Project 365 - Week 4

24th January - 30th January








The weather has been dreadful this week and we haven't been able to get out as much as I would have liked. We did go to playgroup on Monday where Noah enjoyed a spot of painting, played in the playground and other mischief. We did both catch a cold from going which is typical but thankfully it's just a sniffle. We've brought out the flashcards again this week and he's finally showing an interest in learning and will actually sit still for 5 minutes!  I'm hoping the weather picks up a little next week as we both really hate being cooped in the house. 

Mummy & Me - January

January has flown by so quickly that these are actually the one two photo's I have of Noah and I from the month. They are both so bad quality and Noah isn't looking on either photo but there you go! Here are my Mummy & Me photo's from January.

Our plans for Valentines Day

Nick and I have never been one's to go all out when it comes to Valentines Day. We don't buy into the extravagant gifts and huge gestures as we think that's not what the day is about. It's all about the little things, a day to really appreciate one another, to reminisce and just to just enjoy one another's company.

Being parents to a young child makes it difficult to find the time or energy to do things just as a couple. Come Valentines Day we have decided that we need to have an evening of being Nick and Jen, a couple and not just Mummy and Daddy.

Movie night
We recently upgraded our TV by buying a 4K TV. We are yet to christen it by watching a movie so we are thinking of buying a couple of films to watch on Valentines Day. I'm voting for Dirty Dancing but Nick keeps suggesting Die Hard, I think it should be ladies choice right?! 

A hike 
Okay so this might sound like the most un-romantic thing you could ever think of but Nick and I are on a health and fitness kick and love going on long hikes together, usually with Noah in tow. I think it would be nice to go for a walk together, do a bit of exercise ready for our cheeky meal out. 

Meal out
As I said above we are on a little bit of a health kick this year and I am currently following Slimming World. I've already planned ahead and agreed that come Valentines Day I'm going to have a cheat meal, a bottle of wine and a few choccies! I've lost 8lb so far this year so I think I deserve a little treat, especially on the big day!

Have you made any plans for Valentines Day? If so I would love to know what you are up to! 

- This is a PR Collaboration.

Noah - 2 Years Old

Noah turned 2 back in November and with the madness of his second birthday, Christmas and New Years I am only just getting round to writing his 2 year update, but here it is!


Turning two has certainly given Noah more confidence and independence. He loves to do things for himself, in his own time and in his own way. He knows his own mind that's for sure. He isn't too bad when it comes to tantrums as of yet but when he does have one there are two different types. There are the frustration tantrums which usually arise when he doesn't understand why he can't have his own way. These usually result in him crying out of frustration. With those type of tantrums, I usually get down to his level and talk to him, tell him to calm down and he usually does. We wipe away the tears and 2 minutes later he's over it. The other type of tantrum is rage and thankfully these ones don't happen very often. With these tantrums I usually just ignore it, don't give him rise and again he's usually over it within a minute or two. Like I say he isn't bad at all when it comes to tantrums, he perhaps has 1 or 2 or week but when they do happen we have thankfully sussed out the way which helps him through it. Every child is different and once you've found something that works for you tantrums can be a lot less stressful for both you and your little one.

There isn't a day that goes by where he isn't performing and trying to make you laugh. He is always moving 100 miles an hour and never wants to sit still. He's into everything, especially things he shouldn't be in. He's very clumsy too and probably has an accident every day!

Anyway, apart from all that he is just the same as he's always been, funny, inquisitive, hyperactive, silly, caring, considerate and very polite.

Noah now weighs 2 stone! 2 stone at 2 years! He's at the 70th percentile for his height and around 50th for his weight. He's tall and slender but is solid too. He wears a mixture of 18-24 months and 2-3 year clothes. Most 2-3 is still too big for him but a lot of the 18-24 is too small, so he's in the middle really. It just depends on what brand of clothing he's wearing. He wears a size 5 shoe but I really need to take him to have his feet measured again soon.

