Personalised Gin from Personalised Bottle Labels - Review

Now, this is a review which couldn't have come at a better time! A bottle of my choice of personalised alcohol, in the midst of the chaos that is the summer holidays? Yes, please, sign me up! I don't think I've ever agreed to a review as fast in my life!

It was then a question of what type of alcohol to go for because Personalised Bottle Labels offer a wide variety, such as; vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, white wine, lager and so much more. I have to admit, my heart was set on the pink gin, so that's what I went for! 

I was so pleased when the gin arrived, it's was a decent sized bottle and looked so inviting, I couldn't wait to give it a try! I requested for it to be personalised with my blog name, however, there are endless ways you can personalise these bottles. With having so many different personalisation choices (any name or message) these bottles of alcohol a great gift for any occasion, be it a birthday, for Christmas or even as a thank you or get well soon present.

Now for the taste test! The Premium Pink Distilled Gin is so refreshing, with subtle hints of strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants. I've been serving it with lemonade, ice and plenty of fresh raspberries and let me tell you, it's been going down a treat! It's been great to unwind with a glass or two once the children have gone to bed.

I think a bottle of personalised alcohol would make excellent gifts for most occasions and I know where I'll be heading the next time I'm needing a little gift inspiration. This bottle of Personalised Pink Gin from Personalised Bottle Labels costs £34.99 and is delivered in a gold gift bag which is free of charge. 

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

Living Arrows #4 - A Walk In The Woods & Hello Rain

Like most families, we love getting outdoors and heading off to explore. We are also lucky to live close to lots of different woodland areas, so we don't have to venture out far if we don't want to. This is a great option for when we want to go for a spontaneous family walk, but be back in time for bath time or dinner.

The sun has taken a few breaks this week, allowing the rain to downpour from time to time. As much as I've loved the heat, the cool temperatures have been a welcome relief! The drop in temperature made for refreshing walks with the kids this week and of course, I made sure to take my camera along. I took half a dozen photo's of the kids playing and exploring, but I had to upload these three shots of Nick and Ava sharing some endearing father and daughter moments. How sweet are they? I have photo's just like these of Nick with Noah too. The kids are so lucky to have such a doting Dad.

Living Arrows

Planning A Stress-Free Family Getaway

Travel is one of the greatest privileges that we can enjoy, which is why it’s no wonder that when we travel, we want to do it together as a family. You want to see the greatest sights in the world, yes, but you also want to be the one to show it to the people you love most in the whole world – your children. Travelling with children, however, is far from easy, which is why you need to start planning well in advance so that you have all the insider’s information and tickets booked to make your next vacation stress-free:

Choose a Great Destination for Everyone
The first step to any getaway is to choose where you and your family are going. You don’t want to choose a place that is entirely geared towards kids, and similarly, you don’t want to choose a place that is just for adults. Family-geared adventures are the happy middle because they come with fun activities for kids to do that are challenging for the whole family. This could be camping, or it could be city hopping. There is something for everyone and assuming your children won’t like travel if it doesn’t have amusement parks or kid-friendly activities is a mistake. Kids can find ways to be entertained wherever they are so that it boils down to is choosing a place that you and your family are physically capable of doing – no strenuous hikes for toddlers, for example – and that there is a variety of things to do and see.

Choose a Family-Friendly Accommodation
The next step to ensure that you have a stress-free getaway is to choose accommodation that is specifically built for family’s in mind – a home. Choose a vacation home on VacationRenter, a project by Wilbur Labs, and you can enjoy all the amenities of a home with luxurious style and design to make your trip feel special. This way you can avoid booking multiple hotel rooms or be needing to deal with uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

Have Fully Stocked Day Bags
Regardless of whether you are going on a walking tour, seeing museums, or are even going from one ride to another in an amusement park, it is always essential to bring a day bag. This is even more critical for everyone in your family when you are vacationing during the summer. You will want your bag to have everything you need, from water for the whole family, to snacks, as well as items like sunscreen and insect repellent. The better packed your day back, the more comfortable and healthy you can keep your whole family.

Remember Not to Overdo It
Whether you travel with your kids or as a couple or even by yourself, it is always important to remember to moderate your day. Yes, you can get a lot done if you push through, but being too tired to enjoy your vacation is the best way to detract from the overall experience. When you travel with kids, this can go from missing out and enjoying your trip less to dealing with tantrums all too easily. Take things slow and really enjoy what you do instead of trying to do too much all at once.

