The Perfect Gift: Watch Buying Guide

A watch is something that will go with any outfit, day or night, formal or casual. A well-made watch will last a lifetime and be not only a great investment, but a talking point and a memento. With so much on the market, this handy guide will get you on your way to choosing a great watch for someone special.

Quartz vs Automatic
The way a watch works is called the ‘movement’, and in most cases, watches work with either quartz or automatic movements. Quartz watches work by crystal oscillation, which was discovered in the 14th Century, whereas automatic watches work in ‘a self-winding’ manner without a battery. Quartz timepieces cannot be beaten on their accuracy, but there are other types of movements to choose from including the following: 

* Eco-drive
* Kinetic
* Mechanical
* Solar 

You can find all these movement types at places like F Hinds – their range is very comprehensive so it’s definitely worth a look. Automatic watches may become 30 seconds out within the space of a week. You can purchase superbly accurate chronometric watches with a certificate from COSC, but these can be costlier.

The Practicalities
Think about what the lucky recipient looks for in their style choices; are they more of a minimalist or do they like statement pieces that stand out? Watches these days don’t just tell the time; they can be stopwatches, tell the time in different time zones, and go up to 300-metres under water. If they’re an active outdoorsy sort, they might appreciate a watch with waterproof or water resistant properties.

If they’re often out at formal events, a more classic dress watch could be for them. The size and dimensions of the watch will need to go well with every day wear; if suits and shirts are often worn, something that sits well under the cuff without too being too bulky will be ideal.

Style is Everything
The great thing about watches is that you can often change the straps. Depending on the recipient’s taste, they might want a metallic, fabric or a leather strap. There’s a lot of variation with each style, but it’s down to taste and personal style ultimately.

Naturally, metal straps are more durable, but all types will require cleaning. Fabric straps are easy to clean, but don’t tend to look as smart as metal or leather. You can get ceramic and resin straps that make a great alternative to classic metal or leather.

Whichever style you choose, a watch can be as extravagant or as understated as you intend it to be, so whatever occasion (if any) you’re buying a gift, it’s bound to go down very well.

Do you have a favourite watch?

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  1. Buying a watch for someone else is such a personal thing and I have never done it except for my older children when theyare about 7-8. but I do insist they have as proper watch with a clock face not digital. it is so important they can tell the time correctly

  2. I do its a watch my mum bought about 30 years ago
    Still wearing it -so comfortable and doesn't irritate my skin
    Do have dress watches too but can only wear for short periods of time