January Degustabox - Review

The end of every month brings another Degustabox! We really look forward to receiving our box every month as there's always a wide variety of different products inside. It's a great way to be introduced to new brands, food and drink that you wouldn't usually try and there's always something for everyone inside. I've never been disappointed with a both after all this time and I think that's a real credit to Degustabox as it must be hard to balance a box to please everyone. 

What was inside January's box.

1. Quinola Mothergrain - £2.49
2. Aspire Drinks - £1.45 each 
3. Finn Crisp - £1.89
4. Natvia Sweetner - £4.99
5. Protein Boost Drink - £1.29
6. Finn Crisp Snacks - £1.99 
7. Fruitella 30% Less Sugar Sweets - £1.25
8. Yushoi Snacks - £1.79
9. Crabbie's Ginger Beer - £1.39
10. Popchips - £1.99
11. The Chia Co - 66p each
12. Little's French Vanilla Coffee - £2.99
13. The Collective Yogurt - £2.00 (voucher)

I was really pleased with January's box as it was filled to the brim and there was a lot of totally different products within. Although I was a fan of most items the Little's Coffee and Popchip ridges were my favourite items this month. I've been making the coffee with the Natvia sweetener in the morning with plenty of milk and it's been heavenly. The Popchips were absolutely moreish and crazy hot indeed, as it says on the packed! I'll certainly be buying both again, that's for sure!

Degustabox costs £12.99 per month but if you would like to try it for the first time use the code: 
CTOMW at the checkout to receive a huge £7.00 off! That means you can get your first box for just £5.99! 

What products or brands would 
you like to see in Degustabox next?

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home - Review & Competition

Both Noah and I are self confessed bookworms as there's nothing quite like curling up with one another with a new book. Even more so when that book is personalised! If you read my blog at all you will know of my love for everything personalised so when I was asked if we'd like to review The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home I was very happy to oblige.

This book is brought to you by Lost My Name who are quite a well known household name as they specialise in personalised Children's books. They recently expanded their collection of books my releasing The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home which follows a curious little explorer from outer space right to his or her own front door.

It's a story all about an exciting journey and a trip all the way back home. The book is not only personalised with your child's name but it also includes a satellite view of their actual neighbourhood too. I've never seen anything like this within a personalised children’s book so I really found it quite impressive! I mustn't be the only one to think so as the story has really resonated with parents and children worldwide as it's already sold over 1.8 million copies in 183 countries.

As you can see Noah was just as impressed with this book as I was and quite happily sat on his bench having a flip through it before I read it to him. This of course gave me ample time to snap a few photo's of him with it. His favourite part beside seeing the satellite view of our home and area was the Intergalactic journey itself and meeting all the different creatures and aliens a long the way! 

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home would make a perfect gift for any young explorer or bookworm. You can order directly on the website and prices start at £19.99. How would you like to win a personalised copy for your child? To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Childrens Book

Terms & Conditions.                                                                                                 
1. There will be 1 winner.
2. Prize sent directly by the PR. 
3. Competition ends 26/02/17
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
5. UK entries only.

Mummy & Me - January

It's 2017, the start of a brand new year of Mummy & Me. I can't believe that it's been almost two years since my friend Nicola over at Life Through My Eye's created this amazing linky and I'm proud to have taken part since the very beginning. 

January is a very important month for us this year as it is probably going to be the last month of us being a family of three. Noah will no longer be my only child and as excited as we are to meet our new addition that thought is so surreal at the same time! Although I've now been pregnant for over 250 days it still doesn't feel real and that's probably down to how fast it's gone by!

It's rather fitting that this month's photo's are of Mummy, Noah and baby bump. Although our baby girl isn't born yet Noah is already showing such endearing moments of affection towards her. He's always talking about his "baby sister" and often asks her to hurry up! On a daily basis he will come over to me and will cuddle or stroke my bump on his own accord and this week he's been telling me how excited he is to meet her! Just think on next months Mummy & Me we might be including our daughter, that's if she decides to show up on time!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Project 365 - Week 4/52

22nd January - 28th January

22nd January 2017

23rd January 2017

24th January 2017

25th January 2017

26th January 2017

27th January 2017

28th January 2017

Another week has been and gone and each week brings us closer to meeting our baby girl. I still can't get my head around how fast time is passing by at the moment, especially when it comes to my pregnancy. I have to come to terms with it because she's due in three weeks time, so exciting! 

