Pregnancy Diary: Week 18 & 19


18 & 19 Weeks Pregnant.

I thought I would do things a little different this week and write up a double post. Week 18 and 19 were very similar symptom wise so it will be a lot easier. 

I felt a lot better this week. I had the week off previously so totally relaxed and rested up. I think that worked wonders. All I wanted to do was sleep, sleep and sleep! I'm still finding everything tiring and I get out of breath easily. I can't wait for this burst of energy you are supposed to get in second trimester. When is that going to come? 

Had a tiny scare at week 18. I had some light brown CM after going to the toilet. When you see brown you automatically think old blood. I panicked, true to nature. We rang our midwives and kept getting the call diverted which was irritating but we finally got through. The woman I spoke to was lovely and reassured me that there was nothing to worry about! That there are so many changes going on that sometimes that can cause a little bleed. The fact it was brown and not red was a good sign too. I burst out crying after the phone call because I was just so relieved!

Bump isn't growing as fast as it did in early pregnancy but is getting bigger slowly. People are able to tell I am pregnant now without me having to mention it. I had a customer asking me how far a long I was and congratulating me at work, which was very sweet. I also had someone tell me how much I suit being pregnant and that I am blooming. I wouldn't say blooming but I agree that up until now pregnancy has suited me. I have had it good with no morning sickness, I haven't put on THAT much weight YET, I haven't had a break out in spots but what they don't know is that I have gone incredibly hairy and my boobs look horrendous! Ha ha. All part of pregnancy and like I have said before I have loved every minute so far! 

It's crazy how much I am in love with this baby. I haven't even met him yet and I am feeling the most insane amount of love. I would do anything for him already. I can tell I am going to be one over protective Mummy. We bought a doppler this week too and being able to listen to his heartbeat whenever we want to. Which is great when you need some reassurance and some bonding time. 

We were also lucky enough to win a moses basket on twitter this week which was fabulous! It means one less thing we need to buy. How gorgeous is it? Can't wait for it to arrive.

My lovely friend Claire made us some adorable cakes this week too. How incredible are they? Not only did they look amazing they tasted even better! At first I didn't want to eat them as they were so cute but once I got a taste I think we scoffed them in two days! 

I've enjoyed writing up this post and next time I write I will be showing the 20 week scan. We will be half way there! Can you believe it?!

Pregnancy Diary: Week 17


17 Weeks Pregnant.
I really struggled this week symptom wise. I was having dizzy, faint spells all week. I didn't feel like myself and felt utterly exhausted. I think it was a combination of it being a really hot week, work was very busy, I had been rushing around wearing myself down, taking on too much and had done a lot of days in a row. I think it took its toll on me. I ended up in tears as I was scared about the safety of our son while I was at work. I kept thinking to myself, if I faint while I am going down these stairs. It frightened me so much that I could be putting our son in danger. Protective mother alert! Already! I ended up going to see my GP and she actually signed me off work for a week and told me to take it easy. I had already booked the week off as holiday but either way I totally relaxed and took it easy all week. 

To me my bump still looks the same size but the shape seems to be filling out a lot more. It is starting to resemble a real bump rather than just a podgy belly. My stomach has also gone really hairy. Attractive I know. Thankfully they aren't dark hairs and they are blonde and it looks more like peach fuzz ha ha. 

Now we know that we are expecting a boy I went a little bit more baby clothes crazy this week. I have already bought a ton of unisex but now I knew I could buy for a boy I had a whole new excuse to spend more! I didn't hold back on buying a few cute outfits. I even bought some in 6-9 months for next Summer! 

Here are the some of the first proper boy babygrows I bought. We got them straight after our scan! I want our little lad to be animal mad as both his Mum and Dad are huge animal lovers. We got them from TK Maxx.

 Here is an adorable outfit I bought from Boots! I think in total it was around £35. It's all excellent quality and I think worth the price. Our little boy is going to be such a cool dude!

Not long now until that 20 week scan. We can't wait to see our little buddy again! 

Pregnancy Diary: Week 16


16 Weeks Pregnant. 

I'm still feeling a lot of the same. Fine apart from feeling exhausted all the time. Baby bump is still growing nicely but not half as fast as in those first couple of weeks. I think everything is evening out a little more now and I look a bit more in proportion. My cravings are now milk and cheese and I'm still not fond of meat. 

