Baby Diary: One Week Old

Wow. I did intend to write this sooner as he is now 2 weeks old but I literally haven't had time to have a cup of tea let alone blog as much as I wanted to. The past week has been the most crazy, tiring and stressful week of my life but on the flip side it has also been the most rewarding, amazing and lovely one too. It never occurred to me how hard work taking care for a newborn is but I wouldn't change it for the world, I've loved every single moment.

Week 1:

Bringing our baby home for the first time was so frightening. We are both so new to babies and have so much to learn. We handled him like a porcelain doll and really second guessed every single thing that we did. As the days went on we got more and more confident with him. You just have to trust yourself and your instincts and when you are stuck you can always receive great advice from friends and family. We have fantastic support behind us from day one and couldn't appreciate it more. 

During Noah's first week he was good as gold. He fed, slept, fed, slept. He enjoyed his sleep so much that we would actually have to try to wake him for a feed. I think he was just getting used to the outside world and catching up on some well deserved rest after the stress of labour. We did struggle with him sleeping in his moses basket as he preferred to sleep on me. We slightly tilted the moses basket mattress and created a hoop with a blanket for a head rest on advisement from the midwives and that has really seemed to help. 

Noah absolutely loves his milk and although he rarely finishes a 90ml bottle he will want more milk shortly after. He tends to feed every 2-3 hours. He is a very hungry baby! I tried breastfeeding initially but it wasn't for me, I found it painful and I struggled to get him to latch on correctly. I did express for the first week but it didn't seem to fill him up and we would have to top him up with formula. I wish I had of educated myself on breastfeeding more than I did as I was extremely disappointed with myself and I still have a bitter feeling when thinking about giving up. Anyway I am trying not to dwell on it too much.

He put a little bit of weight on at his first weigh in and the second he had lost half an ounce. The midwives said it was great though as newborns normally lose a lot and Noah was fine. Since then though he has piled on the weight (now at 16 days old he weighs a whooping 8lb 10oz!) They also said he had a bit of jaundice when he was a couple of days old but as he was feeding well I just had to keep an eye on it, if it got worse I would have to call them. It didn't and went away in a few days time. 

His cord fell off on his seventh day and I have wrapped it in a nappy bag and put it in his memory box. We waited until his cord fell off until we gave him that daunting first bath, which he loved! He really enjoyed the water falling on him and didn't cry until he was out and getting dried. He isn't a fan of being dressed, he actually prefers a nappy change to his clothes being messed with! Since that first bath he has had a quick dip with me which he loved even more. He was kicking his little legs about like he was trying to swim. 

He is such a character already and I think he is going to take after me. He is so strong-willed for a newborn and if you do something that he doesn't like he makes a grumpy huff which makes me laugh every time as he sounds just like me. He seems to love his snuggles and kisses and is so aware of everything. I can't wait to see his personality develop as he gets older. 

I can't believe how much he has changed already. I'm thinking of booking a Newborn Photography session so I can document everything even more. It's incredible watching him grow and I am absolutely loving being a new Mummy! 

My Baby Boy

He is finally here. The little fellow we have all been waiting for. 
Noah was born at 6:23am on Tuesday 12th November. Weighing 7lb 2oz. 

We were very surprised at the size of him as we were all expecting a big boy. He is like a little doll with dainty little features, a button nose and pouty lips. He only has a little bit of hair but what hair he does have is fluffy and blonde. I think he looks just like his Daddy but people have said he does have a look of me too. His eyes look really dark at the minute but could go either way as I have dark eyes and Nick has blue. He has a cracking set of long skinny legs on him. He is lovely.

Words can't describe the love you feel for your own child and I won't even try to. We are both absolutely besotted with him. I can't wait to see him grow and develop as the weeks, months and years go by. I am so proud of him. 

My Birth Story

I'm finally here, it's time to write my birth story.

This is going to be one long post as my experience was a long and drawn out process, with many ups and downs. I don't want to miss out a single detail and will try to be as thorough as I can. So grab a cup of coffee, we may be here a while!

If you have been following my pregnancy journey then you will of already read on my last pregnancy post that I had been booked in for in an induction. As my pregnancy came to an end I couldn't imagine myself going into labour naturally and said it on many occasions. I don't know why. I would of loved to experience my waters bursting randomly and going into labour naturally just like in the movies. 

