Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Toys - Review & Giveaway

Noah is an avid collector of toys, especially little collectibles so he was very excited when he received some toys from the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt range to play with and review. He had no prior experience with Moshi Monsters, but I knew right off the bat that he'd love them. 

The Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Surprise Eggs were the first to be opened because the kids couldn't wait to see what was inside! Inside each brightly coloured, reusable, plastic egg is one Moshling, a collectors guide and a digital gift which can be redeemed on the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt app (which is awesome by the way!) There are an array of different coloured eggs to choose from and over 40 different characters to collect. The single packs have an RRP of £2.79.

Next, we have the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 7 pack and 4 Pack. The 7 pack contains 5 Moshlings which can be seen through the pack, then two surprise Moshlings hidden within the surprise eggs. The 4 pack has 3 Moshlings on display and one surprise egg. They both come with a collectors guide and a free digital gift. With over 40 different Moshlings to collect, we were delighted to discover some rare and ultra rare characters! The 7 and 4 pack retail at £9.99 and £6.99, though prices vary over the internet.

The Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Monster Pack caught Noah's attention right away, probably due to the number of Moshlings in it! He couldn't wait to open it. This pack contains 17 Moshlings (some shown, some hidden and some in eggs), 2 eggs, a collectors guide, a digital gift, and is a great way to start a new collection off with a bang! 

The last item we opened was the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Blingo's Party House which has a recommended retail price of £19.99. Included you'll find 1 playset, 1 exclusive Moshling, reusable stickers, 1 collectors guide, and 1 digital gift. I think it's great when collectibles come with sets like this because it really adds more elements to play and I'm sure that it makes Noah enjoy them even more. The house is a party house and features a slide, a swing, a revolving disco door, dance floor, and even a trap door! The reusable stickers are a great feature because kids are able to decorate the house with them over, and over again.

Well, what can I say? After reviewing these toys Noah is well and truly hooked on Moshi Monsters! He loves discovering all the different characters and creating his own Moshi Monsters world. As I type this he's actually sat next to me playing on the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt app which is free to download and totally safe for children to use. We've redeemed all our digital gifts and Noah has already collected over 50 different Moshlings! I can't recommend the app enough! 
The Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Toys are suitable for children from 3 years of age and are available to buy online or at most leading toy stores.

To spread a little Moshi Moster love I've decided to give away a Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 4 pack to one lucky reader! To enter simply use the Gleam form below and don't forget to enter my other competitions! Good luck!

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 4 Pack

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5 Extraordinary Places To Live Or Visit In The UK

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If you have a love for all things cool and interesting, then chances are you might like a town or city that shares your passion for knowledge. You might expect the first cities to be listed as Cambridge and Oxford, but anyone who loves all things nerdy already knows that they have plenty to offer. In fact, they’ve taken the spotlight a little too long – so where else could become the home of museum lovers?

London - The National Archives
This one might take more than a one-day visit, and if you’re lucky enough to live in London, this is an absolute go-to for a trawl through. The Domesday Book, Henry VIII’s divorce papers from Anne Boleyn, the Treaty of Versailles are all housed here. History lovers rejoice: your new home has been found!

Bristol - The Clifton Observatory and Caves
This Bristolian observatory and caves sit above the Avon Gorge and showcase incredible views of Clifton Suspension Bridge as well as a bird’s eye view of Bristol itself. The observatory was first built as a windmill in 1766, which was then owned by William West in the mid-1800s. He converted it into an artist studio and installed a camera obscura, which still works to this very day. Through this vintage contraption, you can see a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area. Bristol also has an abundance of independent shops, bars, and cafes, which all make for great places to read and meet like-minded people. If you’re looking at relocating, finding a Bristol based solicitor is your first step.

Powys - Spaceguard Centre
Did you know: between 100-150 tonnes of space materials hit the Earth’s atmosphere every day – some of which turns into shooting stars! The Spaceguard centre has one big aim, which is to “provide timely information to the public, press, media, and education about the threat of asteroid and comet impacts, and the ways in which we can predict and deal with them.”

Jodrell Bank - Cheshire
This place provided the backdrop to BBC’s Star Gazing Live, and for a good reason. It is home to the Lovell Telescope and, as a result, is now a hub for world-renowned scientists. It is currently housing a project that links six other British radio telescopes, all into a dish spanning 217km.

Lacock Village - Wiltshire
If you’d love to see the estate of the Bennet family estate, then you can actually go and see the real-life Meryton of Pride and Prejudice, and not to mention Godric's Hollow from Harry Potter. Card-carrying enthusiasts will be pleased to know that this is National Trust site, complete with its own medieval village.

If you’re someone who’s looking to find a like-minded town to live in, then hopefully we’ve got you covered here. Even if it’s just a day trip, exploring towns that truly enjoy their history is great fun. Towns and cities that embrace their history tend also to host other activities which make for a good hometown; such as great bars, good book-reading cafes and arts events. Whether you visit for an estate agent or just the museum has yet to be seen.