It's impossible to guarantee that problems, arguments, and tears won’t happen on a trip, but the better you plan and the more flexible your arrangements, the better your trip will be.

- This is a guest post

Crate Creatures Surprise - Review

Now, how exciting does this toy look? What's in the crate? The clue is in the name, Crate Creatures! I was delighted when the opportunity came to work with Crate Creatures because Noah had already told me all about them, and had even requested one for his birthday! The opportunity came just at the right time too, as he'd just finished nursery for good and it was the perfect surprise to cheer him up!

"Four ferocious new friends are only an unbox away! With a grizzly exterior of ferocious fuzz, squirting snot, glowing eyes and growling noises, they’re big softies really. Crate Creatures Surprise are itching to meet you. If only you could help them escape…"

Fun with Crate Creatures begins straight away because the crate itself is an element of play! The crate isn't just a piece of packaging that you throw away after you've opened it, it can be reused and played with time and time again. Attached to the crate is a plastic crowbar, which is the perfect tool to help your little one break the lock and prise it open!

Once the crate has been opened, the Crate Creature isnide pops right out! There are 4 different Crate Creatures to collect; Blizz, Pudge, Sizzle and Snorthog, each with their own look, personality, phrases and favourite food! I decided to choose Pudge because I had an inkling that Noah would like him the most and thankfully, I was right! Mum points right there!

Pudge is a funky, multicoloured creature which you can’t help but smile and giggle at. He's so eye-catching, the kids can't help but want to play with him. Pudge also interacts in many different ways, making him very engaging and fun to explore. 

You see that huge tongue? Pull it to hear lots of funny noises, but if you pull it too hard it will make him angry and he will shake in rage! Then press his horns to make his eye’s light up, change colour and roll back into their sockets. If you are feeling brave, knock him over or turn him upside down he will react with wild roars! When he's feeling hangry, feed him and you'll hear him gobble and munch.

The fun doesn’t end there though, you can even record your voice by pressing Pudge’s belly which he then replays in his funny creature voice! Don't worry if Pudge gets a little too much to handle you can simply lock him back up in his crate and release when you are ready for round two.

Noah adores his Crate Creature and hasn’t stopped playing with him since he arrived last week. He’s always laughing at the different things that he says and likes to put him back into his crate for bedtime! He's now asking for a "brother" for him and says that he wants to collect them all! The only question is, which shall we get next? I'm thinking Sizzle!

Crate Creature are suitable for ages 3+ and are bound to be popular with both boys and girls alike. Each character has 45+ unique sounds, has a favourite food and comes with a reusable create, snack, crowbar, lock and chain. Crate Creatures are available to buy now at Smyth’s Toystores and retail at £39.99 each.

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

How Do Aparthotels Work?

Holiday homes combine serviced apartments and hotel facilities by offering guests a personal private living area and a well-equipped kitchen. Serviced apartments provide hotel facilities and services such as gyms, café, restaurants, and cocktail bars.

Many travelers are not aware of the different options they have when traveling to another destination. Frequent travelers opt for apartments since they offer numerous services to the guests. Depending on the reason for travel, serviced apartments offer the best accommodation choice that meets all your needs. Booking a holiday home for your stay during a vacation or business trip comes with numerous benefits, as shown in the article below:

Main Benefits of a Serviced Apartment

1. It Makes one Feel at a Home
Serviced apartments offer guests the flexibility of enjoying their stay and making them feel at home. It provides one with complete freedom to partake in any activity during the holiday. One can choose to prepare a meal or visit a nearby restaurant for dinner. An apartment also allows one to invite other guests and spend quality time together. Most of these apartments contain amenities such as; TVs, free internet services, and music systems for entertainment purposes.

2. Ensures Privacy and Secure Accommodation
The serviced apartment offers a high level of privacy and security for guests. It allows you to make the living space more comfortable with very few disturbances. Unlike hotels, apartments will offer room services weekly rather than daily, which depends on your preference. Apartments offer 24-hour security and controlled access to the building. Staying in an apartment allows you to choose whatever you prefer to eat in the comfort of your space. It removes the need for formalities whereby you decide when to eat, sleep, and relax.

3. Offers Value for the Money
Serviced apartments are cost-effective since you pay in terms of the room and not the number of people. It makes it an ideal option, especially when visiting a place in a group. Staying for a more extended period also allows you to bargain the price to a more affordable rate than a hotel room. There are no added charges while living in a serviced holiday home since you have full access to your kitchen. One has the right to decide what to eat. There are no hidden costs such as room services.

