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Noah at Two and a Half

When Noah was younger I blogged monthly about his development but when he turned two I switched to every 6 months. You can read all about Noah's two year entry here but today I'm here to write all about him now at two and a half years old. How is he two and a half already, seriously?! 

Of course his character can't change too much over the months as his character is who he is but there are parts of his personality that become stronger and others parts which decrease. For example his temper has decreased tenfold and he no longer has tantrums. He never really had them often to begin with but he would often get frustrated when he wanted something he couldn't have and that would lead to a little melt down. 6 months on and he has a better level of understanding now so when he gets to the point of frustration I can simply explain it to him, he understands and he calms down, nipping it in the bud before it's even begun.

Other traits which have changed is his humour. He's funnier than ever and he'll literally do anything to make you laugh or smile. He always has a warped sense of humour, just like me. If you trip or fall over well prepare for a round of hysterics!

I've found he's a little more independent now and tries his best to do most things himself although he does still need Mummy's help with a lot of things. He's also very inquisitive, caring, gentle, thoughtful but also stubborn and has a short fuse too. If I had to name one trait that sums him up it would have to be cheeky. He's the cheekiest child I've ever known! 

Noah is the same weight he was 6 months ago and weighs two stone exactly. He wears a size 5 shoe and is currently wearing a mix of 18-24m and 2-3yr clothes. He's a string bean and it's no wonder as he literally never sits still.

On a whole he's been great but when we went to Forest Holidays a few months ago he came down with the flu. It was probably the worst cold he's had to date and it was so bad we contemplated coming home. Thankfully it only lasted a few days and then we were able to enjoy the rest of our break away. He's also had a few niggles with teething as his top molars and he's had a few bumps and bruises too being the clumsiest child I've ever known! 

Noah is a bottomless pit! He has three meals a day and countless snacks. He still drinks 12oz of milk a day and drinks around 8oz of water too. His favourite foods are; cheese, tomato, bread, pasta, chicken, apple, pear, chocolate, tomato sauce, beans, broccoli, biscuits, raspberries, blueberries, crisps, sausage, omelette and so on! 

Last week we switched Noah from his cot into a bed and the process has gone perfectly. He fell out the bed and was a little unsettled the first night but we put a bed guard on the next night and ever since we've had no issues. We thought he wouldn't ever sleep and would be messing about with his toys but he's been good as gold. He doesn't even get out of bed in the morning and waits for me to go in to get him. He will usually sleep 8pm-8:30am. He still likes to nap but I don't often put him down for one any more as I find he's harder to settle at night when he has one.

Noah doesn't speak in sentences yet but he does know a lot of words and can communicate quite well despite it. I'm just waiting for it all to click into place and for him to be able to have proper conversations with me, I can't wait for that!

Potty training
I recently blogged all about our potty training journey and you can read more about it here. We first introduced the potty when Noah had just turned two and he understood what to do with it but he would have accidents in his pants if he wasn't prompted so I knew he wasn't ready just yet. I waited another month or so, reintroduced the potty and we've not looked back! I can count the number of accidents he's had on one hand and I think that is all down to waiting until he was completely ready. He's completely dry in the day time but we haven't tackled bedtime just yet as he still drinks a lot of milk before bed. 


Milestones and new tricks
Noah is now dry during the day and potty training has been a breeze.

He's in a toddler bed instead of a cot and had no problem transitioning. 
He knows most his colours; red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, black.
Can almost count to 10 though not in the correct order!
Likes to re-enact his favourite parts in his favourite films (Rex using his head to open the the vent in Toy Story 3 / Pumba charging the Hyenas on the Lion King.) So cute to watch!

Favourite things
PUDDLES! Chocolate, Spiderman, Elmo, the cats, animals, ice cream, raspberries, his new bed, cars and trains, story time, kiki, kinder eggs, surprise egg videos, the iPad, colours and numbers, toy figures, visiting family, his cousins, dancing, movie time, baking, going on an adventure, Blackpool, visiting farms, dip dip, roast dinners, playing in the garden, his best friend Elise, Mimo, Paw Patrol, being silly, learning new things, stickers, toy story, paddling pools, playgroup, swings and the park. 


Project 365 - Week 19

8th May - 14th May








What a wonderful week it has been! We've been outdoors a lot enjoying the lovely weather and have also been prepping for our holiday abroad next week too. We started the week off with a nice big walk and a picnic at the park but it was so hot we decided to cut our trip short, buy a paddling pool and take it to Noah's great grandparents house. Noah had a whale of a time splashing in the paddling pool with his cousin and had even more fun helping his great granddad water the garden, as you can see by the photo! So lovely! The rest of our week went by in a blur of playing out in the garden, shopping and visiting family. It ended with my childhood friend getting married and we had such a great time at the ceremony and the party! So much so that Noah would literally not get off the dance floor and we needed to coax him off it at 10pm! Fab week! 

What have you been up to this week?


What's In My Toddlers Flight Bag

With just a matter of days before we go abroad I thought I would put together a post all about what I'm packing in Noah's flight bag. I struggle with boredom on a flight and in the airport so I knew well in advance I would have to pack lots of different things to keep a two and a half year old occupied and happy on our journey! 

Lots of snacks:
First of all and most importantly it has to be snacks! I've packed a variety of Noah's favourites; Goodies fruit and oat bars, Goodies raisins, Fruit Bowl blackcurrant yoghurt flakes, Little Dish Go Go's and Bear Paws fruit shapes. One the morning we leave I will also be packing some savoury snacks like cheese sticks, crackers and also a cup of water.

Activity bundle

Up second we have an activity bundle. A sticker book, find and seek book, soft toy and lotto mini game. The sticker book cost next to nothing and just had to be included in our bag as stickers are always a hit with Noah. The Things to Spot book is something I hope Noah will enjoy to do whilst on the plane as he loves anything like that. The Little Bus Lotto game was recently sent to us from Orchard Toys to celebrate their brand new range of mini games. Little Bus Lotto looks like a game that Noah will really enjoy both at home and on the go. Lastly we have the little soft toy which Noah has recently become very fond of and has named Mouse? Lucky Mouse gets a free trip to Majorca! 

Thomas & Friends goodies:
Up next we have a bunch of Thomas & Friends goodies. A sticker activity book, carry along colouring set and mini train surprise bags. I won the sticker book and carry along set a while back but luckily discovered them this week when sorting the house! I picked up a couple of Thomas & Friends Mini's too because Noah like most toddlers is obsessed with surprise eggs and blind bags so I know they'll keep him occupied on the flight. 

Small toys:

As you can see I'm trying to cover all bases by packing everything that I know Noah plays with often so if he gets bored with one thing we can easily switch to something else. I've packed four of his favourite cars, a small Buzz Lightyear and a couple of different surprise bags.

Noah's prized possession
Now we couldn't travel anywhere without Noah's favourite thing in the whole wide world, his Kiki. He will be packed in his hand luggage to be at hand for snuggle time and I so hope we don't lose him while we are abroad! And if all this fails I will have my iPad at the ready! Haha!

Do you have any suggestions on what to include in my toddlers flight bag?