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24th September 2017

25th September 2017

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29th September 2017

30th September 2017

This week September came to it's conclusion, the fastest month ever or what? This year has been the fastest year of my life, it only feels like yesterday that we were counting down the days to Ava's due date but here we are, she's now 6 months old, almost 7!

We've had a rather ordinary week this week with usual routines through to Friday. Noah is still adjusting to being in nursery for four full days, despite being fine the first week. It's when I drop him off that he struggles with, he's heartbroken when I leave him. I'm hoping next week he'll be a bit better with it as it's horrible to see him so upset, but we've been through it once so we'll have to endure it all again. I've noticed since he's been going longer hours that when he's home he's super clingy and just wants me all the time and I can totally understand why, he's missing me. We'll get there with him, he's just so sensitive. We've also been getting Ava into a better routine with our daus becoming a bit more structured, she's been napping better but her sleep at night is still awful. She's a delight none the less, even if she doesn't sleep very much! She seems to be learning something new everyday at the moment, it's so lovely to see.

What have you been up to this week?

Mummy & Me - September

I honestly cannot believe I'm writing September's Mummy & Me post already, where did the month go? In fact where did the year go? I love my Mummy and Me photo's this month as I think they sum us up perfectly.

The first two pictures are what the three of us do the best and that's getting out and about outdoors to explore. There's nothing I love more than getting the kids outside and for us all to stretch our legs in the fresh air as a family, come rain or shine! I'm so happy that Nick snapped a few photo's on our recent outing, although I had to ask him to of course! I think these photo's show our personalities pretty well too. First there's Noah being his lovable self by giving me a cuddle and holding my hand. Then there's Ava being a velcro baby, all snuggled into my chest whilst feeding in the sling. Lastly there's me, with my eyes and smile on the kids as always. The third picture, well that's just an every day occurrence and nothing out of the ordinary, a candid photo of a full lap and a full heart.  

First Tastes With HiPP Organic - Review & Competition

Now Ava is six months old our weaning journey is well under way and she's been taking to it like a pro, just like her big brother! Noah is an excellent eater and will pretty much eat anything that you put in front of him so I must have done something right when it came to weaning him, or maybe I was just lucky? With everything being so straight forward with Noah I decided to wean Ava the exact same way, with a combination of baby food and finger food which to me is the best of both worlds.

During the next couple of months whilst we wean Ava I will be working closely with HiPP Organic, as part of their HiPP Moments Team. Our first assignment in this role was to try out their Pure Vegetable and Stage 1 Savoury jars and I couldn't wait to see how Ava took to them. I was invited to try them myself which I was more than willing to do as I tend to try her foods anyway, as I'd never feed her something that I thought tasted questionable. Read on to see what Ava and I thought of the Pure Vegetables and Stage 1 Savoury Jars.   

Stage 1 Pure Vegetables Jars
We started our taste test with the Pure Vegetable Jars as they are ideal for first tastes. Each jar is made from just one vegetable which makes them easy on babies taste buds and on their delicate stomachs too. This range is available in a variety of tastes; Pure White Carrot, Pure Parsnip and Pure Pea, such a wide range of different flavours for your little one to try. 

Pure White Carrot
This was the first jar I chose to give to Ava because carrot tends to be quite mild which makes a great introductory taste. Pure White Carrot has a very mild carrot taste and to me didn't taste savoury or sweet, it confused my taste buds a little but Ava seemed to enjoy it. It was a very smooth, almost runny consistency which Ava was okay with but she does tend to like her baby food to be a bit thicker.

Pure Parsnip
When I opened the jar you could tell straight away that this was parsnip, it smelt just like roast parsnips and tasted just like them too! It had a consistency similar to the Pure White Carrot jar but was a lot more flavoursome and Ava enjoyed this one a lot more.

Pure Pea
The following day we tried Pure Peas and I was a little apprehensive about this one as it did look a bit more daunting than the rest. This puree was a lot thicker thank the previous jars and it reminded me a lot of mushy peas in both texture and taste. Ava was a bit unsure about this one and although she would come back for more her face was just a picture, as you can see by the photo's below!

