5 Ways To Make A Memorable Baby Shower

Baby showers are a celebration that the UK mums and dads has recently adopted from our American cousins and they've become all the rage over the last couple of years. They seem to grow in popularity every year and it's no surprise as to why. They are a great way to celebrate your pregnancy, they add to the excitement of the lead up to your new arrival, they are the perfect excuse to have a party with your friends and family, receive lots of thoughtful gifts and eat a truck load of indulgent snacks. What's not to love?

I had a baby shower when I was expecting Noah which you can read all about here. It was hosted by my mother in law and all my closest family and friends were invited. I was in two minds about having a baby shower at all, as I'm not one to be the centre of attention, but I'm so glad I did as it was a very special day for me and one that I remember fondly. I was surrounded by people that I love and I laughed so much that a few times I thought I may actually force myself into labour!

Not only did I have an incredible time at my baby shower but I also received some really useful gifts too. My favourites being a baby bath, baby towel and a whole hamper full of Pampers Sensitive Wipes and Pampers Premium Protection New Baby Nappies. I used both the nappies and wipes as soon as Noah was born as I knew they are the only newborn nappy endorsed by the British Skin Foundation, so would be kind and gentle on his newborn skin which was great for my peace of mind. It also helped me a lot as a new Mum, as I didn’t need to buy any wipes or nappies for the first couple of months. As lovely as baby clothes, shoes and toys are you can’t beat receiving the necessities and Pampers were just that to us.

If you’re thinking of having a baby shower or wanting to plan one for a friend, then I really can't recommend one enough. Today I thought I'd share a couple of tips which could help you create a baby shower to remember.

1. Invite the right guests
This could make or break a baby shower, it really could. Do your research on who your expectant mother would like to attend as you really don't want a sour face relative or arch enemy turning up for the event. She'll want to be surrounded by her nearest and dearest so it really is all about quality and not quantity when it comes to your attendees.

2. Be organised and prepared
When hosting, it certainly pays off to be organised and have some sort of itinerary to work with. You want the baby shower to run smoothly and avoid any stress which other guests or expectant mother may pick up on. You also don't want to be running around like a headless chicken and will want to enjoy the party yourself.

3. Plan lots of fun games
A highlight of my baby shower has got to be the games! There are so many fun games that you can plan for a baby shower, some are ice breakers, some bring out people’s competitive side and some are downright hilarious. A favourite of mine has got to be the chocolate nappy game where you add different melted chocolate bars to different nappies. They are then passed around and the guests have to guess what chocolate each nappy contains by sniffing it. The person who guessing the most correctly wins!

4. Provide lots of food and snacks
Imagine turning up to a baby shower and there being no food! There would be a lot of unhappy guests and well not providing food to a pregnant lady is just the epitome of cruel, how could you do that to her! Sacrilege! A buffet style spread would suffice but make sure there is lots and lots of cake!

5. A thoughtful gift or two
A good place to start are the essentials that any new parent will relish as a present – a healthy supply of Pampers nappies and wipes to get them started, it definitely helps having them on hand! A very personalised and thoughtful way to end a baby shower is to also present the expectant mother with a memento to mark the occasion. There are so many options when it comes to a thoughtful keepsake, especially online and most don't cost very much either. I was given a crystal heart decoration with a blue ribbon and it was one of the first items I put inside my son’s memory box. I still treasure it three years later.

For more tips and advice on throwing the best baby shower possible read this article brought to you by Pampers. Do you have any tips or ideas when it comes to hosting a baby shower?

- Wrote in collaboration with Pampers as part of The Pampers Baby Board.


My Pregnancy - Questions & Answers

Today is my due date and to mark the occasion I decided to set up a little Q&A with my readers and friends. I thought this would be lovely to look back at one day, to reminisce and remember all the up's and down's of this pregnancy. I put out a call out over on my Facebook page and here are some of the questions that were thrown my way. 

As you're having a different gender, do you feel like your pregnancies were different? 
This is actually a really good question but one that's quite difficult to answer too. In some ways the pregnancies have been similar but then in other ways they've been totally different. My bump has been pretty similar I think, both times I've popped pretty early, been covered in stretch marks and measured big. My main cravings in both pregnancies have been cereal and oranges but different to last time I've been obsessed with beetroot and jelly too! I definitely found pregnancy easier the first time round as I've had a lot more aches, pains and complaints with this pregnancy.  

What will you miss the most about being pregnant?
I'll miss my bump and feeling her move around inside. We have decided to stop at two children so knowing this will be my last pregnancy does make me feel a little sad as I will really miss the kicks and movements. Pregnancy is one incredible journey, warts and all. 

What are you most nervous about second time around labour and birth wise?
It has to be the recovery. The first time around you don't need to worry so much about the recovery and how long it will take, you can take it easy. This time I have a toddler to take care of as well as a newborn baby so this makes me feel a little scared and nervous. Thankfully Nick will be taking time off work to help and hopefully the two weeks will be all I need to recover. 

