Guilty pleasures, hot weather and trash TV - #littleloves

Can you believe that 5 months later I am still reading Divergent? By the time I crawl into bed at night it's way past midnight and too late to read. That being said I do try to squeeze in a chapter here and there but usually end up nodding off. I miss reading like I used to, I was such a bookworm.

If you know me then you will know my guilty pleasure of reality tv shows. Lately I have be glued to the screen not just watching Big Brother but Love Island too, slightly embarrassing but there you go! I'm really hoping that Nick win's BBUK this year as he's such a gentle and nervous soul, I just want to mother him!  

With it being so hot lately I have been trying to keep cool in summer dresses and shades. Though I do need to purchase some new sun glasses from Optical Express as Noah decided to borrow mine and I have no idea what he has done with them.

Another guilty pleasure is this song! Has it got stuck in your head yet?

I've lost count of the amount of picnics I've made these past couple of weeks. With the weather being so nice we've been making the most of it by getting out and about every day. We've been taking our lunch to go and have been enjoying our picnics here, there and everywhere.

And lastly
Summer is here! Finally!
We've transformed our front garden into a little haven for Noah and his friends. We have a slide, water table and paddling pool and they have all been having a blast.

Have you been enjoying the weather? 


Cloudbabies - My First Baba Blue & Baba Green - Review

One of my favourite things to review has got to be children's toys. Treating my child on a monthly or weekly basis due to the blog is always welcomed and appreciated. 

Last week we were sent two new toys from the Cloudbabies range and I have to admit I was probably more excited than a 27 year old should be! 

First up we had My First Baba Blue which retails at £19.99. He is a soft plush doll that is roughly around 11 inches tall. He is classed as a sensory toy as he is made out of many different textures and colours, all of which make different sounds. One foot crunches, the other foot jingles and you can also untie his scarf and undo his jacket to reveal a little mirror on his belly. All of which I think are a great feature.

As you can see he is very cute! With his winter attire I think he would make a lovely Christmas gift (Did I really just mention the C word?!)

Next up we have the slighter smaller and even more adorable Baba Green which costs a very reasonable £6.99. 
He is roughly around 6 inches tall and unlike the other doll he has a hard plastic head so isn't as snuggly as Baba Blue.

If you watch the tv show you will know he is a green thumb, is a little quieter than the others but is the best storyteller there is! This is why he is my favourite!

Both dolls are extremely cute (I keep saying this but they are!) and have both gone down a storm with Noah, especially Baba Blue. He loves to look after him like a baby and he likes to push him around in his toy pram. 

What we thought-

Noah loves to take care of both dolls just like you would a baby. He will share his food and drink with them and even push them around in his toy pram. They have both gone down a storm and it's a pleasure to watch Noah enjoy them so much.

The dolls are colourful, attractive and totally adorable!

Baba Blue in particular is great because he's not just a plush doll but is sensory which helps develop your child's fine motor skills too.

The mirror underneath Baba Blue's jacket is a nice feature as Noah really enjoys discovering it when he undresses him.  

Both dolls are priced well too and I wouldn't protest at paying the RRP for either. You can buy them here.

It's also great to see the Cloudbabies range expanding! 

- We were sent these dolls for the purpose of this review however all opinionsare my own. 


Mummy & Me - June

Hello June, Goodbye June! We are now half way through the year, how has that happened?! Time really does fly by even quicker when you have a child.

June has been a lovely month. We've been out and about a lot in the fresh air and I've really appreciated being able to stay home with Noah. I think he does appreciate it too but you can't tell from these pictures, haha. I just had to have both for this months photo's as Noah's expressions are just priceless!

"Really Mum? I'm so not in the mood for ANOTHER selfie!"

"Mother... seriously. Just stop! Totally embarrassing!"

He loves me really, I promise!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


Project 365 - Week 26 - 26/52

21st June - 27th June / Week 26

Sunday was Father's day, Nick's second one. It was a busy day! We woke and gave Nick his presents (A BBQ and a book) and then we headed over to the Christening and First Birthday Party of my friends baby. All go go go! We then popped over to my Mum's so Noah could spend a bit of time with her so Nick and I went bowling for an hour. Such a busy day, but a fun one! 

Monday saw both Nick and Noah coming down with my cold and flu symptoms so we all had a sick day together. 

Thankfully Noah felt so much better on the Tuesday so we had a lazy morning but then we went on a long walk and I took him to the park. I always think that getting out in the fresh air makes you feel so much better.

Wednesday morning brought us glorious weather so I contacted my friend and arranged a little play date. We decided to take the little ones on a walk and for a picnic in the park. We had such a great afternoon together as we usually do and I can't wait to do it again.

On Thursday my Mum decided to pay us a visit. When I knew she was almost here I sat Noah near the windowsill to look out for Nanna. When she appeared he started jumping up and down with excitement. He loves it when people come to visit. We went to the park, again! The weather was hit and miss but we didn't want that to stop us getting out and about. 

On Friday we decided we couldn't wait any longer to set foot on our new lawn (you are supposed to wait three weeks for it to knit together, it has been 2) we set up Noah's slide and as you can see by this photo he was absolutely ecstatic!

Saturday we had another very busy but very fun day! We started the afternoon off by Nick, Noah and I meeting up with his Nanny, Auntie, Uncle and Cousin. We had a meal at Brewers Fayre before going on a lovely long walk in the sun shine. It was a scorcher and thankfully Thomson park has a little paddling pool so we all took our shoes off and took a dip! We also went to the park and went on a little stream train. So much fun! 

We've had a busy busy week. Have you been up to much?