Angel's Face Review & Competition

I absolutely adore baby clothes, there's just something about them which make me go all soft and gooey on the inside. Even before I became a Mother I could never resist heading down the baby aisle to admire and coo over tiny dresses and dungarees. That obsession of course developed into something more once I had my son Noah but even more so now that I have a daughter! Girls are a lot more fun to shop for and dress up, just because there's so much more choice out there.

With my love of baby clothes it comes as no surprise that I enjoy discovering new brands and reviewing clothes is one of my favourite things to do too. Angel's Face is one of those brands, a brand which is new to me and I'm so excited to be collaborating with them.

The brand was started by mother of three, Keely Deininger back in 2007 straight from her kitchen table, a true home brand. Coming from a design background, she has worked as a designer for suppliers of top brands such as H&M and Topshop and was Design Director at the main fashion supplier for Marks and Spencer. Despite her success, Keely’s life-long dream was to start her own business and brand. Angel’s Face has allowed her to both fulfil her dreams and enjoy watching her children grow up at the same time. 
This maternal element is evident in all of Angel’s Face products – from the attention to all the small details to the high-quality of the garments, the brand is very much designed with parents in mind as well as children!

Angel's Face recently sent me a piece from their beautiful range to review. We were offered the babygrow vest which comes in three different colours; snowdrop white, vintage rose and ash grey all of which are lovely but I opted to go for the rose colour as I thought Ava would suit that one the most.

When it arrived I was blown away by the quality and understood why it was a little more expensive than a regular baby vest. It's so luxuriously soft and not only stunning to look at but it seems like it'd be a dream to wear too. Ava loves to mess about with her clothes and she really likes touching the different materials on the babygrow. The soft cotton like body and the satin sleeves are such contrasting but complementary materials. I absolutely adore the puff sleeves and peter pan collar on the vest, the attention to detail on the babygrow is like nothing else I've seen on similar garments. It's absolutely adorable.

The babygrow is available in three different colours and from size 0-3 months through to 9-12 months. I think the fitting is great, maybe a little bit bigger to size which I always like in baby clothes. Ava is four months old but is quite big for her age, the vest she is wearing is 3-6 months and as you can see there's still plenty of room to grow into.

The baby grow is available to buy directly from the Angel's Face website and costs £29.00. This may sound a little pricey but it really is a special garment, one which would be perfect for parties or to mark a special occasion.

How would you like to win an Angel's Face baby grow in your choice of colour and size? To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below! Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions

Angel's Face Babygrow worth £29.00

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Project 365 - Week 29/52

16th July - 22nd July

16th July 2017

17th July 2017

18th July 2017

19th July 2017

20th July 2017

21st July 2017

22nd July 2017

Where is the year going? The weeks are passing so quickly at the moment and I still can't get my head around the fact that Ava is now four months old, nearly five months! We will be weaning her before we know it, it's crazy! The weather has been a bit crazy this week, we've had a bit of everything! On Sunday we had out weekly day out to Thornton Hall Farm, we didn't stay as long as usual though because it was one of those short notice kind of trips. 

Noah has now broken up for half term and will now be home with us for the next few weeks. He has another year at nursery before school and when he returns in September he will be attending for 30 hours a week instead of 15! I think he's really going to miss not going over the next six weeks and will really miss all of his friends. As it was the last week at nursery they had lots of different activities going on, a bouncy castle, a leaving party and they even had Marshall from Paw Patrol and Princess Poppy mascots visit the children. We got some photo's of Noah with them and they are hilarious.

My Mum came to visit us on Tuesday and after Noah finished nursery we all went into town for an hour or so which was lovely, it's always nice to see her as she lives a couple of towns away. Ava is getting better at settling at night now with the help of a bottle of expressed milk before bed which is great! We have a little bit more time in the evenings now to unwind. We bought her a Jumperoo this week which so far she absolutely loves but she hasn't learnt how to bounce just yet. 
She's becoming such a little character and has just started to giggle at things she finds funny which is usually Noah jumping up and down or being silly! 

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur really. As I type this it's 2pm on Saturday and the sun is shining so we are getting ready to get the kids out in the fresh air.

What have you been up to this week?



Ava - 4 Months Old

Writing these posts month after month I always say that I can't believe how fast time is passing us by and how quickly she is growing and I'll say it again, what's going on?! Ava is now 4 months old and she's really coming into her own little character now and it's so lovely to watch her grow and learn as the weeks and months pass us by.

She is such a sweet natured little girl, she's so happy and is always smiling. She loves to be talked and sung to, kissed, cuddled and snuggled. She's already like my little best friend, she's such a sweetheart. She's starting to find her voice, has a whole array of different noises and is her happiest when she's in my arms. 

I haven't had her weighed for a while but I know she's gaining weight like a trooper, she's really thriving. She is wearing mainly 3-6 month clothes but some of it is small, other pieces have plenty of room so I think it depends on the fitting. She's very long and has super chunky thighs and little hamster cheeks. 