4. Well-spaced rooms
Serviced apartments offer well-spaced rooms compared to standard hotel rooms. Hiring an apartment allows you to accommodate friends and provides one with enough space to cook, relax, and sleep. The number of people an apartment can hold depends on the number of bedrooms.

Book a Holiday Apartment in the UK
London serviced apartments provide a variety of serviced apartments to accommodate an individual or a group of people. London serviced apartments work with over 300-holiday homes that offer long-term and short-term stays in the U.K. due to their vast experience. They offer the best prices and high-quality accommodation. Visit the site to check out the different options and book the perfect aparthotel for your stay in the U.K.

Mummy & Me - July 2018

Another month is coming to a close, which means it's time for our monthly Mummy & Me pictures! My friend Nicola over at Life Through My Eyes no longer hosts the linky on her blog, but having taken part every month for 2 and a half years I feel like I've got to stick with it now! They are lovely posts to look back at too.

This month has been crazy, with Noah finishing nursery for good and with the weather being glorious, we've been so busy! Most of our photo's during the month have been quick and silly selfie's, just like these two! You'll have to excuse my face on both of these shots but I was being daft, encouraging Ava to do the same! I love how we are all wearing yellow, twinning is winning! That was totally unintentional. Hopefully, we'll have time for some better photographs next month!

Join Us On Our Super Summer Missions With Super Wings - Giveaway

This Summer we will be working closely with Super Wings, as ambassadors and I'm so excited to tell you all about it! They've invited us to complete various Super Summer Missions and I will be reporting back on the blog, InstagramTwitter and Facebook! We hope that you follow us on our adventures with Super Wings but before I'd like to introduce you to them and offer a fantastic prize bundle to one lucky winner.

For those who aren't familiar with Super Wings, it's an action-packed animation series, suitable for preschoolers. The show encourages children to develop problem-solving skills all while introducing them to different countries in the world. Super Wings is broadcasted on both Cartoonito and Tiny Pop.

Noah was sent a big bundle of Super Wings toys to help him on his missions, and of course to have a lot of fun with too! Included in the bundle was; Jett’s Take-off Tower, Transform-a-Bots Series 2 4 Pack and 2 x Transforming Vehicles all of which are available to buy at The Entertainer.

We've been testing the toys out for the past week and I have to say that they are going down a storm, especially the Super Wings Transform a Bots Mini Figures and Jett's Take Off Tower. Noah's been taking the mini figures everywhere with him and the Take Off Tower is the perfect place to play with and store them. I can't wait to tell you more about them over the summer!

As previously mentioned, part of the campaign is to complete different tasks on our #SuperSummer Missions checklist, which can be found above! We really can't wait to start them and are already planning on which tasks to do first, it's so exciting! 

To start the campaign off with a bang, I'm giving away a set of the toys that Noah received, the brand new toys from the Alpha Animation & Toys range! The bundle includes; a pack of Super Wings Transform a Bots Mini Figures, two Transforming Super Wings Toys and  Jett's Take Off Tower, worth over £75.00! The competition will be running throughout the duration of our #SuperSummerMissions, so there's plenty of time to enter and to check in for daily entries! Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions!

Super Wings Toy Bundle worth over £75.00

Terms & Conditions.         
1. There will be 1 winner who will the prize mentioned above.
2. Winners details sent to the PR to arrange the prize. 
3. Competition ends 01/09/18.
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified.
5. UK entries only

Living Arrows #3 - Saying Goodbye to Nursery & Fun in the Fields

I recently wrote about how emotional we've been feeling lately, with all the big changes on the horizon. Well, two weeks later and the changes are in full swing as Noah finished nursery last week, forever! I'll admit that the whole experience, and lead up to it left me riddled with anxiety. At times I felt like I couldn't breathe and it was all I could think about. I think it was a combination of him leaving the place and people that he's spent so much time growing with over the past two years, but also the fact that it was his last "baby" chapter coming to a close. I've written this in past tense but I'm still feeling it all and I don't think it'll feel real for either of us until September. 

These shots are three out of a dozen that I took of the kids last week. It was two days before Noah finished nursery, he'd had sports day and had been awarded a sticker for his hard work and efforts. He told me all about what he did because unfortunately parents are invited to watch as it's harder to arrange with preschoolers. He passed wet sponges over his head to other children, walked holding a bean bag between his legs, had races and so much more.

