LittleLife Butterfly Toddler Backpack - Review

We were sent a LittleLife toddler backpack to feature on my annual gift guides a few months ago, it feels like such a long time ago now. We've used it so much over the past few weeks now that Ava is walking, so much so that it's only fair to give it a full review.

We are no stranger when it comes to LittleLife Toddler Backpacks as Noah had one when he was a toddler too. He has a very cute Mickey Mouse design and loved wearing it out and about. It was a godsend for when he was finding his feet and we used it for quite some time after that too. It's great for nipping out to the shops with or for days out when they want to get out of the pram for a little while.

When it came to choosing a backpack for Ava I was impressed with the amount of designs to choose from. From famous characters such as, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and The Gruffalo. Then there's the non character styles such as a fish, seahorse, turtle, unicorn and many more. Although there was so many to choose from I knew right away which one I wanted for Ava. It had to be the butterfly! Bright pink, with wings! How could I resist?

LittleLife Backpacks have so many wonderful features, they are so much more than just a bag. They feature a zip closed main compartment which provides easy access and can also be opened even while Ava is wearing it. Inside the backpack is a 2 litre compartment which provides plenty of space for us to store a couple of toys or a food pouch and some baby wipes. Inside the backpack is an internal name and address label in case the backpack was to get lost or if they were to use it for nursery.

The adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap make the backpack supportive and comfortable, the best of both worlds. I found I had to alter them for Ava so it's great that there's the option to do that. I'll also be able to change it as she gets bigger too.

Last but certainly not least we have the parent safety reign which attaches to the top of the backpack. This feature is what elevates the product to a toddler essential for me. Although Ava is a confident walker she can get over excited when outside and will try to run or dash off. Having access to the safety reign can stop her from falling and keeps her at arms length too. I like to put the handle of the reign around my wrist like a bracelet, then hold her hand so if she was to let go and rush off then I've still got a hold of the safety reign. Once she's outgrown the reign stage I can simply remove it and she can use it just as backpack.

LittleLife Toddler Backpacks are suitable from 1-3 years and prices start at just £19.99. I cannot recommend them enough, they are a toddler essential for us.

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


5 Garden Design Trends That Will Help Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

It is no secret that the glorious warmer weather is on its way. Something that so many of us celebrate here in the UK. After all, who knows when it is going to disappear again? With such unpredictable weather, the one thing that you will find up and down the UK is that people will get out in their garden and soak up every second of the lovely weather whilst they can.

The only trouble with this is that after a long and cold winter, our gardens might not be looking their best. So, what can we do? Do we have to resign ourselves to the fact that we might be stuck inside, wasting all that warm weather? We don’t think this has to be true. In fact, there are a variety of ways that you can make sure that your garden is ready for the Summer and best of all, they don’t have to take too much time, or money.

Create a social space with garden furniture 
Garden benches and other forms of garden furniture are really key to having a garden that is summer ready. This is because they create a social space, a place that you can relax and unwind in when the sun is shining. The great thing about this particular approach is that you don’t have to worry about spending out a fortune. Sometimes it is the simplest of furniture that can have the best impact. All you need is to have plenty of space to sit and make sure that it is comfy too.

Make it a wildlife haven
There might not be a better feeling than sitting out in the sun and watching the animals all around you, just going about their everyday business. The best way to make sure that you have plenty of wildlife to watch this Summer is to make your garden somewhat of a wildlife haven. There are a number of ways that you can do this. Bird baths are a great start as they will draw in the birds, as will bird feeders. You can also draw in the smallest creatures too, by building a bug hotel for them to come and stay at. It really does depend on how much space you have and the type of creatures that you are happy to attract.

Give your fence a bit of a colour boost
Over time, some of the parts of your garden are going to fade and look tired. This is particularly true for your fence, and if you have a tired and dreary looking fence, then this can bring the rest of the space down. Why not use the warmer weather as the perfect reason to get out there and paint your fence? It isn’t the easiest of work to do, and it is going to take your time. But with a simple lick of paint and a bit of effort, you will have a fence that is going to look simply perfect.

Create your own herb garden
There is something hugely satisfying about growing something. Particularly if that something is something that you can eat. We love the idea of combining edible gardening with a spot of garden design. The idea of creating a herb garden means that not only do you get the benefit of your own supply of herbs, but that your garden is going to have a splash of colour about it too. If that wasn’t enough, then it will also smell great too, which is going to make it even more tempting to get out there come the summer months.

Make it fun
If you have a family, then chances are that your garden has become a shared space that you all make an effort to enjoy together. This means that there really is no better way to make it entirely Summer friendly, then by making sure that the space is a whole lot of fun. Have some giant garden games, get them a trampoline or simply add in a goal post and a ball. Whatever your little one is into, the idea of having a garden is that the entire family has somewhere to go when the weather is fine.

No matter what you do with your garden space, make sure that you embrace the Summer months and get out there in the fresh air. There really is no better feeling than relaxing in the sunshine, surrounded by your beautiful garden.

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Creating A Space Just For Me

Most parents, just like myself don't get much time to themselves very often. Their days and nights revolve around their children and most of us wouldn't have it any other way. That being said I can't remember the last time I had a couple of hours to unwind and have a little bit of me time, it's long overdue.

We are currently undergoing a second renovation on our home. With the extra space we gain a bit of freedom when it comes to room options. Once we've finished the children will have their own bedrooms and we'll have space left over to create a little area for the grown ups. I envision it to be a little getaway area where I can sit down and enjoy a good book, or more realistically, sit down and work without any distractions.

I've already started to plan how I want the room to look and find that putting my ideas down on paper, or via blog post is a great way to brainstorm and document them. With that in mind I've started by choosing four pieces which I must have in our little hideaway.

1. Tear Flower Pot - £69.00 // 2. Opart Plaid Throw - £36.00 
3. Elba Lounge Chair - £199.00 // 4. Drop Tealight Holder - £16.00

I think the four items compliment one another tremendously and are pieces which could be reused throughout the house. The neutral tones against the copper gold would give a warm welcoming and authentic touch to the room. The 
golden accents from the Tear Flower Pot and Drop Tealight Holder would add to the ambience of the room and would give it a little Moroccan touch. I can imagine myself relaxing in the evening, sat on the Elba Lounge Chair, wrapped in the Opart Throw with a glass of wine in hand. 

Depending on your area there are lots of different stores you can visit when it comes for inspirations for your home. If you live near Scotland then I'd recommend checking out furniture stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

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Project 365 - Week 16/52

15th April 2018

16th April 2018

17th April 2018

18th April 2018

19th April 2018

20th April 2018

21st April 2018

The weather this week started off terribly, lots of rain and strong winds. Thankfully from Wednesday we had such glorious weather and we've totally made the most of it. We've been outdoors most of the week, smothered in sun cream and wearing our new summer clothes. The sun has made me so much more excited for our holiday next month! I cannot wait, especially now the weather has started to go rubbish again. Highlights this week were baby group with Ava, lunching in the sun, playing in the garden with the water table, visiting family and enjoying lots of ice creams!

What have you been up to this week?