Pregnancy Diary: Week 16


16 Weeks Pregnant. 

I'm still feeling a lot of the same. Fine apart from feeling exhausted all the time. Baby bump is still growing nicely but not half as fast as in those first couple of weeks. I think everything is evening out a little more now and I look a bit more in proportion. My cravings are now milk and cheese and I'm still not fond of meat. 

Well let's get to the good part! As you may know (if you read my pregnancy diary) we paid for a private gender scan via baby bond and we finally got our answer this weekend! No more speculating and guessing, we now know for a fact!!

On Sunday the 2nd of June we drove down to Preston for our long anticipated gender scan. All the way there we were guessing and getting so excited. I was also really nervous. I really really wanted to know what gender but once you know there is no more guessing and that part of the pregnancy ends which is sad. Bit strange to think like that cause I still really really wanted to know. We got there in good time which was good as the clinic was nearly impossible to find. Even with a sat nav, even with google. We googled the clinics number and it wouldn't ring. We googled the clinics address and it said it was closed on a Sunday! It was panic stations! So we were dashing around on foot trying to find this clinic all on a full bladder. 

We eventually found the building and was sent straight up to our appointment. I filled out a few details and we went straight into the ultrasound! No messing around and it was very straight forward. I led on the bed and my heart was pounding in my chest! Nick was sat next to me looking as equally nervous. In a matter of seconds our little baby was up on the screen. It is such an indescribable feeling when you see your baby up there, your heart just swells with love. The ultrasound technician was a lovely woman and was so much more helpful that the NHS technician I had a couple of weeks back. She told us that she likes to have a good look a few times before she announces the sex so she can be as accurate as she can. She was having a good look at baby and straight away you could see what was there! Nick looked at me with the biggest grin on his face and the technician told us to guess as it was pretty obvious! Nick said, "It's a boy!!" And he is indeed! There was no mistaking that he is a boy! She went on to tell us that little baby boy was sleeping. We could see his little mouth suckling and heart beating. It was incredible. She also told us everything looked fantastic, which always makes you feel better! 

We are both so happy and in our element. We obviously didn't mind either way if we were team blue or pink but to finally know and to be able to picture your future family with a bit more clarity was amazing! We then drove back home to tell all our family the good news and everyone is so so happy! 


  1. Ah! Congratulations. It somehow seems a lot more real once you find out the gender :-)
    You can prepare more now!

    1. Thank you! :)

      It really does. You can start imagining your future more clearly!

      I am going to follow your blog!