Mummy & Me - April

We've now been taking part in the Mummy & Me link up for two years, ever since it began and we've never missed a month! It's lovely to look back at how Noah has grown over the years and of course now we've added another baby to the mix, our beautiful Ava Jean.

April has been a good month. I'm still getting used to having two children as it really is a big adjustment, especially considering both their ages as they both still require a lot of attention from me. That being said I wouldn't ask for my life to be any other way and I struggle to imagine what life was like before we had Ava.

Our pictures this month seem to have a theme, hello big sunglasses! We've had quite a bit of sun for April which is the perfect excuse to wear my sunnies as I can shove them on to cover up my dark circles! My favourite photo's from this month is the top one of Noah smiling, he looks so handsome and happy and the bottom photo of me feeding Ava in public for the very first time. I adore them all but I really need to stop taking selfie's and actually ask someone to take the photo instead! 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


Introducing The Pampers Preemie Protection Range

I've no first-hand experience when it comes to premature babies but my best friend when I was growing up had been a premature baby. Christopher was just 1lb when he was born and his mother would often tell our friends and our parents just how small he was and what an emotional time it was for her. We were told his story a good twenty years ago now and it doesn't really compute back when you are a child, you can't really comprehend what you are being told and you can't understand the severity of it. Now that I'm a parent myself I can totally sympathise and can only imagine how difficult the experience must be for parents of premature babies.

There’s approximately 60,000 babies born prematurely here in the UK every single year which works out at roughly 1 in 11 babies, higher stats than I initially imagined. Medical science is improving year upon year which means these little fighters have a better chance of survival than ever before. It goes without saying how delicate these babies are, they all have their own health requirements, but one thing they all have in common is their small frame and delicate skin. As part of the Pampers Baby Board I was told how Neonatal teams spoke to the Pampers team directly and let them know that the nappies which were available didn’t fit the smallest of babies, and that they needed to cut and fold them to try to make them fit as best as possible. This isn’t ideal as it can cause discomfort for the babies and even get in the way of their legs and hips developing properly. With all that they are dealing with, they should be able to benefit from having a nappy which fits correctly and is comfortable for them!

This is where Pampers come in, introducing the new Pampers Preemie Protection range. They are their smallest ever nappy and to put the size into perspective it's so small that it can fit inside the palm of your hand. The P3 nappies are designed for babies which weigh less than 1.8lb/800g.

Not only have Pampers created these wonderful nappies which will help so many babies, families, and nurses, they are also donating 3 million of them to UK hospitals and Neonatal Units.

Pampers is also working closely with Bliss, the UK's leading charity for babies which are born prematurely or sick, to support them and their families. They are asking parents like you and I, to share photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of our babies with a raised fist to celebrate and support the incredible and inspiring fighting spirit that premature babies show every single day. When sharing your photo use the hashtag #powerofbabies and Pampers will donate £1 to Bliss for every photo shared.

Are you going to show your support?

- This post was brought to you in collaboration with Pampers. 


Six Ways To Choose The Right Jewellery For Your Children

Finding it difficult to find the right jewellery for your child’s outfit? Then here are a few tips for you to consider when buying jewellery for your child.

Safety comes first and foremost when buying jewellery for your child, so look out for the relevant safety standards on the pieces that you’re considering buying. All pieces should meet the standards assessed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. If you’re not sure what to look out for, there is advice available about the relevant safety standards items should meet on the government website.

Classic material
Look out for jewellery made from classic materials such as gold or sterling silver, this way your child will have quality pieces that will endure and be versatile enough to be worn with a range of different outfits. Though it is true to say that different people react differently to the same materials, by buying jewellery made out of quality materials, like precious metals, your child is less likely to suffer from irritated skin or an allergic reaction. Also, by looking out for jewellery made from quality materials, you’re less likely to make an impulse purchase of poor quality, that child may well only wear once.

