What's Inside Our Zuru Party Bag - Review & Giveaway

Like most children out there, Noah and Ava are obsessed with collectibles and surprise toys! I've lost count of how many different types they've asked for over the years, and I dread to think about how much we've spent on them too.

With this in mind, I was delighted when Zuru offered to send Noah a party bag containing a selection of their products, most of which turned out to be surprise toys! He was so excited when I handed him the goodies and the first thing he said was that it wasn't his birthday. I explained to him how these toys would be ideal for in for party bags, or for birthday gifts for his friends, to which he nodded in agreement. He then went on to say that it felt like it was his birthday because he had so many new toys to open up! He was that excited!

The first toys that Noah wanted to open were the two 5 Surprise toys which I hadn't heard of before. Noah, on the other hand, he screamed when he saw them as he'd seen them before on unboxing videos on YouTube. He said they were awesome and was very excited to open them.

5 Surprise is a sphere-shaped toy that fits nicely into the palm of your hand. Once opened it reveals 5 plastic segments (like an orange) each containing a different surprise toy. Noah found the different compartments easy to open and having so many different surprises to open made it so exciting. In the pink ball, he found three different plastic figures, a blue cat, a cupcake girl, an icecream puppy, a stamp and a bracelet kit.

Inside the blue 5 Surprise, he discovered a yellow felt tip pen, 3 dinosaur pogs, a gross toilet figure, a robot figure, and a small car. I suppose they are marketed towards boys and girls, however, we believe that toys are genderless and Noah enjoys playing with them all equally. In fact, he's played with the cat figure more than anything else. There are hundreds of different toys to collect so I think it would be hard to come across a dupe. They are suitable for children from 3 years of age and retail at £6.00 each.

Next, he opened the toy called Tangle and Noah remarked that it looked just like a snake. Twist, shape, fidget, collect and connect, there's so much fun to be had with Tangle. Noah had so much fun forming different shapes with it and had quite the surprise when he managed to snap it, however, I had it back together within seconds. I can imagine this is a great toy for those children who like to keep their hands busy and those who never sit still, just like Noah. Great for playing with at home, or on the go. Tangle is suitable for children from 3 years of age and I've found them for as little as £4.00 online.

Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties look just like giant lollypops and there are four scents to collect; strawberry, lemon, grape, and bubblegum. The plastic lollypop opens at the top to reveal a generous helping of foam putty. This has such a unique texture and is so much fun to play with, not only does Noah approve (he's been playing with it none stop since he opened it last week) but I do too because it makes a change from slime and is less messy! Not only that but there was a little squishy character hidden within the putty, in ours was a cute little cupcake. I think we are going to have to collect all four play foam scents and each available squishy. Cotton Candy Cuties are suitable for children from 3 years of age and retail at £8.00 each.

Visit the Zuru website for more information on these toys and to find your local stockists. How would you like to win your own Zuru Party Bag worth £35, filled with the goodies you see here? To enter simply use the Gleam form below. Good luck and feel free to enter my other giveaways!

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My Sunday Photo - 12/52

Introducing The Smyths Baby Room Catalogue

AD - This is a PR Collaboration.

We've been shopping at Smyths for years now, both in-store and online. Smyths also happens to be Noah's favourite shop in the whole wide world, as he likes to say! Whenever we walk by our local branch he always drags me inside, and then proceeds to explore every cranny of the shop! We also tend to visit the store every other week as a treat for when Noah's been well behaved or has tried hard at school. I like to give him a little bit of spending money and he usually chooses a blind bag or two. It's become quite a tradition for us.

Smyths is my go-to store for toys for children but they also offer a wide variety of different baby products too. This extensive collection of products has been highlighted in their brand new Baby Room Catalogue which can be viewed online. This online catalogue offers all you need for a baby, whether they are a few months old or a newborn. They sell everything, from cots and prams, through to night lights and baby baths. It really is a one-stop shop for all your baby needs.

I really enjoyed looking through it as I spotted so many items that I used for both Noah and Ava, some of which I actually still use now. My favourite item in the catalogue has got to be the Fisher-Price Hippo Projector which I reviewed here. I was sent this toy back when Ava was just 6 months old (I couldn't resist sharing the picture below) and we've used it every night since. It's such a sweet looking sleeping aid which plays lullabies and nature sounds, for 30 minutes at a time, at a very low, and soothing volume. It also has a button which projects stars onto the ceiling.

In the year and a half that we've had it, we've not had to change the batteries either. It's probably one of our most beloved review items and I've been writing reviews for five years! I think that speaks volumes.

Did you know that Smyths stocked such a wide variety of products? Do you have your eye on anything?

Living Arrows #18 - The Birthday Girl

On the 3rd of March, it was Ava's 2nd birthday! I know, where has the time gone? I honestly could cry! I took a dozen photo's on the day like all parents do and didn't know which to go for. In the end, I chose these two (kicking myself that I shot these in portrait and not landscape) as they were both in their element, chowing down on Ava's Baby Shark birthday cake! That's the best part of a birthday right? 

Living Arrows