Choosing The Right Payment Plan For Your Mobile Phone

It's that exciting time of year, no I don't mean Christmas - I’ve recently come to the end of my current mobile phone contract. That means a new handset is on the cards, but before I decide on which phone to go for, the big question is - do I resist the temptation to sign up to a new deal with the latest smartphone on the market, (for a hefty monthly fee) or, do I sign up for a pay as you go sim only deal and save myself some of my hard-earned cash?

A sim only deal is exactly what it says on the tin. You sign up and are sent a sim card, often for free, to use in the phone you already have or are going to buy. There are various pay as you go deals available with different minutes, texts and data allowances so finding the right package for you is the key to getting the most out of your phone. The best thing about pay as you go, of course, is the lack of bills. There are absolutely no nasty surprises, as can often happen on monthly contracts. You aren’t tied down for any specific length of time, you can simply switch to something different at any time if you so wish. You only pay for what you use, so if you use nothing, you pay nothing. You also have peace of mind if buying a phone for the kids for Birthdays or Christmas as they can’t rack up huge bills for overspending on minutes, texts and data as they could on a pay monthly contract.

So how do you find the best deals? The easiest way is to use a comparison website - they compare all the latest pay as you go sim only deals from all the top service providers in an easy to read format. You can sort the list by cheapest first so you know you are looking at the best money-saving deal - there are sim only deals that require just a £1 top up! You can also sort by popularity, contract and data limit. There are so many great deals available - I'm spoilt for choice.

What do you look for when choosing a pay as you go sim only deal?  

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