Graco Milestone Car Seat - Review

A few weeks ago I was invited to be part of Generation Graco team and wrote all about it here. Being part of Generation Graco I'm sent products to try out and review and my first I bring you today. Introducing the Graco Milestone

The Graco Milestone is an all in one car seat and one that they describe as the only one you'll ever need. One that is comfortable for your child, convenient for parent and most importantly is safe. The seat is suitable from birth and grows with your child up until 12 years old (36kg) making it excellent value for money at just £149.99. 

This car seat is quite innovative as it's convertible with three different modes. The first being a rear facing infant car seat which is suitable from birth through to 13kg. It then converts to a forward facing seat with a 5 point harness which is suitable from 9kg through to 18kg. Lastly the Graco Milestone converts into a high back booster with single strap which is designed for children between 15kg-36kg. There are also two different inserts which you can remove very easily as you change stages both of which are machine washable. 

The Graco Milestone can recline, with four different positions. Two can be used when rear facing with an infant and the other two when forward facing with a toddler and child though it all depends on the weight of your child. The head rest can be altered with one hand and there are 10 different positions which allow you to get the best height and comfort for your child's head.

What we love -
Where do I begin? First of all I love how supported Noah is when he's sat in the seat. Not only is he completely comfortable but he's also secure and well supported too. I think it's great how the headrest and harness adjust together which makes life so much easier for us parents. Noah's favourite part has got to be the cup holder, it's a novelty which still hasn't worn off for him as he usually insists on bringing a flask of juice or water just so he can use it.

What we'd like to see improved -
There isn't much that we'd like to change or improve about the Graco Milestone as it's pretty amazing but there is something I'd like to mention. Here in the UK the law says you only need to rear face until 13kg although many European countries recommend that to rear face till 4 years old. I think that the Milestone would tick all boxes for me if it was possible to rear face for longer. At the event we attended in London last month this was a topic which was brought up and one that Graco said they are working on at the moment. 

So there you have it, our first review since being a part of Generation Graco and what a first product to review. We adore the Graco Milestone and would certainly recommend it to others.

What do you look for in a car seat? Does the Graco Milestone appeal to you?

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Masha and the Bear - Holiday on Ice DVD - Competition

More tales of fun, friendship and adventure are set to enchant fans of Masha and the Bear everywhere, with the release of the loveable duo’s third DVD collection by Abbey Home Media on Monday 31st October.

A retired circus bear settles into the woods and prepares for a quiet new life surrounded by peace and tranquility until he is introduced to an adventurous little girl named MashaMasha is an energetic three-year-old who lives in an old train station in the forest. Precocious, silly, andfriends with everyone she meets, this energetic girl can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble.

Bear is a warm, fatherly figure that does his best to guide his friend and keep her from harm, often ending up the unintended victim of her misadventures. Together with a loveable group of friendly animals that have made the forest their homeMasha and the Bear entertains adults and children alike, teaching viewers about creativity, loyalty and true friendship.
In this special, seasonal collection, eager to learn how to skate like a pro, Masha gets Bear to teach her. With a bit of effort, Masha gets Beardown to the frozen lake where Lady Bear is already. Hopefully Bear and Lady Bear can help Masha learn the steps.

This special, seasonal collection features
following episodes:- Holiday on Ice, One, Two, Three! Light the Christmas Tree, Picture Perfect, Tracks of Unknown Animals, Watch Out!, First Day of School, No Trespassing, The Snow Maiden and The Wolf and the Fox.

How would you like to win a copy on DVD? To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to 
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Masha and the Bear Holiday on Ice DVD

Terms & Conditions.                                                                                                 
1. There will be 1 winner who will win a 1 copy.
2. Prize sent directly by the PR. 
3. Competition ends 27/11/16
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
5. UK entries only.

Project 365 - Week 43

23rd October - 29th October








It's the week before Halloween and I think you can tell by my week of photo's! Everything has been about celebrating the lead up to Halloween from carving our pumpkins and having a mini Halloween party through to trick or treating and creating spider shaped pizza's and biscuits at nursery! Noah has really enjoyed it this year being almost three. He's been mad on everything Halloween and although some aspects frighten him he is so interested in it all. This week he also had his nursery photo taken which I can't wait to see, he posed like a pro! The rest of the week was the norm really, a family meal out, visiting family, nursery and shopping! I'm looking forward to having Noah with me all week next week with it being half term! 