The Induction: 

I was admitted into hospital on Saturday 9th of November. I was very naive when it came to the induction process and really had no clue what I was letting myself in for. I thought I would be induced and would leave with my baby shortly after. Little did I know, I would be in hospital for the next 4 days and it would be a long, slow and stressful process. 

Shortly after I arrived I had my observations done and the baby was monitored for a while before the induction began. Next up the nurse discussed what would be happening and gave me a pamphlet to read. 

The first step of induction is the pessary and this is where the nightmare began. The pessary is used to soften and thin the cervix. It wasn't a pleasant feeling and rather painful when it was being administered. As soon as it was in I began feeling cramps. They were showing up on the monitor as contractions and she was concerned as she said I shouldn't be feeling so much so soon. She said that she might not of put it in correctly and it may need to be corrected. She called another nurse to check and she said it was fine and it was just my body adjusting. I was so glad it didn't need to be put in again.

Fast forward 17 hours, it was now 5 am on Sunday morning and I was feeling very uncomfortable. I actually asked a nurse to check how I was doing. She was a trainee and wasn't very delicate with me and actually had to bring someone "more experienced" to check the pessary. Another lady came, swiftly checked and told me that the pessary had been put in wrong and had had no effect! I was absolutely gutted. I had gone through 17 hours of pains and numerous uncomfortable internals for nothing. They had put my pessary in wrong! They had to remove it and apply another. When they left I burst into tears. 

Sunday morning it was time for another internal to see if the pessary had any effect. It didn't. So after 24 hours of monitoring, a failed pessary, a replacement pessary and continuous cramps I had gotten no further. I felt very deflated but on one hand I was glad about the lack of progress as I literally had no energy to stay awake let alone go through labour. I was so exhausted as I was in an noisy ward where people would talk all night long. I was getting back contractions too so could only doze while sitting up. It was a nightmare. I remember bawling my eyes out in the toilet cause I was so drained, stressed and emotional.  

The next step was the gel. The gel is a more concentrated version of the pessary. You can have up to three doses of gel and they check after 6 hours rather than every 24 hours to see if it has had any effect. I ended up having 2 pessary's and 2 doses of gel just to get to 2cm dilated. 

Come Monday morning I had finally gotten to 2 cm dilated after around 3 days in hospital. They told me I would be having my waters broke later on that day. I'd had a better sleep and I was raring to go. I was so happy. We ended up packing up all my things thinking we would be going down to the labour ward in a few hours. We ended up waiting a ridiculous 15 hours! You can understand a long wait but no one kept me updated I was just on tender hooks all day long. I was finally taken to have my waters broken at 1 am on Tuesday morning. I wasn't raring to go at this point, I was knackered. But it was time! 

The Labour: 

1 am on Tuesday morning I was taken down to birth suite accompanied with the midwife and student midwife who would be delivering my baby. I couldn't of asked for anyone better, they were fantastic support the entire way through. Nick and my Mum were also with me and they were fantastic. The room I was in was really nice and I felt comfortable straight away. I led on the bed and was strapped up to monitors which kept track of not only the baby's heart rate but my contractions too. I was a little worried at this point as I didn't like the thought of being bed bound during labour as he was back to back and I had been experiencing intense back pain and strong contractions in my back for days. They assured me that once everything was under way I would be able to move around. I had an examination and was shocked to discover I was 4cm dilated. I had gone from 2cm to 4 in the time I was waiting to go to the birth suite. 

It was then time to break my waters. I was apprehensive at this point as people say it can be painful but I didn't feel a thing. It felt very relieving once they had been burst and I continued to loose waters throughout the labour. The midwife told me that the baby had pooed a little and the baby doctor would have to take a look at him once he was born but he wasn't in any distress according to the monitor so I wasn't worried. 

Shortly after my waters had been broke I was put on the induction drip which speeds up contractions and makes labour faster and more painful. As soon as I was on the drip my contractions intensified tenfold and I was straight on the gas and air. It took me a while to get the hang of gas and air but it really helped. The midwives repeatedly told me how well I was doing and that I had a high pain threshold cause my contractions were so strong already and I was hardly flinching. 

