January Degustabox - Review

The end of every month brings another Degustabox! We really look forward to receiving our box every month as there's always a wide variety of different products inside. It's a great way to be introduced to new brands, food and drink that you wouldn't usually try and there's always something for everyone inside. I've never been disappointed with a both after all this time and I think that's a real credit to Degustabox as it must be hard to balance a box to please everyone. 

What was inside January's box.

1. Quinola Mothergrain - £2.49
2. Aspire Drinks - £1.45 each 
3. Finn Crisp - £1.89
4. Natvia Sweetner - £4.99
5. Protein Boost Drink - £1.29
6. Finn Crisp Snacks - £1.99 
7. Fruitella 30% Less Sugar Sweets - £1.25
8. Yushoi Snacks - £1.79
9. Crabbie's Ginger Beer - £1.39
10. Popchips - £1.99
11. The Chia Co - 66p each
12. Little's French Vanilla Coffee - £2.99
13. The Collective Yogurt - £2.00 (voucher)

I was really pleased with January's box as it was filled to the brim and there was a lot of totally different products within. Although I was a fan of most items the Little's Coffee and Popchip ridges were my favourite items this month. I've been making the coffee with the Natvia sweetener in the morning with plenty of milk and it's been heavenly. The Popchips were absolutely moreish and crazy hot indeed, as it says on the packed! I'll certainly be buying both again, that's for sure!

Degustabox costs £12.99 per month but if you would like to try it for the first time use the code: 
CTOMW at the checkout to receive a huge £7.00 off! That means you can get your first box for just £5.99! 

What products or brands would 
you like to see in Degustabox next?

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


  1. Like the idea. I do like Ginger Beer, as does my fiancé. Unfortunately one time we were in London fiancé was surprised to be given alcoholic Ginger Beer, he does drink alcohol. So we know to watch out for that now. He now always mentions non- alcoholic version when ordering.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Would like the opportunity to try Popchips Ridges.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Aspire :- I haven't come across the brand. Would be interested to know what you thought of product. I do like to try new things, and that is part of my New Year's Resolution this year.

    Rachel Craig

  4. It looks really good. Full of things I would like to try!

  5. Interesting. I'v been contemplating on trying out degustation :)

  6. Seems to include a variety of snacks.

    Rachel Craig

  7. I didn't know Popchips did ridged ones as well, I'll have to look out for them when I want a treat!

  8. The name put me off a little bit, sounded too much like Disgust lol, but their seems to be quite a good selection, thanks for the review! x

  9. I really want to try insect bars! Have seen them in the states.

  10. I need to subscribe to this. Looks great