Stage 1 Savoury Jars
These jars are a bit thicker in consistency compared to the Pure Vegetable range and perfect for moving on to once your child is ready. Ava really enjoys the thicker type of baby foods and welcomes new textures so these have been a huge hit with her. 

Buttered Vegetables
Buttered Vegetables sounds delicious doesn't it? It was the first we tried in this range and on tasting it I have to say it was a favourite of mine, it made me want to make my own buttered veg! It was quite a mild taste and a mixture of different vegetables; potato, carrot, sweet potato, peas and a dash of milk to create that buttery taste. Ava demolished this within minutes and it's on my to buy list the next time we go shopping. 

Mediterranean Vegetables with Aubergine
Another vegetable based option which I was very pleased to see as I do like to offer those first before moving onto any meat varieties. This was another delight to try, it was genuinely tasty! It's a combination of carrot, tomato, courgette, onion, and aubergine and Ava enjoyed this even more than the last. 

Vegetables with Fish Pie
Last but not least we have the Vegetables with Fish Pie and I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to this one. Once opened you could smell the fish, although it wasn't unpleasant but the taste wasn't for me as I'm not  a fan of fish pie. Ava on the other hand, she loved it and even made "mmmm" noises throughout the entire sitting, another one which I'll have to buy again. 

The entire range of HiPP Organic Stage 1 Jars are made from only the finest organic ingredients and the jars which now have a wider opening for easy feeding are 100% recyclable. All in all we are extremely impressed with the Stage 1 Jars and are already looking forward to moving onto Stage 2 and to see what that range has to offer. For more information on the new recipes, products or weaning tips from HiPP Organic simply head over to the website.

If these jars are on your shopping list as they are on mine then please use this money off coupon which has been created especially for the readers of the blog. Last but certainly not least, how would you like to win a selection of HiPP Organic Stage 1 Jars? To enter simply use the Gleam form below! Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions!

Selection of HiPP Organic Stage 1 Jars
  - This post is written in collaboration with HiPP Organic.

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1. There will be 1 winner who will win a selection of HiPP Organic Jars. 
2. Prize sent directly by the PR. 
3. Competition ends 22/10/17
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
5. UK entries only.

Ava - 6 Months Old

Ava is now 6 months old and I can't believe it, she's now half a year old! How did that even happen? It doesn't feel like two minutes ago since I was pregnant with her, laying in bed at night feeling her wriggle about. I really miss that actually, it's funny because when your pregnant you want to wish away the time to meet your baby but then when they are born you do miss the whole experience. Happy half birthday Ava! I bet I blink and you'll be one year old. 

She's still a little sweetheart, always with a smile on her face and at her happiest when she's on the lap of someone she loves. She's so pleasant all the time, even when she's hardly napped all day and should be crabby. Nick calls her a ray of sunshine and that's literally what she is. Her little character just grows and grows as the days, weeks and months go by and we are starting to be able to imagine how she will be when she's older. She's super laid back, happy, affectionate, playful, inquisitive and strong. As mentioned on last months update, nothing really phases her and she's usually really easy going.

My big girl is following the same 91st centile to a tee, it's not changed since birth. She's always been a big girl and again she's roughly around 16lb/17lb and wears a size 3 nappy, though not for much longer. She wears mainly 6-9 month clothing now and the odd bigger fitting 3-6 month garment will fit too.

She's had a little cough and cold this month, but only minor. The yucky bugs that Noah brings home that of course she seems to catch right away, although saying that there's been a couple of times that Noah's been unwell and she's been okay. I like to think that my breast milk is giving her some immunity to a handful of the bugs that she comes into contact with. She also had her last set of injections recently but they didn't phase her at all afterwards, she didn't even have a fever. 

We are still breastfeeding and with no plans to stop anytime soon, we both really enjoy it and we've had no issues so it'd be silly to think about stopping. I'm hoping to continue until she self weans. She feeds around 10 times a day but it's starting to lessen and the gaps between feeds are getting bigger.