Just before Christmas (a week before in fact) Noah had his worst illness to date, he contracted Hand, Foot, and Mouth. It all started when we were at the Christmas party at Playgroup. Noah was so out of sorts, he felt hot and he was crying a lot, he really wasn't himself. When we got home later that day he developed a really high temperature and I noticed a few spots on his bottom. He struggled to sleep that night and then in the morning I noticed lots of sores and ulcers in his mouth. He couldn't eat, drink, have his bottle, have his dummy, it hurt for him to speak. He just cried and cried and cried and it was heartbreaking to not be able to do anything. He would lead us into the kitchen by our hand and tell us he was hungry but there was literally nothing he could manage to eat. In two days he probably had 2 mini milk ice creams and that was it. By the third night, I resorted to using a syringe to get milk into him and thankfully he managed it. It felt great to be able to get something into his belly. Those 3 days were the hardest few days as a parent for both Nick and I. It's heartbreaking when your child is in pain and is grabbing your hand and putting it to their mouth for you to make it better but there is nothing you can do. Thankfully it only lasted those 3 days and once the ulcers had gone Noah certainly made up for the lost time when it came to eating, drinking and sleeping. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to see the back end of that horrible illness.

Noah is still fantastic when it comes to food. There's not much he won't try or eat and we hope that won't change. His favourite meals at the moment are chicken stir fry, roast dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, and tuna pasta bake. He still loves his fruit and veg too. He has 3 set meals a day, with a snack here and there. He also still has his milk, 12oz in the morning and 12oz at night.

Sleep has been a bit hit and miss lately and we have put it down to the 2-year sleep regression. Every age-linked sleep regression he has had so I'm thinking this will be no different. He's like a teenager in a toddler's body, he wants to stay up late at night and then sleep in in the morning. Some nights can be a battle when we put him down as he just doesn't want to sleep or will just start playing up. We will get there. He still enjoys a 2-hour nap in the afternoon too which is great but he doesn't always have one because sometimes I have to keep him up if he's had a lazy morning due to a bad night. I hope we can get back on track soon.

Noah isn't speaking in sentences yet and he doesn't put many words together but he does know a lot of different words. He's not as ahead with speech as some toddlers his age but he's also ahead of others. The way I see it is they all catch up with one another eventually and they will all get it in their own time. Noah recently stopped calling us Mama and Dada and now calls us Mummy and Daddy instead. I find this really odd because no one referred to us as that, so I don't know where he picked it up from! I know that in the next few months the switch will flip and he will be chewing our ear off.  

Potty training
We have introduced the potty recently and when we are at home we tend to keep Noah bare-bottomed. I'm unsure if he is fully ready yet but he has no problem using the toilet or potty when prompted. We are going to keep at it but we aren't pushing anything, just taking it easy and in his own time.

Milestones and new tricks
Noah now knows a lot of new words.
He is learning to count (2,3,2,3) and knows a few shapes (star, circle, moon) we work on these every day but it's hard to teach a child who has the attention span of a gnat. 

We've started potty training.

He can now walk a lot longer without needing to be picked up or go in the pram. Last week he walked an entire mile! 

Favourite things
TOY STORY, Woody and Buzz, the outdoors, going for walks, jumping in puddles, dogs, cats, Milo and Hadley, Teddy and Baby, animals, stickers, cars, dancing, Peppa Pig, fruit, play dough, playgroup, spending time with his family, hide and seek, chase, the park, helping Mummy, snack time, kiki, jumping on the bed. 

3 common causes of back pain and how to avoid them

Chances are, you’ve probably experienced back pain at some point. In fact, I did during pregnancy and it's estimated that around eight out of ten people in the UK will suffer from backache during their lifetime. While not usually considered a serious health risk, the pain caused can be extremely debilitating and make everyday tasks more of a challenge than they should be. If you want to keep your spine in tip-top condition, here are three common causes of back pain and how to avoid them. If you aren't pregnant and suffer from ongoing back problems have you thought about looking into alternative remedies? I've been researching online and have spoken to friends and CBD products are always the first thing recommended to me. Buy CBD gummies UK and read more about them online. I'm going to try them myself and I'll be sure to let you know.

Here are 3 common causes of back pain and how to avoid them.