His nursery filled the children's last week with so much fun, as well as sports day they had a leaving party with lots of party food and games and earlier in the week had a nature walk too. I know he'll really miss it there and I will too. That being said, we are finally looking forward to the next step, school! Until then though, it's summer time!

Living Arrows

Interior Design Trends To Give Your Home A Cosy Feel

There are plenty of us who want to make sure that our homes feel cosy, welcoming and warm. In the most part, this should be relatively easy to do. However, what can you do if you are finding that creating a cosy space isn’t happening quite as easy as you hoped? Interior design might be able to help you. So, to give you some inspiration, we have put together our guide to the different interior design trends that are going to give your home a cosy feel.

Create a nook
Sometimes the best way to create a sense of cosy comfort in your home is to make a nook that you can escape to. Many people use this as a place to read, or perhaps simply to chat and unwind. Creating a nook is easy, you just need to choose a space in your home and then add in a few touches that make it comfortable and welcoming. You can make your home more comfortable with a bucket chair. Not only do these chairs work brilliantly in a nook, but they are also incredibly stylish which means that you can bring a real sense of style to your space.

Have plenty of cushions and throws
The most obvious way to make your home more comfortable is to ensure that you feel comfortable. Of course, you can make sure that you make yourself more comfortable by choosing the right furniture, however, it can much simpler than that. Imagine how amazing it would feel to snuggle down on the sofa after a long day, led on your comfy cushions and wrapped up in your cosy blanket? Not only do these things help you to feel comfortable, but with the soft textures, it will also make sure that your home looks cosy and inviting too.

Always think about your lighting
When it comes to creating a cosy home, you are going to need to think about lighting, as a simple flick of a switch can really make a change to the atmosphere of the room. Of course, you are going to want to have a room that is well lit, however, this might not always create the cosy atmosphere that you hope for. For this particular soft warm glow, you are going to need to use floor lights and table lamps instead of harsh overhead lighting. However, if you really want to have a room that you want to spend time in, then perhaps candlelight is going to be the right way to light it up.

Don’t be afraid to display your knick knacks
Now, we all know that many interior design trends tell you that you need to keep things minimal when it comes to the number of things that you have on display in your home. However, if you want to create a home that looks lived in and personal. Then you might want to make sure that you take pride in displaying your knick-knacks. If you want to make sure that this doesn't make your home look cluttered and messy, then keep your knick-knacks to one particular area, displaying them in a beautiful and decorative way.

Get personal with your wall art
Talking about being personal with what you display, there is no better way to make sure that your home appears cosy and inviting then by showing off all the adventures and moments that you have spent together as a family. Family photos are a great alternative to the normal wall art approaches and they work particularly well in a long run such as a landing or a hallway.

We all want to have a cosy and warm home, which means that these top tips should have helped you to put this in place. As you can see, making sure that your home is comfy and cosy doesn’t have to be a huge headache, sometimes all you need to do is think about your interior design choices. In no time at all, you will have a home that is not only incredibly stylish, but that is also warm and inviting too. What better combo can there be than that?

- This is a PR Collaboration.

Keeping Entertained This Summer With Baby Secrets - Review

We are no strangers when it comes to BABY Secrets having reviewed them before, but with being such big fans that we just couldn't resist agreeing to work with them again! For the purpose of this review we were sent a BABY Secrets activity pack, 5 BABY Secrets surprise baths, a chocolate chip cookie mix, cookie cutter and paint your own duck money box. The perfect goodies to keep the kids busy during the summer holidays.

In case you didn't know, BABY Secrets are the cutest, collectable baby figures, each one with its own theme and full of personality! There are over 50 different babies to collect, each has their own look and persona. From a sheriff baby wearing a cowboy hat and bandana through to a diver baby, with snorkel and goggles! We have so many favourites, including the limited edition rain baby, wearing glitter wellies and rain hat!

The surprises don't end there though as each baby has a big secret, just waiting for you to discover. The secret is to find out whether each one is a boy or a girl baby! To find out simply place them in water and watch their nappy change colour. If the nappy turns blue then the baby is a boy, if it's pink then it's a girl. This is a surprise that can be enjoyed time after time as the nappies change back to white once they've dried.

As mentioned above in our pack was a cookie mix, cookie cutter and paint your own money box! This is activities that we plan on doing during the six week holidays and I'll make sure to share the results of the activities over on Instagram!

