What's in my Changing Bag?

I've seen dozen's of these changing bag posts and they have always fascinated me. Even before I had a baby I used to love having a nosey at what was inside other people's handbags and changing bags. Via blog's of course, I've not been rooting through people's belongings! So you could say I'm a big nosey parker. These posts are great because you can see if you have missed an essential that you can add to your bag or discover a new innovative product that you didn't know about. 

So here is what is inside my changing bag-

First of all I first have to say how much I love my changing bag! I was lucky enough to win it before Noah was born and at first I thought it was too posh and too dressy for an everyday changing bag but how wrong was I. I bought two other different changing bags but ended up selling them as I am obsessed with this bag and I don't want to use any other. It is a Storksak changing bag from Babes with Babies.

Bottles - I always carry a couple of bottles of freshly boiled water in our bag. Depending on how long we will be out determines how many I pack. I carry more bottles than we need just in case we decide to go on a spontaneous day out. We use MAM anti colic bottles and they are perfect for Noah. 

Milk dispenser - In the early days I was carting formula around in tupperwear, which was a nightmare! It was only recently that I discovered the Avent milk dispensers which are perfect for storing your scoops of formula when you are on the go. They have 3 sections for 3 feeds and it's very easy to use.

Thermal bottle warmer - I keep the water in his bottles warm until we need them by using thermal bottle warmers as Noah does prefer his milk warm. 

Dummy & Dummy wipes - Noah is a dummy lover and we always carry a spare in a steralised container just in case we lose the one he has in. On our trip to Babies R Us last weekend I spotted Dummy steraliser wipes which I thought were a great idea. I haven't used them yet but I have packed them for when we need them. 

Nappies & Wipes - We alternate between Mamia and Pampers nappies. They both fit Noah great and both last throughout the night without leaking. I like the look of Pampers more than the Aldi ones but they both feel soft and we've had no issue's with nappy rash either. We use a lot of different brands of wipes. Favourites being pampers, huggies and mamia. We usually carry 4 or 5 nappies in our bag and 1 pack of wipes. 

Sudocrem - Noah has been relatively rash free but I do like to carry it just in case we see a little flare up. Any red mark and I slather it on as a precaution. He has always had really good skin though. 

Change of clothes - If we have an accident whether it be sickcident or a poocident it doesn't matter because we always have a spare change of clothes. I pack a spare vest or two and a babygrow. This is also good if we are out late and I want to dress him for bed before we get home. 

Hat - As it is still chilly he always has a hat on when we are out and about. If he hasn't got one one at the time or if we are in the car I take it off and put it in the bag as he does get a sweaty head very easily! 

Bibs - Never one, we need a couple of bibs stashed in there. Noah is sometimes sick a little after his feed but he has also become a bit drooly so he tends to always have a bib on at the moment. 

Muslin Cloth - Another great item that takes up literally no space in your bag, muslin cloths. Great for mopping up sick, drool, spilled milk etc. I also use them for a changing mat if I forget to take my travel one and is also nice for a comforter, if clean of course.

Sophie le Giraffe - The most famous giraffe in the world! Noah is always chewing his hands and has a new found love for Sophie. He has figured out he can shove her in his mouth and have a good gnaw on her. Not only is she good for teething but when he is being cranky I give her a squeak and he seems to snap out of his mood and begins chatting away to her. So adorable. 

Logan the Lion - We have a collection of Lamaze toys now but Noah's favourite is Logan the Lion. If Logan isn't clipped onto the car seat or pram he is usually being carted around in my bag. We love Lamaze. 

Comforter - Noah has a dozen comforters and absolutely adores them. When he is sleeping or taking a nap he likes to have one against the side of his face, he finds it so soothing. He also likes to play with them. I will put one on his chest and he will grab it, pull it up to his face and try to eat it.

You have probably noticed that I don't pack any of my things in his bag. I seem to travel light now that I have a baby. My essentials; purse, phone, keys I tend to carry in my big coat pockets.

I hope I haven't missed anything off the list. What do you carry in your changing bag?


  1. You've inspired me to do my own changing bag post!


  2. We use the dummy wipes and they are a godsend x

  3. Milk dispenser is one of the best things i've brought for Darcy, I love the bag also

  4. What a lovely post! I am yet to pack a changing bag because I will be a new mommy any time soon! exciting times ^^