Valentines Gift Guide For Women

I know that Valentines isn't for everyone, some people think that it's a load of old nonsense and that it's all a big money-making con. Now I happen to think that Valentines is lovely, what's not to love about it? It's an excuse to treat your other half, to show them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. What's wrong with that? If you don't have a significant other then why not just treat yourself, everyone can be happy on Valentines day! Read on for my top gift ideas for the special day.

1. Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700 - £170.00
This top of the range bodyclock from Lumie would make the perfect gift this Valentines Day. It's more than just a bodyclock as you are able to listen to music on it, wether it be the radio or your own music. 
It's an alarm clock that mimics the light of a real sunrise so when you open your eyes you feel properly awake and refreshed. Waking like this helps to keep your sleep cycle on track and has been shown to boost mood, energy and productivity levels. At night, Bodyclock LUXE 700 has a fading sunset to help you relax and a new low-blue light feature especially for bedtime lighting. By keeping blue light to a minimum you’re ready for sleep and can drift off easily. Other features include a nightlight setting, 7-day alarm and dimmable bedside lighting.

2. Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Super Skin Essentials - £7.99
This little kit from Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven is guaranteed to make you feel good in your own skin with a variety of face mask experiences for every occasion. Perfect for a pamper day or a night in. This gift set includes a Headband and a Selection of Face Masks, Black Seaweed Peel Off, Dead Sea Mud Pac, Red Hot Earth Self Heating Sauna, Chocolate Mud, Blemish Mud, Creamy Coconut, Tea Tree Face Spa, Green Tea Peel Off and Pineapple Peel Off.

3. Jenny Wren's Belgian Chocolates - £6.49
This one is for the chocolate lovers out there. If you want to give or receive a lovely box of chocolates then look no further than Jenny Wren’s unique three-layered folding chocolate box. The box features twelve delicious hand-finished Belgian chocolates and truffles. There are four each of milk, dark and white chocolate, including Fleur de Sel caramel, raspberry yogurt, and white mocha. Sainsbury’s will be stocking them in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

4. Pinkster Gin - £34.95
Introducing Pinkster's 2018 limited edition Valentine's Day bottle, letting the love be-Gin! This bespoke bottling contains the same delicious small-batch Pinkster gin, lovingly hand-steeped in fresh raspberries to give it its signature blushing hue. I can't think if a more perfect tipple to enjoy on the 14th February. Available online at 31 Dover.

5. Olverum Bath Oil 125ml - £29.00
Olverum is a unique and highly concentrated, therapeutic bath oil which contains 10 pure essential oils, carefully blended to work synergistically. Olverum is a very effective way to naturally relieve stress and help you achieve a great nights' sleep. It is also a great way to ease aching or sore muscles and is the perfect soothing antidote to a cold or flu. All with a gorgeously aromatic, unisex scent. Just add a teaspoon for your bath to enjoy a little luxury at home.

6. Spa Relax Collection - from £35.00
I adore candles, diffusers and lotions and potions so the Spa Relax collection is right up my street. With notes of lavender, sage, and peppermint you can help but unwind and feel completely relaxed. I've been hinting at the range to my better half and have even tried to sweeten the deal by pointing him into the direction of The White Company discount code. If he can get a discount maybe he'll be more inclined to splurge a little on me!

7. Champneys Deluxe Massage - £50.00
On the topic of relaxing and unwinding, something I've wanted to do for years is go for a professional massage. Now with two kids at at the age of 29 I think it's something that is needed too! If you are thinking of booking a treat for yourself or another then please do take advantage of this Buy A Gift voucher code and save yourself a bit of money. There's also a plethora of great Valentines ideas over on their website.
8. Airon Mineral Grey Hat - £30.76I'm love a practical gift and with the weather being so terrible lately I've had my heart set on this gorgeous bobble hat from Buff Wear for the past couple of weeks. It's designed for comfort, in a knitted pattern and one size fits all. I love the grey/beige colour but if this colour isn't for you then there are another 4 shades to choose from. Matching scarves are also available, each sold separately. I can see myself wearing this on many romantic walks out with my better half. 

