toilet easy and fun for children!

As of today, parents across the UK can now pre-order Kidsflush, the brand new toilet flushing solution for children, that makes the boring and sometimes difficult task of flushing the toilet fun and easy!

How many times have you come to use the toilet only to find your child has left you a little surprise? After spending months mastering toilet training it can be rather dismaying to find that your little ones don’t seem to want to flush the toilet after using it. Well Kidsflush is the fun and simple solution to this every-day problem.

Born out of the frustration of finding numerous unflushed toilets in his house, father of three Jamie Lawlor decided to come up with a solution and after researching the topic and talking to lots of parents, Jamie discovered that not only do children often forget to flush the toilet but many actually haven’t developed the necessary strength and motor skills to allow their little fingers to properly push the button. This can result in the creation of a bad habit which they can carry forwards into the future even after they have developed these skills.

Jamie came up with the idea of creating a large, colourful, easy to flush button that fits over the traditional push button and makes it much easier for little hands to get the job done.

Kidsflush raised button means children can flush using the palm of their hand rather than their fingers and this allows them to push down without difficulty. As well as making flushing easier, Kidsflush also encourages kids to flush by playing an optional trumpet fanfare each time the button is used, which can be turned on or off at any time. These innovations transform the mundane and difficult task of flushing into something that kids will find easy and fun.

Kidsflush easily fits over any top flush button and is secured with suction cups so can be applied with no tools or modifications to the toilet and removed at any time.

With Kidsflush, not only do kids have no excuse to leave the toilet unflushed but their friends will think they have the coolest toilet around!

one of the first to get your little ones hands on Kidsflush by pre-ordering through the Kidsflush crowd funding campaign between now and the 15th of February.
Kidsflush crowd funding campaign is running from the 17th of January – 15th of February 2016 on Kickstarter. Kidsflush will retail at £9.99 but you can take advantage of great pre-order promotions during this period such as BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Orders will be shipped out in April 2016.


  1. I think this is a great idea! Only thing that might be a problem is the trumpet noise - might be too tempting to hear the noise so there might be the opposite effect, lots of flushing ;))

  2. Sounds a great idea! First i have heard of it!


  3. My son pressed my phone and I can't find the comment so I'll go again lol.
    My eldest loves his Winnie the poo tea set and his transformers in the bath mostly but sometimes he just enjoys taking a dozen cars! It's great having to wait for them to dry out lol.

    Thank you x