Breastmilk aside Ava is getting stuck right into weaning and taking to new tastes and foods like a pro, just like Noah. She has a mix of thick puree's and finger foods, she really enjoys trying new foods. She's not had meat just yet, I'm holding off for a little bit but her first taste of meat will be in a homemade bologna, just like her brother. She usually has three meals a day and a couple of finger food snacks here and there, she drinks breast milk and cooled boiled water. Her favourite foods are porridge, banana porridge, berry puree, butternut squash, organix carrot sticks and biscotti. 

Now this is the only area which is a battle and one which we are still tackling. She doesn't sleep through the night and wakes on average 2 times a night, sometimes 3. When I say wake she doesn't really wake up per say but she stirs for a feed and then drifts back into a deep sleep. She may as well be waking up though as it's lots of broken sleep for me. Naps are still very hit and miss too but with Noah back at nursery now we are slowly getting into some routine with her feeds, solid food and naps and it seems to be helping. I think that when she's in a cot and isn't in the co sleeper next to me that she may start sleeping a bit better as I think it's cause she can hear me and smell me which is why she is waking so often.

Milestones and new tricks
* Rolling over. She mastered this last month but now she can do it both ways and with ease.
* Sitting is 100% now, she's so steady and strong.
* She can now clap and play peekaboo, it's the cutest thing. We are now learning how to wave and to pass something when I say "ta!" She's so clever and seems to pick things up really quick.
* Responds to music by clapping or waving her arms and legs to "dance!"
* She knows who Mama, Dada and Noah are.
* When you cough, she responds with a pretend cough. 
* Shuffling. When on the floor she's very good at being able to move about even though she isn't crawling yet, she goes around in circles on her belly.

Likes and dislikes
Being held, cuddled and kissed. Mummy, Daddy, Noah and the cat! Animals in general and watching what they do. Looking through books and playing with the toys in her toy basket, she will sit and play so well. She loves listening too music, especially music which has guitars as I think she associates them with Nick! She sits there, clapping a long and it's the cutest thing! She of course loves breastfeeding and food, she can't get enough of either and I think she'd eat and feed all day if she could. Peppa Pig and the theme song. Being sung to, clapping and playing peekaboo. Bath time and splashing about in the water with Noah. Being silly and grabbing people's faces! She still doesn't like getting dressed and she's not big on napping either. 

Autumn Activities For Children

Autumn officially began on the 22nd of September but you could be lead to believe that it had started a few weeks ago. You can see and feel the change in the seasons as the mornings are becoming darker and the days becoming shorter. You can feel the chill in the air, the colour of the landscape is beginning to change and the leaves are starting to fall from the tree's.

On the whole, I love Autumn. I enjoy the long family walks, the hot chocolates to warm ourselves up, the cosy evenings on the sofa and warm, hearty meals. Having said that, I'm not a fan of the darker evenings that come hand in hand with the season. On that note I thought I'd put together a post all about my favourite Autumnal activities to do with the kids, perfect for the weather we are about to have and also for the next half term too. 

Family walks
Now this is a family activity that we enjoy to do all year round but there's something special about walking in Autumn. I don't know if it's because you're able to wrap up all cosy and warm in your knitwear and  or the fact that your surroundings start to look so much more different, or maybe it's because you know Christmas isn't far off? Who knows, I do know that it is one of our favourite things to do as a family. Speaking of footwear, I really need to invest in some new walking shoes for Nick, Noah and I as we are always out and about, no matter the weather. 
Engelbert Strauss footwear offer weatherproof shoes for all the family, shoes that last and we really need all weather and heard wearing shoes living in this country.

Pumpkin picking
This was something we did for the first time last year, when Ava was still in my tummy. We drove out to a local pumpkin patch and strolled around looking for pumpkins to take home. Nick and I chose two huge pumpkins and Noah opted for a little misshapen one which had quite a lot of character! When we got home we carved them in Noah's chosen designs of Bing Bunny and Batman! We enjoyed it so much that we plan on doing it every year and hopefully it will turn into a new family tradition.