Where are your favourite places to visit in the UK?

DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon 3: Hidden World Toys - Review

How To Train Your Dragon is a movie franchise that is suitable for the whole family. I think that the three films are just as enjoyable for us parents as they are for the kids. Being the fans that we are I was more than happy to agree to review a couple of the toys from the new range to coincide with the latest movie.

We received three different toys for the purpose of this review, the first being the Giant Fire Breathing Toothless which retails at £34.99. It measures in at over 20 inches long and has a wingspan of 55cm. It really is a giant! It comes with a water dropper, two plasma blast projectiles, and an extra water tank.

To get started you need to have 3 x AAA batteries at hand as these are not included. Once the batteries are installed you add a little water under the flap on the saddle with the dropper that's included. This is what creates the magic! 

There are many ways to play with the Giant Fire Breathing Toothless. Push the button behind his right ear to bring Toothless to life with lights and smoke-like dragon's breath, which is cold vapour which is created by adding the water! Then prepare for a surprise attack by inserting a plasma blast projectile into his mouth, then push the button behind his right ear to fire. Noah has had so much fun doing this over and over again!

Next, we have the Lightfury Deluxe Lights and Sounds figure which has a retail price of £16.00. This toy is smaller than the other, however, it is still of a generous size. Lightfury looks fantastic, just like she does in the movies and the lights and sounds add lots of new elements to play.

Push the button on her back to make the fabric wings pop open and activate the different sounds and light effects. Closing the wings back together again can be a little tricky but we got the knack for it pretty quickly. The kids seem to be taken by this toy the most and I think it's because it's quite interactive, yet the size makes it easier to play with.

Last, but not least is the Toothless and Hiccup, Armored Viking Figure set which has an RRP of £14.99. Hiccup is small, but just the right size to ride on Toothless' back! He features armour which can be seen in the new movie and comes with a removable weapon. Toothless has a missile which shoots right out of his mouth when in battle. Both Toothless and Hiccup have moveable limbs which Noah really likes as it adds more realism to play.

All three of these Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon 3: Hidden World Toys are suitable for children from 4 years and can be purchased at leading toy stores or online at Amazon.

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

My Sunday Photo - 7/52

What's In My Changing Bag

I'm not a shoe, makeup or handbag kinda girl. I like them, but I can do without them, however, the same cannot be said for changing bags. I adore them, and I'm probably a little obsessed with them. I've had so many different changing bags since becoming a mother five years ago, from lots of different brands, but my all time favourite is the B.F.F changing bag from Ju-Ju-Bewhich I reviewed last year. It's functional and practical, whilst being stylish, and on trend too.

With a love of changing bags comes a fondness for WIMCB blog posts (what's in my changing bag.) It's a guilty pleasure of mine, to have a look at what other people carry in their bags. On blog posts of course! I'm not peeking into peoples bags in real life! I've also written a couple over the years, at different stages of my children's lives because they are great to look back on, and I like to think that they may help out a fellow parent. Today I've decided to write an updated WIMCB post, featuring numerous items which I always carry in my changing bag.

I thought I'd start with the miscellaneous items that I carry, some of which can be deemed essentials too I suppose, depending on various factors. Whatever the weather, or time of year, I make sure to pack suitable spare clothes and accessories. In winter it's all about hats, gloves, and spare layers and when it's summer time I'll pack suncream, sun hats, and spare vests. My kids are like bottomless pits so I always carry a couple of quick and easy snacks like fruit, crackers, and fruit or yogurt pouches. Last, but not least are the little bits and pieces that keep them entertained while we're out. Board books, activity packs, and small soft toys are always a winner.

Then there's the essential items that I carry in our changing bag, the items I wouldn't leave the house without. That would be nappies, wipes, bibs, my purse, my keys, my phone, and most recently Oderase.

Oderase is an air freshener with a difference and perfect for packing in your changing bag. Rather than mask bad odours like regular air fresheners do, it eliminates them by attaching itself to the offensive odour particles and erasing them from the air. It comes in a handy pump spray bottle (yay, no aerosol - I wouldn't carry aerosol in my bag) and is non-toxic and fragrance-free. It's been approved by Allergy UK, Good Housekeeping Institute, and achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified™ SILVER.

I've been using Oderase both at home and on the go for the past week and I'm really impressed with the results. It's ideal for using every day, at home but it's also been a godsend for using in public baby changing rooms. When entering them I tend to always have to breathe through my mouth to avoid the smell. Why do they always smell? Even first thing in the morning? I feel sorry for Ava because she's too young to suss out that trick yet. Thankfully, all I have to do is spray a little around to room, and voila! Odours, eliminated! Only available at Ocado, a 100ml bottle usually retails at £4.99, however, it's on offer at £3.99 until 19/02/2019.

What items do you carry in your changing bag? Would you consider using Oderase?

AD - We were sent a bottle Oderase for the purpose of this feature and received a fee to do so, however, all opinions are my own.