Pregnancy Diary: Week 9


9 Weeks Pregnant

I am writing this at 10 weeks pregnant but I am going to write all about my experience in week 9. My bump is a little more define and is firming up even more this week. I think in the next few weeks I won't be able to hide it. I can't wait! I know a lot of it will be bloat or water retention but there is a definite bump forming down there. 

Symptom wise it was very similar to week 8. I felt sick from the minute I woke up till the moment I went to sleep. Nothing would make the nausea go away. I found having a glass of orange juice in the morning would help a little. I have been exhausted just the same too. Napping when I can and sleeping upto 15 hours some nights! Other nights I would be tired but unable to sleep. Which is hard work. 

I've been feeling especially broody too with all the cute babies that come into work. I am always asking the parents what the child's name is to get some idea's on baby names. 

I have had no more dreams of little boys as of yet but that could all change! Perhaps it will be baby girls next week. Love dreaming of babies.

As I have already mentioned I am certain I already have a bump so I thought I would upload a before and after picture! The photo on the left is at 4 weeks and the one on the right in 9 weeks. Crazy right!?

Looking forward to my 10 week milestone. Just over two weeks left until our first scan! I seriously cannot wait. I almost want to pay for an early scan so I can finally see our little bun in the oven. I hope everything is alright in there and baby is developing well. We love he or she already and still wish we could hit fast forward on these next 7 months!

See you next week! 

Pregnancy Diary: Week 8


8 weeks Pregnant.

I am writing this as I go from 8 weeks to the 9th! The weeks seem to be flying by now.
I have found this week pretty tough too symptom wise. I still have a cold, bad chest and nausea that seems to last all day. Still can't get enough sleep either and find myself napping lots. Other than that everything has been great!

I had my first midwife appointment this week. I was so nervous going but that was slowly resolved as the midwife we had was lovely. She put me at ease, was friendly and very helpful! She made the whole experience enjoyable and I thank her for that. Everything at the appointment went really well. The midwife even mentioned she wished everyone was like me as it was so straight forward and I was doing everything correctly and my health history was spot on. It was nice to get praise considering this is my first pregnancy and I am totally new to it. I had my bloods taken for the very first time which wasn't a pleasant experience as at first I wasn't able to give her blood. Nothing was coming out! But she did get all she needed and sent those off for tests. The results of which I will get back on my 12 week scan which is on the 7th May! Yes, I have my date for my very first scan! I can't wait. I am so scared and nervous. I just wish I could fast forward the time!

I also told my work that I am pregnant. I was a little apprehensive to tell them but they were happy and we did a risk assessment straight away. I am already finding work challenging as I find myself getting a little breathless and dizzy at times when rushing around. I need to remember to take it easy! 

My Mum aka Nanna Lorraine also bought her first grandbaby gift this week too. I just had to share the picture, it's just that cute. Ahhhh! Little frog!

I'm still having lots of dreams of having a little baby boy! I wonder if it will come true or if I am having the opposite! Only time will tell! I can't wait until we are at the stage where we can find out. It's so exciting!

Only another 3 weeks in the First Trimester. Where has the time gone? It seems like I have been pregnant forever but at the same time it has flown. Only our close friends and family know still and I am looking forward to telling everyone our little baby secret!

See you at the 9 week post!
Toodle pip!

Pregnancy Diary: Week 7


7 weeks Pregnant

At this moment in time I am 7 weeks and venturing into my 8th. The last couple of weeks seem to have flown by where as the first couple went so slow. I don't think I am watching the days as closely now and just trying to take it easy. I already have a slight bump and my belly is firming up. So exciting. It is also frightening because how big will I get if I already have a bump now!

