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Children's Party Bags With PoundToy - Review & Giveaway

AD - I was gifted a £50 voucher to use on the website for the purpose of this review.

PoundToy is an online shop that supplies an impressive range of toys, games, puzzles, crafts, and more, all at brilliant prices - many being £1 and under. I've worked with PoundToy previously, however, even before that they were my go-to for pocket money treats, birthday party gifts, stocking fillers, and so on.

I recently got back in touch with PoundToy to ask if they'd like to collaborate again, this time with a party bag angle. With Noah's 6th birthday party coming up I thought it would work well and I was excited to see how far £50 credit would stretch when it came to filling party bags for 12 children.

The first thing I added to my basket was the party bags! Yes, PoundToy even sells party bags. In this particular pack, there are 12 party bags, costing a reasonable £3.00. 
They come in an array of different colours so you don't need to worry about children wanting certain colors on the day. I always opt for the paper party bags over the plastic-type, for aesthetic and environmental reasons.

I then headed to the craft supplies section on the website because I think that colouring books and crayons are essential for children's party bags. I chose x6 Paw Patrol colouring puzzles with crayons and x7 Despicable Me carry along colouring sets, all for 99p each. I did want to buy x12 
Despicable Me carry along set colouring sets, however, you are only able to order a set amount of items when it comes to certain products. I'll pop these randomly inside each bag as his friends are fans of both Paw Patrol and Minions.

Next, I chose x12 Slime Play make your own slime - 60p each and x4 multipacks of dough - £1.50 each. These are the items that I hope the parents don't begrudge me for, but most kids love slime and dough! The packs of make your own slime can be relatively mess-free when used in a sink, or in a plastic container in the garden.

13 Dino Gliders were then thrown into the mix, adding £5.20 (40p each) to the total. Gliders take me straight back to my childhood and the hours of fun that I had with them. It's fantastic that they are still around, all these years later, and that my children get to enjoy them too.

I finished the party bag with x10 sticky men (I couldn't add anymore than 10 of this product) which cost just 1p each 
and x13 little bags of Haribo - £2.60 for the lot. I'm aware that the sticky men are bits of plastic, which will eventually end up in landfills, however, if you look at the rest of my products I've avoided many single-use plastic items. 

I had a little bit of money left over so I spent the rest on a couple of small gifts for the birthday boy. Noah is a huge wrestling fan so I chose The Ultimate Warrior WWE Retro Figure - £8.00 and x4 WWE Pint Sized Heroes Blind Bags - £2.00 each. He's going to be so excited when he opens them on his birthday.

I was delighted by the number of products that were available and suitable for Noah's party bags. None of it was tat, all products that I know the kids will like and use. It was also great how I had money left over to buy Noah a few extra birthday presents.

How would you like to win £25 to spend at PoundToy? Simply use the Gleam form below and don't forget to enter my other blog and social media competitions.
£25 to spend at PoundToy

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Schleich Bayala Glittering Moon Unicorns & Pegasus Mare - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

I've been a fan of Schleich ever since I was a little girl, though I don't think I ever had any of my own. I remember spotting them in museums, in libraries, or in shops on days out, and I'd be in awe of them - making a mental note of all the figurines that I wanted to collect. Over the past 20 years, the range has expanded tenfold, and they now offer a wide range of mythical creatures and dinosaurs, alongside farmyard animals, wild animals, and so on. Although I never had any myself, I'm now able to purchase them for my own children and they tend to display the same awe that I once did - which I love.

New to the Schleich Bayala universe, the glittering moon unicorns are set to enchant children, and parents alike. There are three members to this magical family; the Star Pegasus Mare - RRP: £13.99, the Moon Unicorn Stallion - RRP £13.99, and the Moon Unicorn Foal - RRP: £7.49.

All three are made with such exquisite attention to detail, the quality that Schleich is known for. Each horse is a slightly different shade of purple, adorned with glitter, sparkles, stars, and rhinestones. They have metallic shading around their hooves and their manes are long and luscious.

The Star Pegasus Mare is the largest of all three and is my personal favourite, whereas the kids adore the Moon Unicorn Foal. I've found that mythical creatures tend to inspire my children even more than regular animal figures. It's almost like they feel lie they have no limit to what they can make them do - they are magical beings after all. I've really enjoyed watching Noah and Ava play with the horses this week and I can imagine them having many years of fun with them.

Schleich Bayala Glittering Moon Unicorns & Pegasus Mare are an amazing addition to the Bayala range, a magical family of horses that are bound to spark the imagination of any child. You can purchase them online now at Smyths.

Ricky Zoom TV Series - Review & Giveaway

AD - This is a collaborative post.

Noah and Ava, despite their three year age gap, tend to enjoy a lot of the same things, especially TV shows and movies. We are always out and about, and they never ever sit still so it's nice to have some downtime, cuddled up on the sofa watching something on the TV. With this in mind, I'm always on the lookout for new TV shows for them to watch together, especially when it's wet and drizzly outside like it has been lately.

Zoom in to adventure with Ricky Zoom - a kid's TV series which is all about friendship, compassion, determination, and community. The main character is Ricky Room who is a little red motorbike, equipped with the tools to become a rescue bike just like his parents. He's a great character and his loyal "Bike Buddies" are called Scootio Wizzbang, Loop Hoopla, and DJ Rumbler. They like to race one another, try out new stunts, and team up on adventures together.

Other notable characters are;
Toot Zoom - A little lavender motorcycle with blue eyes, and Ricky's younger sister.
Hank Zoom - A red adult motorcycle with blue eyes who is Ricky's father. He has a special job as a rescue bike which Ricky wants to be when he grows up.
Helen Zoom - An orange adult motorcycle with green eyes who is Ricky's mother.
Steel Awesome - Ricky's favourite superhero.
Blip Hoopla - Loop's older brother.
Maxwell - A bike who runs the garage.
Don Hoopla - Blip and Loop's father.
Mr. Rumbler - DJ's father and a construction worker.
Officer Bunker - The officer of Wheelford.
Mrs. Bikely - Ricky's schoolteacher.

Ricky and his friends and family live in Wheelford, a town designed just for bikes. It has a real sense of community, everyone knows one another, and someone is always there to help. Ricky aside, our favourite character is Loop who is a blue dirt bike than can hover and do crazy stunts. Noah and Ava like to cheer him on and are amazed by all of the different tricks that he can do.

We've watched quite a few episodes together and I can confirm that it's one not to be missed. From the catchy theme tune, through to the loveable characters, there's something for every child to enjoy when watching Ricky Zoom. It's main message is to encourage children to stand on their own two feet and to feel confident. It has many great themes and messages running throughout - as a parent it receives a huge thumbs up from me. Watch episodes of Ricky Zoom every Saturday and Sunday on Nick Jnr.

As part of this collaboration, the kids were sent a fantastic Ricky Zoom backpack, drinks bottle, pad, pencils, and stickers. It's a great mix of products and Noah has seems to of pinched the lot. How would you like to win a Ricky Zoom backpack? To enter simply use the Gleam form below and don't forget to enter my other competitions.

Ricky Zoom Backpack & Goodies

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