1. Poor sleeping posture
Sleeping in an unsupported position can cause pressure points along the spine. Most health experts recommend for you to try to avoid lying flat on your back or stomach as this can cause back pain to worsen and leave you feeling sore and stiff in the morning. To relieve strain on your back, sleeping on your side with your knees slightly drawn up to your chest is generally considered the healthiest posture. If you have to sleep on your back, lying with your head and legs slightly raised can help to support the natural curve of the spine. To maintain this position through the night, try propping a pillow under your knees. For a more long-term solution, adjustable beds can help you enjoy a number of comfortable sleeping postures with ease.

2. Sitting for long periods of time
Long periods of inactivity are another well-known cause of backache. If you work in a job that involves sitting at a desk or you regularly drive long journeys in the car, the natural tendency is to hunch or slouch down in your chair. However, while this may feel comfortable at first, it can cause added pressure on the spine and overstretch the muscles in the lumbar region. To avoid these postural problems, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to sit properly. Your buttocks should be pressed against the back of the chair with your shoulders held back, your arms relaxed by your sides and your feet flat on the floor. Bear in mind that you may need to adjust your seat to ensure your spine is properly supported. Taking regular breaks to walk and stretch can also help to stave off aches and pains.

3. Awkward bending and lifting incorrectly
It might sound obvious, but lifting heavy objects and bending awkwardly can wreak havoc on your back. In some cases, it can lead to spinal injury and chronic pain. To avoid damaging your spine, it’s important to know how to lift correctly and avoid any imbalanced bending or twisting postures. Never lift anything that you think is too heavy and always ask for help or use handling support equipment for large items. When bending down to pick up an object, make sure your feet are slightly apart, bend your knees rather than your back and let your legs do the work.

By following simple tips like these, you should be able to maintain a healthy posture and keep your back strong and supple.

Celebrate National Breakfast Week with Organix‏ - Competition

Organix is celebrating National Breakfast Week (24th – 30th January) to help inspire mums and dads to get a great start to the day with their little ones. So why not shake up breakfast time and try something new. For babies, Organix has a range of tasty cereals and for babies, toddlers and mum and dad why not try one of Organix’ simple and tasty recipes.
Dr Frankie Phillips Nutrition Adviser to Organix shares her reasons why eating breakfast is so important, plus some easy, healthy breakfast ideas that babies - and all the family - will love.

* Research shows it really is the most important meal of the day.

* Breakfast is an energy boost - it replenishes and restores the energy that’s been used up overnight, after all it literally means to “break fast”!

* Eating breakfast has been shown to boost mental and physical performance - giving you and your little one more get up and go, and making you more alert for the day ahead.

* Sitting down to eat breakfast together is a great way to start the day as a family.

* Breakfast is a perfect opportunity to fit in a wide range of healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals protein and energy - all needed for your little one’s growth and development.

Top tip: Try starting the day with a relaxed breakfast together. Try not to rush – getting up 15 minutes earlier will make breakfast a far more relaxed affair.

To help you keep breakfast healthy, nutritious, delicious, quick and simple try Frankie’s ideas:

* Use breakfast as a chance to include some of your 5 a day - try adding some chopped banana or dried fruit to cereal or porridge (dried apricots and raisins can boost iron content), or for older family members go for baked beans, mushrooms or tomatoes on a slice of toast. A small beaker of unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice (150 ml) diluted with water also counts.

* Dried breakfast cereal with milk is a quick and easy favourite for all - go for unsweetened cereals. Babies need to drink around 500 - 600 ml of formula or breast milk by the time they are approaching their first birthday, so cereal is a great way of getting them to have the milk they need without using a bottle, and expressed breast milk can be used on cereal too. After one year, your little one can have whole cow’s milk on his cereal.

* Have a protein boost by trying scrambled egg or chopped up boiled egg (make sure it’s cooked through) with a slice of toast, or if you’re in a hurry, toast, spread with cream cheese. Even quicker - stir some dried cereal and frozen berries, or a fruit puree, into whole-milk yoghurt.

