Mummy & Me - October

It's the end of October already and time for Mummy & Me. My photo this month is very different from anything else I have posted but it's my favourite. I may look atrocious, I was tired and I had no make up on but this is pure bliss. I was cuddled up in bed with my baby boy and there was nowhere else I would have rather been. 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Project 365 - Week 44 - 44/52

25th October - 31st October / Week 44

Sunday we were that lazy that we didn't even take a photo, so here is one for the previous day. Noah visited my Mum for the afternoon so Nick and I both did a few chores amongst some blogging and comping. Nice easy going Sunday. 

Monday we actually made it to playgroup! It's on that early that it's always a struggle to make it on time but Noah didn't sleep in this week so we did attend. He was so excited to be there and enjoyed every moment. He loves playing in the outside area, in the water tray and the wooden play kitchen. We also did a spot of painting and rode the scooters outside too. 

On Tuesday we decided to try on Noah's Halloween outfit! Here he is, Frankenweenie! He looks so cute, I love the little bow tie! 

The weather was awful on Wednesday so we had a day indoors. We played, played and played some more. Noah's absolute favourites are his cars and he has just started sorting them into colours which is so entertaining to watch. He also likes to line them up like this and then use the car at the end to push them all a long. It's fascinating to watch him actually playing properly with his toys now rather than just throwing them about. 

Well this photo just says it all doesn't it! On Thursday we decided to carve our pumpkins for Halloween. I chose to create a "friendly" pumpkin for Noah so he wouldn't be so daunted by it and he just loves it and keeps kissing it all the time! 

On Friday we all went into town to do a bit of shopping. Eagle eye Noah spotted this "choo chooooo!" and ran right over to it as soon as he set eyes on it. I was impressed to actually find one that is still 20p a ride and not £1 a go! 

Halloweeeeen! We spent the day visiting family and then we visited Brewers Fayre to review the new menu and refurbishment. We had such a good time visiting Noah's Great Grandparents earlier in the day, as we always do. We hadn't seen them for a few weeks because his Nan hadn't been well and she didn't want to risk Noah becoming ill. Our meal out was also great!

Have you had a nice week?

Preparing for Christmas with Dom and Geri

With Christmas just around the corner I have already begun making our preparations for the big day. I am usually laid back when it comes to the holidays and have been known to leave things to the last minute but not this year. We have a large family and the Christmas period is that busy that I really need to be organised this year. 

I'm currently working with
Dom and Geri who are a fantastic brand which specialise in personalised greeting cards, wrapping paper and gifts. On their website you will find all your Customised Greetings Cards, Birthday Cards, Valentine's Cards, Thank-you cards, Wedding Cards, Christening cards, in fact cards and personalised gift wrap to match for every conceivable occasion. All their cards and wrapping paper have unique designs and include Cartoons, Photo Upload and photographic. You can make your greetings cards and gift wrap extra special by adding your own words and photos of your friends and family. They will be thrilled to see their names or faces in print! Their Customised Greetings Cards, Personalised Wrapping Paper and matching Gift Tags are unique to our site and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

Dom and Geri recently expanded their product line by introducing a range of personalised gifts. From beer through to scented candles each item can be personalised with either photo's or text and would make the most perfect gifts for Christmas. I am already hinting at Nick in regards to the scented candles, they look divine! 

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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4 hacks to make your family more frugal

Being a parent and caring for a family can be financially challenging. Between providing clothing, food and an education for your kids, it’s easy to see how your bank balance can take a hit. However, budgeting where your brood is concerned may be easier than you think. Here are four simple hacks you can put into action to make your family more frugal.

Shop around for the best deals

From your TV package to your internet and phone plan, it’s important to seek out the best deals if you want to become more savvy with your spending. For example, when it’s time to renew your home insurance, make sure you look around to see if you can bag yourself a cheap deal. Using a broker such as can be an effective way to suss out what’s on offer before you purchase. If you’re paying for a satellite TV package, you could bargain with your provider to cancel any extras or add-ons in an attempt to save some pennies. For example, if your kids are not so little anymore, you could scrap the children’s channels in return for a lowered monthly fee.

