Keeping The Kids Fit And Healthy In Winter

As a mother, my children are always at the forefront of my mind. Getting the correct nutrients into their diet is detrimental to me and I'm conscious of their vitamin and mineral intake. When it comes to their diet I don't have to worry much because they are fabulous little eaters, enjoying very balanced meals and preferring fruit and veg over most foods (I know, I swear they are aliens!) We are also always out and about, soaking in the natural Vitamin D that the sun provides, however, it's so much harder to do in the colder months. Not only is there less sunlight on a whole, but it's that cold that sometimes we would all prefer to stay at home in the warmth.

That said, we wrap up warm and brave the cold every day. It's great to stretch their legs, get some fresh air in their lungs and to enjoy one another's company. Even the smallest of walks end up a huge adventure for Noah and Ava. Sticks become swords, stones become gems, and flowers become magic wands. That's probably one of my favourite parts of parenthood, watching my children find joy in objects that I often overlook. It's kind of a reminder to slow down and to enjoy the small things.

Vitamin D is important because it helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate within our body, which are needed to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. It also supports the normal function of the immune system in both children and adults.

Everyone in the UK, aged 1 and over requires 10 micrograms (μg) of vitamin D a day and 8.5-10 micrograms a day for infants under 1 year, particularly during the winter months. Formulated specifically to meet the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition’s (SACN) and Public Health England’s (PHE) new recommended vitamin D guidelines is Fultium Daily D3. Fultium Daily D3 is a new, high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplement. 

Fultium recently sent us a box full of their Daily D3 capsules and drops, enough to see the whole family through Winter. I'm hoping that they help ward off some of the cold and flu bugs that Noah continuously brings home from school. Also included in the gift box were sunflower seeds and a grow your own salad kit, to bring a bit of sunshine indoors. The kids are so excited about planting the seeds and I'll make sure to share our progress on social media.

Fultium daily D3 is available in pharmacies only, in packs of 30 (RRP £3.99), 60s (RRP £7.49), 90s (RRP £10.99) and as 15ml drops (RRP £7.99). The capsule gelatine is both Halal and Kosher certified and the drops are suitable for vegetarians. Both are both free from artificial preservatives and sweeteners and can be purchased in store, or online at Boots.

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The Best Places To Go Camping With Kids


Camping is a very affordable way to take a vacation – something that families with kids really appreciate. If you have to book hotels for a large family, you can end up spending a fortune by the time you’ve paid out for several rooms, food, entertainment. Camping is the obvious alternative. You can get tents which are big enough to accommodate the whole family, and who doesn’t love the excitement of sleeping under canvas? The kids will have an amazing adventure and you can protect your bank balance. What’s not to like?

If you’re thinking of taking a camping vacation with the family in tow this summer, there are some fantastic destinations which are especially good for breaks under canvas. Here are just some of the best.

North Carolina – Outer Banks
There are four different campsites located at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore where you can enjoy 70 miles of beautiful Atlantic coastline. If you’re keen to enjoy an active family vacation, this is the spot for you. There’s plenty of opportunities for fishing, swimming, and surfing, and since there are so few people here, there’s every opportunity to enjoy some quality family time.

Utah – Natural Bridges National Monument
There are no less than 13 campsites at this national park, and it is the ideal spot to enjoy the very best of American nature with the children. There are three stone bridges here which can be explored by even the smallest children. There’s also a Junior Ranger program which will help your little ones to learn even more about this geologically fascinating area. Not only that, but this park is an International Dark-Sky Park so you can enjoy some amazing stargazing once the sun goes down.

North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountain National Park
The Big Creek campsite is the ideal family destination, especially if you want to stay cool in the south during the summer months. Here, you can go on a family hike to Midnight Hole, heading upstream along the creek before taking a dip in a shady and deep swimming hole. The whole family is sure to love this adventure, and as an added bonus, you’ll find some amazing botanical biodiversity here. There are over 6000 different species of plants here with tons of salamanders and butterflies to discover. Nature enthusiasts are going to love it.

California, San Elijo State Beach
If you want to head to the ocean on your camping vacation, there’s no better spot that California’s San Elijo State Beach. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this beachfront location is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and surfing. It’s even possible to spot whales from the comfort of your campsite.