What have you been up to this week?

Mummy & Me - October

October has been a super busy month and one that's just flown by. Thankfully I had a couple of photo's to choose from that were taken this month and they haven't all just been selfies for once. These photo's were taken right at the beginning of the month on a weekend to London for an event. We were at London Zoo and Noah was posing like a pro, as per usual. The second photo could have been framed better and been a little clearer but it is Nick taking the photo after all, I'll let him off! 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

21 & 22 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2

It's going to be a double post this week from me because everything has been so hectic here lately, in the best kind of way. It's sort of a good thing though because by posting my 21 & 22 week update it means I'm more up to date and not a week behind.

With this being a double this week the baby has done some serious growing! She's grown from roughly 10 inch to 11 inch and from 12.7 oz to 1lb. This of course is an estimate as it all depends on the baby but gives us parents a nice idea of how they are coming a long. I've always thought she was a little bigger though because I've felt her from so early on and she's already so powerful for her gestation.

The babies digestive system is developing and she is beginning to swallow amniotic fluid and absorbing small amounts of sugar though of course most of the nutrients are delivered from the placenta. Her senses are really coming through too as her taste buds and nerve endings are forming. Lots of changes in just two weeks of time.

Symptom wise the only thing which has changed somewhat is my heartburn and indigestion, it's just getting worse. I requested a repeat prescription of Gaviscon this week as I did with Noah so that will probably take the edge off a little. Whilst I was at my GP's I also had my whooping cough and flu vaccine at the same time which left me with two totally useless arms for a couple of days, ha ha. Nice to have them done and out of the way though, one less thing to think about.

Bump wise I think that I look more 30 weeks than 21 and 22 weeks pregnant, I'm huge! I was the same with Noah and everyone expected a big baby but he was only dainty at 7lb 2oz, let's hope his baby sister is just the same! My belly button sticks right out now too and every time I touch it I feel queezy! It feels like a popped balloon! Also did you know that stretch marks can get stretch marks? Well you do now as this week I noticed a new stretch mark on an old one and I couldn't help but laugh as I'm so prone to them!

See you next week! 

Travelling by Interrail

In the past couple of months I've travelled more than I ever have in such a short period of time. I've travelled with my son and partner and on my own too. From a weekend in London with my family through to flying to Germany on my own for the day, it's been an experience and a half. It's been a little none stop, I have to admit but I've enjoyed every moment. All this travelling has given me the bug and has fuelled a new passion of mine.

Although travelling can be a little stressful at times it's something we want to do more as a family as it's an experience we all take great joy from. With this in mind I've recently been researching different ways in which to travel as travelling by car, bus or plane can get a little tiresome and repetitive. Not just that but it's also nice to give my partner a rest from being sat behind the wheel, something he doesn't really enjoy. One way of travelling that has really stood out to me is Interrailing. 

Interrail is a way to travel across Europe or even across country at a fraction of the cost without any compromise on travel times or comfort. It's also very flexible which I feel I need as a traveller. You simply purchase a rail pass through their website and you are free to travel across around 30 countries in Europe! To find out more information about Interrailing check out this link by Money Life magazine.

The possibilities are endless with Interrail and I'm already dreaming of all the places we could visit. I think our first trip would probably have to be through Western Europe as it's not too far to travel on our first time Interrailing. We could also enjoy the sights of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and even Northern Italy. 
Although Interrail is totally new to me it's an idea that has really got me excited and something that we plan to do the next time we travel. I'm really looking forward to our next family adventure!  

Would you ever consider travelling via Interrail? Where would you go first?

- This is a sponsored post.

Our Bing Themed Halloween Party

STUDIOCANAL are pleased to announce that the final volume in Season One of the popular Cbeebies show Bing has now come to DVD, releasing as Show… And Other Episodes. To celebrate the new release I'm currently running a competition to give away three copies which you can enter here. Make sure to enter quick as the competition ends on the 9th November! The celebrations didn't end there for us as we were recently sent a hamper full of Bing themed Halloween goodies to host our very own Halloween party!

