Sleep regression, teething and a leap!

Noah is currently going through a huge development leap but we are nearing the end now thankfully. It has lasted weeks and has been difficult for Noah at times. Not only is he going through this difficult leap but he is also teething but seems to be dealing with it well. He is constantly drooling and chewing on anything he can get his hands on. It doesn't end there we are now going through the dreaded four month sleep regression too. He is still sleeping a minimum of 12 hours but it's not quality sleep as he is frequently waking up and fretting. He is also waking up in the early hours for a bottle which he hasn't done since he was a newborn. I can't really complain about being woken up a dozen times as he has been brilliant when it comes to sleep and has slept through since he was 12 weeks old. We've been really lucky when it comes to sleep. 

 All this combined makes one grumpy baby. Considering everything that is going on he isn't too hard work but he is just not himself. Today was a particularly whingy day but nothing a few Mummy cuddles didn't cure. I still managed to get a smile from him here and there. 

What did you find helped when going through a leap? Do you have any tips when it comes to sleep regression? Or tips when it comes to teething? 

Noah's new best friend

Move over Alfie bear there's a new toy in town! Scout!

I'm a sucker when it comes to buying treat's for Noah and I had my eye on Scout for a while. He is an interactive puppy from Leapfrog which plays songs, talks, laughs, plays music and much more. You can even personalise him to say your child's name, spell it out and use the name in songs. 

When I introduced Noah to Scout this week his eyes turned to saucers, he reached out, grabbed him and starting cooing and smiling at him. Too blooming cute! I love it now he is interacting with toys now, it's so incredible watching him learn new things everyday! 

Do you have any favourites when it comes to your child's toys? 

Review: Lollipop Lane Bodysuits

One of my favourite stores to shop at when it comes to all things baby has got to be Lollipop Lane. From bedding to toys to furniture, Lollipop Lane has it all. I find their designs to be fresh, funky and original, they definitely put their own stamp on everything they stock. They are also a lovely friendly bunch too! 

Noah was recently sent a pack of Lollipop Lane bodysuits to try out. I requested them in the next size up so they have been hung in Noah's wardrobe for a few weeks and I've been itching for him to wear them as they are so cool. 

The pack contains 5 bodysuits complete with envelope neckline and nickle free poppers which makes dressing Noah a lot easier and a lot less drama free. What I love about the pack is that each design is different; grey with multicolour stars, blue and grey stripes, muticolour stripes, grey I love Daddy applique and white I love Mummy applique. All of which are 100% cotton which is ideal for my baby's skin. 

I loved each one but my personal favourite has got to be the blue stripes as I love Noah in stripes and in blue. 

I found them to be super soft, top quality and very generous on the sizing which is always is what all Mummy's want to hear as babies grow out of things way too fast and cost a fortune. They are also have some stretch too so I think they are a great buy as they will last longer than standard body suits.

On testing our first vest Noah was promptly sick all down the front of it while having an accident in his nappy too. I mention this because the vest was stained and I was dreading throwing it into the wash as I thought it wouldn't come out. I soaked it in cold water before the wash and thankfully there was no stain. I don't know if this reflects on the quality but I thought I would mention it as Noah has worn things in the past and I have soaked them and they have still stained. So thought it was worth a mention! 

The weather was a little warmer last week so Noah was wearing one of the vests with a pair of shorts and he looked so cute. They are too nice to be hidden under a tshirt or a babygrow, they need to be shown off! I think they are the perfect vests for spring and summer. Now where did the sun go? 

I was sent the vests for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own. 

Review: Freeva Cloth Nappies

Before trying out our Freeva nappy I was a cloth nappy virgin. Ever since having Noah I was toying with the idea of trying cloth. When I saw the PR request asking if any bloggers would like to test out a Freeva cloth nappy I inquired straight away, this was our chance! I was offered a variety of different nappies to choose from but I decided to play it safe and go for Snowy white, after all what's cuter than a little baby in a bright white nappy?

Freeva nappies are;
One size. They fit both babies and toddlers from 6lb to 33lb. 
Made out of waterproof fabric on the outside and soft fabric inside.
All Freevia nappies are supplied with 1 microfiber insert.
The waistband is fastened with velcro. 
Poppers to adjust the height of the nappy.
Come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. 
Excellent value for money. 
They retail at £10.95. 

On arrival I loved the quality. I had nothing to compare it to but I wasn't expecting it to feel as good as it did. I envied Noah's botty for being able to wear something so soft! 