Nature hunts
This is a great activity that can be done at any time and in any weather. You can make an afternoon out of it or a quick half an hour depending on how many items you want to add to your list and how hard the items are to find. We usually grab a bit of card and a pen for our list but you can go all out and print off photo's to use so the little ones are able to visualise what they are looking for rather than you having to read it out to them. Even if you don't live in a very rural area, you can still jot down things which you know you'll come across. We like to bring home some of the items we find on our nature hunt so then we can make arts and crafts with them at a later date, another activity there to add to the list.

What activities do you like to do in Autumn?

The Parents Guide To Formal Occasion Attire

As parents, it is not every day we get invited to social events anymore and even when you do, it can seem like a lot of organising; a babysitter, transport and finding a whole outfit! But having some grown-up time with your partner can do your relationship a world of good.

Make the most of it and have some fun! Your children will be perfectly happy with their grandparents or whoever you ask. So let your hair down and get out of mum-mode for one night. However, understandable, when you have been out of the game for so long, it can be difficult to know what to wear. Feeling overdressed or under dressed at a party is not fun. Banish any of those pre-party jitters about your outfit by ensuring you have nailed the dress code for any social event. These helpful tips and ideas will ensure you pick the right outfit to make your night completely perfect.

Black Tie/White Tie
A black tie invite ultimately means formal attire. You should pull out a cocktail dress or long and formal gown and suit up your man in a smart suit or tuxedo. Even that little black dress at the back of your wardrobe is completely appropriate for this type of occasion, so if you put it on and it makes you feel confident- go for it! If the occasion takes place before 6pm, men have the option to just wear a dark suit with a tie, but if the occasion is after 6pm, this calls for a formal tuxedo jacket. These are expected to be black or midnight blue with a single front button on the jacket.

Creative Black Tie
This type of invitation allows room for you to be unique with your interpretation of formal wear. He can go more modern and trendy with his tux, maybe a black shirt and no tie. You should stick with your long gown or cocktail dress, but you don’t have to stick to conservative colours. Go for bold and bright. These types of occasions are an opportunity for you both to have some fun with your formal wear; he can go subtly bold with some Gold cufflinks or a luxury tie pin. You can add in some bright or sparkly earrings or necklace. It’s not as rigid as a black/white tie event, but still pretty formal. Make sure you pick something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Resort Formal
This occasion attire is most commonly used in the summer for events during the day time. It means that you should dress formal, but comfortable for warm weather. A perfect outfit for you could be a floral maxi dress that reaches the floor or loose cool white linen trousers and a smart short sleeved top.
For him, a smart polo top and tweed knee length shorts would be perfect. Go for light colours to keep you cool and pair with sandals for you and toms or plimsolls for him. The whole point of this attire is to keep you cool while looking smart, so bear that in mind while styling.

Business Formal
When you receive a business formal invitation, it means that a tux is not necessarily required for him, but it would still need to be a dark suit. For you, it would suggest opting for a more tailored dress, almost like office wear, but dressed up a bit more. The whole point of this dress code is to still be business appropriate and it is common for work occasions or events. This means the little black dress we told you to get out of your wardrobe at the beginning of the article? That’s not the dress for this attire. Think more conservative smart.

Cocktail attire
When the invitation reads cocktail attire as the dress code, it is little more casual than black tie events, but still dressy. You can opt for shorter dresses, skater dresses, fitted dresses or even dressy separates. He can go for a suite with a lighter colour maybe grey or a mid-range blue. There is a playfulness and festive attitude implied with cocktail attire. This is why you’ll often see it on invitations for holiday parties, weddings, receptions, class reunions, and anniversary celebrations. Choose a style that suits you and flatters your body shape, you have lots of choices to play with, and you’ll feel a million dollars.

- This is a guest post collaboration.

My Sunday Photo - 39/52

Noah has always been fascinated with his shadow, just like most children so he asked me to take this photo on the way to nursery this week. I love how it turned out, especially as it was just a quick shot as we were running late. I love the colours, the Autumn leaves on the floor and how Noah looks like Peter Pan! I was also baby wearing Ava at the time so she's in the photo too! 

