Introducing The Smyths Baby Room Catalogue

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We've been shopping at Smyths for years now, both in-store and online. Smyths also happens to be Noah's favourite shop in the whole wide world, as he likes to say! Whenever we walk by our local branch he always drags me inside, and then proceeds to explore every cranny of the shop! We also tend to visit the store every other week as a treat for when Noah's been well behaved or has tried hard at school. I like to give him a little bit of spending money and he usually chooses a blind bag or two. It's become quite a tradition for us.

Smyths is my go-to store for toys for children but they also offer a wide variety of different baby products too. This extensive collection of products has been highlighted in their brand new Baby Room Catalogue which can be viewed online. This online catalogue offers all you need for a baby, whether they are a few months old or a newborn. They sell everything, from cots and prams, through to night lights and baby baths. It really is a one-stop shop for all your baby needs.

I really enjoyed looking through it as I spotted so many items that I used for both Noah and Ava, some of which I actually still use now. My favourite item in the catalogue has got to be the Fisher-Price Hippo Projector which I reviewed here. I was sent this toy back when Ava was just 6 months old (I couldn't resist sharing the picture below) and we've used it every night since. It's such a sweet looking sleeping aid which plays lullabies and nature sounds, for 30 minutes at a time, at a very low, and soothing volume. It also has a button which projects stars onto the ceiling.

In the year and a half that we've had it, we've not had to change the batteries either. It's probably one of our most beloved review items and I've been writing reviews for five years! I think that speaks volumes.

Did you know that Smyths stocked such a wide variety of products? Do you have your eye on anything?

My Sunday Photo - 11/52

Living Arrows #18 - The Birthday Girl

On the 3rd of March, it was Ava's 2nd birthday! I know, where has the time gone? I honestly could cry! I took a dozen photo's on the day like all parents do and didn't know which to go for. In the end, I chose these two (kicking myself that I shot these in portrait and not landscape) as they were both in their element, chowing down on Ava's Baby Shark birthday cake! That's the best part of a birthday right? 

Living Arrows

The Importance Of Tyre Safety

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Every driver should be aware of how important it is to look after the tyres on their vehicle, especially when they have children. They provide the only contact between the vehicle and the road so it is detrimental that they are maintained to a high standard and checked regularly. It is recommended that you perform a visual check of your tyres before every journey, whether it’s a quick trip to the shops or a long road trip. With this in mind, I’ve put together a post featuring some of the things that you should look out for when it comes to their tyres.

Tyre pressure
Incorrectly inflated tyres are extremely dangerous. The problems this can cause include:
* Handling – your vehicle will not drive as it should.
* Increased tyre wear.
* Lower fuel efficiency.
It is important to remember that a tyre may not necessarily look flat to be underinflated so you should carry at a pressure check with an appropriate pressure gauge or pump. The correct PSI for your vehicle's tyres will be detailed in the vehicles handbook and also on a sticker on the driver’s door jam.

Tyre Tread
The British legal limit for minimum tread depth is 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre. Anything less than this is putting the tyre at serious risk of failing, this could be a blowout on the motorway or hydroplaning in wet conditions, both of which are extremely dangerous. Remember that each bald tyre can carry a fine of up to £2500 and three penalty points on your license. You should check tyre tread every 2 weeks and replace if necessary. For a great deal on quality tyres, try Elite Direct.

Wheel Alignment
Incorrectly aligned tyres will usually present itself in the form of tyre wear across only one edge of the tyre. Uneven wear can make part of the tyre weaker than the rest and could result in a blowout. Have your alignment checked at a professional garage, the process is quick and inexpensive.

Good tyre maintenance is vital to you and your passengers safety, it is simply not worth risking a blowout for the sake of a quick check before each journey. Do you have any tips that you would like to share?