Freeva nappies come with a set of instructions which was a god send for a newbie like me. I wouldn't of had a clue about pre washing them and probably would of put the nappy straight onto Noah which would of been a big error. Pre washing the nappies a couple of times enhance the absorbency. 

Our very first experience with a cloth nappy was very positive. Not only did Noah look absolutely adorable kicking about in cloth but he also looked very comfortable too. He was in the nappy a little longer than I planned as he ended up taking an unexpected nap in his pram so it did leak around the legs but that was after 3 hours. That being said I was very impressed because the nappy only had the one insert and Noah is also a heavy wetter. I have to add how easy they are to wash and dry too which is important to us parent's.  

My only negative is that it would be better if Freeva nappies were supplied with two inserts rather than the one. That is my only niggle. 

Freeva not only provide a whole range of different nappy designs but they are also excellent quality and at a very affordable price. I am already contemplating buying my very own Freeva starter kit because we love cloth! 

If you fancy trying cloth yourself then Freeva could be for you. Enter CHICGEEKDIARY at the checkout to get 5% off your order. You can use the voucher code as often as you like, so tell your friends too!

Have you tried cloth? What did you think?

I was sent this nappy for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own. 

Photoshoot - 4 Months Old

Today I dug out my old DSLR and decided to spend the afternoon taking photo's of my favourite subject; my baby. 

I did this back when he was 2 months old and I really wish that I had done it every single month. I have always been obsessed with taking photo's but these days most of the pictures I take are on my iphone, which is a real shame. I intend on using my nikon a lot more as an iphone picture will never compare. 

Here are some of the photo's I took today. Noah loved posing for the camera, it's safe to say he is used to it already! 

Weaning: First tastes

If you read the blog or follow me on twitter or facebook you will probably already know that Noah and I have just started our weaning journey. If you missed the post you can read it here. I felt very conflicted about it but felt that it was in Noah's best interests to start weaning at 4 months. I thought we would give it a go and if he wasn't ready I would stop. The way he has taken to solids has made me certain we have started at the right time. He is absolutely loving it. He will whinge if you don't have another spoonful ready by the time he has eaten the first. He also grabs the spoon, tries to feed himself and makes om nom nom noises. He really enjoys it!

I only intend on giving him baby rice, porridge, fruit and veg puree's for the next month or so. When we get to 6 months I am then going to switch to BLW and see how we get on. 

Noah's very first taste was plain baby rice, which didn't go down very well. He then tried porridge, which he devoured. His first fruit was pear and his first vegetable was carrot. 

So far Noah has tried;

Baby rice. 
Baby rice mixed with pear puree.
Baby porridge. 
Baby porridge mixed with pear puree.
Banana baby porridge.
Pear puree. 
Carrot puree. 
Banana puree (first time trying it this morning!) 

All puree's are homemade and very easy to make. Especially the pear puree! If using ripe pears all you need to do is wash them, peel them, blend them! So simply to make and it tastes amazing. It's no wonder it is Noah's favourite. 

I mix a bit of his milk into everything that he has tried so far. I know you can add cooled boiled water but I like to add his milk. As well as making it a bit more palatable it is also great to add as it warms up the puree a little if the milk is warm. It's also good to use if your puree is a little thick needs a little moisture. 

I intend on making fresh puree's and foods for him as often as I can. I have no problem using premade pouches and jars though and have a collection of different brands to try in our cupboard. With his first tastes I wanted to stick to fresh homemade puree's as I thought it would be easier on his stomach. 

What were your little one's first tastes? 

A walk in the park

Spring is here!

We are finally getting milder weather and it's so nice to enjoy a little sun when it decides to make an appearance. Due to the nicer weather we have been getting out the house a lot more and enjoying the fresh air which is great for Noah cause he really enjoys it and it's great for me cause it's a little excersize. 

During the week we go on numerous walks to our local park. I found the park by chance one day while we were on a wander and it's ended up being our special spot. Noah and I go by ourselves a lot during the week, Nanna comes with us one day during the week when she comes to visit and at the weekend Daddy comes too. Noah would always be asleep by the time we got to the park but the last few times he has been awake. I've taken him out his pram and he has loved it. My Mum was carrying him and I was walking beside him and he found it hilarious and would watch everything that I did. He loved being shown the trees, grass and bushes. My little bush baby! This taste of Spring is making me so excited for Summer!