Project 365 - Week 38/52

17th September 2017

18th September 2017

19th September 2017

20th September 2017

21st September 2017

22nd September 2017

23rd September 2017

Wow, we are coming up to the end of September! It'll be Christmas before we know it and I can't quite believe it! How fast has this year gone? This week has basically been back to routine of nursery, family visits, shopping and so on, nothing really to shout home about but it's been a nice week none the less. Noah had a little wobble with nursery this week and I think it's all down to him waking at 6am most mornings, he's always shattered. When he wakes at 7am or 7:30am, he's like a different child and has so much more energy to concentrate and play. Hopefully next week will be better as it wasn't nice having to take him when he was so tired and upset. Ava has been her easy going little self and has been getting into a bit more of a routine with her naps now we have a bit more structure to the week. She's also coming on leaps and bounds with weaning, she loves food just like her brother! When it comes to the weekend we've had quite an easy going one so far with a trip to the arcades this afternoon, Noah had a ball and won lots of prizes.

What have you been up to this week?

TotsBots Out & About Kit - Review

TotsBots are one of my favourite reusable nappy brands, one that I've supported ever since we switched to cloth nappies back when Noah was a baby. What I love about TotsBots is that they continue to push boundaries when it comes to their products, from how they design their prints, through to continually improving their nappy range. I'm always excited to see what they'll bring to the table next. Their new Out and About Kits are something to be really excited about!

One thing which always daunted me when using cloth nappies in the early days was using them when out and about. I worried about what I would do with the wet or soiled nappy, or any wet clothing. It sometimes put me off using them anywhere other than at home because I thought it was easier just to use a disposable nappy when going out. The Out & About Kit eliminates these worries and makes using cloth nappies easier and much more convenient.

The Out & About Kit consists of one happy mat and one waterproof wet bag, which are both made with such care and attention to detail. The changing mat is double sided and is not only great for changing on but it makes a vibrant play mat too.

At the moment the kit is only available in the Kaleidoscope print (which is one of their most popular prints) but they do have happy mats and wet bags available in different designs which are sold separately. You can also match your cloth nappy to these by purchasing the Kaleidoscope print in a TeenyFit Star, Easyfit Star or PeeNut wrap. 

The TotsBots Out & About Kit costs just £22.00 which I think is excellent value for money. It's perfect for parents who use cloth nappies and parents disposable ones because changing mats and wet bags can be used by both. If you like the look of this kit, whether you use cloth nappies or not you'll have to grab it quick, it's only available from the website and for a limited time only.

- We were sent this product for purpose of this review however all opinions are my own. 

Top Tips For Car Care

Keeping your car in tip top condition can save you hundreds of pounds in the long run so it is really important to keep on top of it before it gets out of hand. Ignoring small problems now can lead to big problems in the future and there is nothing more vital than knowing your car is safe, especially with children on board. Here are is my personal car maintenance checklist.

Keeping your tyres in good condition is extremely important. A tyre blowout at 70mph on the motorway can, and does, cause fatal accidents. You should check your tyres before every journey to ensure they are safe. Look for any foreign objects which may be stuck. You are looking for any signs of external damage.Check tyre tread and pressure at least once every 2 weeks.  The law in the UK states that tyre tread is a minimum of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central 3 quarters of the tyre. If it is below 1.6mm, replace it immediately. Check your car manufacturers handbook for tyre pressure or it is sometimes stamped in the sill of the driver’s side door.

Service your car
Servicing your car at least once every 12 months will help ensure it is in top working order. Standard checks in a service include a brakes check, wheel alignment, clutch, battery and much more. Oil and filter changes keep your engine running smooth and you will be advised of any work which may need to be carried out in the future. You can usually also arrange to have your car valeted at the same time which take out the hassle of having to clean the car yourself.

Not only a legal requirement but also another way of keeping your vehicle safe. Carried out every 12 months, MOT’s ensure that your vehicle is safe to be on the road. If a fail is given, the work MUST be carried out before the vehicle is allowed to be used on the road. Most garages offer MOT’s and many can be booked online, for example, you can now easily reserve MOT tests in Wakefield, online from Ossett Tyre House.

Hopefully I have given you some valuable tips for maintaining your vehicle. Remember that you can’t be too careful when it comes to car safety, not only for you but others on the road too.

