Pregnancy Diary: Week 9


9 Weeks Pregnant

I am writing this at 10 weeks pregnant but I am going to write all about my experience in week 9. My bump is a little more define and is firming up even more this week. I think in the next few weeks I won't be able to hide it. I can't wait! I know a lot of it will be bloat or water retention but there is a definite bump forming down there. 

Symptom wise it was very similar to week 8. I felt sick from the minute I woke up till the moment I went to sleep. Nothing would make the nausea go away. I found having a glass of orange juice in the morning would help a little. I have been exhausted just the same too. Napping when I can and sleeping upto 15 hours some nights! Other nights I would be tired but unable to sleep. Which is hard work. 

I've been feeling especially broody too with all the cute babies that come into work. I am always asking the parents what the child's name is to get some idea's on baby names. 

I have had no more dreams of little boys as of yet but that could all change! Perhaps it will be baby girls next week. Love dreaming of babies.

As I have already mentioned I am certain I already have a bump so I thought I would upload a before and after picture! The photo on the left is at 4 weeks and the one on the right in 9 weeks. Crazy right!?

Looking forward to my 10 week milestone. Just over two weeks left until our first scan! I seriously cannot wait. I almost want to pay for an early scan so I can finally see our little bun in the oven. I hope everything is alright in there and baby is developing well. We love he or she already and still wish we could hit fast forward on these next 7 months!

See you next week! 


  1. Wondering where you work, as you say you see lots of babies. Could be babies clothes shop. Nice that you are thrilled to be pregnant, and looking forward to your little one's arrival. Early days, though I expect pregnancy symptoms may be reassuring for you,

    Rachel Craig

  2. Those early weeks are so nerve racking but exciting