* Get the whole family into a porridge habit. It’s a slow release energy food, fills you up and keeps you going, so it’s a great way to start the day. Porridge can be made up with formula or breast milk for your baby. For extra flavour and texture try topping it with fruit puree or dried fruit.

* Mix up a breakfast smoothie using milk, with added fruit and a spoonful of peanut butter.

* If you are having breakfast on the go chop up some banana and mix in some dried breakfast cereal so that your little one can enjoy these as finger foods. Don’t forget to include a cup of his milk to go with it.

Breakfast cereals from Organix
Organix supports you and your little one on your weaning adventure by making it fun, simple and tailored for you – after all, all babies are different! Organix has developed a range of seven baby cereals with a variety of textures and tastes to help your baby explore food at their own pace and help them develop new skills. The cereals have all the benefits you would expect from the award winning Organix baby range – organic ingredients, added vitamin B1, and all the flavour comes from fruit and grains with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. And of course they all come with the Organix No Junk Promise.

For more breakfast recipes, weaning advice and to download your free copy of the Organix Little Book of Weaning please visit You can share your breakfast ideas, recipes, experiences and photos with other parents at #BabiesBreakfastClub.

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Project 365 - Week 3

17th January - 23rd January








Nothing overly exciting happened this week, it was very ordinary. Ordinary but lovely none the less. My Mum came to visit us on Monday which was nice as she hadn't come over since before Christmas. The rest of the week was spent mainly outdoors, in the horrid weather or indoors playing with toys. Love our easy going week days and then family packed weekends.

5 Pregnancy New Year's Resolutions

Making healthy lifestyle choices and looking after yourself are priorities when you’re pregnant, but the demands of life don’t always make things easy. But with New Year approaching, now could be the time to start thinking about specific things you can do to look after your own health, and the health of your unborn baby.

When the 12th chime welcomes in another year, these five New Year’s resolutions should help you to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

1. Maintain a diet that promotes healthy breastfeeding
This isn’t rocket science. If you’re in the third trimester of your pregnancy, you should be aiming to consume around 200 calories more than your recommended daily allowance. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables will promote a healthy digestion and provide you with much-needed energy. And a diet rich in lean meat or good protein will keep your strength up. Try to eat two to three portions of oily fish every week, as the likes of tuna, salmon and trout are rich in omega-3 fatty acids - which promote good cardiovascular health and help your unborn baby’s nervous system to fully develop.

2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day
Exercise doesn’t need to involve intensive sessions at the gym; it could simply involve a brisk walk that gets you slightly out of breath. A great form of exercise when you’re pregnant is swimming. Some vigorous breaststroke for at least 20 minutes, three times a week should give you a great cardiovascular workout, and help you to stay strong in readiness for childbirth. Even when you’re carrying extra weight, the water will support your aching muscles and joints - making the whole experience a great deal easier. Exercise is vital when you’re pregnant, as it offers a range of benefits for both you and your unborn child, including increased energy, increased suppleness and preparation for the rigours of childbirth.

3. Make childbirth as comfortable as possible
Childbirth can be a hugely challenging experience - both physically and mentally. But by planning it in advance, and ensuring that your labour reflects your preferences, the experience can be even more memorable and fulfilling. By having your baby at a private hospital you may have the option of choosing between midwife-led and consultant-led care. The very latest facilities and a multi-disciplinary team of maternity care professionals are available at The Portland Hospital, which is the UK’s largest private maternity hospital. With, consultants on hand around the clock and your own dedicated midwife, having your baby in this environment should enhance the childbirth experience considerably.

4. Involve my family and friends more
Being pregnant can be a challenging experience, and anything you can do to ease or share the burden will help you to cope. If you’re sharing your pregnancy with your partner, make a commitment to talk about any issues you’re experiencing - whether they are related to your body or your state of mind. You might be dealing with heightened emotions, or you could be experiencing chronic back pain. Be open to help and input from those who love you, as simply sharing the pregnancy experience can reduce the stress and worry.