Well let's get to the good part! As you may know (if you read my pregnancy diary) we paid for a private gender scan via baby bond and we finally got our answer this weekend! No more speculating and guessing, we now know for a fact!!

On Sunday the 2nd of June we drove down to Preston for our long anticipated gender scan. All the way there we were guessing and getting so excited. I was also really nervous. I really really wanted to know what gender but once you know there is no more guessing and that part of the pregnancy ends which is sad. Bit strange to think like that cause I still really really wanted to know. We got there in good time which was good as the clinic was nearly impossible to find. Even with a sat nav, even with google. We googled the clinics number and it wouldn't ring. We googled the clinics address and it said it was closed on a Sunday! It was panic stations! So we were dashing around on foot trying to find this clinic all on a full bladder. 

We eventually found the building and was sent straight up to our appointment. I filled out a few details and we went straight into the ultrasound! No messing around and it was very straight forward. I led on the bed and my heart was pounding in my chest! Nick was sat next to me looking as equally nervous. In a matter of seconds our little baby was up on the screen. It is such an indescribable feeling when you see your baby up there, your heart just swells with love. The ultrasound technician was a lovely woman and was so much more helpful that the NHS technician I had a couple of weeks back. She told us that she likes to have a good look a few times before she announces the sex so she can be as accurate as she can. She was having a good look at baby and straight away you could see what was there! Nick looked at me with the biggest grin on his face and the technician told us to guess as it was pretty obvious! Nick said, "It's a boy!!" And he is indeed! There was no mistaking that he is a boy! She went on to tell us that little baby boy was sleeping. We could see his little mouth suckling and heart beating. It was incredible. She also told us everything looked fantastic, which always makes you feel better! 

We are both so happy and in our element. We obviously didn't mind either way if we were team blue or pink but to finally know and to be able to picture your future family with a bit more clarity was amazing! We then drove back home to tell all our family the good news and everyone is so so happy! 

Pregnancy Diary: Week 15


15 Weeks Pregnant.
15! Not long until we are half way through! My symptoms have taken a few step backwards this week. I started to feel sick again and became picky with my foods. For the first 13 weeks I was obsessed with fruit and fresh fruit juice and could not get enough but now I seem to be addicted to milk and cheese. Funny how your cravings change so frequently. Before I was pregnant I loved Indian food but now I am all about Chinese which I never really bothered with before. Very odd! I've always been a fruit lover and still can't get enough fruit, I must be having at least 8 portions of fruit a day. 

Bump seems even bigger this week! Believe it or not! No sign of the growth slowing down. I am going to be gigantic come 30 weeks. Nick will have to push me around in a wheel barrow to get me to and fro! Baby is now the size of an orange and is 2.5oz!  

On the next post I will hopefully be announcing the gender of our baby! As in only a weeks time we will be having our highly anticipated 16 week gender scan! I am so glad that we paid that little amount of money to find out the gender a whole month earlier. It is also a lot more accurate so I will feel more confident with this scan than a typical NHS scan. Then 4 weeks later we have the 20 week scan to look forward to! Lots of exciting times ahead! 

Pregnancy Diary: Week 14


14 Weeks Pregnant.

Not much has changed from my last weekly post. I am still feeling great and have hardly any pregnancy symptoms which is great! No nausea, still no morning sickness and my appetite is normal. I am still exhausted all the time but that is to be expected. I am still waiting for the burst of energy you are supposed to get in second trimester to come and save the day! 

My bump is growing well and is rather large for what stage I am. It's so comforting to rub my belly and think of my little baby growing in there. It's so humbling and I can't get enough of my bump! Although it frightens me how big my belly may end up if it is so large already!

Our baby is now the size of a lemon, little lemon baby. We are both still counting down the days until the private gender scan. We can't wait until we find out what we are having. We can then start visualising our future as a family with either a baby girl in the picture or a baby boy! I used to think boy, boy, boy all throughout the first trimester but now I am starting to think pink! It could be a baby girl, only time will tell. So very exciting! 

See you next week!