We've all been struck down with another nasty cold this week but we've not let that hinder us as it's not been that bad. I had my 36 week midwife appointment on Monday and everything went fine which is always a relief. Tues, Weds and Thurs Noah was at nursery in the afternoon so I pretty much have to tailor our days around that. I'm so pleased and relieved with Noah's progress at nursery at the moment as he really enjoys himself and is totally at ease with it now. Friday we had a lazy day as we were all feeling a little under the weather and knew that Saturday was going to be a busy day because we have Marvel Live!

We just got back from the show a few hours ago and I cannot put into words how amazing it was, though I'm going to have to try to because I will be writing up my review soon! We were right at the very front and literally couldn't get any closer. I thought a couple of times that the loud bangs and excitement may kick start by labour but thankfully she's still tucked up nicely in there! Noah had the time of his life as he's absolutely obsessed with everything Marvel and DC, it was so endearing to watch his face light up when he saw his favourite characters! What a great week, even with the colds!

What have you been up to this week?

Our Plans for 2017

We are coming towards the end of the first month in 2017 and we've already got numerous plans lined up for the year. I like having things to look forward to and plan in advance as it certainly keeps the January blues at bay. I thought that making a note of them all here on the blog would be a great way to visualise everything and will be great to look back at once we've checked each off the list. So here they are, our plans for 2017.

Welcome the new baby. 
The big event of 2017 is coming up for us as we are due baby number two in February! If you follow my blog you will already know this as I often write about my pregnancy journey and I'm constantly talking about her or sharing photo's of my bump. Our daughters arrival is going to totally change our lives and all three of us are so excited and ready to meet her now! Roll on February!

A family holiday abroad.
Call us crazy but we already have a holiday booked for this May. We are off to a family members villa in Marbella and only had to pay for flights and insurance, score! The baby will only be three months at the time so that's a little scary but I'm sure we will be fine. We are also travelling with my partners family so I'm sure we will have lots of help from them. We went abroad to Majorca last year when Noah was only two and a half and he was an absolute dream during our flights and transfers, lets hope the same can be said for next time too. 

Renovate the attic.
I've spoken about this a few times on the blog, about the next phase in our home renovation. This year we plan on building into the attic so that we can have another large bedroom and lots of extra storage. After undergoing a full house renovation two years ago it's a bit daunting starting another project but it needs to be done. We've just started drawing up plans for the room and have been looking into different heating and plumbing services too. The plans are in motion, we just need to arrange a start date now. 

Book a UK break. 
We were lucky to have a couple of holidays and breaks away last year and one of our favourites had to be the trip to Forest Holidays at Sherwood Forest. I think breaks away in the UK are highly underrated and are so much easier for families with young children. We've had such great experiences in the UK lately that I'm already looking to book something for later on in the year. 

What are your plans for 2017?
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Hallmark Itty Bittys - Review & Competition

If you're a parent or a grandparent you've probably heard all about Itty Bittys and there's a high chance that your child or grandchild has a couple already! They seem to be all the rage at the moment and it's no surprise why. What's not to love about these pint sized plush collectable characters? 

Noah is currently obsessed with superhero's, he honestly has a full fledged obsession with them. He has all the merchandise from costumes and figures through to underpants and books. There's not a day that goes by without him discussing the perils of his latest favourite superhero or reenacting his favourite battles. He already had a couple of Marvel and DC Itty Bittys but we were recently sent Batman and Superman to add to his collection.

