Decathlon Oxelo B1 Scooter - Review‏

Noah is 2 in just over two weeks time and is thoroughly enjoying his new found toddler independence. He thrives from learning new things and accomplishing tasks on his own accord so when I was asked if he would like to review the Decathlon Oxelo B1 Scooter I thought it would just be perfect for him and the stage that he is at now.

When the Scooter arrived Noah was napping and my partner was at work so it was down to me to assemble and I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. This is because I am useless at anything like that but thankfully it was fool proof and I had it set up and ready within minutes. 

My initial impressions were great! I noted that it was super light whilst also being great quality which I've noticed you don't find very often. I also appreciated how the handle bar can be adjusted. For the moment Noah has it on the lower setting but as he gets older I simply need to adjust it to the higher level. The handlebars are also easy to grip and easy to steer. 

With Noah being 23 months old we have been practising with the scooter indoors for a few weeks and he is slowly but surely getting the hang of it. With his growing confidence we decided to take it for a spin outdoors this weekend.

Although Noah is still a little wobbly on the scooter he is learning how to use it very quickly. I think this is all down to how much of a perfect first scooter this is. Like I mentioned previously it's so light weight which makes it easy for parents to cart around but also easy for the little one's to use too. 

The Oxelo B1 scooter chassis and scooter shell costs just £25.98 which I think is an absolute bargain. I really couldn't of asked for a better first scooter and the fact that the Oxelo B1 will last Noah years is just outstanding. I can't praise this scooter enough! 

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own. 


  1. It looks like a great scooter! We've never heard of a Oxelo but after reading this we will hunt it down :) #triedtested x

  2. Noah looks so cool on it xx i should get one for my Noah too ;) xx

  3. Noah looks so cool on it xx i should get one for my Noah too ;) xx

  4. This looks like a great scooter! I am debating whether to buy one for my youngest this Christmas or not x

  5. Looks like a good scooter, and so much cheaper than the Microscooters. Definitely a good starter option, especially if you're not sure if they'll use one much. #triedtested

  6. How is he big enough for a scooter? He was just born like yesterday!! CRAZY! But that does look like a pretty awesome scooter x