Be more energy conscious

It’s no secret that being more energy conscious can save you money, so why don’t more of us take note? From switching lights off in empty rooms to turning appliances off at the plug socket, there are a whole host of quick and simple tricks you can use to save yourself some cash. You can even install the importance of this into your kids. Not only will you be teaching them a valuable lesson, you’ll also begin to see your energy bills fall.

Plan your meals

While visiting a restaurant now and again as a treat is perfectly acceptable, you may want to think about cutting back on how often you and your family head out for a bite to eat. Making meals from scratch using fresh ingredients will enable you to keep an eye on your purse strings and it’s a much healthier option too. You can also plan your meals in advance. This will save you a lot of time and effort and it’s a guaranteed cost cutter.

Arrange a stay cation

Instead of splashing out on an expensive holiday for you and your family, why not arrange a staycation instead? While taking a week off to spend it at home might sound unappealing at first, you might be surprised to learn how much fun you and the kids could have without breaking the bank. For example, you could take a trip to the local museum, visit the zoo or simply go to the cinema. There are a wide variety of fun and inexpensive activities for the whole family to enjoy without having to venture too far.

Becoming more frugal doesn't necessarily require any drastic measures and with a little extra effort from you and your family members, you should be able to make improvements to your financial situation.

Noah - 22 & 23 Months Old

I don't know where these past two months have gone, they seem to have flown by. I ended up being late with Noah's 22 month update so I thought I would combine both 22 and 23 month together, a sort of bumper edition.

Noah turned 23 months old last week and I can't believe he turns 2 years old in just under a months time. It's such a cliche saying when we say "they grow up to quickly!" but they sure do. How is it possible that I was 8 months pregnant 2 whole years ago? I still remember those little feet wedged between my ribcage, those somersaults in my tummy in the middle of the night and every ache and twinge. I remember it and I miss it. 

Anyway, let's get to it! 

Well Noah has turned into a little imp, that's for sure. He doesn't have tantrums as such but he will just cry if he doesn't get his own way and I find it so frustrating. He is really pushing his boundaries now but I am always watching him and correcting him. Sometimes he will be mischievous with a smile on his face and he knows he shouldn't be doing what he's doing but because he has a smile on his face he thinks he can get away with it. Little monkey! Although he is going through this "terrible two" phase a little early he's still the cheeky, funny, caring, gentle and sweet little boy that we know and love, just not all the time! 

Everyone always comments on how tall Noah is and he is when stood next to most children his age but he still wears 18-24 month trousers so he can't be that tall. As well as being tall he is slender in places but also stocky? He is almost 2 stone and he's solid! He is size 5 on his feet and he wears a size 5 disposable nappy at night. The majority of the rest of the time he's in a one size fits all cloth nappy.

Health wise he's been fine but he is still cutting in those 4 canines which are just taking forever to come through fully. I think that the teething has been contributing to his mood, sleep and appetite so I hope they hurry up! 

Noah is still a machine when it comes to eating and isn't fussy in the slightest. He's recently eaten salmon, prawns and muscles and enjoyed the lot. He is still drinking 24oz of full fat cows milk a day, drinks water and has 3 set meals and snack. 

This is the biggest change we've had in the past two months. Noah has always been a great sleeper and has most of the time always gone down without a fuss. Around a month ago his Scout toy started glitching as he was trying to settle and it really frightened him. So much that he was stood up in his cot hysterical. We ran up wondering what what was happening and could hear this awful noise coming from Scout. We took it away and then the next day put new batteries in the toy and demonstrated to Noah that he was all better now but he's not had it in his room since. After that incident his sleep just seemed to go down the pan. It started where he would cry when we were putting him down and just be fussy but then all of a sudden he started being scared of being in his room on his own. We tried everything, multiple night lights, lullaby music, bedtime stories, cuddles, door open, door shut, staying in the room with him, bringing him into our bed, converting into a toddler bed etc but it had zero effect (he got on great with his bed but we've switched back to the cot) but nothing seemed to work and his cries at night were pure terror. I think these sleep issues were a combination of many different things and the main reason is that his imagination is developing tenfold at the minute and I've read that this can sometimes result in night terrors or new fears. We had weeks of broken and bad night sleep and I honestly don't know how people do it. Thankfully we are back on the right track now and he is starting to sleep through again and he still has his nap in the afternoon. 