9. Ju Ju Be BFF Changing Bag - £160.00As a mother of two I'm obsessed with changing bags. I have more changing bags than I have pairs of shoes or handbags, I can't get enough! With this in mind I thing a new changing bag would be appreciated by so many Mummy's out there this Valentines Day. This bag from Ju Ju Be is said to become your new BFF as not only is it drop dead gorgeous and bang on trend but it's also super practical too. I was lucky enough to receive my own BFF diaper bag a few weeks ago and will be reviewing it on the blog soon. Watch this space!

10. So Divine 'Kiss Kiss' Vibrating Rabbit - £64.99
This hot pink silicone rabbit with it's stimulating and contoured design has been made to please you in ways that sometimes a man can't! It has both your clitoral and G-spot needs covered, which should help you achieve a fully blended climax. The stimulation and shaft can be controlled either together or separately and it has three speeds and seven different pulsating patterns. Not only that but the Kiss Kiss also has a heat function which warms to body temperature. Perfect for a naughty little treat this Valentines Day! Check out more from So Divine over on their website.

11. Love Hearts Gift Set - £24.95
I'm obsessed with Lush and this gift set has been put together with Valentines in mind. It's perfect for first dates or forever friends, long-term lovers or even just for yourself. Spread the love with this heart felt token to whoever deserves it. With neroli, rose, lavender and lime, moods will rise above the hubbub of the day and hearts will be set aflutter. Baths have never been so lovely.

12. Profusion Cosmetics Naturals Artistry Palette - £12.50

A deluxe collection of 24 eyeshadows in high-impact neutral to naturally bold colours, to light up your eyes. The palette includes all the must-have shades to complete any eye makeup collection in a stunning spectrum of matte, satin and shimmer finishes. 

13. Profusion Cosmetics Pro Face - £15.00
A must-have kit that brings together high-impact eyeshadow, brow and sculpting pigments for easily creating captivating looks. The smooth matte, satin and shimmer eyeshadows flatter the cheek shades seamlessly, for you to add stunning definition to all your features. Achieving professional quality finishes is a given with Pro Series brushes! Pro Face includes: 20 Eyeshadows, 2 Dual Brow Powders, 1 Brow Wax, 2 Highlighters, 3 Blushes, 2 Bronzers, and 2 Pro Series Brushes.

14. St. Moriz Tan Enchancer - £4.99
This tan enhancer from St. Moriz helps you achieve a professional salon finish to your tan. It contains ingredients such as Aloe Vera, the rich moisturising formulation deeply hydrates skin to help prepare it for tanning and will also ensure you keep your golden natural looking tan for longer.

15. St. Moriz Exfoliating Primer - £4.99
This Exfoliating Skin Primer is the key to getting the perfect, professional, natural-looking tan. Created by experts to prime skin ready for tanning it will remove dead skin cells and even out the skin's surface. After using the Primer, your tan will have a flat, even base to develop on and will last for longer. Soft and skinkissed skin, perfect for Valentines day.

So there you have it, my Valentines Gift Guide for Women. What's on your wishlist this year?

- This post contains PR samples and is a PR collaboration. 

BABY Secrets - Review & Competition

Both Noah and I are huge fans of collectables and have so many different collections on the go. As soon as a new collectable range has been released we are so excited and can't wait to see what they are all about! I don't know who enjoys collecting them more!

Speaking of new ranges a brand new collectable has just hit the market. Introducing BABY Secrets! As the name suggests, these are babies and they are so cute! I can't wait to tell you all about them! Each baby has a big character or personality, from a painter baby equipped with paintbrush through to a party baby wearing a party sash and hat. Not only that but each baby comes with their own little birth certificate which you can fill in yourself.

We were sent seven BABY Secrets Single Packs for the purpose of this review and we couldn't wait to open them up to see which babies we'd find. On opening our first pack I discovered the baby checklist, which is great for marking down all the babies you have and keeping track of the ones that you still need to collect. I then took out the birth certificate and underneath was our first baby, Breakfast Baby! This baby is so adorable, wearing a diaper and a bib with a bowl on her head and spoon in hand.

In the next two packs we found, Snorkle Baby who's ultra rare and Koala Baby which is limited edition. Snorkle Baby is equipped for swimming with his snorkle and flippers and Koala Baby is wearing a furry hat and a diaper. They are so cute!