This is where everything goes foggy as I did go a bit crazy on the gas and air. I found that at the beginning bouncing on the birthing ball helped with contractions, Nick would stand behind me and hold my shoulders to keep me steady. I remember being sat on the ball and glancing at the clock and it was around 3.30 am and I remember thinking how on earth had it got to that time already? As the baby came lower and lower I found the back pain becoming intolerable and sitting on the ball was excruciating so I opted to stand up, walk around and make circles with my hips. 

I then had the urge to go on all fours so they brought out a birthing mat. I remember thinking at this point that the baby would be born soon but I was very wrong. I was on all fours and my Mum was holding the gas and air in my mouth. At this point the gas and air was having little effect and my back pain was becoming too much for me. I actually demanded an epidural around this time as I couldn't get comfortable in any position. How was I supposed to give birth? The midwife said she would have to examine me first before we could discuss an epidural. I was 8cm at this point and thankfully she convinced me not to have an epidural and I opted for the diamorphine instead. This allowed me to actually lie on my back! I felt no back pain whatsoever and I was so relieved. It made me very drowsy and I ended up dozing off between contractions.

More time passed and it was time to push! Thankfully I was able to be comfortable led on my back so I was on the bed for the birth. I used the arm and leg stirrups and literally went full throttle. They had to put a heart rate monitor on the baby's head as we kept losing signal but I didn't know they did that until after he was born. I thought the whole pushing process would happen faster than it did and it was very exhausting. The pushing part of labour was the part that had always frightened me the most but I have to say it was the easiest part. It is true what they say. At this point you just want your baby out and sheer determination and strength takes over. I remember my Mum and Nick both bursting into tears even before he was born because I was trying so hard. I kept asking the midwives if I was doing it right and they assured me I was doing fab. 

Next thing I know I feel a gush and he is out. I could feel him kicking in between my legs and I couldn't believe I had done it! They pulled him on top of me for skin to skin and Nick cut the cord while I gave my son his first cuddle. I remember being led on the bed delivering the placenta and being stitched up while my son was getting checked out over on the table away from me and I was desperate to have him back in my arms. While they were working on me I was telling my Mum what to dress him in! I also remember Nick just gazing at him with pure adoration. 

The Baby: 

Noah Nicholas was born shortly after 6am on 12/11/13. Shocking us all weighing just 7lb 2oz. No feeling comes close to that moment when your baby is finally in your arms and you set eyes on them for the first time. My heart literally wants to burst with love and I cannot believe Nick and I have created a soul so beautiful. He is utter perfection. 

My Thoughts: 

The whole induction process was an absolute nightmare and I so wish I was able to go into labour naturally. It was such a long winded experience and I wish that I had of done my research before hand. 

I am very happy with my labour experience. I have always knocked myself and said I wouldn't be able to handle it but I didn't find it half as painful as I thought it would be. Instinct just takes over when the time comes and you will be surprised at what you can handle!

I still cannot believe I gave birth just over a week ago and I am so proud of myself and my beautiful baby boy.  

Pregnancy Diary: Week 38


38 Weeks Pregnant. 

Here I am again, another week has flown by. I am now just starting my 39th week of pregnancy. I have been pregnant for over 250 days, 9 whole months pregnant and boy don't I know it! I am still really enjoying my pregnancy but I have this overwhelming need to meet him. As much as I love being pregnant I just want him in my arms now. It feels like I have been pregnant forever.  

On a whole I don't feel too bad considering how far a long I am now. I was expecting to feel a lot more exhausted and fed up by now. Perhaps that is how I will feel next week. I have a feeling this won't be the last pregnancy log I post, I think he is going to keep his Mummy waiting and be overdue. (Edit: This won't be happening now - Keep reading)

I have been experiencing a lot more cramps, twinges and braxton hicks the past few days. Last night I was led in bed and the sensations were so strong that I actually thought it was time. I had tightening and back pain throughout the entire night but when I woke up they were gone and I have had nothing since. My baby is a tease! 

I had my 38 week midwife appointment this week. Throughout the past 9 months each appointment has been quick, easy and straight forward but this week it wasn't. My blood pressure was a higher than usual and as I had been suffering from random migraines it raised a red flag. Although there was no protein found in my urine they are keeping an eye on me to make sure that I don't develop pre eclampsia as my Mum had the condition when she was expecting me. They are monitoring me and hopefully nothing will come of it. 

