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- Ava practising her sitting! She's getting so big and strong! 



Project 365 - Week 33/52

13th August - 19th August

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19th August 2017

Another week has been and gone, it doesn't feel like two minutes ago that I was writing last weeks post. With Noah still being off nursery we've had no set routine again, this has it's advantages such as spontaneous trips out but the down side is that it's hard to be able to get Ava into any sort of nap routine with a boisterous three year old bounding around. We are all loving it though and it's bittersweet to know that he'll be going back to nursery full time in September, 8:30am-3pm on Mon, Tues, Weds and Thurs. He's got another year there and then he starts School, how scary is that?

Anyway, back on topic. We've had a great week again. Sunday was our usual family day out and we visited one of our favourite places again. We love going to Bowland Wild Boar park and go half a dozen times a year, so much so we are actually thinking of getting annual passes. The weather was lovely too, so glad we went and made the most of the sun.

Monday was quite easy going. Noah had a play date next door and stayed for tea. We then went food shopping and I went to Slimming World. I only lost -0.5lb this week but it's better than nothing and it does bring me to 14.5lb loss so far! On Tuesday I decided to take the kids over to see my Mum and Nanna just like last week, so it was a ride in the taxi and then a half hour journey on the train. You'd think it'd be hard work with two young children but it's really not, the most difficult part is making sure I've packed everything we need to take and getting everyone in the taxi. Again we had a lovely day with my Mum and then went to visit my Nanna.

Wednesday I invited Noah's friend around for a play date as he'd been there earlier in the week. They had lunch together and had a whale of a time the entire afternoon. Thursday was playgroup time and then another play date in the afternoon! Noah loves playing with his best friend who lives next door so it's always lovely for them to have that time together, they play really nicely and it keeps them both busy too. I think I managed to have a warm cup of tea!

Friday and Saturday we had two lazy days, which is unlike us. The weather has been so hit and miss though that it's kind of the perfect excuse to relax and do absolutely nothing. We did however go shopping and visit family, but nothing out of the ordinary!

What have you been up to this week?


Teletubbies Shuffle 'n' Giggle Ping - Review

Can you believe that it's been 20 years since the Teletubbies first hit our screens? I was 9 years old when they aired the very first episode and I remember watching it with my younger siblings, we were all transfixed. It wasn't long after when Teletubbies fever hit the UK and pretty much everyone I knew was after a Teletubbies toy for Christmas and it'd sold out everywhere! Although I think my Mum managed to get hold of a Po for my baby sister, lucky Sadie!

Teletubbies fill me to the brim with nostalgia and it delights me that they are still around today so that my own children get to enjoy them too. Not only are Teletubbies still here 20 years later, but back in 2015 we were introduced to the Tiddletubbies, baby Teletubbies and boy are they cute! When I was offered the chance to review a toy from the new Tiddletubbies range I was extremely excited, as you've probably guessed!

We weren't sure which toy was going to arrive as it was out of two different options, then selected at random so this added to the excitement when the toy was being delivered. On opening the box we discovered a Shuffle 'n' Giggle Ping which is from Character and retails at £24.99. My first impression was that this could be the cutest toy I've ever seen and I wanted to hide her and keep her for myself! As soon as I got it out the box Ava started reaching for her, probably because of how bright and colourful she is.

The Shuffle 'n' Giggle Ping is suitable from 18 months and is such a clever, interactive toy and would entertain a whole array of different age ranges. Ping is made from soft plush material which make her irresistible to kiss and cuddle (or latch on to if your child is anything like Ava!) She has big brown eyes, a sweet little smile and the signature Teletubbies antennae.

Simply press Ping's back and she shuffles and crawls a long floor. When I did this for the first time both Noah and Ava's eyes lit up, they couldn't help but smile and they both wanted to grab hold of her. Ping also babbles and giggles which never fails to make Ava smile, she's so enamoured by her.

All in all I think this is a fantastic toy, one which can grow with your child and I think it costs a very reasonable price too. Noah and Ava have played with Ping ever since she arrived and that says it all really, we know how fast children and babies lose interest in their toys! In particular, I think Ava will grow to love this toy even more as she gets older, especially once she starts crawling herself, which won't be long now! I know she'll be crawling after Ping in no time!

Are you a fan of the Teletubbies? 
Do you have a little one that would like this toy too? 

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


Things To Consider When Buying A Rug For The Family Home

Living with a family often means that practicality becomes your main focus when it comes to your home. Over recent years, the interiors world has become far more accommodating to family life by incorporating both practicality and style. A home isn’t complete without a rug, they tie together themes in a room and add that welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. Although, if you have kids, it can be hard to know what you need to be looking for. Here is a list put together by the team at Rug Mountain to help you find that perfect rug.

Durability and Pile Length
One of the most important features your rug must have is the ability to survive in the family home and this puts durability at the top of your list. The rug you choose needs to be able to handle the busy environment of the family home without diminishing over time. It's best therefore to avoid rugs with a longer pile. The pile length refers to how long the material is. For example, a shaggy or sheepskin rug has a long pile thanks to their fluffy texture. Although longer pile rugs are beautifully soft, they aren't ideal when you've kid kids running around or playing on them all day. This causes the softer texture to wear down quicker and ruin that gorgeous feel. A deeper pile will also retain dirt and dust more so than a shorter pile rug. This isn’t great for the little ones who spend a lot of time on their hands and knees playing or crawling around. Similarly, longer pile rugs can’t be vacuumed as easily as this destroys the material over a long time period. Ideally, you therefore want a low pile rug that’s easier to maintain, can be vacuumed and can handle a higher usage.