 Where do you like to take your little ones? 

To wean or not to wean? That is the question..

The moment you become pregnant your life changes forever. Long gone are the days where you only think of yourself. Your baby always comes first. When you have a baby there are endless decisions you have to make for yourself and your child. Along with those endless decisions are the endless judgements and criticisms from every Tom, Dick and Harry. Left, right and center you get opinions from everyone whether it's asked for or not. As a Mum you always put your child first and always have their best interests at heart. A Mummy knows what is best for their child and should never feel they have to explain why they are doing this or that. I love chatting with other Mum's, sharing stories and experiences but I am not a fan of when other Mum's think the way they do things is gospel and what you are doing is wrong. Not all babies are the same and neither are their parents or their parenting methods.

The recommended weaning age is now 6 months. Noah is now 4 months old and has been showing signs for weaning for the past few weeks. I know that nutritionally babies can survive on breast milk or formula alone for the first 6 months but not all babies are the same. He might not need a spoonful of puree here and there but he wants it and I am not going to say no because the guidelines say so. (Oh I rhymed!)  

Noah has been watching us eat for weeks and is really interested in food. The past two weeks he has lost interest in his milk, although he is having more he doesn't devour it like he once did. When we are eating he will push his bottle out of his mouth, lick his lips, drool and then whinge. I was eating a pear a week ago and he was going berserk. I then showed him the pear which he grabbed out of my hand, he brought it up to his mouth and began sucking and gnawing on it. I then took it off him and he began to cry. If this isn't a sign that my baby wants something more, then what is?

I did want to leave it as long as I possibly could but our weaning journey has begun! He has already tried baby porridge, which he loves. He opens his mouth for the spoon and whines if you don't have another spoonful ready by the time he has eaten it! 

I am planning on giving him a few spoonfuls of baby porridge mixed with homemade pear puree for his breakfast after he has had his morning feed. After a while I am then going to introduce carrot puree for his dinner with his evening bottle. I am going to take it very slow and at Noah's speed. See how we get on. Wish us luck!

At what age did you wean your baby? Do you have any weaning tips? 

Baby Diary: 4 Months Old

Another month has passed us by Noah Nicholas. You are now a whopping 4 months old, no longer a tidgey baby but growing into a big boy. Every month I say how fast it has flown by and how much you have learnt and developed and I will say it again, because you have. I love you to bits.

You are still such a character and are getting cheekier by the day! You are so silly and giddy yet serious and almost brooding. You are hilarious. My days are filled with constant gummy grins as everything I say to you gets a big smile in return. I will never grow old of those smiles. You are still a major Mummies boy and we love our days together but you are also besotted with your Daddy too.

You haven't been weighed this month but you must be around the 15lb mark. You now wear 3-6m in everything and they fit you perfectly. Everyone comments on how big you are but to me and to the health visitors you are bang on what size you "should" be. In the last week or two I think you have really bulked up though so the next time you are measured and weighed I wouldn't be surprised if you have gone up a percentile or two. You aren't very chubby yet though, you have a long torso, legs and arms just like Mummy and Daddy.

We've been fortunate again this month when it comes to your health. A few niggles here with constipation but nothing to write home about. Your last lot of injections weren't very pleasant though and you were out of sorts for a good week after them. We need to book you in for your next ones this week and I am dreading it. You would think it would get easier taking you but it doesn't, it gets harder. 

I now make up 7oz bottles for you at every feed as you drink between 5oz or 7oz throughout the day. You aren't very consistent with how much you want at each feed so it is better for us just to make up the 7oz. You feed every 3 hours during the day. In the last week or two your love for your milk seems to have dwindled. You still have what you should but you don't seem to enjoy it as much. It's hard to explain but a Mummy knows. You have also begun paying a lot of attention to us when we eat, so much so that you will stop drinking your bottle to watch us eat. Last week when I was eating a pear you was watching me so closely that I showed you the pear. You then took it from my hand, pushed it onto your mouth and began gnawing and sucking on it. You absolutely loved it and actually complained when I took it off you. After a lot of deliberation after watching you on many occasions I decided to give you a little baby porridge here and there. You are only having a spoonful or two a day and you are still having plenty of milk so I don't see the harm in a little baby porridge. I know the recommended weaning age is now 6 months but not every baby is the same. If my baby is wanting to try food I am not going to not give him any because of what the guidelines say. This is my choice as a Mother. I shall be writing a post about this soon and will be blogging all about our journey. 

