Crystalina Fairy Dolls - Review

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Ava, like most children her age, is drawn to anything cute and magical - so as you can imagine the new Crystalina dolls were a big hit with her as soon as she set eyes on them. We were sat on the sofa when I surprised her with them. She kept squealing in delight and insisted we take them outside because fairies love the outdoors. Ava can't resist a photo opportunity. She asked what their names were and the green fairy, Adventurine seemed to be her favourite - whereas Amythst was mine.

Crystalina dolls are small, fairy sprites, that are named after different gemstones. They are around 10cm tall - the perfect size for children from four years of age. 
They are bottom-heavy with the LED lights being in their skirts weighs which is clever because they don't topple over. They have pretty faces and bright coloured hair. Simply shake to wake and they light up and glow to show their powerful energy.

There are four Crystalina dolls to collect; Turquoise – The Sprite of Healing, Rose Quartz – The Sprite of Love, Amethyst – The Sprite of Wisdom, and Aventurine – The Sprite of Luck. Each doll comes with a moon stand, hair accessory, light-up wearable pendant, and a fact sheet.

Each doll has a unique aura but they all feature the same light colours and colour patterns. You simply press the special amulet button switch through 10 different coloured lights and patterns which all mean something different. They can also communicate through lights when placed next to one another.
Not only does Ava adore these Crystalina dolls but so do I - they are 100% mum approved. I'm all about empowering our children and the message behind these dolls is just lovely, and something I haven't come across before. Ava likes to match the lights to how she is feeling which I think is wonderful.
  I can see them being a bit hit this Christmas and at just £12.99 you can't go wrong. You can purchase them online at Amazon, or in store at Tesco.

Helping Your Child Find their Passion

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Whether your child’s looking to find a new series of interests or they’re struggling to find something that fully interests them, then it’s time to give your child options to look at different ways of finding what can be their passion. A passion is something that your child can feel invested in and dedicated to which is a really fun time for children to learn and develop their skills in. In this guide from an independent school in Kensington, we take a look at how you can help your child find and develop their passion.

Trial and error is always helpful
It might feel like it’s time-consuming at times, but you can find your child will only develop key interests if they’re given the space to try multiple things. Have your child pick out some activities they’d like to try and go down together to see what they’re all about. Your child will never know what they’re like if they don’t go down to try them, so encourage them to have fun and explore activities that may turn into hobbies.

Encourage open conversations with your child
If your child feels more comfortable finding out what they enjoy, then they’re more likely to try out new things. It’s all about making your child feel confident to try whatever they want to try out, so foster a safe and loving environment for them to do so. This includes open and honest conversations with your child where they feel like they can talk to you about their concerns, wants, and needs.

Motivate your child by boosting their confidence
Fun activities, days out with friends, and trips to the theme park are really inviting for children to try out on a regular basis. It’s also a great way of boosting your child’s confidence by exploring things your child doesn’t necessarily do on a regular basis. It’s a way to experiment with different things with your child while also finding out what they enjoy and what they don’t like.

Puppy-Proofing Tips for Your Home

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Bringing home a new puppy is a very exciting time for all the family. The unconditional love and pure entertainment they bring is priceless, not to mention the motivation to get us out and about for those much-needed walks.

Puppies are a full-time but very rewarding job. They’re naturally inquisitive and can get up to all sorts of mischief exploring their new surroundings. They’re also part of the family and require just as much protection as we do. With that in mind, An Post Insurance have put together six handy tips to help you puppy-proof your home for your new arrival.

Beware of Toxic House Plants
Something we may not even consider is that lots of our household and outdoor plants can be highly toxic to our canine companions and should be kept well out of reach. If you have household plants make sure to do some research to ensure they’re not dangerous to your new pet. PetMD outlines a list of some of the most toxic plants.

Take Care of Everyday Household Items
Just like children, puppies need to be kept away from everyday household substances which could prove toxic to them. Chemicals, cleaning products, and medicines should be stored out of reach – if that’s not possible, add child locks to lower press doors to keep your pup from harm.

Harmful Human Food
Some human foods may seem harmless but could prove fatal to your furry friend. It’s vital to know what foods are toxic to dogs so you don’t unknowingly make them ill, or even worse, cause a fatality. Your best bet would be to avoid feeding them human food at all, but if the temptation proves too much, make sure you’re 100% sure it’s safe for your dog. has put together a list of foods to be avoided and ones that are safe for your best friend to enjoy.

Cover Electrical Wires
Lots of puppies like to chew all and sundry while they are exploring their new world. Electrical wires can prove to be very tempting, but also very dangerous – they should be hidden behind furniture where possible or use cable ties or covers to keep them away from your pet. Sockets should also be covered when not in use.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed
While on their adventures puppies can get into or out of very small spaces so it’s important to make sure windows and external doors are closed at all times so they can’t fall out or make their great escape. Blind chords should also be secured to avoid getting wrapped around your puppy’s neck.

Don’t Leave Small Objects Within Reach
All small objects should be placed out of reach of your puppy. Anything they can reach is fair game in their little world. That includes your favourite pair of shoes, so if you want to keep them intact, make sure they are hidden away from exploring mouths.

Before your puppy arrives, go room to room and check for all the hazards mentioned above to make sure your home is a safe haven for your newest family member. That way, you and your family will have the peace of mind to enjoy the fun and adventures your new puppy will bring. An Post Insurance offer great value insurance to help protect every member of your family. Find out more and get a quote today!

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