5. Embrace antenatal classes

Antenatal classes cover everything from Pilates to breastfeeding, and they can prove very valuable if you’re at all worried about what lies ahead. Antenatal classes not only prepare you for childbirth and motherhood, they are great opportunities to meet other mums-to-be, share problems and ask for advice. Sometimes, just being around other mums who are experiencing the same issues as you are can be highly therapeutic.

Having a baby is one of life’s great events, and it is an experience that you should cherish forever. But there is no doubt that pregnancy and childbirth can take an emotional toll on both your body and your mind. Welcome the New Year with a new approach to your pregnancy, and you can make a joyous time in your life even more special.

- This is a guest post. 

Colours Colours Everywhere Board Book - Review & Competition

Welcome to the world of colour! Colours Colours Everywhere is an icon-based graphic board book features raised pieces and colourful rhymes to help children discover the wonders of the rainbow, with bright artwork from Samantha Meredith.

With die cuts and raised cardboard pieces on every page to engage little hands, and vibrant, bright pages leading to a dramatic rainbow finale. This book is perfect for little readers age 0-3 to teach an early-learning concept in a fun, relaxed way!

About the Illustrator: Samantha Meredith 
Samantha Meredith graduated from Loughborough University in 2001 with a BA(Hons) in Illustration. She currently works from a little house in North London, drawing pictures all day whilst drinking tea and wearing panda slippers. She spends most of her time designing and illustrating children's books. She also occasionally works in-house for various studios... but sadly leaves the pandas at home. 

About the Author: Libby Walden 
After studying an English Literature degree in Wales, Libby set off to London to find her fortune in the wondrous world of children's books. Now an editor at Caterpillar Books and a book review blogger at Through the Wardrobe, her days are filled with writing, reading and dreaming up new books - and she couldn't ask for more than that.

We recently received this book to review and it's quickly become a firm favourite. It's larger than I expected, which I like and the bright and contrasting colours keep Noah interested. Not only is it pretty to look at but I love how each page is filled with different coloured items and it's really aiding in teaching Noah his colours at the moment. I know this is going to be a book we are going to treasure for a while. 

How would you like to yourself a copy of this lovely book? To enter all you need to do is use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other competitions

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Squid Soap - Review & Competition

Can you imagine your children wanting to keep their hands clean all the time? Even being excited to spend time washing them? It is possible! Squid Soap, is an innovative, gentle children’s soap, which teaches your child to wash their hands properly, in a fun and exciting way. Simply by pushing down on the dispenser, a washable stamp is stamped on their hand, using the creamy lather children can wash the stamp off, and their hands are clean, the bright fun bottle appeals to all ages, and it even comes with a collectable squid bath toy. With 4 fun colours to collect, orange, green, yellow and purple, children will love to collect them all.

Clean hands are essential for hygiene, and Squid Soap will teach your teach your children a lifetime of correct, healthy hand-washing skills. The fun of bright bath toys, and the magic of seeing the different colour stamps disappear from their hands is a fantastic treat for small people; and parents will love the fact that their little ones are washing their hands properly, without supervision. As with all children’s products, safety is paramount, and, as fun as Squid Soap is for your children, parents can be safe in the knowledge that the gentle soap is kind to their skin, and even the washable stamp is gentle and completely removable.

Correct routines mean happier and healthier children, and we all know how quickly germs spread from hands. Squid Soap is an interactive way to let your children have fun and get their hands dirty, with parents safe in the knowledge they with take pride and have fun getting clean afterwards, a completely unique product which makes every day handwashing more fun for kids.
RRP: £1.99 available from Tesco, Superdrug online and in store as well as and many more.

We have been using Squid Soap for a while now and it's certainly made hand washing fun for Noah! He loves to use the pump himself and the little collectable squid really makes him giggle. His favourite thing to do at the moment is to hide it in my shoe, which gives me a little surprise when I feel something squidgy in there! Haha!

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My to do list for 2016

I don't usually write post's like this but there are so many things on my wishlist this year, things we need and things we want to do so I thought the best way to keep track is to pop it all on a blog post.