Once we'd opened up all our babies (we only got one dupe out of seven) it was time to discover their big secret! It was time to find out if our babies were boys or girls. To do this you simply fill up their little baths with water and place them in it. Once they are wet their diaper changes colour, pink for a girl and blue for a boy! Noah really enjoys dipping them in the water to watch their diaper change colour and has even taken them in the bath with him to do so. He has also named them all and likes to act out different scenarios depending on what accessories the baby has. They are great toys for imaginative play.

All in all we absolutely adore BABY Secrets, I think we've started a brand new collection. I love how all the babies have different hair colour, eye colour and skin tone as well as all the different accessories. They are also generously sized, they fit nicely on the palm of your hand. I prefer this because they aren't too fiddly or easy to lose. I also don't have to worry about Ava getting her hands on them as she's took a shining to them too. She holds them and gives them a kiss, it's very sweet to see!

The BABY Secrets single packs cost £2.99 each which I think is a very fair price, they are quite a substantial toy and one which is very well made. The range also has four different activity packs; the pram pack, bassinet pack, high chair pack and rocking horse pack. These cost £12.99 each and great for endless hours of play.

The BABY Secrets toys are suitable for children aged 4+ and are available from The Entertainer, Smyths, Argos and Toymaster. To find out more about the range visit BABY Secrets HQ or follow them on facebookI've teamed up with BABY Secrets to give away FIVE single packs to one lucky winner! To enter simply use the Gleam form below! Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions!

x5 BABY Secrets Single Packs

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2. Prize sent directly by the PR. 
3. Competition ends 25/02/18.
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified.
5. UK entries only.

Mummy & Me - January 2018

It's time for my first Mummy & Me post of 2018. The photo's I chose for this month aren't anything special, just a quick shot on the park and a couple of selfies but I love them none the less. It's so funny to see how much Ava poses for the camera, especially on selfie mode! She is such a little character! Noah is usually too busy to come and take a photo with me but I did manage to get a couple of snaps.

We've not been getting out and about as much as we usually do because the weather has been awful. We've had snow, rain, hailstone, sleet! When we do get out and about we sure make the most of our time though. I can't wait until it starts warming up and we can have countless family days out with the kids again. Bring on Spring!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Project 365 - Week 04/52

21st January 2018

22nd January 2018

23rd January 2018

24th January 2018

25th January 2018

26th January 2018

27th January 2018

Is anyone else totally fed up with the rubbish weather in January? I'm already longing for a bit of sunshine and to be able to get out and about more with the kids. Lately everything has been so routine based with going to nursery, shopping, play dates, visiting family, family visiting us. Nothing overly exciting has been happening really. Highlights this week was Noah having a great time at nursery, he's been learning about Space apparently! He keeps coming home with pictures one of his friends has drawn him. Ava is finding her feet and has figured out how to walk pushing her walker, it's so cute! I don't think it'll be long before she figures out how to walk properly. So exciting!

What have you been up to this week?

Ava - 10 Months Old

Another month has been and gone. Ava is now 10 months old and she's coming on leaps and bounds every single week. I can't keep up with her! Babies grow and change way too quickly and it seems to go even faster the second time around. I dread to think how fast it goes with even more children! It doesn't feel like she's been with us for 10 whole months yet at the same time it's hard to remember what it was like without her in our lives. She's totally completed our family and we've all just seemed to merge into one happy family of four. Our family unit is perfect, I couldn't ask for anything more.

She is one of the sweetest and happiest baby that you'll ever meet, we love her to bits. She's easy going, cheerful, excitable, playful, inquisitive, independent, affectionate and funny. She loves to give cuddles and kisses off her own back, which of course we all love too! She can get frustrated from time to time, usually when she can't get to something, can't do something or you take something off her that she really wants. Honestly though, she's such a sweetheart.

I had her weighed recently and she is 20lb, which means she is following the 91st centile that she was at birth almost to a tee. It was just below the line on the arch but the health visitor said that's normal as she's crawling about now and will be burning more calories. She wears 9-12 month clothing, some outfits in 6-9 still fit, depending on where they are from. She wears a size 4 nappy. I think we'll be going for her first shoes soon!

She's had a night cough and the odd sniffle here and there but nothing else really. She has six teeth now, although they are all still coming through. So far they've not bothered her at all but she's still got so many to go so I know that can all change!