Easy to Clean
The number one factor that comes up time and time again. Cleaning. No one enjoys it, but unfortunately with a family this can be your number one concern. When choosing a rug, try to find one that is made from a material that is easily salvageable from those food and drink spills. However, this brings with it good news. As a general tip, you want to be avoiding more expensive rugs. This is because expensive rugs are made from higher quality but more delicate materials which makes them a nightmare to clean. A simple nylon or acrylic rug is you best bet as they can handle cleaning products far easier than their expensive counterparts.

The colour of your rug is a chance for you to work with personalisation and pick something that reflects your home. You might want a rug that blends in with your floor or alternatively maybe you’re after a pop of colour for a dramatic flare. However, if you’ve got a family, there are some colours your should try to avoid to increase the life of your rug. It comes as no surprise to learn that the paler the rug, the more likely it is to show up dirt and stains. Because of this, try to avoid white rugs, for obvious reasons! If you’ve got your heart set on a lighter rug try instead a brown, cream of beige for a neutral palette. Your safest bet would be a rug with more colour, as this will show up dirt far less and can mask those odd imperfections far more easily.

What do you look for when buying a rug for the family home?

- This is a PR collaboration. 


Ava - 5 Months Old

Ava is now five months old and time is flying by way too quickly for my liking, can I not hit pause for a moment? I can remember writing Noah's 5 month update like it was only yesterday so it's crazy to think that now Ava is that age too and Noah is 4 in just 3 months time!

Oh, she is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. I absolutely adore her, so much so that sometimes I think my heart could just burst. From the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed she's a delight, even when going through a leap. She's very rarely grumpy or whiny and is so easy to please. There's nothing she loves more than being cuddled, kissed or being sung too and she likes lots of physical contact. The only time she really protests is when she is having her clothes changed but that's literally it! She's such a good girl.

She's a big girl, quite similar to how Noah was at the same age. She weighs roughly 16lb and is in a mix of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing, depending on the fit and where the clothes are from as I find everything varies so much. She's very long and quite chunky, she's solid! She has the sweetest chunky thighs, bum and cheeks! I could just gobble her up.

Nothing to write home about this month when it comes to her health, everything has been fine. Not even a patch of cradle cap or nappy rash, she's been great.


Breastfeeding is going really well and I'm so happy with how our journey has been so far. I feel so fortunate that everything has just gone so smoothly because I had my breastfeeding fears before she was born but I really didn't need to fret. I still feed her on demand but recently I've noticed she spaces her feeds out a lot more and feeds for longer at the breast. She can go between 2-3 hours in the day and at night it's usually every 3-4 hours, sometimes longer. She's had a couple of cluster feeding days here and there as she is currently going through a huge leap but it's been fine. I express my milk every now and again but not as much as I was last month because it can be so time consuming. I've also recently introduced some baby porridge because at supper time she would cry seeing Noah have his, she was salivating and reaching for the spoon in a frenzy. I couldn't avoid it any longer so usually everyday she will have a little bowl of baby porridge for either supper or breakfast and she absolutely loves it. I'm so excited to start properly weaning her in just a few weeks time. I have a feeling she will be a foodie just like her brother.

She's her usual when it comes to sleep and is not yet sleeping through but this is to be expected with her being breastfed. She does however settle a lot easier at night now. We cuddle up in bed, I play her lullaby music or sing to her and feed her to sleep. I love that time, where everything is quiet and relaxing, a little bit of time just for us. I usually lay with her for half an hour and then pop her into her snuzpod and she usually sleeps until I go to bed a couple of hours later. I think I disturb her when I go to bed or she can sense that I'm there so she usually wants me to feed her again and she will doze off back to sleep. She feeds between 2-3 times during the night but just goes straight back to sleep so it's not bad really. Naps are still very hit and miss but hopefully we can get into some sort of routine once Noah is back at nursery as I'll have more time to try and stick to one and there won't be a three year old waking her up!

Milestones and new tricks
* Rolling Over. Ava can now roll over and is such a whizz at doing it, she's over in a flash and is so proud of herself when she does it.
* Sitting. She's pretty much there with sitting, already! She can sit unaided for minutes at a time and is so steady although I'd never leave her unattended or without a dozen cushions all around her. 
* Crawling. I don't think it will be long until she's crawling. She's already wiggling about and can move about here and there and she tries to shove herself forward. It's like she's hit so many milestones all at the same time!
* She now recognises her name and turns to you when you say it. 
* She face plants into my boobs when she wants feeding, it's hilarious. 
* Always on the go! Although she can't get move herself about she's so determined to move and is always lunging forward and grabbing things.
* Vocal, she is so loud! She's constantly figuring out new sounds and noises and has the most piercing screech.

Likes and dislikes
Ava has so many likes and loves! She loves; Mummy, Daddy and Noah. Other children. She is fascinated with animals and is constantly watching and stroking our cat and her Nan's dogs. She likes; Peppa Pig, singing, songs, cuddles, kisses, books, rolling around, playing with Noah and his toys, cuddle and feeding time, Mummy's bed, her toys, sophie la girafe, trees, watching her brother on the swings, watching her brother do anything, cuddly smiles in the morning, porridge, blowing raspberries, her jumperoo, bath time! She doesn't like being in her car seat or having her clothes changed.