A Halloween party isn't complete without a pumpkin or two so the first step on our agenda was to carve our first pumpkin. To fit in with the theme we decided to carve a Bing Bunny pumpkin which was pretty easy to do actually. I simply drew around a stencil with permanent marker and then cut off the top of the pumpkin with a knife. This is where Noah stepped in and he helped dig out all the pumpkins skin and seeds, he did such a good job. As he was doing this he was shouting "yack!" but he really enjoyed none the less! 

Next up it was time to decorate the cake which was also provided in our Bing themed hamper cause of course Bing loves carrot cake! Again Noah did such a good job and decorated the cake all by himself with little sugar bats, skulls, pumpkins and witches. We then coloured in some of the craft pumpkins which we were also sent, which was lots of fun too! 

To help wash down the carrot cake we then knocked up what I'd imagine is another of Bing's favourites, carrot and orange juice! Carrot cake and carrot juice compliment one another pretty well, believe it or not and Noah just like Bing was also a fan!

We then took the rest of our carrot cake and carrot juice and curled up on the sofa to watch our new Bing DVD, Show.. and other episodes! We had such a great night and Noah hasn't stopped talking about it since! 

Do you have a Bing Bunny fan in your house too?

Organix Goodies Snack Chest - Competition

It can be challenging when toddlers start to develop their own opinion of what they like or don’t like. To cater for toddlers’ developing independence and sense of adventure Organix Goodies is launching a limited edition Snack Chest.

The new selection boxes and multipacks give little explorers on the go lots of variety and the chance to choose for themselves from a fun mix of Goodies snacks. They join the award winning Goodies line-up of 32 snack foods, including savouries, corn snacks, oaty bars, biscuits, fruit snacks, crispy bars and puffcorn, providing variety in flavours, textures and fun shapes; and convenience whatever the occasion.

Research by Organix found that nearly half (46%) of mums think their toddler is a fussy eater, but according to clinical psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin, the chances are that they’re actually just becoming more independent, rather than fussy! She says: “The toddler years are a time when little ones want to start taking charge, and it’s a crucial stage in their development. For parents that can be hard, and especially when it comes to food, as mum tries to do her job of feeding her little one well, and her toddler is doing their job of showing they have their own opinions”.

Emily Day, Food Developer at Organix, says, “We’ve created our new Goodies packs to help toddlers’ developing sense of independence about food with a choice of flavours, textures and shapes to explore, all in convenient portion packs, so they can choose their own little taste adventure. And we’re giving parents great tasting snack choices for their little ones, without the junk.”

The Snack Chests contain a selection of portion packed Goodies foods – two single soft oaty bars in raspberry & apple and apple & orange; and a single bag of mini gingerbread men biscuits, alphabet biscuits and mini cheese crackers. All come with the Organix No Junk Promise that all foods are made with the best organic ingredients and contain nothing unnecessary. 

We’ve teamed up with Organix to celebrate toddler independence and offer 3 lucky winners a Goodies limited edition Snack Chest. To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions

1 of 3 Organix Food Limited Edition Snack Chests

Terms & Conditions

1. There will be 3 winners who will each win 1 Organix Goodies Snack Chest.
2. Prize sent directly by the PR. 
3. Competition ends 25/11/16
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified.
5. UK entries only.

Why Does Bad Luck Come In Three's?

Why does bad luck come in three's? 

We've all heard or said the phrase at least once in our lives. It's just that though, a saying but that being said when something unfortunate happens it does tend to have a snowball effect and a series of unfortunate events tend to happen. Well for me anyway. I could tell you half a dozen different scenario's where this has happened for me and my family.

It all started one morning. It was around 7:30am and I'd barely even opened my eyes yet. I'd woken not just to the sound of my toddler calling for me but by a text from my partner saying the car had broke down. For me when a day starts like this I know it's just only going to get worse.

I have no idea what was wrong with the car to be honest because car speak goes through one ear and out the other but I did know it needed to go to the garage and we couldn't use it until it was fixed. A major inconvenience for a family who do rely on their car a lot. 

I then went downstairs to make a cup of tea and my son some breakfast. As I filled up the kettle I noticed a big puddle of water leaking from my washing machine. I remember stood in the kitchen and wondering whatever next?! Can my morning get any worse?