Batman and Superman arrived while Noah was at nursery so I arranged his entourage of superhero and villain Itty Bittys on his toy box for when I brought him home. As soon as he walked into the room he spotted his new Itty Bittys and was absolutely over the moon! We spent the remainder of our afternoon role playing with the different characters, comparing capes, flying through the sky and seeing who could do the best impressions of them! 

There are a whole array of different Itty Bitty collections to choose from, not just superheros. There's characters from Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Wizard of Oz and many more to choose from, there really is an Itty Bitty for every one! Not only are they super cute but they are also really good value for money at just £6.00 each. 

We absolutely love Itty Bittys so we are really happy to be teaming up with them for a competition on the blog. There will be three winners who will each be able to choose two Itty Bittys from the entire collection! How cool is that? Which two would you choose if you won?

Two Itty Bittys

Terms & Conditions.                                                                                                 
1. There will be 3 winners who will each choose 2 Itty Bittys.
2. Prize sent directly by the PR. 
3. Competition ends 19/02/17
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
5. UK entries only.

Win a Samsung electric oven worth £469

In 2014 we were fortunate enough to get our feet onto the property ladder after 5 years of being stuck in the renting rut. We managed to find the perfect home for us at a steal of a price. It was so cheap but it was for a reason. We could see past all the flaws and were realistic in knowing how much work the house needed doing to it. It's no over dramatisation when I say that the house needed everything redoing, it really did. At one point I was walking around my empty shell of a home and I felt so overwhelmed that I wanted to cry. What I could see was just a building site and it just looked like we'd never get anywhere with it, there was just so much to do. 

Thankfully we had a lot of people in our family who lent a hand and knew a lot more about renovating properties than we did. I mean our knowledge was very limited as we had to google or YouTube everything, but we did learn a thing or two. Having plumbers, electricians, kitchen fitters and handymen in our family sure did help us with the work load and financially but a house that needs a full refurbishment is a very expensive project and one that shouldn't be rushed into lightly.

While undergoing our renovation money was very tight and although we stretched our money as far as we could there's wasn't much left over at the end of it. This meant that we had to rely on discounted furniture or spare appliances that our Father in Law had sourced on jobs. It would have been lovely to splurge on new purchases but we just had to do what we could.

Voucherbox have recently teamed up with AO to give away a Samsung electric oven worth £469 and I decided to share the competition with my readers as I know how much of a big help this could be to someone in a similar situation. If I'd have won something like that whilst renovating our home it would have been incredible! The competition ends on the 31st of January. 

Three years on and we have our house exactly as we want it and are currently planning on expanding our home by building into the attic. The prospect of starting yet more work after everything that we've already done is very daunting but it's also quite exciting too!

Have you ever taken on a house renovation? Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

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Project 365 - Week 3/52

15th January - 21st January

15th January 2017

16th January 2017

17th January 2017

18th January 2017

19th January 2017

20th January 2017

21st January 2017

Another week has flown on by, it's so scary how fast they are passing at the moment. I dread to think how fast time will pass when I have two children, it's fast enough with one! This week saw Noah's nursery schedule change ever so slightly. Although he's entitled to 15 hours for free now he's three years old I've only signed him up for 9 hours a week. At the moment he does 12pm-3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and he absolutely loves it. It's taken months of one step forward and two steps back but he's finally feeling confident and happy when it comes to nursery. I think a big part in that is how much he adores his key person and how he's already got a couple of friends too, it's so cute! Nursery has already worked wonders for him in the short amount of time that he's been going. I'm so glad I signed him up when I did. All nursery stuff aside the rest of the week has been a lot of the norm really and similar to last week. I've been busy prepping everything ready for the baby, who's due in 5 weeks time! We've also been visiting family and doing lots of shopping! Noah's been a bit snuffly too but other than that he's been fine in himself and although he's playing up a bit at bedtime at the minute he has me in stitches every day, he's so funny!

What have you been up to this week?

