Little Tikes Spiralin Seas Water Table - Review

AD - I received this product for the purpose of this review.

As a family, we are huge Little Tikes fans. We love their products, especially their extensive range of outdoor toys. In fact, we recently reviewed the Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe and are delighted to be collaborating with them again, this time with one of their water tables! I was given the option of four different water tables, all of which looked fantastic, however, I opted for the Spiralin Sea's Waterpark as I thought it would be suitable for both Noah and Ava.
It arrived a few days later, in a huge box, with a dozen plastic pieces ready to be assembled. I decided to tackle this my own, in the blazing heat, and didn't realise that there would be screws involved. Due to my presumption, it took a lot longer than it would if I'd had been prepared. So, my friends, preparation is key! Get those screwdrivers at the ready! 

Features: Children develop “put and take” and early motor skills with this engaging water table. Drop character balls down spiral, watching them go round and round and down into the lazy river. Turn the Ferris wheel to scoop up and drops off balls. Fill the cup and pour into the funnel to power twin water wheels. Turn the spinner that powers the “lazy river”. Holds 7 gallons of water. Accessories included; 5 character squirt balls and a scooping cup.

Once assembled I was really impressed with it, from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint. It looked entertaining, engaging and exciting, and Ava must have thought the same because she ran over to investigate it as soon as she set eyes on it.

It's so much more than a bog-standard water table with the different activity stations it has to offer. There's a spinning Ferris wheel, a spiraling ball drop, a lazy river, twin water wheels, and 6 accessories. Ava went straight to the wheel first and placed the character balls into the "seats". She didn't need any direction with this, she knew what to do and they were spinning around in no time. The character-themed balls are a great addition, Ava adores them. She enjoys pointing out the different characters or their colours and squirting water out of them too.

It's described as just the right size for toddlers and I agree, it's ideal for Ava. Noah, on the other hand, is a tall 5-year-old but has no problem bending down to it, or playing on his knees which makes me feel confident that they will have years of fun with it. It's also worth mentioning how robust and solid the table is. Both kids tend to lean on it when playing and it's never budged. It's definitely made to high-quality specifications like most Little Tikes toys are.

Not only is this water table so much fun but it's designed to develop fine motor skills and imaginative play, whilst teaching things like sharing, and cause and effect. Noah and Ava have had hours of fun with it already, both in the sun and in the rain. I know that it'll be used for years to come.

The Little Tikes Spiralin Seas Water Park is suitable for children from 2 years of age, has an RRP of £54.99 but can be found on offer online at places like Smyths Toys.

Roblox Series 5 Toys - Review & Giveaway

AD - I received these products for the purpose of this review.

Roblox has quickly become one of Noah's favourite things and sometimes it's all that he talks about! I blame his older cousins for starting off this new craze, however, he enjoys it and it's something that he likes to play with them. For those who don't know, Roblox is a popular online multiplayer and game creation platform. It allows users to create their own games and play an endless amount of different games created by other users.

Of course, with his adoration of the game comes a love for the toys too. I actually think he prefers the toys even more than the game, which is saying something! With this in mind, I couldn't refuse when Noah was offered a bundle of the series 5 Roblox toys to review.

In our Roblox series 5 bundle we received; the Roblox Jailbreak Great Escape Playset - RRP £29.99, the Roblox Mix N Match Night of the Werewolf Set - RRP £19.99, a Roblox Robot 64 Beebo 5cm Figure - RRP £6.99 and two Roblox Mystery Figure Assortment - £3.99 each.

Noah insisted on opening the 
Roblox Jailbreak Great Escape Playset first, probably because it was in the biggest box! This playset is based on the Roblox game Jailbreak, which Noah was already familiar with. You can imagine his excitement when he realised that there are specific toys and sets for some of Roblox games that he plays! He couldn't believe it!

This playset retails at £29.99 which may sound pricey, but it does contain a lot. Included in the set are four figures, two policemen, and two criminals. There's a car, a ramp, weights, two jail fences, ladders, two sets of handcuffs, four guns, a shield, a money bag, three Roblox money bars, two traffic cones, and a hang glider! There is everything needed to play out moments in the game or to create brand new scenarios. Noah didn't want to stop playing with this set when I encouraged him to open another pack. It's just that engaging!

Next, we opened the Roblox Mix N Match Night of the Werewolf pack which retails at £19.99. Included in this pack are 6 different Roblox figures; Suspicious Citizen, Clown, Punk Metal Guy, Cautious Citizen, Hooded Figure and Werewolf, a wheelchair, a dagger, a jetpack, a cane, and clown shoes. Again, this set is based on the popular Roblox game, Night of the Werewolf. Noah hasn't played this one before, but he was very intrigued by the different characters in the pack. They all spark his imagination and are a great addition to his figure collection.

There are a couple of different £6.99 character packs that are available in series 5. We received Robot 64: Beebo who is the hero of zKevin’s smash-hit platforming game Robot 64. This is a game which Noah enjoys as it's super kid-friendly and easy to play. Included in this pack is a Beebo figure, skateboard, ice cream cone, jetpack, and antenna. This is a great starter figure to go for, for those who are or are not familiar with the game.
Last, but not least Noah opened the Roblox Mystery Figure Assortments, or mystery boxes as we like to call them. They retail at £3.99 each and there are 24 figures to collect in series 5. Each figure is hidden within a plastic box and comes with an accessory or two. These figures are designed to be mixed and matched so kids can create their own unique characters. Unfortunately, Noah received two of the same figures, but he didn't mind so much! That's all part in parcel with mystery boxes.