New York, Lake Placid
Head to the ADK Wilderness Campground at New York state’s Lake Placid and enjoy a family vacation at the foothills of the Adirondacks. You can enjoy family swimming in Heart Lake, only a short stroll away from your campsite, and if it starts to rain, there’s always The Wild Center just 1 hour away that lets you discover more about this region without getting wet.

Pennsylvania, Caledonia State Park
Where better to head on vacation than the Appalachian Trail? Head to the Chinquapin Hill Campground to discover no less than ten miles of beautiful trails suitable for all levels of hiker. You’ll be able to discover both history and nature, and since there are children’s programs arranged through the summer, you’ll all be well entertained. For a little extra history, hop in the car and take the 20 minute trip to Gettysburg National Military Park.

California, Mammoth Lakes
Take the kids to the Twin Lakes Campground at California’s Mammoth Lakes to enjoy a vacation on the water. With canoeing, kayaking, and fishing to enjoy as well as plenty of beautiful hikes around the John Muir Wilderness, this is an amazing place to experience the splendor of nature.

Wherever you decide to head on your family camping vacation, make sure that you have all the essentials with you to ensure a perfect trip. From a large family-sized tent to cozy airbeds for comfort, as long as you’re well-equipped, you’re certain to have an amazing time without spending too much money.

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Living Arrows #16 - One Little Girl And Her Colouring Pot

This is my first Living Arrows post of 2019 and I thought I'd share these really sweet photo's I took of Ava a few weeks ago. Christmas had been and gone, and Nick and Noah were back at work and school. It was just Ava and me, at home, alone together. I love having one on one time with her during the week, moments which sometimes are hard to come by with second (and third, fourth, fifth) children. Although I miss Noah while he's at school, this is truly a benefit of having a three year age gap because otherwise, we'd rarely get some time just the two of us. I try not to feel the Mum guilt either, as Noah had me all to himself when he was a toddler and I make sure to set aside some one on one time for him too. 

Living Arrows

Need More Space? How To Budget For An Extension

Rather than seeking out a whole manner of various storage solutions with drabs of versatile furniture, an extension can make the world of difference. That said, budgeting for an extension can be a daunting task. When it comes to budgeting for an extension, the cost should be broken down into a range of categories. Such categories should include, surveys; design team; contingency; fixtures and fittings; construction costs and permissions/legal requirements.

Often, people can forget to budget for surveys. It may be that it is necessary for specialist surveys to be completed to aid the design team. Possible surveys can include damp, structural, asbestos and drainage. Each survey will be very specific to your project; you will be advised by your builder/lead designer on which surveys are needed. Each requirement should be added to your budget with an allocated cost. If you are unsure which surveys may be needed and are yet to approach a builder, it is advisable to attach a work in progress budget. This means you will have a pre-allocated figure you are able to tweak when possible. In 2017, the estimate for the cost of a single storey extension in the capital ranged between £1,500 and £2,000. Prices elsewhere in the country were slightly cheaper and thankfully, there are many Newcastle roofing finance options available making budgeting for that dream extension all the more simple.

How you can impact on the cost of your extension
Your level of involvement will have a direct impact on the cost of your extension. Devising a clear build route will help you to attach a more definitive figure to your end budget. First and foremost, there is the route of DIY. Building on a DIY basis will substitute around 30% of labour costs, however, you must possess the correct knowhow too.

The next route is with self-managed builders and subcontractors. This is the direct hiring of tradespeople and means minimal DIY involvement. The use of main contractors and subcontractors means you can expect your extension to be completed to a weather tight stage, with the latter contractor undertaking any remaining work. Using
 a main contractor only means there will be little to zero involvement from the self-builder.

Location and your involvement aren’t the only variables that will impact on the cost of your extension, you must also consider the soil type below, as this affects the foundations. The size of the extension and its intended purpose will also affect the overall cost, as will the amount of glazing you plan for.

Included in your budget should also be the number of storeys. Surprisingly, a two-storey extension will not cost a great deal more per square meter. With the exception of interior fixtures finishes, you are only adding walls and floor joists as a roof, and foundations are necessary regardless of the number of storeys. You should also balance the amount you are willing to spend on an extension with the estimated value it will add to your home.

