Pregnancy Diary: Week 17


17 Weeks Pregnant.
I really struggled this week symptom wise. I was having dizzy, faint spells all week. I didn't feel like myself and felt utterly exhausted. I think it was a combination of it being a really hot week, work was very busy, I had been rushing around wearing myself down, taking on too much and had done a lot of days in a row. I think it took its toll on me. I ended up in tears as I was scared about the safety of our son while I was at work. I kept thinking to myself, if I faint while I am going down these stairs. It frightened me so much that I could be putting our son in danger. Protective mother alert! Already! I ended up going to see my GP and she actually signed me off work for a week and told me to take it easy. I had already booked the week off as holiday but either way I totally relaxed and took it easy all week. 

To me my bump still looks the same size but the shape seems to be filling out a lot more. It is starting to resemble a real bump rather than just a podgy belly. My stomach has also gone really hairy. Attractive I know. Thankfully they aren't dark hairs and they are blonde and it looks more like peach fuzz ha ha. 

Now we know that we are expecting a boy I went a little bit more baby clothes crazy this week. I have already bought a ton of unisex but now I knew I could buy for a boy I had a whole new excuse to spend more! I didn't hold back on buying a few cute outfits. I even bought some in 6-9 months for next Summer! 

Here are the some of the first proper boy babygrows I bought. We got them straight after our scan! I want our little lad to be animal mad as both his Mum and Dad are huge animal lovers. We got them from TK Maxx.

 Here is an adorable outfit I bought from Boots! I think in total it was around £35. It's all excellent quality and I think worth the price. Our little boy is going to be such a cool dude!

Not long now until that 20 week scan. We can't wait to see our little buddy again! 

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