You are such a good sleeper, at the moment! Last month you wouldn't settle until 11pm but this month you have brought it back even more and settle for 9pm or 10pm at the latest which is fab for my little night owl. You are still sleeping through and sleep on average 14 hours a night without waking for a feed. You do begin to fidget in bed around 6am once Daddy has got up for work but I bring you into bed with me. I know this is a bad habit but I enjoy being close to you. We recently moved you into your cot beside our bed. We had no issue whatsoever switching you from moses basket to cot. First night in the cot and you was out like a light, you are fabulous. 

Napping has gotten better this month too. Some days you still prefer to stay awake most of the day but some days you have frequent cat naps. It's such an improvement to how you were. Your favourite place to nap is in your pram and you have almost mastered self soothing. I didn't do any of the let your baby cry malarkey it is something that you have learnt yourself, with a little help from your dodo and comforter. I'm a firm believer that give your baby time and encouragement and they will master these things themselves, when they are ready.


- You have mastered the head control! Finally! No more nodding baby. You are very strong posture wise. I sit you on my lap and you do try to hold yourself up with very little help from me. 

- Giggles! We've had a few giggles but you still aren't giving them freely. Your first distinctive laugh was when I tickled your armpit when undressing you. I almost burst into tears! If I try to make you laugh by tickling you it doesn't work. You only find it ticklish when we aren't trying to tickle you. It's almost like you can only laugh by mistake at the moment, if that makes sense? When we say or so something funny you open your mouth into the biggest grin ever and make sounds that resemble a laugh like "HA AH" like you are trying to. I am sure in a week or two you will be there! 

- Sleeping through. You still sleep through. It's a milestone I have to mention again because I know we are so lucky for you to be sleeping through already. 

- Playing with toys. You now don't only bash toys but can grab them, wave them about and bring them to your mouth. You love sitting in your pram or on my knee with a few toys on your lap. You especially love toys that crinkle. Your favourite toys have got to be your Logan the Lion, Feel me Fish and Sophie la Giraffee. 

- Recognition. You now know when your bottle is coming. As soon as we put the bib on you begin getting excited. Once you see the bottle the excitement amps up and you make the cutest mouth movements in anticipation. You also know the sound of the front door, when it opens you stop what you are doing and look for who is going to come through the door. You are such a clever little boy. 

- Touch. You have an adorable habit of grabbing out hands, pulling them to you and then you stroking our skin. It is a comforter to you and a comforter to us as parents. So endearing. 

- You can take your dummy out of your mouth and sometimes put it back in. You also grab hold of the bottle and shove it into your mouth. You can't feed yourself yet but we have switched to big bottles now so I think they are a little heavy for you. 

- Pulling. You now pull my hair at every chance you can get. I am contemplating cutting it all off. 

- Pram. You are no longer in your carrycot on the pram but in your big boy seat. You love your pram even more because of this and we love going on walks together with it. 

- Cot. You are no longer in your moses basket but in your cot beside me. You love the extra room and are content laying it in while awake. 

- Showers. You took your first ever shower last week. How? I hear you ask? We sit you in your bath seat which resembles a bouncer in the bath. I turn on the shower and make sure it is the correct temperature. I then gently wash you while you sit there. It's a lot quicker and you really enjoy it. 

Things you like

- Dummy. You love your dummy but we use it a lot less during the daytime now. Daytime is chat and play time. Dummy is for naps, screaming do's and just before bedtime. 

- TV. Still a TV addict. No matter what we do or show you your eyes always make their way back to the TV.

- Walks. When the weather is nice we go out for walks around the park. It's getting milder now so having a lot more days out. You would always be asleep by the time we got to the park but we have had two occasions where you have been awake and we've taken you out the pram to have a look around. You love being out and about. 

- Pram. You love your pram even more this month now we have put in the seat. You are parent facing for the moment but do love to stare at me so are happy with it for the time being. You love sitting in your pram playing with toys, you love to nap in it and go out for walks. A huge fan of the pram. 

- Changing mat. I don't know why I haven't mentioned this before but one of your favourite places to be is led on your changing mat. You can be having a major hissy fit and we only need to lay you on it and you are all smiles. I don't understand it but we are big fans of it too for this reason. 

- Kisses. Kisses on your cheeks and neck create the worlds biggest smiles and almost laughs. 