Noah adores his new Roblox toys and he already has his eyes on a couple more of the playsets! Suitable for children from 6 years of age, prices start at £3.99 and the full range can be viewed online. You can purchase these toys online and in leading supermarkets and toy stores. Enter below for your chance to win a 5cm figure and don't forget to enter my other competitions.

Roblox Series 5 Figure

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Baby Born Surprise - Review

AD - I received these products for the purpose of this review.

I don't know about your children, but my two are absolutely besotted with both collectibles and surprise toys! I've lost count of how many different collections we have on the go because it seems to multiply on a weekly basis. Baby Born Surprise is a new toy on the market, one which ticks both of those boxes.

Baby Born Surprise are packaged in a hard plastic case, which I removed prior to photographing as it had already opened a little bit and was sharp. I advise you do the same when presenting to children, not just because it's sharp, but because it's also quite difficult to open up too. Scissors are needed.

Once the plastic was out the way you are presented with a lovely egg-shaped bundle wrapped in a cloth material, all tied up with a pretty bow. It's very attractive and the kids couldn't wait to see what was inside. Inside the wrap is another small plastic container, but within you'll find the most adorable little baby.

There are currently 12 babies to collect and each is wrapped in their own unique and adorable swaddle. Also included with each Baby Born Surprise is a removable, colour changing nappy, a pink or blue feeding bottle and a birth certificate which you have to decipher to learn more about the baby.

We unwrapped Baby Blue Bear and Spring Flower, both with pink bottles which means they are girls. We decided to wipe the babies eyes first to discover their eye colour and cross-reference this with their hair colour. doing so lead to our first answer on their birth certificates, their names; Peyton and Skyler! We then fed them (water) with the plastic bottles, which in turn changed the nappies from plain white to a colourful pattern print. The nappy print lets you know their favourite food.

There's so many different surprises to discover with Baby Born Surprise; their eye colour, hair colour, nappy colour, favourite food, birth month, star sign, favourite number, their gender and of course, their name. Filling out the birth certificate and figuring out all of these details is so much fun and brings a whole new element to play. It also gives each doll their own personality which I'm sure all children will appreciate.

We adore Baby Born Surprise! They are so cute, well made and just the right size for a children's collectible. Noah and Ava have played with them a lot since they arrived last week, both at home, on the go, in the bath, in the car! I think we might have to collect them all.

Baby Born Surprise are suitable for children from 3 years of age and retail at £11.99. They are available to buy at most leading toy stores and online. I think we might have to collect them all.

Would your children like Baby Born Surprise?

The 50th Anniversary Of The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Giveaway

Ad - This post features gifted items.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is hands down one of the most well known and well-loved children's books in existence. It's a book that has been adored for generations, by children and grown-ups alike. It's now been 50 years since it's release and it's still up there with the best, it truly is iconic. It's quite endearing to have my own childhood memories of this story and to now be able to share its magic with my own children.

To mark the occasion Noah and Ava recieved a huge box filled to the brim with The Very Hungry Caterpillar merchandise. Inside we discovered;

· Galt Play Nest – Available from Galt Toys, Debenhams, Amazon and Crocodile Stores. RRP £39.99.
· Tiny and Very Hungry T-Shirt – Exclusively available from RRP £16.00.
· Made with Love Very Hungry Caterpillar – Available from John Lewis and Partners. RRP £19.99.
· Let’s Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Game – Available from Debenhams. RRP £14.95.
· The World of Eric Carle Bug Goggles – Available from Insect Lore, Tesco, Crocodile Stores, Pacey and Blue Diamond Centres. RRP £7.99.
· The World of Eric Carle Butterfly Growing Kit – Available from Insect Lore, Tesco, Crocodile Stores, Pacey and Blue Diamond Centres. RRP £20.00.
· The Very Hungry Caterpillar 87 Piece Art Set - Available from TJX, Waterstones, M&M Direct and Wyevale. RRP £9.99.
· The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book – Available from Waterstones. RRP from £5.49
· The Very Hungry Caterpillar Costumes – Available from Party Delights. RRP £13.99 each.
· Silver Caterpillar Charm Necklace – Available from RRP £48.00.
· The Very Hungry Caterpillar Mummy’s & Mine Baking Sets – Available from RRP £21.00.
· Cawston Press VHC Apple Drinks – Available from Waitrose and Ocado.

The kids were so excited when unboxing the goodies and both screeched in delight with each product. It's such an impressive range of products, there's literally something for every age or interest. I found this great because it meant that Noah and Ava wanted to open different things and there was no squabbling in sight.

Ava went straight for the book, whilst Noah wanted to open the board game. They dressed in their costumes within minutes and were both crawling around the floor like to giant caterpillars. Every product is made true to the brand and with such care and quality. I'm so impressed with everything we received.

I've lost count of how many times we've reread The Very Hungry Caterpillar since our goodies arrived last week, but I'm not complaining! If anything it's reminded me how much we love this story, so much so that I've decided to give away this copy here on the blog (we already own a copy!) To enter simply use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other competitions!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book

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