Have you ever undergone an extension?
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How to Enjoy A Holiday With The Kids

Holidays should be all about having fun and enjoying a relaxing time, but family holidays are often exhausting, and you can find yourself glad to get home for a rest! There’s no way of guaranteeing relaxation and harmony on your holiday, but there are definitely steps you can take to make the experience less stressful. If you’re in the process of selecting this year’s holiday, bear in mind these tips for minimising stress and maximising enjoyment.

Choose the right place
It may seem like redundant advice because you’re not going to go somewhere that you don’t like the sound of; however, when you have kids, you need to think about potential stressors and choose somewhere that has a few of them as possible.

1. Family friendly accommodation: A five-star hotel might sound glamorous and luxurious, but if you’re constantly having to try and keep your little ones calm and quiet, it won’t be much fun. Far better to choose a family-friendly hotel, or opt for self-catering, where the kids can let off steam without upsetting other guests.

2. On-site activities: When they’re at home, kids can amuse themselves with all their toys and games, but on holiday they won’t be able to bring more than a handful of items, certainly not enough to keep them entertained all week. When you’re booking your accommodation, check to see what’s available on site for kids, and go for the ones with games rooms, play areas, and kid-friendly activities. 

3. Make it safe: One of the chief causes of stress on holiday is worrying about keeping the kids safe in unfamiliar surroundings. Keep these worries to a minimum by choosing a place that has a secure perimeter so the kids can’t wander off, and avoid ponds and rivers on the property. Somewhere quiet away from busy roads is preferable, but don’t make it too isolated in case you need medical assistance.

Plan in advance
There are certain essentials you need to plan for in advance, so you don’t have to worry about them when you arrive. For example, you’ll probably be needing a car for your stay, and unless your holiday destination is close to home, it makes sense to hire a car. You don’t want to arrive on your first day and start wondering “Is there a car rental near me?” Get the rental booked in advance so you can be sure you’ll get a car that suits your needs.

Keep things relaxed
Don’t feel you have to run your week away like a military operation and cram in as much as you can. That approach will leave you tired and frustrated. Try to be flexible, and remember that kids like freedom and the chance to get away from the scheduled timetable they adhere to at school. Spending a day messing about on the beach will leave you all feeling far more relaxed and happy than attempting to fit in lots of different activities each day.

You can enjoy your holiday with your family if you approach it in the right way; just follow these tips to ensure you have a great time when you go away this year.

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Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner - Review

With the busy Christmas period over with for another year, it's time to tell you about a product which has made the festive clean up so much easier! Introducing the Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Premium. The SC 4 is a premium steam cleaner which tackles an array of different jobs around the home. I was so excited to open up the box and try it out! 

On opening the box I was a little take aback by all the different bits and pieces, and by the extra thick instruction manual, however, I didn't need to be. I was able to assemble the machine myself, in a matter of minutes, and the instructions were very straight forward and easy to read.

Included with the SC 4:
The SC 4 machine, 1 x hand nozzle with 1 x microfibre cloth, 1 x detail nozzle, 1 x round brush, 1 x power nozzle, 1 x measuring cup, 2 x 0.5m extension tubes, 1 x easyfix floor tool, 2 x microfibre cloths, 1 x power nozzle, 1 x big round brush, 1 x carpet glider, x1 5m power cord and a 2m hose.

0.8 litre water tank capacity.
Ready to use in 4 mins.
Ready to use in 240 seconds.
Variable steam control with overheat protection.
Steaming time 31 mins per tank.
Steam flow rate 110g/min.
H27.3, W25.1, D38cm.
Suitable for all floor types.
Weight 4kg.
Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.

The Kärcher SC 4 is a quick and effective way to clean various surfaces around the home. Taps, wash basins, hobs, extractor hoods, wall tiles, windows, mirrors and ALL TYPES of floor surfaces, not a problem for the SC 4. It produces a powerful steam, so much so that it kills 99.9% of household bacteria without the use of any chemicals.

The first job we chose to tackle was the kitchen floor which is made from ceramic tiles. The hose and cloth glided across the floor, making quick and easy work of steaming the surface. It didn't leave the tiles feeling hot to touch for long and it seemed to dry faster than regular mopping. It was so efficient in cleaning the floor that I covered the entire surface in probably two minutes. Once dried the floor shone and it was totally spotless.

