Ava - 6 Months Old

Ava is now 6 months old and I can't believe it, she's now half a year old! How did that even happen? It doesn't feel like two minutes ago since I was pregnant with her, laying in bed at night feeling her wriggle about. I really miss that actually, it's funny because when your pregnant you want to wish away the time to meet your baby but then when they are born you do miss the whole experience. Happy half birthday Ava! I bet I blink and you'll be one year old. 

She's still a little sweetheart, always with a smile on her face and at her happiest when she's on the lap of someone she loves. She's so pleasant all the time, even when she's hardly napped all day and should be crabby. Nick calls her a ray of sunshine and that's literally what she is. Her little character just grows and grows as the days, weeks and months go by and we are starting to be able to imagine how she will be when she's older. She's super laid back, happy, affectionate, playful, inquisitive and strong. As mentioned on last months update, nothing really phases her and she's usually really easy going.

My big girl is following the same 91st centile to a tee, it's not changed since birth. She's always been a big girl and again she's roughly around 16lb/17lb and wears a size 3 nappy, though not for much longer. She wears mainly 6-9 month clothing now and the odd bigger fitting 3-6 month garment will fit too.

She's had a little cough and cold this month, but only minor. The yucky bugs that Noah brings home that of course she seems to catch right away, although saying that there's been a couple of times that Noah's been unwell and she's been okay. I like to think that my breast milk is giving her some immunity to a handful of the bugs that she comes into contact with. She also had her last set of injections recently but they didn't phase her at all afterwards, she didn't even have a fever. 

We are still breastfeeding and with no plans to stop anytime soon, we both really enjoy it and we've had no issues so it'd be silly to think about stopping. I'm hoping to continue until she self weans. She feeds around 10 times a day but it's starting to lessen and the gaps between feeds are getting bigger.

Breastmilk aside Ava is getting stuck right into weaning and taking to new tastes and foods like a pro, just like Noah. She has a mix of thick puree's and finger foods, she really enjoys trying new foods. She's not had meat just yet, I'm holding off for a little bit but her first taste of meat will be in a homemade bologna, just like her brother. She usually has three meals a day and a couple of finger food snacks here and there, she drinks breast milk and cooled boiled water. Her favourite foods are porridge, banana porridge, berry puree, butternut squash, organix carrot sticks and biscotti. 

Now this is the only area which is a battle and one which we are still tackling. She doesn't sleep through the night and wakes on average 2 times a night, sometimes 3. When I say wake she doesn't really wake up per say but she stirs for a feed and then drifts back into a deep sleep. She may as well be waking up though as it's lots of broken sleep for me. Naps are still very hit and miss too but with Noah back at nursery now we are slowly getting into some routine with her feeds, solid food and naps and it seems to be helping. I think that when she's in a cot and isn't in the co sleeper next to me that she may start sleeping a bit better as I think it's cause she can hear me and smell me which is why she is waking so often.

Milestones and new tricks
* Rolling over. She mastered this last month but now she can do it both ways and with ease.
* Sitting is 100% now, she's so steady and strong.
* She can now clap and play peekaboo, it's the cutest thing. We are now learning how to wave and to pass something when I say "ta!" She's so clever and seems to pick things up really quick.
* Responds to music by clapping or waving her arms and legs to "dance!"
* She knows who Mama, Dada and Noah are.
* When you cough, she responds with a pretend cough. 
* Shuffling. When on the floor she's very good at being able to move about even though she isn't crawling yet, she goes around in circles on her belly.

Likes and dislikes
Being held, cuddled and kissed. Mummy, Daddy, Noah and the cat! Animals in general and watching what they do. Looking through books and playing with the toys in her toy basket, she will sit and play so well. She loves listening too music, especially music which has guitars as I think she associates them with Nick! She sits there, clapping a long and it's the cutest thing! She of course loves breastfeeding and food, she can't get enough of either and I think she'd eat and feed all day if she could. Peppa Pig and the theme song. Being sung to, clapping and playing peekaboo. Bath time and splashing about in the water with Noah. Being silly and grabbing people's faces! She still doesn't like getting dressed and she's not big on napping either. 


  1. Oh, gorgeous! This will be so lovely for you to look back on. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. What a beautiful little girl, you must be so proud x

  3. A beautiful happy, healthy little girl

  4. My baby Charlie is 14 months and such a fussy eater he was hardly eating at.all at Ava's age he's still struggling but I make sure he's had plenty andtry to get his to eat various things , it's good Ava is a good eater she looks very happy and healthy 👍😊

  5. Oh,my. She is doing really well and is so beautiful. I love it when little ones sleep with their arms above their head looking really chilled.

  6. My baby charlie is not big on getting dressed either and also loves the bath splashing and playing

  7. Ava seems to be progressing very well.

    Rachel Craig

  8. She looks so cute ....6 months already!

  9. What a little cutie

  10. It only seems yesterday Mollie turned 6 months now she's 9 (frantically looking for the pause button) my baby girl is growing way to quick, although I live watching her learning and exploring new things daily xx