Are you planning on skin to skin? Delayed cord clamping?
I hope so! I'd planned on instant skin to skin with Noah but couldn't have it for very long as he'd pooed in his waters during delivery. Pretty soon after he was born they had to check his breathing and lungs to make sure he hadn't inhaled any, which thankfully he hadn't. It depends on the birth but I really hope so this time. I'd also love a water birth too as I wasn't able to have one when I was induced with Noah.

How did you find sleeping at night? What do you find helped you get a better nights sleep?
I struggled with sleep, just like when I was pregnant with Noah. As you get bigger and bigger it's so hard to get comfortable and then there's the pregnancy insomnia too! I found my Theraline pregnancy pillow an absolute godsend and have pretty much used it the entire pregnancy. It also helped to have plenty of Rennies and Gaviscon on my bedside table as I would often wake with awful heartburn and indigestion in the night.

Do you feel like you know the signs of labour to look out for? 
Having been induced with Noah I've not yet experienced going into labour naturally so although I think I know what to look out for it will all be totally new to me. With an induction things go from 0-100 very quickly with the pessaries, gel and then the drip, it's not as gradual as natural labour is. I've already had a few moments where I thought things may be starting but so far it's just been the baby getting ready for her big entrance I think!

What have you enjoyed the most and least about pregnancy the second time around?
I've loved feeling the baby get stronger and stronger as the weeks go on. The feeling of baby kicks is one of the best experiences in the world and I'll be sad to never experience that again once she's born. I also really enjoyed our scans, especially the 4D scan I managed to win in a competition! I also loved our gender scan and predicting the gender right for the second time! This time around I've felt sick and lethargic pretty much for the entire 9 months so I would have to say that is the part I've enjoyed the least.

What are you most looking forward to after the birth?

It's got be setting eyes on her for the first time and all those newborn cuddles. I'm so excited yet at the same time it still doesn't feel real, it's so surreal. I'm also looking forward to enjoy a very small glass of wine, I have to admit! Not right after the birth of course but we will have to wet her head!

So there you have it, those were the questions and here are my answers. I can't believe today is my due date. This pregnancy has flown by in the blink of an eye and I am bursting in anticipation to meet our baby girl. I cannot wait to become a family of four! 


Project 365 - Week 7/52

12th February - 18th February

12th February 2017

13th February 2017

14th February 2017

15th February 2017

16th February 2017

17th February 2017

18th February 2017

We've all had a great week! No signs of baby just yet but we've not let that stop us getting out and about and enjoying the time we have left as a trio. It's been half term this week so we've had a lot more one on one time which has been lovely but at the same time it's been strange because we've had no structure to the week. The no structure has been quite nice though! On Sunday the weather was miserable so we decided to take Noah to the cinema for the first time, to see Lego Batman of course! I didn't think he would sit still for very long but he did better than I thought he would even though he asked to go to the park half way through, ha ha. Monday my Mum came to take Noah out for the afternoon which gave me some time to blog and take a nap! Tuesday was Valentines Day but we didn't have much planned, just a nice chilled out day for Noah and I as he didn't have nursery. Wednesday was much of the same, we spent some time outdoors when the weather perked up a little. I don't like venturing out far without Nick as I think I could go into labour at any moment. On Thursday my Mum came over for the afternoon again but this time we all went into town together rather than her take Noah to give me some free time. It was nice to get out and about with her and although it was painful to walk around for so long at nine months pregnant. We thought it may encourage her to make an appearance, though that didn't happen! Friday and Saturday was mainly spent relaxing with both Nick and Noah, shopping, visiting family and so on. The baby's due date is just two days away now and I wonder if on my next update we will be sharing her very first photo and announcing her birth! We will have to wait and see! Hopefully she won't keep us waiting too much longer!

What have you been up to this week? 


38 & 39 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2

My baby girl is now estimated to be between 19.75 to 20 inches long and may weigh roughly 6.8lb to 7.25lb. This of course vary's from baby to baby and is an average so we'll have to wait to see how much she actually weighs and measures when she's born. 
She is continuing to build layers of fat and the placenta is still working hard to provide the important antibodies to help protect her when she's arrives into the world. Our daughter is now also considered full term and she's totally ready to be born. 

As I write this I'm 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. This pregnancy has flown by but as we reach the final hurdle it's like we've hit the brakes and now it feels like I've been pregnant forever! I decided to write this double post a little earlier than planned this week as I have a feeling I won't be pregnant for much longer. Lets hope Mummy's intuition is correct and it's not just wishful thinking. I've had quite a few tell tale signs that labour may be imminent so I'm trying to remain focused that it won't be long now. As much as I love pregnancy I'm ready to trade in the none stop nausea, heartburn and aches and pains for our baby! I'm so ready to meet our baby girl now, so much so that it hurts!

See you next week? Maybe? Will there be a 40 week update or will the next post I write be our daughters birth announcement? I guess we will all have to wait and see!