Next, I decided to try out the extension and power nozzle which emits a strong burst of steam, ideal for hard to reach places like corners, crevices, and edges. I first used it on my kitchen sink and hob and was blown away by how powerful it was. It not only cleaned those hard to reach areas, but it left no watermarks on the stainless steel so I didn't need to buff afterward. I've also used this tool in the bathroom sink, shower, and bath. It's such an effective way to clean and quite fun to use too.

Last, but not least I gave the hand tool with microfibre cloth a whirl and I have to say this is the accessory that I've used the most. It's such a versatile accessory that can be used with or without the microfibre cloth attached. Without, it's a small brush which is ideal for removing stubborn dirt on surfaces like hobs, ovens, tiles, anything really which needs a bit more elbow grease. The microfibre cloth attachment makes light work of stream cleaning pretty much anything, even windows! I've used it on so much, tiles, windows, screen doors, furniture, the extractor hood, the carpet, and even the sofa!

The Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Steam Cleaner Premium is lightweight, easy to use, and comes with a multitude of different accessories. I really enjoy using it because I know and can see how efficiently it's cleaning my home. I cannot recommend it enough. It retails at £299.99 and is currently on offer on Amazon.

- I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

Ava - 22 Months Old

I've been a bad Mum. The last time I wrote an update for Ava was back when she was 17 months old! Everything has been so hectic lately, in the best kind of way, and well, it's second child syndrome for you! Those are my excuses, and I'm sticking with them! Anyway, I'm here now, to fill you in on everything Ava is up to lately, but more importantly, for us to read back together when she's older.

I've lost count of the times I've said this, but Ava is well and truly one of a kind. People always comment on her personality, how charismatic, entertaining and funny she is. Her aura would be yellow like the sun, she just radiates happiness and is honestly a pleasure to be around. She is confident, independent, intelligent, determined, charismatic, creative, friendly and affectionate, yet feisty and stubborn too. She is quite easy going, like her brother, which makes being her Mummy a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

She is a little chatterbox and likes to speak in her own little language. That said, she knows countless words and is also putting two and three words together now. She could say 
hiya, ta, hi, Mam, Mama, Mummy, Dada, Daddy, Nanna, Grandad, cat, hat, cheese, shoes, car, ta ta's, choc choc, tea, that, wee wee, poo poo, baby, dip dip on the last update but is learning new ones every day. Her new words include NOAH, bye bye, orange, strawberry, apple, coat, socks, bath, ice cream, drink and please. Joined words include Hiya Mama/Dada/Noah and Bye Bye Mama/Dada/Noah.

I've not weighed her in a while, but she's quite solid. I predict that she's still following the 91st centile nicely. Clothing wise she wears a mix of 18-24 months and 2-3 year old clothes. She wears a size 6 nappy and size 5 shoes.

Ava has 16 teeth and is waiting for the last four now, the two sets of second molars which tend to come through from 2 years old. She's handled teething like a champ, none of them have bothered her, so I hope that will be the case when she gets those four too! Teeth aside, she had her first full-on cold just before Christmas and it seemed to last weeks. For the first couple of days, she really struggled with it, it was horrible to see her poorly.

Ava has two 12oz bottles of cows milk a day, one in the morning, one at night. I'm in no immediate rush to cut the bottles, they are only little for a short amount of time so I'm letting her enjoy them while she can. Food wise, she loves the stuff, just like her Momma! She tends to just pick at breakfast but has a decent lunch, dinner and then some supper too. Favourites include; all fruits, all veg, especially carrots, green beans, beetroot, and gherkins. Fish, especially salmon and tuna. Pizza, chicken, cheese, cereal, chips, crisps, dip, rice, pasta, yogurt, and chocolate.

Ava loves to sleep, usually sleeping through the night but she is still in our bed and she can stir occasionally. She tends to have an hour or two nap during the day, but sometimes she skips it. We are currently renovating the kids' rooms so in the next few weeks we hope to settle her in her own bed, in her own room. Wish us luck! Although I think I'll really miss out nightly cuddles.

Milestones and new tricks
* She is starting to put two and three words together.

* She has a great pen grip and has fantastic control when mark making.

* Her imagination is next level and is constantly role-playing in a realistic manner. 

*  She likes to try to put her own clothes and shoes on, and brush her own hair and teeth, which of course I have to help with too, despite her protests!

* She can now recognise her first colour; orange!

* She knows countless animals and the noises they make.