Ava's a fabulous little eater! Anything you put in front of her she'll eat. She prefers to feed herself but will eat from a spoon when it's a yogurt or porridge. She has breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Her favourite foods are; cheese, grapes, blueberries, yogurt, brioche, pasta, banana, strawberries, raspberries, bread, beans, tomato, cream cheese, fruit pouches. She drinks water and I still breastfeed her too. I breastfeed on demand so I can't say how many times I feed her from day to day, but it's roughly between 6-8 times in 24 hours.

On last months update I wrote "Who knows, maybe next month she will be sleeping through!" Whomp whomp whomp! When it comes to sleep everything is still very hit and miss! She's just come out of a leap which set her back a little bit but I think we are slowly there again. She will wake between 1/2 times a night, sometimes for a feed, sometimes just for a cuddle. She has two naps a day but they really vary when it comes to how long she has. She doesn't seem to need much!

Milestones and new tricks
* Her vocabulary is getting bigger. She can now say cat and goes "chuu chuu chuuu" when she spots a cat! She can already say Mama, Dada, hiya, ta, aww.
* She holds things to her ear and pretends to be on the phone.
* She tries to brush her hair and attempts to put her socks on.
* Cruising. She started cruising last week but she's so fast when walking along the furniture, she practically runs.
* She can now walk with her push a long walker. I don't think it will be long until she starts taking her first steps!
* Standing. She can stand and balance for 10-15 seconds at a time and has taken one step before dropping to the floor. She amazes me.
* She understands way more than I realise. For example when I tell her to lay down (when she keeps standing and sitting up in her cot) she does as she's told. 
* She can crawl up the stairs so it's time to get out the stair gates again!

Likes and dislikes
Mummy, Daddy, Noah and the cat. Kisses and cuddles. Cuddling Mummy in bed. When Daddy gets home from work. Picking Noah up from nursery and getting a big cuddle from him. Eating! Especially lunch time. Playing with Noah's toys. Crawling about the house, exploring. Following the cat and trying to cuddle him. Reading books. Blocks and balls. Nursery rhymes. Guitars and Foo Fighters. Going for walks. Playing peekaboo and kiss chase. The play table and push along walker. Happyland figures. Mobile phones and the Xbox controller.  Bath time. Singing and dancing. She doesn't like being in the car, men with beards or having her teeth brushed.

January Degustabox - Review

It's the third week of the month, this means it's time for our monthly Degustabox review! We've been reviewing them for quite a while now and even after all this time we are so excited when we see the delivery man bringing it to our door. We've never had a disappointing box, every single one of them has been a delight. I'd be more than happy with the subscription if I was a paying customer.

January is known for new years resolutions, people trying to diet, lose weight, become healthier and more active. I think that Degustabox tried to run with this theme this month as a lot of their items were healthy treats. 
Keep reading to see the images, product list and pricing of everything that was included.

1. Mahtay Yerba Mate Sparkling Tea - £1.49
2. LighterLife Fast Ready to Drink Shakes - x2 £2.49
3. Robinsons Fruit Cordial - £2.49
4. Pulsin Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster - £1.59
5. Pulsin Vanilla Whey Protein Powder - £1.99
6. Jordans Juicy Red Berry Frusli Bars - x2 45p
7. Hersheys Cookies N Creme 5 Pack Snack Pack - £1.00
8. Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine - £3.00
9. Miso Tasty Spicy Ramen Noodle Kit - £1.99*
10. Santa Maria Chipotle Mayo Topping - £1.80
11. Colombian Crunchy Chicken Bites Seasoned Corn Coating - 90p
12. Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks - £3.49
13. Clipper Everyday Organic Tea - Free Gift Sample

* You receive either the Noodle Kit, Mallow & Marsh Marshmallow Bar or Tabasco Sauce in the box.

Total: £25.62


As you can see see there was a lot of healthy options in January's box, which is just what we need for the new year. I liked how there was so much variety in items from fruit squash and breakfast bars through to noodles and tuna. There was something for everyone and something for every occasion whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack. 

Nick really enjoyed both the two Pulsin products as they were something he'd not tried before, he said he'd buy both again. Noah loved the Juicy Red Berry Frusli Bars, they were great to eat in the morning with a slice of toast, some fruit and a yogurt. They are also ideal for a mid morning snack as they are full of wholegrain oats which will keep you satisfied and full of energy. I was a big fan of the Wild Planet Albacore tuna steaks. The company is ranked #1 in the US by Greenpeace for their sustainability and the Tuna are pole and line caught only. At £3.49 per can it's the best tinned tuna you'll ever have, it's worth every penny!

