The NEW Roblox Toys from Jazwares - Review & Giveaway

AD - I received these products for the purpose of this review.

Noah has been a big fan of Roblox for years - sometimes it feels like it's all he talks about. He's also to blame for getting Ava and a couple of his friends hooked on it too. He's gone as far as creating accounts for both me and his Dad and we all play Adopt Me together - Noah and Ava being the adults and us parents being pushed around as babies in around prams! There are some less wholesome, strange games they enjoy, Piggy and Spider to name a few - but that's a discussion for another day..

With Noah's love for Roblox I jumped at the chance to review some of the lastest collection - especially as we are in lockdown and entertainment (and normality) are needed more than ever. That said, this isn't the first time Noah has been sent some Roblox toys to review - he reviewed a couple of series 5 toys last year which you can find here. Please read on to see what we received this time.

ROBLOX Apocalypse Rising 2 Six-Figure Pack / RRP: £19.99 - If these six rag-tag survivors want to outlast the zombies of Dualpoint Interactive's Apocalypse Rising 2, they'll need to share weapons, supplies, wheels...and danger. Keep them together and they might just make it through another night. Noah was straight into this pack first as he is familiar with the game on Roblox. He commented on the variety of characters, different accessories, and weapons and really likes how there are exclusive content cards included with every pack. This set comes with 6 figures, 6 accessories and the heads and helmets can be interchanged - perfect for mixing, matching, and creating your own Roblox characters.

ROBLOX - Murder Mystery Game Pack / RPP £9.99 - A horrifying crime has been committed. Will you be the one to catch the culprit? Find out by reliving all your favourite experiences from the massively popular horror game Murder Mystery 2, developed by Nikilis! Gather your fellow Robloxians and put your survival instincts to the test. Just remember to watch your back. This is another game on Roblox that Noah recognised and couldn't wait to play "in real life" - Ava also liked how there was a girl and pretty much nabbed that figure. The pack features to figures and 7 accessories - all of which can be mixed and matched. Great for roleplaying and creating your own Roblox scenarios. 

ROBLOX - Core Figure Jailbreak Secret Agent / RRP: £7.99 - Bring the popular Jailbreak game to life with this Jailbreak Secret Agent pack. Included within is 1 Figure, Accessories - including a huge parachute, collector's checklist & the exclusive virtual item code that you get with every toy. Already having a Jailbreak set Noah was super excited to receive this one and was throwing him down the stairs with his parachute within minutes.

Last, but not least we have the ROBLOX - Mystery Figure Series 8 / RRP £3.99 - Assemble the ultimate Roblox toy collection with these iconic characters from your favourite games! There are a dozen new figures from Series 8 and each comes with a code for an exclusive virtual item that can be redeemed on Roblox. Noah has a soft spot for mystery toys however, he decided to set one aside for a competition! All toys are suitable for children from 5 years old, available to view online at Jazwares, and are available at a multitude of different shops, online and in-store. To enter the competition for a Roblox Mystery Figure simply use the Gleam form below.

Roblox Series 8 Mystery Figure

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3. Competition ends 30/08/20.
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CBeebies Love Monster - TV Show, Books, And More - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review and compensated for our time.

2020 has been such a rollercoaster of a year - the kind of rollercoaster you want to get off or didn't want to go on in the first place. The severity of everything that is happening in the world is a lot to handle and I often look at Noah and Ava and wonder what they must be thinking, and feeling. Life has changed so much for them. There have been times when they've been weepy, frustrated, and confused, or just plain fed up. They miss visiting their family more than anything, so when lockdown eased a few weeks ago it was such a relief to see their grandparents again. Unfortunately, that has all changed again in Lancashire and they are we are no longer allowed to visit family. This sudden decision by the government has sent their emotions into overdrive - they don't understand why they can't see them again. It's resulted in so much frustration, especially for Ava who really can't grasp what is going on, she's only three.