I have found this stage of pregnancy the most difficult. I still have a runny nose and the occasional nose bleed which is annoying but all part of the package. I have also developed a nasty chesty cough which I just have to deal with the best as I can because there is no medication I will be able to take. I am getting waves of nausea but still no morning sickness. I have an aversion to most foods and have only been able to stomach potatoes and fruit! But now that I have had so much potato based meals I am going off that too, so really struggling with food. I am also exhausted most of the time. No matter how much sleep I get I am still tired. I've found that being active and going to work makes me feel better and on my days off where I intend to relax I feel so much worse. Crazy! Lots of symptoms all at once.
No one said pregnancy was easy and I take it all in my stride. Although I can't wait for the second trimester when you are supposed to feel fantastic!

We have our first midwife appointment on Monday which we are both very excited and equally nervous for. I don't think I am going to be able to sleep on Sunday night and I'm hoping everything goes smoothly. I hope we hear the beat of our babies heart. Wish us luck!

I had a dream last week that we had a little baby boy and I was convinced when we first conceived we were having a boy so I'm a bit more team blue at the moment but I could also picture us with a little girl! Only time will tell.

Just had to upload this picture! How cute is it? 101% cute! 

Only 4 weeks until our first scan. I am tempted to pay for a private early scan as these 4 weeks are going to go by so slowly. So very exciting and nerve wracking!

Hope we have good news to report on my 9th week entry!

Bye for now!

Pregnancy Diary: Week 6


6 weeks pregnant. 

I'm writing this as I am leaving the six week milestone and moving into my seventh!

This week hasn't been too bad symptom wise. I haven't had any morning sickness as of yet, which is fine with me! On the other hand I have experienced extreme fatigue especially on my days off. It was that bad that I just had to lounge on the sofa like a couch potato as doing the menial of tasks was exhausting. I didn't feel just physically drained but mentally too. For some reason I would feel more energised when at work rather than when I was relaxing at home. one night I even managed to sleep for 12 hours.

At the start of the week I had no appetite and the thought of most foods made me feel sick. One night all I could stomach for tea was roast potatoes and gravy. Coming towards the end of the week I couldn't get enough food but certain foods I still can't touch. Mainly meats! Still can't get enough fruit or fresh fruit juice.

I had my first scare this week too. There are a lot of physical changes in pregnancy, even I'm these early stages. Without getting into too much gory details I noticed a peculiar change when going to the ladies room and my heart sank. It was very frightening. It wasn't blood or anything like that but it wasn't the usual. After the panic set it I did a lot of research and other ladies had experienced the same thing and it had been fine. A little unusual but nothing to worry about. I am keeping an eye on things and it hasn't happened again. When I go to my first midwife appointment I will be sure to mention it.

We had an early splurge this week. On researching what travel system I would prefer I fell in love with the iCandy apple. It is very pricey and top of the range but I knew I had to have it. My Dad kindly offered to pay for the pram as he said it was tradition but I didn't want him to pay an extortionate amount. That's where eBay came in! I found a preloved iCandy apple travel system on there for a starting bid of just £150 which I won for just £190. Which is incredible to think that new it would cost over £800. I know it is early days to be buying a pram but when I saw the bargain I knew I had to have it.

Anyway that about wraps it up for week six! I'm still wishing I could fast forward time and we are both still extremely excited!

We love our November Sparkler already.

Pregnancy Diary: Week 5


5 Weeks Pregnant 

I'm writing this draft at 5 weeks pregnant. As you may of read from my previous pregnancy post we have already told our close family and friends we are expecting but we have refrained from telling anyone else as it is still early days. I am such a blabber mouth I have wanted to tell so many people but I know it is best to wait! 

At the very start of my pregnancy I had a lot of cramps at night with all the changes that were going on in my uterus but now thankfully for now they have worn off. I know they are a continuous symptom throughout pregnancy and totally normal. I know it sounds strange but I kind of miss the pain and twinges cause it reminded me that there is the start of a little baby bun in there! 

I have had a few symptoms so far. I have been extremely tired and I've never been so tired in my life! It probably doesn't help going to bed past midnight when I am up for work at 7am. (I will look back at this sentiment when baby arrives and laugh at myself cause I am sure I will be a million times more exhausted!)

For the past couple of days I've been very grumpy! Lots of ups and downs. 
I went through a couple of days where I was anxious and worried. Which is normal. I think? 