If you’re choosing jewellery that’s not only for an outfit but for a special occasion too, like a landmark birthday or christening, consider something a little more unusual and offbeat that is less likely to be duplicated.

Jewellery that will last
Choose jewellery that will last as your child grows, like the expandable silver anklets from Saffron Bells. These chic pieces of jewellery are based on classic Thai baby anklets, complete with their jingling bells. Made from solid sterling silver, they can later be worn as a stylish bracelet - meaning your child will have a gift they can enjoy for years to come. Worn as a bracelet, your child will be able to enjoy this jewellery right through until their teenage years.
In addition, if you were to buy a pendant or locket for your child, you could simply add an extender chain at a later date or change the length of chain on which it sits. Hand-in-hand with buying jewellery that will last from a sizing point of view; look out for well-crafted items too.

Reflects their interests
When choosing jewellery for your child, you might want to find a piece that reflects their interests like a charm in the shape of a ballet shoe, ice skate, horse or book. Moreover, buy jewellery that incorporates charms, and your child will have a piece they can add to and enjoy over their lifetime, as their interests evolve.

Also, you might want to choose a piece of jewellery for your child that reflects a particular sentiment or spiritual message, like a St Christopher medallion, that would wish them well on their life’s journey or an ‘Om’ symbol representing good luck. On the other hand, you might want to consider a locket or silver orb that can contain photographs of special moments or those you hold most dear.

So there you have a few factors to consider when choosing jewellery for your child’s outfit, we hope it will make your choice easier in future.

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The Fisher Price Jonathan Adler Range Review & Competition

Fisher Price is a brand that I've been a fan for years and years, ever since I was a child myself. I remember when I bought Noah his very Fisher Price toy, he was only a couple of months old but I was so excited for him to discover the world of toys. I'm now even more excited because Noah can now introduce Ava to the same toys and as she gets older they can play with them together.

Fisher Price have always moved with the times and perhaps that is why they've been a household name for so long. They recently hired Jonathan Adler to become the creative director on a new range of exciting baby toys, introducing the Jonathan Adler range! In case you didn't know, Jonathan Adler is an iconic potter and designer, famous for his high contrast patters and designs and he’s brought his signature style and infused it into the new range or sensory baby toys. The range features cute animals, bold colours, geometric prints, contrasting colours and much more. 

I was recently asked if we would like to review the new Jonathan Adler range of Fisher Price toys and with Ava now being seven weeks old I happily obliged. We were sent four toys for the purpose of this review: the Monkey Mirror, Activity Elephant, Activity Alligator and Alligator Teething Ring.

Monkey Mirror - £19.99
One side of the toy features colourful animal friends and the other side features a mirror. Sensory-stimulating fun, including a panel within baby’s reach that crinkles, a monkey that squeaks parrot that jingles, bananas that clack, fleece grass that’s soft to touch, and that great-big mirror for self-discovery. It opens and closes easily, ideal for babies and toddlers to watch the bright colours and patterns unfold. It's fold feature makes it great for storage and ideal for travelling too.

Activity Alligator and Activity Elephant - £12.99 each
These are sensory dangling toys with fun clacking and rattle sounds. They hav bright colours, eye-catching patterns and textures like crinkle, corduroy and plush to help boost baby’s senses. They can be attached to a change bag or pushchair when you and baby are on the move. A perfect first toy!

The Fisher Price Jonathan Adler range is simply wonderful and ticks every box when it comes to first toys for babies. The bright colours and contrasting patterns not only captured my seven week old babies eye but my three year old toddlers too! I often find Noah sitting and playing with them as Ava watches and takes it all in. In particular Ava seems quite taken by the Monkey Mirror as she likes to look at her own reflection and I like it because it gives her something to focus on when she's having a little bit of tummy time! I can see her enjoying them even more and more so as she gets older.

How would you like to win a Fisher Price Activity Elephant? To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions!

Fisher Price Activity Elephant

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