Get Artificial Black Olive Trees to Your Buildings and Reinvent Their Landscaping

As a builder or developer, you would want the landscaping of your construction to look unique and captivating. However, planting real plants in your project will only increase maintenance costs. To avoid increased maintenance costs but still have a gorgeous landscape, it is highly recommended that you install artificial but realistic and lifelike plants. Our gorgeous black olive trees are just what you need to enhance the beauty of your project. These trees require zero maintenance, are affordably priced and are also extremely realistic. They can completely change the vibe and feel of the building that they are installed in. Here’s some more information about the faux black olive trees that we have to offer our patrons.

Benefits Of Installing The Black Olive Trees
· The faux black olive trees are absolutely maintenance free. Unlike real plants and trees, these artificial trees don’t require watering, trimming and constant care.
· Although these faux trees look extremely lifelike and expensive, they aren’t. On the contrary the trees are very affordably priced. The purchaser can buy these trees in large quantities for the landscaping of his building, without worrying about a hole being burnt through his pocket.
· The installation process for the trees is very simple and easy. Additionally the trees are lightweight and can be transported and installed without the need of professionals.
· The faux black olive trees have fire retardant leaves. The user need not worry about the trees going up in flames causing destruction and devastation in his building.
· These artificial trees are weatherproof. They can withstand extreme rain or snow. Additionally the leaves of the trees will not fade away when exposed to excessive sunlight.

Botanically Correct Faux Black Olive Trees
Builders are often apprehensive about installing faux trees in their projects. This is because artificial plants and trees often look fake and unrealistic and can spoil the beauty and vibe of their construction. In the case of the black olive trees, one need not worry. Commercial Silk has a team of expert and highly skilled botanists and horticulturists that ensure that the manufactured black olive trees are botanically correct and also look exactly like the real tree. From the shape and colour of the leaves, to the tapering stems, these trees are produced to look identical to the real ones. Even professional gardeners are often fooled by the realistic look and feel of the faux black olive trees.

Different Places That The Black Olive Trees Can Be Installed
· Trade shows
· Exhibitions
· Malls
· Theatres
· Boutiques
· Hotel lobbies and porches
· Restaurants
· Theme parks
· Water parks
· Building complexes
· Villas
· Pool houses
· Government offices and buildings
· Old age homes
· Private gardens
· Casinos
· Resorts

Installing The Faux Black Olive Trees
The beauty of these artificial black olive trees is that they are very easy to install. One need not hire professionals to get the job done. Their lightweight feature allows the purchaser himself to install the plants with ease and hassle-free. However, for those buyers who wish to have the plants installed by a professional, Commercial Silk has a team of professional installers. These installers have years of experience in landscaping and faux trees installations. They can help you landscape your entire building and turn your project into the talk of the town. So, if you’re uncertain of how you would like to reinvent your landscaping, these professional installers will get the job done for you.

Varieties Of Black Olive Trees
· 22-foot black olive exotic tree for both indoor as well as outdoor landscaping
· 16-foot black olive tree that can be placed in both indoor as well as outdoor settings
· 6-foot black olive tree
· 22-foot black olive tree
· 10-foot black olive tree
· 14-foot black olive tree
· 7-foot black olive tree
· 8-foot black olive tree
· 18-foot black olive tree
· 16.5-foot black olive tree
Besides the black olive trees, there are several black olive plants, foliage and hedges available for users to choose from. Depending on your landscape idea and space available in your project, you can select whichever plant or tree option suits your requirements.

Installing The Black Olive Trees At Events
As a wedding or events planner, you’re probably constantly on the hunt for new and improved decoration ideas. Installing the faux black olive trees in your upcoming event can really enhance the beauty and show of the event. Investing in these artificial black olive trees is an ingenious idea. The trees have a long shelf life. They can be stored away for months on end without getting spoilt in between events. Additionally, these black olive trees can also be used and re-used as per the requirements and needs of the purchaser. We guarantee you that installing these trees in your event will bring you tons of compliments and will also increase your business to new heights.

Indoors And Outdoors Landscaping
The black olive trees can be used for both indoor as well as outdoors landscaping. For indoor landscaping, it is recommended that you use the trees that are smaller in size such as the 6, 7,8 and 10-foot ones. However, if your apartment or villa or lobby has a high ceiling, you can probably use the taller black olive tree for landscaping. For outdoor landscaping you can use the tall faux trees. These include the 18 and 22-foot ones. For those purchasers who have limited space, the black olive foliage, plants and hedges can be installed in their indoor and outdoor landscapes. So before you make a purchase, take into consideration the amount of space you have and buy a faux tree that will fit your requirements.

To attract the attention of prospective buyers of flats and apartments in your construction, having a gorgeous landscape is essential. With the installation of these fabulous faux olive trees, we guarantee you that potential buyers and customers will come knocking at your door. So, don’t wait any longer, and don’t let the recession affect your sales, impress your customers with gorgeous and tempting landscapes.

- This is a sponsored guest post.
photo credit: calafellvalo Olivos milenarios (45) via photopin (license)


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