Family Favourites - April

I have decided to start sharing our monthly favourites with you all after seeing my good friend Nicola from Life Through My Eyes post all about hers, it's such a great idea!

Here are our family's favourites from April-

Mummy -

TV shows. After doing my nightly chores and my blogging I like to settle down and watch a TV show or two. In March I finally caught up with Revenge and now in April I am just finishing watching the last few ever episodes of Justified.

Slimming World. I started my Slimming World journey a month ago. I timed it great, at Easter so all the chocolate is torturing me but I have managed to resist, most of the time! 

Divergent. I watched the first film a few nights ago and I am hooked. I have just bought the trilogy on itunes and cannot wait to get stuck in.

Daddy -

Chocolate. He has been eating an insane amount of chocolate this Easter, I think he has a problem!

The Walking Dead. I love my TV shows but the only one Nick is interested in is TWD and he has been enthralled this season. 

Pizza topped chicken. Nick has been eating Slimming World meals with me and I made Pizza topped chicken for the first time last week and he hasn't stopped talking about it since. 

Noah -

Mama! He must say Mama 50 times a day on average. Continuously calling my name and bossing me around. Little tyke.

Going on adventures. As soon as we have finished our breakfast in the morning he brings me his shoes and coat and points to go outside. He loves being outdoors and exploring. 

Apples. Noah has always loved fruit and eats so much of it. As he doesn't have many teeth I have always avoided apples because whenever he's had them he's always gagged. With his molars now coming through I have been giving him whole apples and he nibble on it for ages and really enjoys them. 

What are your family favourites this month? 


My Sunday Photo - 18/52


Project 365 - Week 18 - 18/52

26th April - 2nd May / Week 18

When Noah came back from an afternoon at his Nanna's I cooked up a roast dinner and we went for a long evening stroll. Bliss.

Monday, play group! The sun was shining so we took advantage of all the outdoor toys. Noah was obsessed with this car. 

Tuesday was a lazy day and we spent the day playing and reading. 

I don't think I will ever get over how much Noah loves his Ted. One of the most important values to teach a child is how to love and respect animals and it makes me ever so proud to see Noah be so gentle with them. 

He is beautiful isn't he? I'm not just biased.

Noah in his Winnie the Pooh costume that I won. How cute?!

I've seriously bought way too many cloth nappies this week. This is one of my all time favourite prints. It's called Louis and is from Bumgenius. Don't tell Nick I paid £23 for it. 

What have you got up to this week?

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Cars, Trains and a Princess - 18/52 - #littleloves

I am still reading Divergent but haven't gotten very far. I'm staying up way too late to read and keep kicking myself for it.

Noah and I have been enjoying reading Grow Your Own which was a recent buy of ours. It's all about a city boy who goes and spends Summer in the countryside with his Gran. She teaches him how to grow fruit and veg and it's just such a charming tale, fantastic illustration too.

I finished watching Bloodline a few days ago. Wow, I am so impressed with this Netflix original as it's so unique and such an emotional rollercoaster. Although I finished watching it a couple of days ago I am still reeling over the series finale. I cannot wait for series two. 

It's been a bit colder this week and unfortunately we've had to dig out the coats and jumpers again, brrr. I hope the sun returns soon. 

Noah has been getting a lot of wear out of his new nappies this week. How cute is this Bongo Bat Reusable Cloth Nappy from Baba+Boo? Nananananananananana bat bum! 

"Brmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Noah has started making noises when pushing around his cars and trains. He seemed to pick it up out of the blue and when he did it for the first time in front of my Mum and I we both squealed, super cute! 

Noah and I took part in a Nestle Cereal Challenge a couple of days ago (the post will be live soon) and we had lots of fun with the arts supplies we were sent. It's easier said than done with a giddy toddler but we did manage to make a caterpillar! 

And lastly

The royal baby has been born and it's a girl! Congratulations William and Kate! I'm currently watching the news and the world is awaiting the first appearance of the baby Princess. 

Totsbots have released a special edition nappy to celebrate the special occasion. Introducing the Royal Wave! (It's sold out already!)

Who else is now extremely broody?! 



Slimming World - Week 3 & 4

I am a now a month in on Slimming World and although I have had a few blips here and there on a whole I am still feeling very motivated.

I decided to put together a double post this week as I didn't have chance to update last week as I was so busy with other posts but I'm here now!

Week 3
I knew week 3 was going to be a tricky one for me because we had our Nan's 80th birthday meal to attend. It was a Michelin Star restaurant and all the food and drink was already paid for. I knew I was going to have a major cheat day and I did! A three course meal and a whole bottle of pinot grigo to wash it down with! 

I also had some other naughty treats that weekend so it was no surprise that when I stepped on the scales I had maintained. I was lucky that I didn't put anything on really so I had to brush it off and start fresh.

Week 4

This week I feel like I've been really strict with myself when it comes to what I've been eating and we have been out almost every day on long walks. There has even been some days where I didn't have half the syns I am allowed but I wasn't hungry and there's no point in eating for eating sake, heck that's how I'm in this predicament now! Ha ha. 

I feel like I've had some sort of epiphany lately because I used to see Slimming World as a diet and that's where I was going wrong. It's not a quick fix diet that you do, loose weight and that's that. It's a lifestyle change. It's really showing me how to eat the right things and in a balanced way. I feel refreshed and motivated to do this now. I can do it! 

The weigh in

I was feeling optimistic stepping on the scales and was pleased to see that I had lost 2lb!

After maintaining the week before ideally I would of liked to of lost more but 2lb is 2lb and takes me to an 8lb loss in 4 weeks. Roughly 42lb's to go! 

Super Busy Mum