Noah has learnt a lot more words in the past two months but he isn't saying two words together yet. I can see he's really trying to communicate verbally with me at the moment and he often gets frustrated that he can't properly express himself yet. New words lately are; boat, bee, dodo, choc choc, star. 

Milestones and New Tricks
Imaginative play! This is probably the biggest milestone Noah has reached these past two months. I can really see his imagination blooming and he often plays make believe. He will lay on the floor, pretend to be asleep and snore. He also pretends there's a bee and will run around shouting "oh, bee, bee, bee!" and run for a cuddle like he's scared! So cute.

His speech is coming on a lot as he is saying more words and using them more frequently. He's also learnt for example that Nick's guitar isn't "dada" it's "dada's!" 

Favourite things this month 
Vehicles, cars, ambulances, aeroplanes, helicopters, trains, trucks, tractors. Animals and farm animals. Music especially One Direction, The Weeknd, Little Mix and Bruno Mars. PEPPA PIG! Toy cars. Being outdoors. Running, jumping, dancing. Playing make believe. Painting, play doh, baking, stickers. 

Tricked by treats? Not us!

With Halloween fast approaching I thought I would share this info graphic with my readers. Upon reading some of the stats and facts I was shocked at some of results below. We brush Noah's teeth twice a day and although he doesn't have sweets he does enjoy his fruit so it's vital to keep on top of his dental hygiene. Not only are we as parents responsible for teaching our children to brush and take care of their teeth but we also need to limit the amount of treats they have and get them into the habit of eating healthily. 

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Always Discreet - The Last Female Taboo

The moment you announce your pregnancy you are showered not only with congratulations but many pearls of wisdom and advice too, welcomed or not! Enjoy your sleep now while you can! You will never get another moments peace! Don't let them sleep in your bed, you will spoil them! Don't give them a dummy! Don't do this! Don't do that! Buy this and buy that! It's endless! 

But one thing that is never discussed is and one that is extremely important is how much your body changes after having a baby, it's almost like it's taboo! One of these changes for me is how weak my bladder is and how much more frequently I need to relieve myself. I talk quite openly about it because there is nothing to be ashamed of and it all comes part in parcel with giving birth to child.

Adult incontinence is one of the last taboos of pregnancy if not motherhood. The fact of the matter is that a lot of women experience this, making a wide spread condition. The issue is that we as women just don’t speak about it. On the 28th October, Always Discreet are releasing new research which reveals millions of British women are feeling older than their years which is in direct contrast to their peers who. In fact  1 in 5 UK women say they feel younger than the age stated on their passport, however 42% of women with frequent bladder leaks agree that the condition makes them feel older.

Always Discreet for sensitive bladder believes that every woman should be able to live the age they feel inside with nothing holding them back. Here are some top tips from the Always Discreet ambassadors to help women feel empowered to live life to the full, every day.

Top tips for taking care of your sensitive bladder from Campaign Ambassador and GP Dr Sarah Jarvis

Share how you are feeling with someone. If you feel too embarrassed to speak to a loved one then set up an appointment with your GP. Millions of women in the UK suffer from sensitive bladder, you are not alone and there is help available.

Your bladder is trainable: if you’re troubled by needing to pass water very often and needing to rush to the toilet, talk with your doctor about a daily schedule to build up your bladder’s holding capacity. Remember; allow your bladder to empty completely each time you go to the toilet.

There’s no need to avoid drinking in order to reduce the urge to visit the bathroom. Limiting your water intake makes your urine more concentrated, which boost your chances of bladder irritation.
Keep hydrated.

Caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks could be your new worst enemies– they can irritate a sensitive bladder. Everyone with sensitive bladder could benefit from cutting down on alcohol. If your symptoms include needing to rush to the loo, try limiting those coffees, teas and carbonated beverages for a week or two to see if it helps.

If you experience anxiety, worry and concern because of your sensitive bladder, mental relaxation can be a very valuable aid. Avoid worrying about problems excessively. Deliberately include activities in your daily life that bring you pleasure for example meeting friends, going to the cinema or taking a walk.