After my appointment I didn't really know how to feel. I only had slightly raised blood pressure but the thought of my baby being under any distress or me not being at my healthiest just made me feel guilty, frustrated and emotional. I think I over reacted when I got home as I was in fits of tears, which I blame on my pregnancy hormones! After I let it all digest I felt a lot more positive and soon snapped out of it. I go back on Thursday to have my blood pressure taken again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it has gone back to normal. 

Yesterday I went back for another check. Although my blood pressure was lower the baby's heart rate was a higher than she would of liked so I was sent to hospital to be monitored. It was for precaution only and I felt better knowing that I was going to have him looked at. 

Once we arrived at the hospital we waited a while to be seen then I went in to be monitored. The midwife I had was fantastic, so friendly and informative. The baby's heartbeat had gone back down to normal and he was moving fine. As this was the second time I had been in for monitoring the midwife suggested that the Doctor come in to see me. I was impressed that they were so thorough. When the Doctor arrived she first read through my notes and asked me about the baby. I told her that this week his movements had changed and that I thought it was due to him engaging. To which she replied that he should still have his usual patterns, which he does but they have certainly changed. She said she would like to perform an internal exam to see if I was dilated and to give me a stretch and sweep. Considering I was only going in for monitoring and was 38+6 I was a surprised but accepted. The stretch and sweep was uncomfortable to say the least but it was quickly and expertly done and she informed me that I was already 1cm dilated. The surprises didn't stop there as she also said she would like to book me in for induction! She advised that it was best and I agreed. I am booked in for my induction tomorrow. 

So I went to hospital to be monitored as a precaution to leaving with not only a stretch and sweep but a booked induction! Safe to say I walked out of the building in a daze, it didn't sink in till this morning. I will go into hospital on Saturday and the next time I come home I will have my baby! 

It feels strange that this will be my very last pregnancy diary. The next time I post I will be posting all about our son! Where have the past 9 months gone? I am so excited, nervous and scared. 

Wish us luck and I will see you on the other side!

My Maternity Fashion Tip

I was asked by the lovely Angelique (co-owner and creator of the wonderful Snoob Scarf) to share my top Maternity fashion tip with her readers and mine. So here I am! 

Before I was pregnant I was fond of wearing floaty day dresses. I never wore tight fitting dresses and avoided them at all costs as I wasn't happy with my figure. Once I begun showing and my bump began getting bigger and bigger I realised that floaty just didn't work for me any more. Wearing something so loose made me look bigger than I was and didn't really show that I was pregnant. I just looked big and shapeless and it wasn't flattering. 

This led me to begin experimenting with my Maternity wardrobe. I didn't want to spend a fortune on maternity wear but I knew I needed a few pieces that would see me through the duration of my pregnancy and beyond. So I begun researching stores which stock fashionable maternity wear.

I came across a striped bodycon dress from Topshop and knew I had to have it. It wasn't my usual style but I knew I had to try something different. Like most high street stores you can only buy their Maternity range online so I bought my regular size and had it delivered to home. My first impressions when it arrived was that it looked far too big and like a sack. 

Thankfully I tried it on and fell in love. The dress was everything I was looking for; stylish, the perfect length, stretchy, comfortable, supportive and durable. It cost me around £40 and has been worth it's weight in gold as it has been the staple of my wardrobe for my whole pregnancy. 

So my top maternity fashion tip is: Show off your bump and bodycon it!

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?

Yesterday I wrote all about what I have packed in my hospital bag and today it's Baby's turn. I was really happy with the response I got to yesterdays post as I was given some great tips and advice so thank you for sharing them with me. Hopefully you can do the same with this post too! 

As I previously said I decided to pack two separate bags for Baby and I, just so everything was divided and easier to look through when we need to.  

Below I have listed what I have packed for him. I have my heart set on breast feeding but I am also packing for in case I prefer to express. If you notice I have missed something then please let me know as I would rather have everything I could possibly need than forget a certain something.


Vests x4 in newborn and 0-3.
Sleepsuits x4 in newborn and 0-3.
Pramsuit in 0-3.
Scratch mits.


Swaddle Wrap.
Swaddle Cloth.
Muslin Cloths.

Water wipes.
Cotton wool balls.


Breastpump, bottles, dummys (Just in case)

What's in my Hospital Bag?

I have had both hospital bags for baby and I packed for a month or two now. I started preparing pretty early and wish I hadn't as I keep forgetting what I have packed and keep having to look through it all. 