I decided to ignore the washing machine whilst my son and I ate breakfast together and then I heard a faint cry from my back yard. Straight away I knew it was one of our cats. I opened the door and in came our cat Teddy limping on his back leg. He was feeling very sorry for himself and wouldn't let me near him so I knew a trip to the vet was on the cards.

So there you have it, I really do think my bad luck comes in three's. Our car was in the garage, our washing machine was broken and our cat needed to take a trip to the vets and I didn't have a clue how we were going to be able to afford the three. We managed it just about but I know others wouldn't have been able to and that's where Vivus come in. They are a short term loan service which allow you to pay back just small amounts once your wage comes through. Of course these services aren't for everyone but it's certainly something I would have considered if we hadn't of had some back up funds on hand.

Have you had a day full of unfortunate events? What would you do in a situation like this? 

- This is a sponsored post. 

Project 365 - Week 42

16th October - 22nd October








Compared to the last few weeks this one has been pretty relaxing which is just what I needed. Sunday was a super chilled out family day and we had a curry night which went down a storm with Noah! He's such a good eater and loves to have variety. Monday Noah spent some time with his Nanna whilst I caught up with some blogging. Tuesday he had nursery and had his best day yet, I'm so proud of him! He really enjoys going and there's rarely any tears now much to my relief. Wednesday was a great day as it's a full day with no interruptions, just for Noah and I. We took a trip to town where I treat him to some little toys, new clothes and of course a gingerbread man! Thursday he had nursery and Friday we just relaxed really. Today, Saturday we took a trip to a pumpkin patch and Noah was in his element as he loves anything like that. We let him pick his own pumpkin and he chose a really tiny misshapen one which we plan to decorate or carve next week, haven't decided just yet! Such a great week!

What have you been up to this week?

My Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials

I'm now past the half way mark in my pregnancy and to say it's flown by is the understatement of the century. It feels like yesterday when we were
trying to conceive and were guessing the gender with old wives tales, but now here we are. Today I thought I'd put together a post of 10 things which have made my pregnancy easier, my top 10 pregnancy essentials.

1. Pregnancy Pillow
First up I have to mention a pregnant ladies' best friend, the pregnancy pillow. In my first trimester, I was sent the original Theraline pregnancy pillow to review and as soon as it arrived I had it out and was using it. I've tried a couple of different pregnancy pillows when I was expecting Noah but nothing compares to Theraline. It's essentially a big long pillow filled with thousands of microbeads. There are multiple ways in which you can use it but the best way for me it basically spoons the thing. I wedge the top half under my chin, the middle under my bump and have my legs wrapped around it too. It's the epitome of comfort and I couldn't be without it! I will continue to use it once the baby is here too as it's also designed for feeding.

2. Room Spray
This may sound like a strange one but in both of my pregnancies room sprays have been an essential for me for various reasons. In first trimester I found the floral and fruity scents from certain sprays eased my nausea and in second and third trimester the lavender and more musky scents help me sleep. I've stocked up on quite the collection of them this time.

3. Comfortable Shoes
A good pair of shoes are next on my list because I think they are extremely important when pregnant and are often overlooked. In my first pregnancy I worked long hours on my feet and didn't wear comfortable shoes and I really paid for it. I had early on swelling, pains in my ankle joints and it wasn't pleasant. This time around I've opted for sensible shoes and so far I've had no problems whatsoever. Hey, it's also another reason to treat ourselves to a new pair of shoes!  

4. Oranges

Oranges have made a strong appearance in both pregnancies as it's been a major craving both times. Jaffa oranges, tangerines, clementines, satsumas, fresh orange juice, fizzy orange, I can't enough! Not only do I get addicted to them but they helped ease my nausea too.

5. Hand Cream
My skin tends to change dramatically during pregnancy. My face for example can go dry yet oily but my arms, legs and hands in particular become quite dry and itchy. A decent hand cream such as the range of Crabtree & Evelynn works miracles and the scents are strong without being too overpowering. 

6. Bubble Baths
Now this is a no brainer of course but I can't get enough bubble baths. I'm not usually a bath person and much prefer a quick shower but when pregnant there's nothing better than taking a dip in a warm bubble bath at the end of a hectic day.

7. Cereal

It's strange how your likes and dislikes change when expecting. I usually like cereal but when I'm pregnant I wasn't at least two bowls a day, with lashings of ice-cold milk. I can't get enough of the stuff. I think I could live off oranges and cereal for the whole nine months.

