First Tastes With HiPP Organic - Review & Competition

Now Ava is six months old our weaning journey is well under way and she's been taking to it like a pro, just like her big brother! Noah is an excellent eater and will pretty much eat anything that you put in front of him so I must have done something right when it came to weaning him, or maybe I was just lucky? With everything being so straight forward with Noah I decided to wean Ava the exact same way, with a combination of baby food and finger food which to me is the best of both worlds.

During the next couple of months whilst we wean Ava I will be working closely with HiPP Organic, as part of their HiPP Moments Team. Our first assignment in this role was to try out their Pure Vegetable and Stage 1 Savoury jars and I couldn't wait to see how Ava took to them. I was invited to try them myself which I was more than willing to do as I tend to try her foods anyway, as I'd never feed her something that I thought tasted questionable. Read on to see what Ava and I thought of the Pure Vegetables and Stage 1 Savoury Jars.   

Stage 1 Pure Vegetables Jars
We started our taste test with the Pure Vegetable Jars as they are ideal for first tastes. Each jar is made from just one vegetable which makes them easy on babies taste buds and on their delicate stomachs too. This range is available in a variety of tastes; Pure White Carrot, Pure Parsnip and Pure Pea, such a wide range of different flavours for your little one to try. 

Pure White Carrot
This was the first jar I chose to give to Ava because carrot tends to be quite mild which makes a great introductory taste. Pure White Carrot has a very mild carrot taste and to me didn't taste savoury or sweet, it confused my taste buds a little but Ava seemed to enjoy it. It was a very smooth, almost runny consistency which Ava was okay with but she does tend to like her baby food to be a bit thicker.

Pure Parsnip
When I opened the jar you could tell straight away that this was parsnip, it smelt just like roast parsnips and tasted just like them too! It had a consistency similar to the Pure White Carrot jar but was a lot more flavoursome and Ava enjoyed this one a lot more.

Pure Pea
The following day we tried Pure Peas and I was a little apprehensive about this one as it did look a bit more daunting than the rest. This puree was a lot thicker thank the previous jars and it reminded me a lot of mushy peas in both texture and taste. Ava was a bit unsure about this one and although she would come back for more her face was just a picture, as you can see by the photo's below!

Stage 1 Savoury Jars
These jars are a bit thicker in consistency compared to the Pure Vegetable range and perfect for moving on to once your child is ready. Ava really enjoys the thicker type of baby foods and welcomes new textures so these have been a huge hit with her. 

Buttered Vegetables
Buttered Vegetables sounds delicious doesn't it? It was the first we tried in this range and on tasting it I have to say it was a favourite of mine, it made me want to make my own buttered veg! It was quite a mild taste and a mixture of different vegetables; potato, carrot, sweet potato, peas and a dash of milk to create that buttery taste. Ava demolished this within minutes and it's on my to buy list the next time we go shopping. 

Mediterranean Vegetables with Aubergine
Another vegetable based option which I was very pleased to see as I do like to offer those first before moving onto any meat varieties. This was another delight to try, it was genuinely tasty! It's a combination of carrot, tomato, courgette, onion, and aubergine and Ava enjoyed this even more than the last. 

Vegetables with Fish Pie
Last but not least we have the Vegetables with Fish Pie and I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to this one. Once opened you could smell the fish, although it wasn't unpleasant but the taste wasn't for me as I'm not  a fan of fish pie. Ava on the other hand, she loved it and even made "mmmm" noises throughout the entire sitting, another one which I'll have to buy again. 

The entire range of HiPP Organic Stage 1 Jars are made from only the finest organic ingredients and the jars which now have a wider opening for easy feeding are 100% recyclable. All in all we are extremely impressed with the Stage 1 Jars and are already looking forward to moving onto Stage 2 and to see what that range has to offer. For more information on the new recipes, products or weaning tips from HiPP Organic simply head over to the website.

If these jars are on your shopping list as they are on mine then please use this money off coupon which has been created especially for the readers of the blog. Last but certainly not least, how would you like to win a selection of HiPP Organic Stage 1 Jars? To enter simply use the Gleam form below! Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions!

Selection of HiPP Organic Stage 1 Jars
  - This post is written in collaboration with HiPP Organic.

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  1. Mediterranean, Spanish and Greek traditional dishes!

  2. I think a nice sausage casserole or lamb stew would be good!

  3. Beef casserole!

  4. Chicken & Sweet Potato.

  5. I would love to win. I have just started weaning my son. He just turned 6 months :) he already loves food, and is excited when he can see food is coming.

  6. Lasagne, chicken casserole, Sausage and bean stew

  7. Sausage and lentil casserole

  8. Won't be long until our eldest and DiL will be weaning our Grandson. They grow so fast. We played guess the baby food at our DiL baby shower which was interesting to say the least. It would be nice to see some quality organic deserts in the range

  9. Lamb stew or beef stew �� as kids getting their 5aday as well with such lushes taste xx

  10. Ours is a vegetarian household so I like the children to explore a much wider range of vegetable flavours and textures such as okra, sweet potato, artichoke and beetroot.

  11. sticky toffee pudding and custard!

  12. Chicken pasta or sweet potato curry

  13. I would like a range of flavours as I feel introducing lots of variation when children are small, helps stop fussy eaters when they are older. I would like to see, maybe a spaghetti bolognese, macaroni and cheese, carbonara, Hunter's chicken, and for desserts, maybe a strawberry trifle, Eton Mess, Lemon Compote.....

  14. I would like to see more variety in puddings, other than the normal bland things. So maybe banana and custard cake, things which make my mouth water :-)

  15. Chicken and carrot, as I believe they are a nice combination.

    Rachel Craig

  16. Sweet potato is a good base for lots of meals. Maybe sweet potato and chicken.

  17. Macaroni Cheese with mushroom.

  18. I’d love to see more vegetarian meals! Vegetable stews & soups maybe!