- Blankets. You are a major blanket lover. For warmth, comfort and even toys. It's a good job you love them so much because I have a dozen of them. 

- Nappy changes. You love having your nappy changed but it's hard to change you now as you wriggle about like mad when I am trying to get a clean nappy on you. You would prefer to be nappy free I think! 

- Sophie la Giraffe has joined the Noah Favourites list this month. You aren't chewing on her just yet but when you are crying all I need to do is give her a little squeak and you babble and smile away at her. 

- Showers. You love having quick showers in the mornings. 

- The car. Still a huge fan of Daddy's car. 

Things you don't like

- Sitting in the backseat alone. This sounds strange but sometimes I will sit in the front passenger seat of the car if we are going on short trips but recently I have noticed that you don't approve. When I do you will whinge until we stop the car and I sit beside you. Bless you. 

- Waiting for your milk. If you spots the bottle before it's anywhere near your mouth you will not be happy! I tend to hide it until we are ready to avoid the upset. 

- Jumperoo. We recently bought you your Jumperoo and you aren't sold on it just yet. You will entertain the idea for a few minutes but want to get out of it as soon as possible. Same with your Mama's and Papa's snug seat, you aren't a fan just yet. 

- Sneezes. I can't remember the last time I was able to sneeze freely. If I forget and sneeze you begin to cry hysterically. You hate sneezes, they really scare you. I always hold my nose if I feel a sneeze coming on. The things you do for your children!

You are one incredible little man Noah Nicholas and I am insanely proud of you. Love you so much baby boy. 

Slimming World - Magic Pancakes

I recently jumped on the Slimming World bandwagon and so far, so good. I've just begun my fourth week and I have lost a total of 8lb. That sounds good but it's not really as I lost a whooping 7lb in my first week, maintained on my second and lost just a single lb on my third. It's my fault for my slow loss in the previous two weeks because as soon as it gets to the weekend I seem to fall off plan and sabotage myself. I don't necessarily pig out but I eat what I shouldn't, eat way too many syns and don't count them either. This weekend it is all change. No cheating this weekend!  

Slimming World is fantastic and it really is not a diet. It's a lifestyle change. I am really enjoying cooking fresh, healthy and balanced foods. We are saving a lot of money and as I cook every day now I feel like I am becoming a lot more confident in the kitchen.

One of my favourite treats have got to be pancakes. Smothered in nutella, stuffed with chopped banana and sprinkled with sugar. When I discovered there was a Slimming World alternative that was just as good, if not better! I had to try it myself. 

Magic Pancakes-

35g porridge oats (hexB)
Muller Light
2 Eggs

Measure out 35g of oats into a bowl 
Pour in any flavour Muller light (I like toffee or banana and custard)
Beat in two eggs (Or more if you prefer) 
Add a generous helping of sweetner and mix it all up 
Heat your frying pan and spray with fry light
Pour pancake mix into pan, make them as big or as small as you like 
Cook on med/high for a few minutes

These pancakes are totally syn free and you can keep them syn free by serving them with sweetner and chopped fruit or with fat free yoghurt. I like my Magic Pancakes a little bit naughty with a tablespoon of nutella (5 syns) and chopped bananas. Delicious! Great for breakfast or brunch.But I prefer them as a night time treat once the baby is in bed. Mummy treat time! 

What are your Slimming World favourites? 

A double Anniversary

Today is not just a special day for not one reason but two! Today is the anniversary of two of the most important events in my life.. 

Today is mine and Nick's 6 year anniversary, we have been together for 6 years! On one hand it feels like only yesterday when we were chatting all night over MSN and arranging to meet up. And on the other it feels like I have known him forever and can't remember life without him. 

Nick and I met through mutual friends. We had seen each other out and about vaguely a few times. He was so shy and was even nervous about friend requesting me on myspace. He finally added me and we begun talking and well what do you know, we ended up hitting it off. 

The next thing I type will sound really daft, very dramatic and extremely cheesy but it's the truth. The night we first kissed I felt something, like something clicking into place. I knew that we would be together for the long haul and that it was meant to be. I don't know why and I'm not the most romantic or overly affectionate person but that is how I felt at that moment in time and ever since. I can't even put it into words but I knew we were going to be something special. I was right cause here I am typing this 6 years later with our baby in our arms and about to buy our very first home together. 