She's has a little cough and cold on and off lately, thanks to her brother bringing home all the germs from nursery. She's been fine in herself though and has just got on with it, although she's had a little bit of calpol here and there. She had her second lot of injections a few weeks ago and thankfully had to side effects from them.

We are still breastfeeding and everything is going really well, I'm so happy about our journey so far. I feed her on demand and she probably feeds about 10 times in 24 hours but I couldn't really put a number on it really as I don't keep track. The past week I've started to express milk here and there with my Medela Swing so then my partner can feed her in the evening too. So far it's been helping when it comes to settle her but I'll mention more about that below.

As mentioned above I recently started expressing my milk as I wanted to try something new at bedtime. Ava has only just started settling upstairs in the evening (before this she would only sleep when I went up to bed!) Now I take her up at 7pm, all dressed and ready for bed and I breastfeed her to sleep. I then sneak away and about 15 minutes later she will wake and my partner will take up a bottle of expressed milk and usually she will then go to sleep. This is the only way we can get her to settle without me there with her so for the moment we are going with it. She usually wakes twice in the night for a feed but I usually fall straight back to sleep with her. Naps are still hit and miss but we are making progress in that department too, I think! 

Milestones and new tricks
*She now laughs at funny things and not just when she's tickled. She's only recently started doing it so both Nick and I have to really try to make her laugh but Noah only has to jump up and down and she's in a fit of laughter.
*She can now reach and grab for things perfectly, without missing. She's a dab hand at bringing things to her mouth and can even put her dummy in herself.
*She's very vocal and has so many different noises and sounds that she can make. Her favourite at the moment is like a gurgling sound and one that sounds just like a telelphone ringing!
*She's not yet rolling over but when you put her on her belly for tummy time she's very strong and try's to push herself forward with her legs. It wouldn't surprise me if she learnt to crawl before she rolled but I hope she takes her time!
* She had her first bottle at last week and has just the one in the evening and it's my expressed milk, not formula. Some breastfeeding babies can be fussy when taking a bottle but Ava accepted the MAM bottle right away, the first type of bottle we tried!
* We bought her a jumperoo and she's learning how to bounce in it pretty quickly. 

Likes and dislikes
Ava loves to be held, cuddled and kissed. She's totally besotted with us all and thinks her brother is hilarious. She loves her bedtime feed when we snuggle up in bed together and I nurse her to sleep. She also likes books, songs, singing, slinky, sophie la girafe, musical toys, her bunny, muslin cloths, baby TV, Peppa Pig, trees, bath time, Mummy's bed, Daddy's beard, watching us eat. She doesn't like having her clothes changed, she hates it. She also doesn't like being in her car seat or in the car.


The Hidden Meaning Of My Favourite Flowers

I absolutely adore flowers. There's something about them, perhaps the scent and sight of them which instantly makes me feel happier. I've been with my partner for almost ten years now and he's only recently started buying them for me, can you believe that? I'll let him off though because he's pretty much perfect in every other aspect, he's my best friend and the most amazing father to our two children (but if you are reading this Nick, keep the flowers coming!)

Flying Flowers recently invited me to write all about my favourite flowers and I was excited to take part because it's not a topic that I usually get the time to cover. So here you have it, my favourite flowers and their hidden meanings.

It's no surprise that roses represent love and adoration but you will be surprised to learn that it's not what every type of rose signifies. The colour of the rose depends on the meaning and the message you want to portray to the recipient; white roses for sorrow, yellow roses for happiness, peach roses for friendship and of course red roses for love. My personal favourites have got to be pink, peach and yellow roses as I'm such a big lover of pastel colours.

Cherry Blossoms
Now you don't get cherry blossoms in any sort of bouquet that I've ever come across but they are probably my favourite flower of all time. They signify the beauty and fragility of life and whenever I see a cherry blossom tree in bloom I can't help but feel at ease, they are beautiful. They only bloom for a short amount of time and they always remind me that life really is too short, you've got to make the most of it. I'd love to visit Japan one day mainly to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, I think the experience would literally take my breath away.

The first thing that springs to mind when I see a sunflower is happiness but they stand for a lot more than that. Did you know that sunflowers also represent loyalty and adoration? I didn't! There's something about sunflowers that make me smile and feel cheerful, they are so bright and colourful. I really want to grow my own with the children next year as they'll both be a little older and it would be a fun project for us to do as a family.


Last but not least we have the delicate little daisy. Daisies represent beauty and innocence and you can really see why. When I think of daisies I'm taken back to my childhood, sitting in the garden making daisy chains with my siblings and cousins. Daisy was also on our baby name list back when I was pregnant with Noah but of course with him being a boy we had to scrap that idea. It's no surprise that they've always been special to me.

What are your favourite flowers and do you know their hidden meaning?

- Wrote in collaboration with Flying Flowers.