* She did her first wee on the potty this week, though we haven't started potty training just yet as I don't think she's 100% ready yet.

Likes and dislikes
Her entire family, she loves spending time with us or visiting other family members houses. Going for walks, exploring, jumping in puddles, running, jumping and climbing. Drawing, colouring and mark making. Playing with playdoh, or anything creative. Her dolls and playing Mummy. Animals. Reading books. Her wooden kitchen and role-playing. She loves listening, dancing and singing to music. Her favourite cartoon is Peppa Pig and she likes to watch nursery rhymes on YouTube. Alexa. Baby Shark. Bath time! She doesn't like having her teeth brushed because she wants to do it herself and she doesn't like insects.

How To Guide Your Child Through Grief

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Grief can be a complex and confusing time for most adults, which can make it increasingly difficult to explain the loss of a relative or friend to a child and help them through this tough time. Losing a loved one will be one of the most complicated processes you will ever experience, and there is no wrong or right way for both you and your child to grieve. 

While there is, unfortunately, no go-to method for helping your son or daughter through this upsetting period, the following practices could guide your child through grief. 

Provide a Child with Space to Grieve
The best thing you can do for your child is to provide him or her with the space to grieve. The death of a loved one can lead to a mixture of complicated, overwhelming emotions, which they need to be able to work through at their own pace. If they fail to do so, their intense feelings could manifest into a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety.

Care for Yourself
Not only might you be struggling to come to terms with the death of a loved one, but you might be struggling with the added heartache of watching your child in pain. While it might be tempting to climb under a duvet and ignore the world, you must aim to come to terms with your own emotions and care for your wellbeing so you can help your child navigate through their painful feelings. If you display various healthy coping techniques, it could serve as a powerful lesson in grief for your child, too.

Encourage a Healthy Outlet
Children can often find it difficult to articulate their emotions. To ensure you’re aware of how they’re feeling at all times, encourage various healthy outlets to help your son or daughter to express their emotions effectively. 

For example, they could work through their feelings by: 
Listening to music
Writing stories 

The above mediums often come more naturally to children, as their communication skills haven’t fully developed. It can, therefore, provide children with a means of expressing their thoughts and feelings. 

Secure Their Future
Unfortunately, it’s common for some children to be excluded from a parent’s will, which might only come to light following their death. Thankfully, you don’t have to sit back in silence, as you could contest a will on your child’s behalf.  
However, ensure you do so before probate has been granted, which could make it more difficult for your child to receive the inheritance that rightfully belongs to them. Visit to find out more. 

Normalise the Grieving Process
Children might feel misunderstood or alone when struggling with the loss of a parent, relative or friend. Minimise their heartache by confirming the powerful emotions they are feeling are both normal and healthy; otherwise, they might be tempted to resist voicing their feelings due to fear or embarrassment. It is also wise to listen more than you speak, so they have the space to open up to express their emotions. 

All About My Year - 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 seemed to go so very fast and was jam-packed full of adventures and big changes so I just had to document it, just like I did last year, on my 2017 post which can be found here.

1. What did you do for your birthday?
We spent it abroad in Majorca! My birthday falls the week before half term, in May, so it works out a great time to book our annual family holiday as it's nice weather and is cheaper too! We spent 11 nights in Puerto Pollensa and it was an amazing place to celebrate (or commiserate) the big 30!

2. What's the biggest thing to happen to you?
As mentioned above, I turned 30! This felt like such a huge milestone to me and the whole thing made me feel so anxious! I counted down the last months, weeks, days, hours of my 20's and guess what? When I turned 30, I felt so different! Age is just a number right? *sobs*

3. What was the biggest thing to happen for your child/children?
Noah started school and turned 5, both of which I think are huge milestones. Again, the prospect of him starting school was something which left me feeling ill, however, he's blown me away. We had a few weeks of separation anxiety and lots of sobbing at drop off, but he's come on leaps and bounds. He's also trying very hard when it comes to phonics and is finally picking up a pen more. When it comes to Ava, well, she's a force to be reckoned with. The biggest thing for her was probably learning to walk early in the year, just before turning 11 months. Then, of course, turning one!

4. Could you pick a favourite week of 2018?
That's such a difficult question as I could choose half a dozen, but it would have to be either our holiday in May (11 days of sun, sea, and sand - what more could you ask for) or Christmas because it really is the most magical time of the year.