I decided to pack two separate bags for the both of us as. Although it will be harder carting two bags into the hospital, it will be easier to keep things organised and easier for Nick to root through when I am barking orders at him whilst in labour. 

Below is what I have packed in my bag. I have a feeling I have missed some vital things so if you notice anything that should be added then please let me know!


Dressing gown: I wouldn't of thought of bringing a dressing gown but I have read it makes skin to skin contact and nursing a lot easier. I'm not sure if I will use it or not but it is better to pack it just in case.

PJ's: Another clothing option. I bought a super comfy pair of jersey PJ's to lounge around it.
Nighty: I never wear night shirts so bought a cheap one from Primark. I can see how more convenient a nighty will be rather than PJ's but it will be a hassle for skin to skin. I would prefer to have every option at my disposal though. 

Fluffy Socks: I have a thing for fluffy socks, so they are packed! 

Slippers: Slip on slippers I have heard are invaluable when in hospital. 

Big Knickers and Maternity Bra's: My knickers are huge for comfort after labour and big enough to fit in maternity pads. Maternity bra's, self explanatory.

Comfy Clothing: I still need to decide what to take to wear when leaving the hospital. I am contemplating wearing the clothes I arrived in just so it is less to pack.  

Toiletries -


Toothbrush and toothpaste.
Travel sized shampoo, body gel, body lotion, deodorant, vaseline, body spray.
Face wipes, deodorant wipes. 
Maternity pads and nipple pads. 
Perfume and make up (Probably won't use but there if I want it) 

Snacks -

Big bar of chocolate, sweets, isotonic energy drink, chewing gum. 
I keep getting advised to pack lots of sugary treats in my hospital bag and any excuse to pack some goodies sounds good to me! 

Medication -

My Pregnacare Vitamins which can bought online at Pharmacy At Hand. 

I also received a Laboraide in a Project B box and although I do feel a bit sceptical about using it I have packed it anyway to try out.

Miscellaneous -

Iphone and charger. 

Hair brush, hair clips and bobbles. 
Notepad and pen. 

Again if there is anything that you think it missing then please let me know. I would rather have everything I could possibly need than miss one little thing. I probably won't use so much of what I have packed but for peace of mind I would rather have it there just in case.

Pregnancy Diary: Week 37


37 Weeks Pregnant.

I am now FULL TERM and it feels good!

It's a bit confusing when I write these posts because as I type I am actually 38 weeks pregnant. I conceived on a Friday so my new week starts at the end of the week which means all my posts have been a little behind. I won't confuse you any further with that! 

But as you have read I am finally full term! As I always say the pregnancy has flown by but these last few weeks have really dragged. To think I may only have another 3 weeks to go is crazy. We are so excited and nervous like any first time parent should be. 

I've struggled again this week. I went through a couple of days where I was very swollen and sore, stiff back, shooting pains, cramps, insomnia and the nausea also returned. It would come in waves some parts of the day I would feel wonderful but others I would feel awful. Not long to go now though and I can't expect to feel fantastic at this point in my pregnancy.

I think my bump has got a bit bigger this week and it has dropped a little. Now when I sit down I feel like I can breathe easier and the bottom of my bump settles on the top of my thighs. Believe it or not I am still getting stretch marks, you wouldn't think it was possible to get any more but I am! I honestly have never seen someone with so many stretch marks, I think I should win some sort of award! 

I have a feeling the baby isn't back to back any more as his movements have gone back to how they were before. I feel his kicks on my far right hand side. His movements are more like squirms now as he is running out of space and it feels like there's a sea creature in there. Last night he stuck his foot right out of my side and I went to touch it and he kept it there while I gave it a stroke, it was amazing. I almost welled up. It was the first time that I knew for certain what part of him I was touching, he also didn't pull back he just left it there for me to touch. I will always remember that moment. When those moments happen you think there really is a baby in there. It's so hard to imagine my son in there. 

My next Midwife appointment is on Monday and I will be 38+3. I am looking forward to it cause I want to know if I am right about him not being back to back any more. Hopefully there won't be many more appointments after that one.

I've been having signs that labour isn't far off but I know it's all speculation. Some days I feel I won't be waiting much longer and others I think he's going to be overdue. For some reason I seem to have it in my head that I won't go into labour naturally, for some reason I just can't see it happening. Only time will tell and there's not much longer to wait now!

See you next week! (Or not!)