34 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2

At this gestation the baby is estimated to be around 18 inches long and weighs roughly 4.75lb. She's been busy putting on weight and maturing her lungs ready for the outside world. I had my 34 week midwife appointment last week and she was measuring big as you can see from the photo below. I don't really think these measurements are often accurate as Noah measured huge all the way through and when he was born he weighed a dainty 7lb 2oz. I do however think she will weigh more than Noah did and I'm guessing around the 8lb mark. I suppose it all depends on when she decides to be born! I still think she will come slightly early, we shall have to wait and see!


Oh my word, I'm shattered. I feel like I could sleep for an entire month. Noah hasn't been sleeping very well and with being well into my third trimester I'm just exhausted all the time. I remember complaining about being tired when I was expecting Noah and back then I could just nap whenever I wanted to, when I wasn't at work of course. It also takes me a long time to switch off at night, I struggle to get comfortable and as soon as I lay down my indigestion and heartburn flare up. I guess this is good practice for how tired I will be when she arrives, although I really would just love a good night sleep before she does! I've started getting headaches again but I think that's mainly down to the lack of sleep. My pelvic pain hasn't been as bad lately but I feel so stiff and sore at the moment. I still struggle to walk when I've been sat down or led down for a while and tend to walk in a hobble! My bump is still quite big but people keep mentioning how I look like I've dropped lately, hopefully this is a sign that she won't keep us waiting too long!

As much as I love pregnancy (warts and all - literally!) I feel like I'm at the stage now where I'm looking for that finish line. I'm so excited to meeting her and I can't wait to start this new chapter in our lives. Once she's born our little family will be complete. 

See you next week! 

December Degustabox - Review

Another month, another Degustabox! Receiving our monthly box is always a highlight to our month as the three of us really enjoying unboxing it together and discovering everything that is inside. There is always something for everyone and we've never been disappointed with the contents which is quite astounding really because we've been reviewing them for some time now. December's box was named the Winter Box and I could see why, it was full of comfort food and indulgent snacks, which are just ideal for this time of year.

What was inside December's box.

1. Hoots Snacks - 69p each
2. Nutri-Brex Cereal - £3.79 
3. Newton's Apple Fizzics Drink - £1.29
4. Maggi 3 Minute Noodles - 75p each
5. Eisberg Non Alcoholic Wine - £1.39
6. Bite Multi Grain Flakes - £1.69 each
7. Gallo Risotto Box - £2.00
8. Bahlsen Lebkuchen Mischung Biscuits - £1.99
9. Bahlsen Akora Biscuits - £1.99
10. a2 Milk - £1.39

I did feel like there was a little less in the box this month but I didn't mind so much as I still thought it was great value for money and there was quite a selection of different food and drink included. Being 7 months pregnant in December I was delighted at the sight of the non alcoholic Eisberg wine as it allowed me to have a guilt free tipple over the festive period. The Bahlsen goodies went down a storm with both my partner and son, I didn't get to even sample any of those! They must have been good! I found some of the savoury snacks to be a little peculiar but I suppose that's just down to taste and preference. All in all, another great box from Degustabox. 

Degustabox costs £12.99 per month but if you would like to try it for the first time use the code: CTOMW at the checkout to receive a huge £7.00 off! That means you can get your first box for just £5.99! 

What products or brands would 
you like to see in Degustabox next?

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Family Safe

Every family wants to feel safe, and in today's world, it can be difficult to do that. There are so many things to worry about - from natural disasters to crime rates to terrorist threats. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to trying to keep your family safe. But don't worry - we're here to help! This blog post will give you the ultimate guide to keeping your loved ones safe in any situation.

Make a plan:

It's important to create an emergency plan for your family that you can easily access in the event of any kind of disaster or emergency. Make sure everyone in the family is aware of this plan and understands what to do should something happen.

Invest in security equipment:

Installing security systems such as cameras and alarm systems can help protect your home from intruders. Additionally, investing in safety products like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, or first aid kits can help make sure you're prepared for anything.

Know your neighbors:

Via Unsplash 

Creating connections with those who live near you can be a great resource when it comes to safety. Knowing your neighbors will give you someone to turn to should something ever go wrong, and it will also give you a better idea of who is coming and going around your home.

