Living Arrows - September 2020

September, that came around quickly didn't it? What a strange year it's been, global pandemic and all. This month saw Noah going back to school full-time, in year 2 and Ava finally started nursery, 5 months later than she was supposed to due to COVID. They both seem to be enjoying being back in some sort of routine although most days Noah would rather stay home. Ava on the other hand is thriving at nursery, she absolutely loves it and her teacher said she's so sweet, always looking after the younger children. I'm so proud of how well they are both adjusting. I hope you've had a great month.

Living Arrows

Vet Squad Vet & Pet Assortment Playsets and Toys - Review & Giveaway

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

Ava is a real mother hen, super caring, with an affinity towards animals so the new range of Vet Squad toys from Vivid Toys are just perfect for her. Vet Squad is actually a TV show over on YouTube that follows 4 girls; Emily, Yara, Robin, and Ava who are great role models, working hard to save and look after a wide range of different animals. It's great that there's now a range of toys to coincide with the show, and better yet -
they are collaborating with Sea Life Trust to donate funds from the sales of these toys.

There are multiple playsets, figures, and accessory packs to collect - each with varying price points which makes them great gifts for any occasion or even as a weekend treat. The Vet Squad Air Adventure set - RRP: £16.99 was the first set to catch Ava's eye. Included with this pack is a helicopter, Robin figure, vet bet bag, horse, and a couple of smaller accessories. Every item is quite substantial and well made, especially the Robin figure. It is worth noting that it's quite tricky getting the figure into the seat with the little straps and big head. It's not impossible of course, but Ava did need help.

Ava loves pretending to fly around the sky in Robin's helicopter, looking for animals to save. It has a fully working winch - perfect for lifting injured or trapped creatures out of tricky spots. The pony figure which is included has a colour change injury that is healed with the sponge. Ava kept saying "oh no, horsey has a boo-boo!"

Next, we have two Vet Squad Vet & Vehicle sets which retail at £12.99 each. Included with each pack is; one vehicle, one vet figure, one animal, a vet kit, and other small accessories such as stethoscopes or sunglasses. The Reef Rescue set comes with the vet named Emily, dressed accordingly in a wet suit and an injured turtle. The Forest Rescue set comes with the vet named Ava, equipped with forest wear and sunnies, and a baby elephant! Both animals have the magic colour change injures and comes with specific accessories to make them better. I think these sets are fantastic and add so many elements to the kids various role-play scenarios and I like how each figure is dressed suitably for each vehicle.

The fun doesn't stop there as there are multiple Vet Squad Vet and Pet Assortments to collect - 4 to be exact and we were lucky to receive them all; Emily & Brooke the dog, Yara & Luna the rabbit, Robin & Snowy the owl, and Ava & Leo the cat. Each cost just £7.99 each which I think is quite reasonable considering how solid and robust these figures are - there's nothing flimsy about them. Each vet within these packs comes with a clip-on backpack and two accessories. Ava recognised many of the animals from the YouTube show and likes how each vet has their own companion to take care of.

You can collect and cure even more animals with the Vet Squad Animal Assortments - the 2 pack retails at £3.99 each and 5 pack costs £9.99. There are ten exclusive animals to collect in these packs and they all include various colour change injuries and little bandages. I think Ava will want to collect them all.
The kids tend to enjoy most toys that they are sent to review but these Vet Squad toys have been next level - they've kept Ava entertained for hours and have opened up various discussions on wildlife, animals, and how to take care of them. They are truly wonderful and I know I'll be adding a couple of the toys to her Christmas list - we'll have to collect them all. Vet Squad toys are suitable for children from 3 years of age and you can buy them online and in-store now at Smyths or Argos. How would you like to win a Vet Squad Vet and Pet Assortment? To enter simply use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other competitions.
Vet Squad Vet and Pet Assortment

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