Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner - Review

With the busy Christmas period over with for another year, it's time to tell you about a product which has made the festive clean up so much easier! Introducing the Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Premium. The SC 4 is a premium steam cleaner which tackles an array of different jobs around the home. I was so excited to open up the box and try it out! 

On opening the box I was a little take aback by all the different bits and pieces, and by the extra thick instruction manual, however, I didn't need to be. I was able to assemble the machine myself, in a matter of minutes, and the instructions were very straight forward and easy to read.

Included with the SC 4:
The SC 4 machine, 1 x hand nozzle with 1 x microfibre cloth, 1 x detail nozzle, 1 x round brush, 1 x power nozzle, 1 x measuring cup, 2 x 0.5m extension tubes, 1 x easyfix floor tool, 2 x microfibre cloths, 1 x power nozzle, 1 x big round brush, 1 x carpet glider, x1 5m power cord and a 2m hose.

0.8 litre water tank capacity.
Ready to use in 4 mins.
Ready to use in 240 seconds.
Variable steam control with overheat protection.
Steaming time 31 mins per tank.
Steam flow rate 110g/min.
H27.3, W25.1, D38cm.
Suitable for all floor types.
Weight 4kg.
Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.

The Kärcher SC 4 is a quick and effective way to clean various surfaces around the home. Taps, wash basins, hobs, extractor hoods, wall tiles, windows, mirrors and ALL TYPES of floor surfaces, not a problem for the SC 4. It produces a powerful steam, so much so that it kills 99.9% of household bacteria without the use of any chemicals.

The first job we chose to tackle was the kitchen floor which is made from ceramic tiles. The hose and cloth glided across the floor, making quick and easy work of steaming the surface. It didn't leave the tiles feeling hot to touch for long and it seemed to dry faster than regular mopping. It was so efficient in cleaning the floor that I covered the entire surface in probably two minutes. Once dried the floor shone and it was totally spotless.

Next, I decided to try out the extension and power nozzle which emits a strong burst of steam, ideal for hard to reach places like corners, crevices, and edges. I first used it on my kitchen sink and hob and was blown away by how powerful it was. It not only cleaned those hard to reach areas, but it left no watermarks on the stainless steel so I didn't need to buff afterward. I've also used this tool in the bathroom sink, shower, and bath. It's such an effective way to clean and quite fun to use too.

Last, but not least I gave the hand tool with microfibre cloth a whirl and I have to say this is the accessory that I've used the most. It's such a versatile accessory that can be used with or without the microfibre cloth attached. Without, it's a small brush which is ideal for removing stubborn dirt on surfaces like hobs, ovens, tiles, anything really which needs a bit more elbow grease. The microfibre cloth attachment makes light work of stream cleaning pretty much anything, even windows! I've used it on so much, tiles, windows, screen doors, furniture, the extractor hood, the carpet, and even the sofa!

The Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Steam Cleaner Premium is lightweight, easy to use, and comes with a multitude of different accessories. I really enjoy using it because I know and can see how efficiently it's cleaning my home. I cannot recommend it enough. It retails at £299.99 and is currently on offer on Amazon.

- I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.


  1. My Mum is a huge fan of her Kärcher and from this review, it's clear why! This seems to be able to handle cleaning any surface in the bathroom or kitchen! I sometimes really struggle to clean all of the nooks and crannies in my shower so looks like I need to start saving for one of these!

    Abbey xx

  2. We have a Kärcher in our house and it is so handy and good you can tell it is very good quality.

  3. We have this and its fab! I use it to clean the bathrooms and it lifts every little bit of dirt and damp! Love it!

  4. Because of my health we have a cleaner who comes and does a deep clean once a month and they use one of these, it really does seem to do a great job, it even gets Sally's nose prints clean from the window haha!

  5. I have the older version of this and adore it. I've had other versions and far more expesnive ones to try but nothing compares. I love it. Mich x

  6. Oooh this looks fantastic, I'm forever moaning about scrubbing the shower cubicle and the sinks, this looks like a fantastic solution

  7. This looks and sounds GREAT! I need a new steam cleaner, too! So I may have to invest!

  8. I really need to get one of these. I have a few problem areas of the house that would really benefit from it I think.

  9. This looks really useful. I've wanted a steam cleaner like this for ages, as its so versatile

  10. I'm a big fan of the Karcher brand. I have a couple of their smaller steam cleaners, but could definitely do with something more robust like this. Great review :)

    Louise x

  11. I would love one of these, I have a vax steamer but the seal is broken so it leaks xx

  12. this looks fab, ill have to invest in one

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  16. Is it usable at painted walls? To remove dirt or mold, for instance?

  17. Your review of the Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner was incredibly helpful. I've been considering purchasing one for my own home and your review confirmed that it's a high-quality and effective product. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
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