5. Do you have a favourite photograph of yourself from 2018?
It has got to be this family photo that was taken on the day of Ava's 1st birthday! It's not often that we have a photo taken of the four of us, one in which everyone is playing ball.

6. What was your best day out?
We love our family days out and have had some great ones in 2018, from trips to muddy farms and sandy days at the seaside, through to adventures at theme parks and exploring in museums. We went to Blackpool a couple of times and one of those days stand out to me the most. We went to the arcades, and to the sealife centre. We then spent time paddling in the sea, built sandcastles together and collected shells.

7. What is the best film you've seen?
Good films are few and far between these days, so when a great film comes along it really blows me away. Bird Box was probably my favourite film of the year, or at least the one that springs to mind first having only watched it a week or so ago. It's on Netflix and is totally worth a watch.

8. Is there anything you wish didn't happen?
I had a loss in the family towards the end of the year and although we were estranged, it still hurt and of course I wish that hadn't happened.

9. What would you like to achieve or improve for 2019?
I just looked back on my goals from last year and was glad to see that I've achieved a couple of them, a few still being a work in progress. My goals for 2019 is to finally lose the baby weight, and to keep it off because I'm becoming quite the yo-yo dieter. I want to take up another hobby besides blogging, comping, and reading. I also want to further my blog and social media.

10. How will you be celebrating/did you celebrate New Years Eve?
We had another lovely night in with the children. We tucked them up in bed and then celebrated the New Year together as a couple. What better way could we spend it?

2018 was a great year, full of fond memories and milestones. Here's to 2019! I'm tagging and Rebecca from Mum of a Premature Baby, Jess from Tantrums To Smiles,  Michaela from Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum and Clare from Emmy's Mummy to see if they'd like to take part too!

Make 2019 Your Year Of Giving

Can you believe that it’s 2019 already? Where has the time gone? By this point in the year, it’s a sad fact that many people who started January determined to keep a New Year’s resolution have already broken it. Whether it was a resolution to go to the gym more, cut out chocolate or simply smile more, sometimes, the January Blues just prove too much for our good intentions. Instead of falling back on the same old resolutions, why not try something a little different this year – something that is guaranteed to make a real difference?

2019 is the perfect time to consider how you can start giving. Whether it’s giving back through returning the favour for someone who helped you out of a tight spot or fundraising for a charitable cause that means a lot to you, there are plenty of ways that you can easily incorporate giving into your daily life. Giving doesn’t even have to be just helping strangers, either, as you can set aside some time to spend shopping for an elderly relative or neighbour or volunteer to help out at your child’s favourite club, for example.

So, how can you commit to the cause and make 2019 your year of giving? Here are some top tips and ideas to help you get started on your journey to increased generosity!

Help Out in Your Community
Most communities in the UK run a varied programme of events, ranging from baby and toddler groups through to kid’s clubs, exercise classes, and adult education. The chances are that the organisers of most of these events will be glad for you to give them a helping hand – even something as simple as setting out chairs or tidying a room after a session of messy toddler play will be greatly appreciated!

Promote Equality and Inclusivity
While this may not be such an obvious way to give, equality and inclusivity are essential to the development and improvement of the entire community. For instance, if a new neighbour moves into your street, don’t be a stranger! Welcome them to the neighbourhood and offer a helping hand to see if they could do with any help to get set up in their new home. Similarly, it’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the beliefs of those in your community, as well as any religious or cultural traditions, festivals or holidays that may differ from your own. As a quick note, it’s worth remembering that not all significant days will fall on the same date or time each year, particularly with the Islamic calendar. It might be an idea to consult a Ramadan timetable and familiarise yourself with this year’s expected dates and times in order to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Give Indirectly
Giving doesn’t always have to include grand gestures of kindness or spectacular displays of wealth – sometimes, you can help and support others while still going about your daily life. One of the most common ways this can be achieved is through donating your old or unwanted items. This way, you can declutter your home and get a head start on your spring cleaning while giving your old items a new lease of life in someone else’s home! Another great way to give indirectly is to make the change and support more ethical shopping choices when you are completing your weekly grocery shop.

It’s important to be mindful of those around you and consider what you can do to help those less fortunate than yourself. After all, it’s never too late to make a positive change and commit to improving the lives of those around you through kindness, generosity, and compassion.
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