Not only is it our anniversary but it is also exactly 1 year ago that I found out I was pregnant! That's right, we got our positive pregnancy test on our anniversary after just 1 month of trying to conceive. It was meant to be. I will never forget the moment I found out and saw that little red line appearing. I had never felt happiness like it, not until Noah was born. 

I am going to spend the whole day appreciating what we have as I am so lucky. Not only do I have Nick in my life but now I have Noah too. 

What's in my Changing Bag?

I've seen dozen's of these changing bag posts and they have always fascinated me. Even before I had a baby I used to love having a nosey at what was inside other people's handbags and changing bags. Via blog's of course, I've not been rooting through people's belongings! So you could say I'm a big nosey parker. These posts are great because you can see if you have missed an essential that you can add to your bag or discover a new innovative product that you didn't know about. 

So here is what is inside my changing bag-

First of all I first have to say how much I love my changing bag! I was lucky enough to win it before Noah was born and at first I thought it was too posh and too dressy for an everyday changing bag but how wrong was I. I bought two other different changing bags but ended up selling them as I am obsessed with this bag and I don't want to use any other. It is a Storksak changing bag from Babes with Babies.

Bottles - I always carry a couple of bottles of freshly boiled water in our bag. Depending on how long we will be out determines how many I pack. I carry more bottles than we need just in case we decide to go on a spontaneous day out. We use MAM anti colic bottles and they are perfect for Noah. 

Milk dispenser - In the early days I was carting formula around in tupperwear, which was a nightmare! It was only recently that I discovered the Avent milk dispensers which are perfect for storing your scoops of formula when you are on the go. They have 3 sections for 3 feeds and it's very easy to use.

Thermal bottle warmer - I keep the water in his bottles warm until we need them by using thermal bottle warmers as Noah does prefer his milk warm. 

Dummy & Dummy wipes - Noah is a dummy lover and we always carry a spare in a steralised container just in case we lose the one he has in. On our trip to Babies R Us last weekend I spotted Dummy steraliser wipes which I thought were a great idea. I haven't used them yet but I have packed them for when we need them. 

Nappies & Wipes - We alternate between Mamia and Pampers nappies. They both fit Noah great and both last throughout the night without leaking. I like the look of Pampers more than the Aldi ones but they both feel soft and we've had no issue's with nappy rash either. We use a lot of different brands of wipes. Favourites being pampers, huggies and mamia. We usually carry 4 or 5 nappies in our bag and 1 pack of wipes. 

Sudocrem - Noah has been relatively rash free but I do like to carry it just in case we see a little flare up. Any red mark and I slather it on as a precaution. He has always had really good skin though. 

Change of clothes - If we have an accident whether it be sickcident or a poocident it doesn't matter because we always have a spare change of clothes. I pack a spare vest or two and a babygrow. This is also good if we are out late and I want to dress him for bed before we get home. 

Hat - As it is still chilly he always has a hat on when we are out and about. If he hasn't got one one at the time or if we are in the car I take it off and put it in the bag as he does get a sweaty head very easily! 

Bibs - Never one, we need a couple of bibs stashed in there. Noah is sometimes sick a little after his feed but he has also become a bit drooly so he tends to always have a bib on at the moment. 

Muslin Cloth - Another great item that takes up literally no space in your bag, muslin cloths. Great for mopping up sick, drool, spilled milk etc. I also use them for a changing mat if I forget to take my travel one and is also nice for a comforter, if clean of course.

Sophie le Giraffe - The most famous giraffe in the world! Noah is always chewing his hands and has a new found love for Sophie. He has figured out he can shove her in his mouth and have a good gnaw on her. Not only is she good for teething but when he is being cranky I give her a squeak and he seems to snap out of his mood and begins chatting away to her. So adorable. 

Logan the Lion - We have a collection of Lamaze toys now but Noah's favourite is Logan the Lion. If Logan isn't clipped onto the car seat or pram he is usually being carted around in my bag. We love Lamaze. 

Comforter - Noah has a dozen comforters and absolutely adores them. When he is sleeping or taking a nap he likes to have one against the side of his face, he finds it so soothing. He also likes to play with them. I will put one on his chest and he will grab it, pull it up to his face and try to eat it.

You have probably noticed that I don't pack any of my things in his bag. I seem to travel light now that I have a baby. My essentials; purse, phone, keys I tend to carry in my big coat pockets.

I hope I haven't missed anything off the list. What do you carry in your changing bag?