I am always hungry and thirsty, I'm like a bottomless pit. I drank a lot of fluid even before pregnancy so now it's heightened even more.  Food wise it takes a lot more to satisfy. I think I am going to be one of those expectant Mothers who put on about 5 stone! Dreading that! 

I have had lots of cravings already. The leading one is for fruit juice! I can't get enough of it. Tropical, orange, apple! I could easily drink a litre a day. I also went through a couple of days of having lots of herbal tea, decaff coffee and lots of bottled water too. Liquid diet much? Not really.. let's move onto the food! My love of crisps seems to of tripled since becoming pregnant which I didn't think was humanly possible. I am enjoying a lot of cheese! I'm also eating lots of fruit, especially Kiwi's and Oranges. I am totally off meat and chocolate. Yes, chocolate!

I've been buying little bits and pieces as it just makes me even more excited. I now have a big hamper full of unisex baby grows, sleep suits, snow suits, hats, socks, mittens, bibs, blankets, and cardigans! I love to look through it all and organise it over and over again. I thought I would upload a picture of the first toy we have bought for the baby. Isn't it cute!? 

We are both very excited to be parents and are wishing away the time. I can't wait to get a bump and to tell the world that we are going to be having a baby! Even more so I can't wait to see our baby on the sonograph for the first time and I am dreaming of the day our baby is in our arms!  

I can't wait to meet our November Sparkler. 

Pregnancy Diary: Week 4


4 Weeks Pregnant

    I am writing this at 4 weeks pregnant. Very early days yet. We have only told family and a close friend of mine on twitter. All of which are very very happy for us. We don't want to tell the world until we are finally out of the 12 week zone. 

    I obviously don't intend to post this until we have announced to everyone we are expecting but I wanted to blog about everything while everything was still fresh in my mind. So here goes... 

    Nick and I have been together and going strong for five years and for the last year we had been contemplating when we would start a family and how amazing it would be. In the new year I just felt like 2013 was our year to start trying. I signed up with a very helpful website called Baby to Bump which was incredible. That website turned out to be invaluable cause not only did I learn so much from it but I also gained a lot of support from some lovely people over there. 

    So we did the baby dance a few times in my fertility window and straight away I felt different. A few days into it I felt cramps and my body felt different. I began getting tired and I was a bit more testy that usual! I was googling early pregnancy symptoms and convinced myself that I was pregnant. I also thought that I shouldn't raise my hopes as the body can play tricks on you. 

    I had bought some pregnancy test strips off the internet and I was testing every other day and was getting no results. It was too soon to test but I tested none the less. Not even a little faint line. Still I was convinced I was pregnant. I wasn't just feeling changes in my body I was seeing them too. Then one night (I will remember this forever) I was sat on the sofa and my cat was on my knee. I tried to nudge her off as I was feeling a little crowded and her claw got stuck in my pj's and ripped them ever so slightly and I burst into tears. Sobbing! I knew I was pregnant then. I had to be. 

    The next day it was our 5 year anniversary and I woke up and I did a test and I saw a very faint red line appear! I burst into tears I was so happy! I had to refrain from texting or calling my partner all day as he was at work. It seriously felt like the longest day of life. When he got home from work I couldn't keep the smile off my face but was trying my best to act normal. I had led the two pregnancy tests on the bed against the white sheet so you could see the lines more clearly and told him to come and have a look in the bedroom. I pointed them out and said "Happy Anniversary!" He had the biggest smile on his face and we were in our element. On our first month of trying to conceive I fell pregnant! I didn't think it would happen so soon for us. 

    The thought of being pregnant and being a Mummy is not only amazing but also absolutely terrifying. I just hope that everything goes well and our bean will be fit and healthy. The due date is 15th November. 
Our November Sparkler! 

Baby on board!

Happy to announce that we are pregnant with out first little bundle of joy! Which is currently due on the 15th November!! We are both very very very happy and very nervous too!! 

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
A little belated but hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Had lots of family time, chilled out and ate lots of Easter Eggs! I know I did!