How to Boost Your Child's Imagination

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A child’s imagination is unparalleled, and it should be nurtured throughout their lives in order to teach them about critical thinking, working independently, and managing their decision-making skills. Here in this guide from a private college in Reading, we take a look at the ways you can boost your child’s imagination through a range of techniques and tricks.

Tell your child stories
Plenty of stories are fictional and transport children to a whole new world waiting to be explored. Your child can greatly feel the creativity in children’s stories as they learn more about them, and they’re also learning that there are a lot of elements to think about with creating fictional worlds and stories.

Make time for unstructured creative play
Have plenty of time each week where your child plays with a range of tools and materials, but also have it in a way that means they’re not entirely expecting it. A child kept on their toes is more likely to embrace being spontaneous and excited to pick up something fun to do, which is all a part of building a person’s imagination.

Use activities that don’t rely on a screen
It’s easy to fall into a rut of using apps, online games, or the TV to entertain your child, but they’re more likely to build on their imagination through getting outside and exploring. Take your child out on trips, long walks in the local area, or head to a wildlife center to let them look at different animals and creatures.

Encourage open-ended conversations
Open and engaging conversations with your child are more likely to encourage your child to think independently. They’re also learning how to think first before they speak, giving them a chance to develop a well-thought-out viewpoint of how they see the world. Independent thought gives children the chance to think in more creative ways.

Fun With Gazillion Bubbles - Review

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As soon as the sun makes an appearance the kids and I have to be outside - we cannot get enough of good weather. With some COVID restrictions still in place, we often opt for the comfort of our own garden - or a relatives garden now that we can! As you can imagine we were all delighted to receive a couple of Gazillion Bubbles products thanks to Funrise Toys UK. They couldn't have arrived at a better time.

We received two products for the purpose of this review. The first of which is the Gazillion Sky Bubbles, suitable for children from the age of 3 it retails at just £10.00. With its revolutionary design - one pull of a ripcord and you have bubbles galore! You simply fill the spill-proof tray with the Gazillion Bubbles solution, pop the flyer on top of the tray, pull the ripcord, and you're off! It's a lot of fun but the kids did have issues with it sometimes as they are both a bit heavy-handed. It's a lot of fun and can be used both indoors and out.

Next, we have Gazillion Whirlwind Party which retails at £29.99 but is currently on offer online. It looked quite impressive in its box and like the Sky Flyer comes with a bottle of Gazillion bubbles solution. Before we could get started we had to go out and buy x10 AA batteries, which aren't included and can be quite costly. Once the batteries were in and the machine assembled, all we needed to do was add the solution, switch it on, stand back and enjoy the whirlwind party! It was the firm favourite not just for the kids, but for the dogs too! I shared a video of my dog Tucker on my IG stories. He was hopping around after the bubbles - it was adorable. You can see our Instagram post here.

The kids had so much fun and it was great to see them both so active, chasing, catching and jumping within the bubbles. It lasted such a long time too! Perfect for garden parties this summer. Both of these Gazillion Bubbles products are available online and instore at Tesco - and other leading retailers. Visit Funrise Toys UK on Facebook and Instagram for more fabulous toys.