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5 Tips For Balancing Indulgence & Responsibility When Preparing For Baby

Having a baby is a life changing experience. Sometimes these changes can be simply wonderful. However, sometimes it can be a little harder to let go of your old lifestyle. Although your baby will be a priority, it is important that you don’t lose sight of yourself. You need to find the right balance between enjoying your own life and taking care of your little one. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to do this. Below are five tips for balancing indulgence with responsibility when preparing for your baby.

You can maintain a beautiful interior
When you are busy taking care of your baby, it can be hard to find the time to look after your home. Instead, everything can get a little out of control. Don’t worry, it is still possible for you to maintain a beautiful interior. It is all about making the right design decisions. You should try to streamline your possessions, so that you have less to keep clean. You should also invest in plenty of storage. Ideally, you want to choose hidden storage, as this is the best way to keep everything out of your eye-sight. Make sure that your design scheme is as practical as possible.

You can make responsibility fun
When you are carrying, breastfeeding, or raising your baby, it is vital that you stay fit and healthy. One way to do this is by taking part in an exercise class. Don’t make this a punishment, make it a reward. Look around for a class that you are actually excited to go to. You could even try to get your friends involved or use it as an opportunity to meet new people.

You can maintain a stylish wardrobe
If you love to take care of your appearance, you should still take the time to do this once you have had your baby. This is a great way to remind yourself that you deserve a little attention. Although your wardrobe should be practical, it should never be boring. You just need to find clothes that are easy to clean and gentle on your baby’s skin.

You can still drive a car that you love
When you have your baby, you will need to drive a vehicle that has enough space for a sturdy car-seat. It should also provide the space that you need for your family to grow. Don’t worry, you can still find a vehicle that you can be excited about driving. For instance, you could choose the used Mercedes-Benz C Class. This is an extremely elegant vehicle and its base models are well equipped with safety technology. Why compromise when you can have the best of both worlds?

You can still maintain a healthy social life
Although you will be spending a lot of time with your little one, this doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your friends. Instead, you can combine play dates with girly catch-ups. This is ideal if some of your girlfriends have their own children. However, even if they don’t, you could still arrange to meet at a park or in a coffee. It may take a while for you to get into your new routine, but it is important to stay connected with all of your friends.

- This is a guest post collaboration. 

Appy Kids Co Drinks - Review & Competition

It's September, it's back to school! Or back to nursery in Noah's case! We've had such a change in our routine lately, as Noah now attends nursery on Monday through to Thursday. This is quite a shake up compared to the hours that he did last term because he's gone from 15 hours to 30 hours a week. As he's now attending full days I've started preparing him a packed lunch to eat during lunch club which is great because it breaks up his day and gives him time to refuel too.

I really enjoy packing Noah's lunch and I always ask what he'd like me to include. He always chooses what he'd like to have on his sandwiches and he usually makes lots of healthy choices too. Appy Kids Co recently sent us a selection of their drinks to try out and I've been including them in his lunch bag, along side his sandwich, crisps, cheese, salad, fruit and water.

For the purpose of this review we were sent four different variety's of Appy Kids Co drinks; Paw Patrol - Apple, Paw Patrol - Orange, Dora and Friends - Mixed Berries and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Multifruit. All four of these juice drinks are made from natural ingredients, contain no artificial flavourings, are fortified with vitamins A, C and E and are low in sugar and calories too. 

Appy Kids Co values families before profit, so all their wholesome products are created using ethically sourced premium ingredients, to ensure that they are always affordable, approved by the family, and loved by kids.

They are on parents’ side, and believe that you should have the freedom of choice when choosing better produce for your family. This is why their offering consists of delicious drinks and snacks specifically targeted to children and made using goodness from nature. They've spent many years developing their own formulations and delicious flavours to have lower sugar and calories without compromising on taste or quality. They also educate families about food and the way it should be enjoyed. They encourage families to engage in a healthier active lifestyle through play, exercise, workshops and informing them about the foods they eat.

We've tried Appy Kids Co juices before and they always go down a storm, especially the orange and apple variety. The mixed berries and multifruit juices made a nice change though as they were new flavours for Noah to try.