So many items could have made our star product this month but I put it down to a vote (out of three) and the Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Snack Pack won! Having family who live in America we are no stranger when it comes to American snacks and foods. I was a fan of the snack pack because the little chocolate bars are the perfect size for an after nursery treat for Noah and small enough for me to enjoy without feeling guilty!

Degustabox costs £12.99 per month but if you would like to try it for the first time use the code: CTOMW at the checkout to receive a huge £7.00 off! That means you can get your first box for just £5.99!

What products or brands would you like to see in Degustabox next?

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

SuperZings - Rivals Of Kaboom - Review & Competition

One big perk when it comes to blogging is being able to review things that you know your child will go crazy for, usually as soon as they've been released. With Noah's love of superheroes, collectibles and blind bags I was very excited when I heard about SuperZings and agreed to review them right away.

SuperZings are the newest collectible on the scene, released just earlier this month. They are little collectibles based on everyday objects, such as paintbrushes and wool through to popcorn and carrots, but with a twist! They are superhero themed! A hero vs villain theme runs through the collection and each figure looks the part in super cool superhero capes and eye masks. 
There are over 80 SuperZings to collect. There are 36 regular characters available in two different colour varieties, 6 silver/uncommon, 2 gold/rare and 1 enigma/super rare to discover!

We were sent a big box of SuperZings goodies to review. Included was 10x Blind bags, 5x Hideouts, 3x Supercars, 1x Starter Pack and 1x Blister Pack and Noah couldn't wait to start opening them! He went straight for the blind bags and managed to open them himself, which he was so happy about.
We're no strangers when it comes to collectibles, so it's great to see that SuperZings have come up with a refreshing new concept with the matching rival element. For example we opened up the hero Super Soft (who's a pillow, yay for sleep!) and his rival is Ding Ring (who's an alarm clock, booo!) This made unwrapping not only fun for Noah but fun for me too as I was laughing at the rivals and the ideas they'd come up with! 

In the first handful of blind bags we discovered; Tangle Boy, Ring Ding, Brush Lee, and Great Ter! I have to say my favourite is Tangle Boy! He's part of the Cool Troop and is so cool. Noah favoured the "bad guys" so the Mad Clan group of villains were causing chaos around Kaboom City!

The Hideout and Supercar sets are also great additions to the range as they bring another element to play. Noah uses the cars for chasing other SuperZings and makes secret dens with the hideouts. He's been having so much fun with them since they arrived. I think we may have a new obsession on our hands!

Similar to Zomlings, SuperZings are pocket money friendly and are great for a treat without having to break the bank. Blind bags are just 80p each, Hideouts are £1.50, Supercars £2.50 each, a Starter pack is £5.00 and the Blister Pack costs £7.00. There's also the Kaboom Trap with two exclusive SuperZings which retails at £5.00 and a Mission Pack for £12.00. Those prices are fantastic when you think about the prices of competitors that are on the market.

SuperZings are aimed at children from age 4+ and are available at The Entertainer, Asda, Tesco, Co-Op, Spar and many more. To find out more visit their website and don't forget to follow them on twitter @magicboxtoysuk. To celebrate the launch of SuperZings I'm giving away a SuperZings Stater Pack to one lucky winner! To enter simply use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions!
SuperZings Collectable Toys Starter Pack

Terms & Conditions.         
1. There will be 1 winner who will the prize mentioned above.
2. Prize sent directly by myself. 
3. Competition ends 20/02/18.
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified.
5. UK entries only.

Project 365 - Week 03/52

14th January 2018

15th January 2018

16th January 2018

17th January 2018

18th January 2018

19th January 2018

20th January 2018

Nothing very exciting has happened this week. Ava's been feeling under the weather so she's not been sleeping much and has been attached to the hip all week. She's just been getting on with it really and as still been her happy little self. Noah's been at nursery and really enjoyed forest school this week. He came home with a stick man that he'd made whilst there, it's so cute! Another for the memory box! Other than that we've just been shopping, had a play date, visited family and have had family come and visit us too. See, nothing too exciting!

What have you been up to this week?