Top tips for taking care of your sensitive bladder whilst exercising: Body Control Pilates founder, Lynne Robinson

Pilates, yoga, cycling, tai chi, brisk and Nordic walking are all great low impact activities that will keep you fit.

Strong abdominal exercises can put too much pressure on your pelvic floor. Opt for gentler core exercises instead, to keep your abdominals in shape.

By practicing at least three times a day, these exercises can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and give you more control when you need it. If you’re not sure how to do them, speak to your doctor or visit

Be aware of your posture whilst you exercise and go about your daily activities. Slouching inhibits your deep core muscles from working properly.

Learn to breathe more efficiently with Pilates or yoga. Never hold your breath while exercising as this puts pressure on your pelvic floor.

We perform many of our daily activities without consciously thinking about our movements. Stand square and close, bend from your knees and hips, keeping your back straight.

Top tips for embracing ageless style with confidence: from Style Expert and That’s Not My Age founder, Alyson Walsh

Wearing comfortable shoes will help you stride down the street with confidence. And the good news is that comfy is no longer a byword for ugly; brilliant colours, metallic leather and mannish styles look and feel fantastic. Try brogues, penny loafers or pointed flats.

That said, the other good fashion news is that kitten heel is back – a low heel, that you can actually walk in, will add an elegant touch to any outfit. After all, no one ever looked glamorous when their feet hurt.

Well-fitted clothes are a quick and easy route to feeling confident; no need to faff, hoick, or worry that seams are going to grin. Tailoring is a great way to flatter the figure in all the right areas; bust, waist and hips.

For casual glamour, wear a tuxedo jacket over a t-shirt, try a denim jacket over a shift dress or roll-up a blazer sleeve to artfully show a flash of silk blouse.

Ageless style isn’t about jumping blindly from one trend to another; it’s about staying modern by making a subtle nod to the season. Try a pussy bow blouse, a polo neck sweater or go khaki crazy. The many shades of military are a good way to manoeuvre into autumn. This is the new neutral, the colour of the season that is far more flattering than black.

Bold is beautiful! Try out your favourite items – a pair of Capri pants or a tunic dress - in brighter shades, like: hot pink, burnt orange and pillar box red. These colours will brighten up a winter complexion, look amazing with grey hair and boost your confidence.

Confidence comes from finding the right clothes, the styles and shapes that work for you. Spend time finding fail-safe basics in good fabrics that fit and flatter and can always be relied upon; the perfect pair of jeans, a great white shirt, a figure-flattering jacket. Then pep them up with a pair of chandelier earrings or a faux fur collar and a bold lipstick – adding the finishing touches to your wardrobe favourites is the easiest way to stay stylish forever.

I hope these tips which have been shared by leading experts help someone out there. I know that I will be keeping a few in mind for the future. 

Decathlon Oxelo B1 Scooter - Review‏

Noah is 2 in just over two weeks time and is thoroughly enjoying his new found toddler independence. He thrives from learning new things and accomplishing tasks on his own accord so when I was asked if he would like to review the Decathlon Oxelo B1 Scooter I thought it would just be perfect for him and the stage that he is at now.

When the Scooter arrived Noah was napping and my partner was at work so it was down to me to assemble and I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. This is because I am useless at anything like that but thankfully it was fool proof and I had it set up and ready within minutes. 

My initial impressions were great! I noted that it was super light whilst also being great quality which I've noticed you don't find very often. I also appreciated how the handle bar can be adjusted. For the moment Noah has it on the lower setting but as he gets older I simply need to adjust it to the higher level. The handlebars are also easy to grip and easy to steer. 

With Noah being 23 months old we have been practising with the scooter indoors for a few weeks and he is slowly but surely getting the hang of it. With his growing confidence we decided to take it for a spin outdoors this weekend.

Although Noah is still a little wobbly on the scooter he is learning how to use it very quickly. I think this is all down to how much of a perfect first scooter this is. Like I mentioned previously it's so light weight which makes it easy for parents to cart around but also easy for the little one's to use too. 