Love Monster is a TV series that helps children learn all about their emotions - what they are and also how to express them. We watched a couple of episodes together this weekend and I have to say that I benefited from it too. It's a reminder that all feelings are ok and shouldn't be labeled as 'good' or 'bad'.

Bouncy Slidey Day was one of our favourite episodes. It opened up a discussion about fear and bravery and how it's easier to be brave with the help of a friend. It was very apt as they both have big changes coming up. Noah is moving up a year in school and Ava finally starts nursery after COVID delayed it somewhat. It also led to a chat about their best friends and how they can't wait to see them again in September - that's if school and nursery reopen.

They both said they wished Love Monsters hometown 'Fluffytown' was real because it looks like such a lovely place to live, filled with dozens of cute characters; Book Cub, the In-Chicks, Delivery Duckling, Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny and, Bad Idea Puppy. It's lovely to get to know each character and see that they have vulnerabilities too.

Love Monster doesn't just end with the TV series - there's are different books to collect too. I think this is brilliant because sometimes you would rather settle down with a book, instead of in front of screens. The illustrations are bold and bright and the stories are so endearing. 

We've read the Perfect Present story a dozen times now - it seems to be the favorite out of the two. It's all about Love Monster and how he doesn't have enough money to buy his friend the present that he wants. He's sad but he comes to the conclusion that the most important gifts are ones made with love - it really is the thought that counts. Ava has taken a shining to this book so much that she even brings it on walks with us.

Included in our package were different Love Monster themed activities; colouring, mazes, spot the difference, painting, mask making, seed planting, and more. Ava often helps me garden and enjoys painting so she had her plant pot decorated and cress seeds planted in no time. I love how this activity is a little nod back to the Plant a Seed Day episode - which focuses on patience and how growing plants is so rewarding.

Ava can't stop talking about "lub monster" and how she wants to give him a big hug. He's such a sweet and caring character and the TV series and books are so charming and endearing - I'd definitely recommend Love Monster to all parents, grandparents, and carers out there. Love Monster is our new friend. You can watch episodes every weekday on Cbeebies or on-demand on BBC iplayer.

Living Arrows - July 2020

I wasn't going to post anything this month. I didn't get my camera out as much as I liked to and quite frankly, most of July featured terrible weather - so most photos were so dull and dreary. I convinced myself to post something, as I know that I will like to look back on them in the future - here is last month's post for your consideration. I did find these two shots, hidden between pictures of review toys, and although they aren't all that interesting they pretty much sum up the month. We've all been feeling lockdown so much more in July - especially when the government put restrictions on Lancashire again. We are feeling a bit deflated and I know many other families will be in the exact same boat. Here's to a better August.

Living Arrows

Disney Marie & Thumper Plush Soft Toys from Siso Toys UK - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

Disney is near and dear to many people's hearts and it's no different in our family. We love the classic Disney films and the new - Disney+ has been a lifesaver during lockdown! I also have a secret to share - Noah and Ava don't know it yet but we are going to Disneyland Paris next year! With this in mind, you can understand how excited I was to accept some of the new Disney Plush toys to review.

Brought to you by Siso Toys UK there's an array of different Disney characters to collect. The new range features classic characters that we all know and love, favourites from Bambi, The Aristocats, 101 Dalmations, Lady & The Tramp, and more. They are also available in two sizes, 17cm & 35cm, with a third size, 25cm, being released later on in the year. I'm glad we didn't have to choose which ones we wanted to review as we would struggle because they are all so beautiful and many of them are our favourite characters.

We received a 35cm plush of Marie from The Aristocats - RRP: £19.99 and a 17cm Thumper from Bambi - RRP: £9.99 for the purpose of this review. As you can see they are very true to their characters in the classic movies and they are absolutely adorable. You can't beat a classic soft toy, especially when they are made to this standard. The attention to detail is astounding and they are so soft and cuddly.