Although Noah loves his water he's been enjoying the juices as a guilt free treat and he loves the fact that some of his favourite characters are on the cartons. 
These award winning drinks don't just have to be for kids though as Nick has also been enjoying them too, though it's quite funny seeing a grown man with a Dora and Friends juice box! Appy Kids are ideal for in your child's lunch box, for trips out, for picnics or just to enjoy at home. I would definitely buy them again and you can too at stockists such as Tesco, Ocado and Whole Foods. To keep up to date with all their latest news and offers check them out over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

How would you like to win a bundle of Appy Kids drinks? The prize consists of 4 boxes of Paw Patrol Orange and 4 boxes of Paw Patrol Apple. That's a 40 cartons of juice to one lucky winner! To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions

8 Boxes of Appy Kids Co Juices

Terms & Conditions.                                                                                                 
1. There will be 1 winner who will win 8 boxes of Appy Kids Co juices. 
2. Prize sent directly by the PR. 
3. Competition ends 15/10/17
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
5. UK entries only.

Baby Apps To Download To Support New Moms

This is a PR Collaboration.

New moms need all the help that they can get with caring for their babies and making being a new mom worthwhile. The world is such a better place for new moms, thanks to technology and the innovations that keep popping out every day. Without technology, moms will have to struggle with the most basic baby care routines. But that's all in the past now. In the world of today, mobile apps play a very integral role in helping users become more efficient, even as a new mom. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the best baby apps to support new moms from feeding schedules to providing their babies with some entertainment.

The Night Feed app
The Night Feed app is the brainchild of blogger Ruth Crilly, who has also passed through the stages of being a new mom. The name of the app is self-explanatory. It helps new moms fight sleep deprivation. As a new mom, one of the issues that you will struggle with is staying up in the middle of the night all by yourself tending to your little one. The app is every new mom’s companion. It features talks from pediatricians, tips from experts, Q&As with midwives, and so on. Also, the app comes with a feeding tracker feature.

Easy Recorder
Are you looking to record and save voice notes that will help you remember your baby’s first words and progress? Then it is recommended to have a voice recording app. Easy Recorder is such an app that is commonly used for voiceovers but due to its versatility, it can also be used to recording newborns making their first sounds. It is a magnificent thing to capture your baby's first words, a milestone that you can keep saved and remembered forever, thanks to such applications. Additionally, if part of your job is to record voiceovers, then the Easy Recorder app is a wonderful tool to assist you to continue your business projects while you are taking care of your baby. Additionally, you can record demos that you can send to potential clients to demonstrate your voice skills. If you're looking for a new portal to showcase your voiceover services to clients then check the agencies on

The Wonder Weeks app
In the past, moms did not have the luxury of knowing what to expect during the development stages of their babies, but that has changed. The Wonder Weeks app allows mothers to keep track and monitor their baby's all-round development. The app provides a weekly update of what to expect with more than 500 videos.

This is the app that lets you connect with new moms like yourself. Peanut was designed to act as a kind of ‘Tinder for new moms’ as it is fondly called. It is a fun app that allows you to view the profiles of other new moms nearby. There is a community discussion page, the Peanut Pages, where you can ask for tips and advice from moms in the community.

Baby Spark app
This is a fantastic app that provides daily activity tips designed for the baby throughout his growth stages to assist cognitive, motor, speech, and social-emotional development. This is a great app to help parents guide their babies through the phases of development by anticipating the next step. It also has a feature that allows moms to document every developmental stage.

Baby Feeding app
Every new mom must have a baby feeding app. This is your best bet to create order in your life as a new mom, especially when it comes to feeding your baby. This app has been recommended by the midwives association of the NHS, and it has proven to be helpful for many moms. The app tracks your newborn's feeding schedule whether you exclusively breastfeed or bottle-feed.

The log feature is used to record the duration of your baby's feeding, and it also serves as a reminder for the next feeding. You do not need to wait till your baby starts screaming for food when you can install this helpful app on your mobile device.

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My big, clever and beautiful girl. One of her favourite things to do is to sit and rummage through her little toy boxes, she seems to make a bee line for her duck teether and lamaze duck rattle every time! She is changing so much week on week, she's growing so fast!