Keep up with the news:

Staying informed about what's going on in your community can be an important tool for keeping your family safe. Knowing about any threats or risks that might exist can help you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Practice safety tips:

Make sure to practice basic safety tips, such as not walking alone at night, avoiding dark alleys or deserted areas, and always being aware of your surroundings. Additionally, teaching these tips to children can help ensure they know how to stay safe when away from you.

Get a safe car:

If you have a car, make sure to invest in one that is up-to-date and reliable. Knowing your vehicle won't break down on the side of the road can help give you peace of mind when driving with your family. Visit edmunds to find out more about buying a safe, used car.

Home security:

Be sure to take all the necessary steps to keep your home safe, such as locking all doors and windows when leaving, installing motion-sensor lights outside, and setting up a security system if possible. Additionally, make sure everyone in the family knows not to open the door for strangers or answer unknown calls.

Keep an emergency kit:

Having an emergency kit stocked with basic necessities can be a great resource in times of need. Include items such as bottled water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and anything else you might find useful.

Keeping your family safe is one of the most important things you can do. By following these tips and being aware of potential risks, you can help ensure that your loved ones will remain safe in any situation. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and stay safe!

Create Your Dream Shabby Chic Bedroom

If your current bedroom decor is looking a little drab, why not give it a shabby chic makeover? It’s no secret that this interior design style is an extremely popular trend, so if you’re eager to jump on the vintage bandwagon, you’re going to need some inspiration behind you to fuel your redecorating project. To help point you in the right direction, keep reading. 

1. Browse vintage-style furniture websites 
Should you be giving your bedroom a complete shabby chic overhaul, it’s likely you’ll be on the hunt for some fitting furnishings, so it pays to browse what’s on offer on vintage-style furniture websites. These sites are ideal if you’re stuck for inspiration and they can give you a feel for the style of furniture you should be going for if you want to get the look just right. If you’re keen to truly perfect this classic vibe, you could go for intricately designed, French style furnishings, such as the models featured on www.crownfrenchfurniture.co.uk

2. Create a Pinterest board of ideas 
If you’re not already familiar with the concept of it, Pinterest is a photo sharing platform where you can search and browse through images of just about anything. Pinterest can prove to be an extremely useful tool if you’re looking for vintage bedroom design inspiration. You’ll be able to find everything related to the topic, including tips and tricks on how you can perfect the shabby chic look in your boudoir. To really hone your ideas, you could create your own bedroom inspiration ‘board’ - a place where you can save, sort and manage your favourite pictures. This should help you gain a clearer sense of what you want your newly designed sleep space to look like. To really stay on top of your inspiration game, you could download the Pinterest app to your phone so you can ‘pin’ on the go. 

3. Flick through interior design magazines 
While there’s no denying that the world wide web is a fantastic source of inspiration, why not go ‘old school’ and invest in some interior design magazines too? There are often issues that are dedicated to a specific decor style, so make sure you pick one that specialises in all things shabby chic. In these types of magazines, you should find up-to-date information about the latest trends, as well as attainable examples of how you could style up your space. Between browsing the internet, creating Pinterest boards and flicking through interior design magazines, you stand a good chance of totally nailing the shabby chic look in your bedroom.

- This is a collaborative post. 

Project 365 - Week 2/52

8th January - 14th January

8th January 2017

9th January 2017

10th January 2017

11th January 2017

12th January 2017

13th January 2017

14th January 2017

It was back to some sort of normality this week with Noah going back to nursery, it's been nice to have some structure back into our easy going routine. With the Christmas break being quite long I did expect Noah to be back to tears at nursery drop off but he really surprised me and was very happy to be back. He absolutely loves his key person so I think that was one of the main reasons he was so happy to be back, I think he missed her! Nursery aside the rest of the week was spent at the midwife, at a birthday party, soft play, shopping, visiting family, a meal out and preparing for the babies arrival. I can't believe she's due to arrive in just over five weeks time! My pregnancy has absolutely flown!

What have you been up to this week?