4 Tips For Your First Time Crazy Golfing In London

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You know about the capital city of London that it can offer you thousands of entertainment and leisure options, but you probably did not know that it is a city where the activity of crazy golf is quite widespread. Crazy golf is actually mini-golf that can be played both outdoors and indoors. And while most people may think that this activity is relatively easy and accessible to everyone, they are unaware that it is a game that requires quite a lot of understanding and skill. So for those who are going to experience this highly entertaining experience for the first time, they should definitely know some fundamental things about how the game is run and how it works. So let's discover together the 4 essential tips that can help you to really enjoy your first game of crazy golf.

Learn some basic golfing skills
If you want to really enjoy a crazy golf game, of course, you need to know its rules. Of course, this game has many similarities with that of traditional golf, but we also encounter some crucial differences. However, developing a playing technique that will help you in your own game, such as the correct grip of your cane, the right posture and the right shot of the ball, can also have a significant impact on a crazy golf game that can contain dozens of obstacles that hinder your ultimate goal. Improving the accuracy of your hits will not only make you better at this game, but you will enjoy it even more.

Pick the right putter
Think of the stick you use during crazy golf as your primary tool. So as you understand, choosing the right putter is very important to achieve your goal (literally). There are several sizes to choose from, but you should always choose one that is up to your waistline. If you follow this tip, you will probably have taken the first significant step towards your overall improvement in this game.

Watch your hits on the ball
So once you have chosen the right putter, the rest of the game has to do with your hit. It usually has nothing to do with the force you use for your shots but more with the strategy you use to steer the ball into the hole of the track. Clearly, the distances on a crazy golf course are shorter compared to conventional golf courses, so we are talking about the importance of the one-hit technique and not the force exerted. Do not forget that the primary goal of crazy golf is to place the ball in the hole with the least possible number of hits.

Try to have fun while playing with your friends and family
The last and perhaps most important tip before your first crazy golf game is, of course, to really try to have a great time with this fun game. Because as you well know, everything is more fun when you share it with others. So crazy golf is a team activity, which can give incredible moments of carefreeness and laughter to the whole family. Are you still thinking about it? You can experience the crazy golf experience by visiting one of the dozens of Plonk Crazy Golf venues located throughout the city of London, living a truly unique experience.

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