The BABY Secrets toys are suitable for children aged 4+ and are available from The Entertainer, Smyths, Argos and Toymaster. To find out more about the range visit BABY Secrets HQ or follow them on facebook.
- We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

Top Tips For Improving Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

AD - This is a PR collaboration.

Fine motor skills refer to the movements and connections you have to use your fingers and hands in everyday items. We should actually be very thankful for our hands and the way they allow us to handle a lot of things in our lives! For children, though, they have a long but manageable path ahead of them through play and activities that help more than a lot of people realise. I’ve teamed up with a nursery in Winchester to provide the best ways to improve your child’s fine motor skills through play and social activities.

Using creative playtime
Free play is one of the biggest learning experiences for young children learning how to hold different toys like cars, action figures, balls, and squeaky toys, among others. This time is a really fun time for children as they’re able to learn about how to use toys in different ways, how they feel, and how they can be used.

Water play
A popular way of developing a child’s skills through their hands and fingers is through using water. Children can enjoy paddling in a small inflatable pool or at a local swimming pool by using toys, slides and inflatables to let them feel like they’re in control. Children can also learn about how to float in a pool, and swim strokes when they’re much older.

Arts and crafts
Playing with glue, paint, paper, felt and all sorts of other things you can use in crafting can test your child’s motor skills in a number of different ways. Children can learn about how to hold a paintbrush in different styles to achieve new and exciting results; crafting with felt and glue can show your child how to hold finer materials and use them to create something magical. It’s all about showing your child how to have fun in their surroundings, and a lot of the fine motor skills are naturally taken up by your child as they practice more and more.

ACE Cleaning Bundle - Review & Giveaway

Cleaning and laundry, it's such an endless circle when you're a parent! The minute I've finished one job, there's another five waiting, all while the kids spin around the house like little tornados! With that in mind, I'm always on the lookout for products which will help with the never-ending workload and I was delighted when ACE offered to send me one of their cleaning bundles.

Most commonly known for its ACE for Colours and ACE for Whites, the brand has a range of home cleaning products too. Most products are also multi-purpose, meaning that all household dirt and grime can be wiped out with a small number of products.

I don't know about you, but my washing machine and dryer is always on and it's probably one of my least favourite jobs. I find it so mind-numbingly boring, sorting through the washing, ironing and putting it all away. My kids also have a knack for getting food or grass stains all over their clothes, so I have to inspect every garment before I throw it into the wash. No matter how diligent I am, stained clothes end up in the wash without prior treatment and then the stain sets in. Using the ACE stain treatment with each load has really helped with deep-set stains and I've been adding it to every wash.

The Multi-Purpose Spray and Power Mousse have also been a godsend as both are suited for the muckiest of messes! Noah and Ava are constantly mucking up the house and are partial for leaving sticky handprints everywhere! The Multi-purpose spray is perfect for everyday jobs like those and a great way for keeping on top of all the little jobs.

I've teamed up with ACE, the global stain remover, to offer two lucky winners the chance to win an ACE cleaning bundle worth £15. These bundles will get rid of everyday stains, add sparkle to your household surfaces and brighten up your wardrobe. To enter simply use the Gleam form below and don't forget to enter my other blog competitionsIncluded in the prizes are:

·         1 x ACE for Colours 
·         1 x ACE for Whites
·         1 x Multi-Purpose Spray
·         1 x Power Mousse

Their website is full of other blogs, video tutorials and more for using the products to remove stains, spills and bacteria all over the home. For more information visit or to buy, head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

Win 1 of 2 ACE cleaning bundles worth £15.00

Terms & Conditions.         
1. There will be 2 winner who will the prize mentioned above.
2. Winners details sent to ACE UK to arrange the prize. 
3. Competition ends 12/08/18.
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified.
5. UK entries only.

Living Arrows #2 - Paintbrushes and cheeky faces

It's been a few of months since I wrote an update on Ava, which isn't ideal, but things have been so hectic lately. I plan on writing a bumper post in the next week or so because she's come on leaps and bounds over the past couple of months and I can't wait to document it all. 

Ava's only 16 months old but you wouldn't think so with how she acts and how she carries herself. She's always been quite forward, hitting every milestone as if it's a doddle. She has everyone in awe with the things that she does and people often say that "she's been here before!" Which I have to admit is a saying that freaks me out a little! Not only is she intelligent and independent but she also has such a silly sense of humour which I think I've captured pretty well in these photographs! Just like her brother she has me smiling and laughing all day long. Who knew that two paintbrushes could be so entertaining?! Peekaboo Ava!

Living Arrows