Ava has cuddled both plushes ever since they arrived and the day they arrived she insisted on watching The Aristocats and Bambi with both sitting on her lap - as you can see by the photos above. With so many Disney characters being immortalised by film I can imagine this collection will be ever so popular. As well as the Classic collection, there are more of Disney plushes to collect 
across a variety of ranges, such as Frozen 2, Toy Story, Mickey, Minnie, and more. The range is available to buy now instore at Tesco - I think we might have to collect a few more!

Top Tips For Travelling Abroad With Children

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Travelling is a big part of our life, especially when it comes to going abroad - it's one of our favourite things to do as a family. I have fond memories of visiting different countries as a child (although I never went anywhere exotic) so it's always been something I wanted to be able to experience with my own children - create our own memories in new places.

Noah and Ava have been fortunate enough to go on holiday numerous times already, both abroad and locally. Noah was two years old the first time he went on holiday and Ava was just 12 weeks old - everybody wanted to cuddle her on the plane! We had planned to take them abroad with us every year but of course, 2020 has been a write-off. When COVID struck we knew it wouldn't be on the cards for us this year, like many other travelers, and that was ok. There's always next year or the year after. We've already been pricing up holidays to Spain with Voyage PrivĂ© - it's something to look forward to.

I know that many people feel anxious about the thought of traveling abroad with young children - so much so that some of my friends have vowed to wait until their children are older, or refuse to even entertain the idea. Personally, I've found travelling abroad with babies and children relatively easy and it shouldn't be something that needs to be shied away from. With this in mind, I decided to put together some of my top tips for traveling with children.

Prepare everything in advance.
This is a no-brainer, but preparing everything in advance is the key to making travelling a no-stress zone. Weeks before we travel I create numerous lists; items I need to buy, things I need to pack, points I need to remember, and so on. I pack all of our cases at the same time and make sure that everything is ticked off before I zip up those suitcases. The night before we travel, I have the buggy and the suitcases lined up by the door and the passports, money, documents, and tickets secured in my hand luggage. I cannot sleep unless I have done this - travelling is perhaps the only time that i am this organised! I also recommend weighing your suitcases and hand luggage before you go so you don't have to reorganise your belongings at the airport.

Keep them awake at the airport.
We usually book flights for 6am as they tend to be cheaper and it means we don't lose a whole day due to travelling. The early flight times mean that we have to be up and out the door for 2am and although it's very tiring it adds to the excitement - the kids love it! We then attempt to keep them awake during the transfer and while we are at the airport so they have a nice sleep on the plane. It's usually quite easy to do because they are so excited to be going on holiday! 

Pack a flight bag for your child.
Speaking to fellow parents, I know that the flight itself is the part of travelling which they worry about the most. They hear and read stories about children screaming the entire time and them having to be seated next to complete strangers (honestly, just prebook and pay for designated seats for peace of mind.) In all the flights we've taken together as a family we've never had either of those problems and we haven't witnessed other children have them too. It's quite easy to keep children entertained and preoccupied even when in a plane, high up in the sky. My top tip is to simply pack a flight bag for your child - fill it full of new and old surprises for them to discover on your journey. Noah and Ava both have their own little rucksacks that they use every time we travel. I fill them with blind bags, books, stickers, play-doh, toys, snacks, and a favourite cuddly toy or two. I also make sure to take an iPad with me too but more often than not it's not needed as they often fall asleep mid-flight. When they do finally fall asleep, enjoy a gin or a cup of coffee - you deserve it. 

Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

Living Arrows - June 2020

Better late than never, here are my Living Arrow photo's for June 2020. Another month in lockdown, our third and it's quickly becoming the new normal. Here is last month's post. We are getting used to not seeing our friends and family as often as we'd like to and being more housebound - which is good in a way because it makes day to day life easier but it's also quite sad. I hope when things do go back to how things were that we are all able to adjust back to how we used to be. That said, we make sure to stretch our legs every day and we still go on many local adventures together, with Tucker of course. These three shots were taken at the start of the month, at Rowley Lake which is a local fishing spot and nature reserve. It's such a picturesque walk and a great place for the kids and puppy to explore. Talking about the dog, can you spot him on one of these photos? I promise he's somewhere!

Living Arrows