My to do list for 2016

Learn to drive - 
This is something I have been putting off for years but I would love 2016 to be the year I finally get the courage to go for it! I would love to be able to hop into the car and take Noah on spontaneous days out without having to walk there or have to rely on public transport. 

Buy a new bed - 
They say you should change your mattress every 8 years and I have to embarrassed admit that we've had ours for almost 20 as it was a hand me down from our Grandparents! We would love to buy a new bed frame and double mattress some point this year as not only are we getting sore backs from our old mattress but our bedroom could really do with a nice statement bed.

Expand into the attic
Now this is the scary one on our to do list. We are planning on expanding into the attic so we can add another double bedroom on to our house. We want to have another child soon and we definitely need that extra space.

Revamp the garden
We've just completed a full house renovation and although the house is how we want it that can't be said for our garden. We dug up all the gravel in the front yard last Summer and put down a lawn but it's not quite cutting it for us. We would love to revamp the garden and we've been thinking of putting in some plants and flowers and have also been looking at a variety of different seeds and bulbs. A garden makeover is high up their on our to do list this year.

A makeover for Mummy - 
I recently had my hair cut and donated to the Little Princess Trust. Over 10 inches was cut off for the good cause and I rather surprisingly liked the short hair. That being said I'm still a little bored and have been looking into colouring my hair or even bleaching it blonde this year. I still want a drastic change when it comes to my locks.

A transformation

As well as a makeover I still have my baby weight to lose, 3 stone of it. I'm back on Slimming World and have been working on my fitness too. So far so good and I'm 4lb down already. I have to stick at it this time cause not only do we have a beach holiday coming up but I also need to be at my healthiest weight when we want to try for baby number 2.

Have another baby -
There I said it, I put that out there in the universe. This year I think we will start trying for baby number 2. I think we are ready and I don't want there to be too much of an age gap between Noah and his sibling. We have discussed it and think we will start trying after our holiday in May. Who knows, watch this space!  

What is on your to do list for 2016?

Project 365 - Week 2

10th January - 16th January








Although it's been very cold this week we haven't let it stop us. We've been on an adventure everyday this week, getting lots of fresh air and stretching our legs. Noah's new favourite thing to do is to jump in puddles or throw stones in them so we spent hours doing that this week. He did fall bottom first in a puddle on one of our outings so we had to walk back home with a wet bottom and squidgy wellies. The week has ended with snow and today was the first time Noah has ever walked or played in it. My outdoorsy boy just loves it! 

EcoEgg Laundry Egg Review & Competition

Over the last few years I've made various energy saving changes not to just to better my pocket but to better the environment too. I'm always looking for energy and money saving products and recently I was sent an EcoEgg to review. I'd heard so much about them that I was pretty excited to try it out myself.

EcoEgg is an award winning, eco-friendly, money saving product and is a complete replacement for washing detergent. The product consists of a hard plastic egg which is filled with two types of different mineral pellets which creates a powerful but all natural cleaning foam. Simply put the Laundry Egg in with your washing and it will leave your laundry clean, fresh and soft. 

The Laundry Egg's comes in a range of different natural scents and wash amounts. Choose from Fragrance Free, Soft Cotton or Spring Blossom in either 54, 210 or 720 washes. We were sent the Soft Cotton EcoEgg with 210 washes which is priced at £9.99. You can buy refill pellets at any time and adding them to the egg is very simple to do.

What we love-
- It's natural. 

- It completely replaces washing detergent. 
- Long lasting from 54 to 720 wash per Laundry Egg and it's refillable.
- Dermatologically tested.
- Great for sensitive skin as it contains no nasties and is 100% natural.

- Money saving. With the 210 wash EcoEgg each load works out as 28p per wash.
- Fantastic value for money. 
- Washing comes out clean, fresh and soft.

What we don't love-

There is literally nothing negative I can say about the EcoEgg. I'm just kicking myself that I didn't use it sooner as there's no going back to detergent, powders or capsules for me. EcoEgg is the way forward! 

How would you like to try EcoEgg Laundry Egg for yourself? Well here is your chance! If you would like to win an EcoEgg (Fresh cotton and 210 washes) then all you need to do is enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck! 

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