8. Massages

As well as getting sensitive skin I also get ache's and pains which of course is totally normal. My partner has become pretty good at back and feet massages over the course of my pregnancies, I think I should start paying him for them! 

9. Ice Lollies
These were my best friend during first trimester, especially the citrus type. We had quite a few weeks of hot weather in those first few weeks too so it worked out perfectly. Sat in the garden in the sun with Noah, each with an ice lolly in hand. 

10. Sleep

Last but certainly not least it has got to be sleep. When I was pregnant with my firstborn I pretty much could nap or sleep whenever I wanted to, when I wasn't working that is. This time around it's not so easy with a toddler to chase around after and lots of blog work, housework and nursery run to do. When I do get a good nap or a decent night sleep it does the world of good.

What are your pregnancy essentials?

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Peter Rabbit - The Tale of the Great Rabbit and Squirrel Adventure DVD - Competition

Fun, friendship and adventure abound once more with further tales to delight Beatrix Potter fans everywhere as Peter Rabbit and friends return in a new DVD collection, released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 24th October.

Join our hero, Peter Rabbit, in this fifth installment of his animated adventures. Peter tells a curious Cotton-tail how he and Squirrel Nutkin became friends and how Nutkin’s lost his tail. Soon Peter is on an adventure to retrieve Nutkin’s tail, even though it means going to Owl Island! This charming DVD collection features over seventy minutes full of fun, mischief and adventure, in 6 action packed adventures. Let’s hop to it!

With a taste for radishes and a thirst for adventure Peter Rabbit is the lovable and extraordinary friend you longed to hang out with when you were a kid. But when the chips are down and danger lurks, there’s no better friend to have around than Peter and his boundless courage will always see him through.

Peter Rabbit – The Tale of the Great Rabbit and Squirrel Adventure features the following episodes: - The Tale of The Rabbit and Squirrel Great Adventure; The Tale of Old Brown’s Feather; The Tale of The Wiggly Worms; The Tale of Two Enemies; The Tale of Fierce Bad Rabbit; The Tale of Mr Tod’s Trap.

How would you like to win a copy on DVD? To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions!

The Tale of the Great Rabbit and Squirrel Adventure DVD

Terms & Conditions.                                                                                                 
1. There will be 1 winner who will win a 1 copy.
2. Prize sent directly by the PR. 
3. Competition ends 22/11/16
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
5. UK entries only.

Messy Goes To Okido - Messy Monster - Review

Airing weekdays on CBeebies, Messy goes to OKIDO, created by Doodle Productions, brings science to life through the incredible adventures of a curious, lovable blue monster called Messy. He lives in the real world and when he wants an answer to a question he visits the land of Okido with his best friends Felix and Zoe to find out more. Aimed at children 2-5 years old, the show features stories, comedy, adventure and much more!

Fans of the show will love the new Talking Messy Monster (RRP £9.99) soft toy. The curious, lovable monster is super-soft and cuddly and perfect for little ones to take on adventures! Messy will even talk to you, simply squeeze him to hear some of his favourite sounds and phrases from the TV show.

Create your own Okido experience with the Large Talking Messy Monster (RRP £14.99). This cuddly soft toy measures 24cm and features Messy’s favourite phrase: “Balabalaboomboom” along with many more fun sounds from the TV show! The Large Talking Messy Monster is made from a mixture of soft and furry fabrics and features cute embroidered facial features. Suitable for children from birth and available from Golden Bear Toys.

Messy Goes To Okido is a show that Noah has only just recently been introduced to but one he really enjoys. With this in mind when I was offered the Messy Monster toy for him to review I had to take them up on the offer!

Messy Monster is a very cute toy. It's so soft and brightly coloured and I can understand why it's suitable from birth through to toddlerhood and beyond. Noah thinks he's lots of fun and think it's hilarious when you squeeze his tummy and he says "
Balabalaboomboom!" He's even trying to copy the phrase, much to my amusement! Reviewing this toy has certainly fuelled a brand new Messy Goes To Okido obsession! I can see the TV show and the toy range becoming extremely popular in the coming months! 

What does your child think of Messy Goes To Okido? Do you think they'd like this toy too? 

- I was sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.