The Oxelo B1 scooter chassis and scooter shell costs just £25.98 which I think is an absolute bargain. I really couldn't of asked for a better first scooter and the fact that the Oxelo B1 will last Noah years is just outstanding. I can't praise this scooter enough! 

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own. 

Miles Kelly - Convertible Book Review & Competition

I've been a bookworm for as long as I can remember and some of my fondest childhood memories are curling up with my parents reading a good book together. When I was pregnant with Noah I really wanted my love of books to rub off on him and began buying him books long before he was even born. Now at 23 months old he has quite the collection and he really enjoys sitting down and unwinding with a good book.

A few weeks ago I saw a call out from Miles Kelly as they were looking to work with bloggers and I literally leapt at the chance as I was such a fan of their website already. They offer such an array of different books, for many different age ranges and at such excellent prices too.

We were sent the Old Macdonald had a Farm story book and the Old Macdonald had a Farm sticker book a long with the Convertible Tractor book to review. Noah absolutely loves farms, animals and tractors so the minute he set eyes on them he was sold. 

Old Macdonald had a Farm Sticker Playbook
Sticker books are amongst Noah's favourite things so we were delighted to see this included. The sticker play book is priced usually priced at £7.99 but is currently £5.99 in the sale. The book folds out into a play mat and within are 50 reusable stickers to play with and learn from. With the book being reusable I think it's such good value for money. 

Old Macdonald had a Farm Rhyme Time Story Book
This book was a surprise as I initially thought it was a book just about Old Macdonald and his farm but I was pleasantly surprised at how many other rhymes are included. Noah loves to sing and dance so he always enjoys hearing a new nursery rhyme. 
The book is usually priced at £5.99 but is currently £4.49 in the sale. Such a great price! 

Convertible Tractor

Last but certainly not least we have the Convertible Tractor book which is priced at £17.99 but currently £13.49 in the sale. This has gone down a storm with Noah as it's not only a book but also a play mat and a also turns into a tractor! It's like his dreams have all come true!

The convertible range comes in a wide range of different vehicles; tractor, fire engine, spaceship, pirate ship, train, princess carriage, pink convertible car, four whel drive and bulldozer. There's something for every child. 

Noah has spent the most time with this in the play mat form as he really enjoys to push his toy cars and tractors down the road and through the farm. He also likes to point out all the different characters and is always discovering something new.

As you can see the Convertible Tractor has received a thumbs up from Noah! I can see him having countless hours of fun with it and think it would make an excellent Christmas present for any young book lovers out there. 

How would you like to win a convertible book of your choice? To enter all you need to do is use the Rafflecopter form below. Don't forget to check out all my other competitions and good luck!

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3. Competition ends 23/11/15
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified.
5. UK entries only.

Project 365 - Week 43 - 43/52

18th October - 24th October / Week 43

On Sunday we visited another of our favourite places, Forest of Bowland Wild Boar Park. It's a little drive a way but so worth visiting if you live in the North West. It's has lots of animals to see and feed including deers, wild boars and even meercats and owls. 

The sun decided to come out here and there on Monday so when it did we were straight outside soaking it in. I would be surprised if we see anymore sun this year now. Bye bye sun. 

Noah really enjoys baking and sampling our goods afterwards so I find myself baking at least once a week these days. I feel like I'm getting better the more I practice and I think it helps that I finally bought digital scales!

After a 3 month wait we finally had our hospital consultation for the lump in Noah's neck. I wasn't really worried about it as swollen lymph nodes are common in young children, especially after a virus but I did want a second opinion. We went in thinking he would need a blood test but after speaking to the doctor she quickly reasured us that there was nothing to worry about and that it wasn't needed to look at it any further. He had a complete bill of health. 

This isn't the most flattering photo of myself but I just had to share it. Cuddling up to my son whilst he naps, absolute bliss! I might of had 40 winks too! 

Friday we had a chilled out day and then went shopping and visited family in the evening. I love easy going days like these.

The weather was miserable on Saturday but we didn't let it stop us venturing out and exploring as a family. We are lucky to have places like these to visit right on our door step. We went to the cafe for a snack and collected fallen leaves for arts and crafts next week.